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The transcript is difficult to understand and the conversation is difficult to follow. The transcript appears to be a conversation between two speakers discussing a situation where a person is late and they may lose their job. The conversation is difficult to follow and the speakers seem to be discussing a situation where a person is late and they may lose their job.

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Now after all of this, so these are the four points to the very important to reflect, reflect on them in so many different ways. You know, because every one has its own way of reflecting on them. If you are going through a divorce, for instance, with your wife, for instance with your wife, God forbid,

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you know,

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Allah protects you.

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Because the parent says about

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smartphones works.

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But people will go through like disagreements with their wives disagreement with their business partners, and so on and so forth. They should reflect on this Howdy. How do you reflect on it? How, how is living like a stranger? Basically, your focus, you're not gonna know anything constructive. Some people when they get

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into a conflict, it possesses them for the rest of their lives, they want to get even for the rest of their lives. You know, after we can separate after divorce after anything, after the breakup of the business, that for the rest of their life, they're trying to get even,

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that will eat up your heart that will devour your sanity, you put the power, your your your inner peace, there is nothing that is more detrimental to your psyche than

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to one to get fever, it is permissible to get even, right,

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it is permissible to get even fairly.

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But if you're getting even with the start, you will delay you from reaching your target.

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Want to give even if it will delay me from reaching my target, let alone if it will, detract you from or, you know,

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remove you far away from your party. If it will hinder you from reaching your target through the I don't care about getting even

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if it will delay you the least from getting TTR party.

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Don't get away.

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Because canceling to be hitting the minimum, any time with friends with business partners, with a wife with a family member, without detrimental consequences to your mental and emotional, psychological well, being someone that is not in the right mindset will not be able to excel in serving abbastanza through you know, worship and through serving the people and all of this, it would certainly devalue. You will lose a lot of money. If you don't, if you don't forget that conflict. And if you don't move forward and completely remove it from your sight. Because even if it is in your peripheral, you know, visual field,

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here, you're still having it in your peripheral visual field, you're still being reminded annoyed by it, it will keep you back and it will devalue completely drop it, forget it, move on. Any kind of you lost money, that's fine, you can lose your life,

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you're gonna die.

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So that's fine. If you know if you could get it back. If you if you could establish justice without being derailed from your past. That is fine. Go ahead and try to seek justice. But if not, if it were required for you for from you derailment or delay, then forget about and keep go because if you lost some money, if she took the kids, you know make sure to check on the kids every once in a while and make sure to you know, call them on the phone and make sure to do this and to make time for your kids and then you know last but but that's a cheaters because that's why it's got to move on so that you don't get late to your destination.