Hatem al-Haj – Fiqh of Foods and Drinks #4 – Book of Hunting

Hatem al-Haj
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the three conditions that apply to hunting animals, including proper slaughtering, eligibility, and sharp blade sharp to sharp two. They also mention a hunting predator who is not eating birds and is not eating animals. The speakers touch on the history of eating and the use of animals as carriers for relationships, as well as the importance of intentions in hunting and shooting. They also discuss the use of animals as carriers for relationships and the potential for animals to be eaten by humans. The speakers emphasize the importance of not shooting a game with a certain method and not using a certain name, as well as the need for proper slaughter practices and nutrition techniques to prevent pathogens and prevent illness.
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I'm about to proceed.

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So now inshallah we'll go over the book of hunting site and we'll talk about some contemporary issues. And then in the following session which we'll try to squeeze, hopefully, we will talk about the chapter on the

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book of hunting which should be quick because we talked about most of it in the above is aka or the chapter on proper slaughtering. The chef is the man Kodama no loss. In his book and on the

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koloman, Canon vappu mina Sadie, lamb yoba illa desert, he might

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be hungry, he had a visual routine. The Cardinal enhancer SF is

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every hunter game animal that can be slaughtered, is not permissible except by slaughter. As for those that cannot be slaughtered, but die after being wounded, they are permissible if six conditions are met, of which we mentioned three in the chapter on proper slaughtering. So he's saying the same thing that we just said, If you catch the game animal, you shoot the game animal, you arrive at the scene, you'll find the game animal alive, you must slaughter the game animal to be harder to eat.

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Is that clear? If you find that dead, then it will be harder to eat. But if you find it alive,

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that has more than happiness. bouhanni you have time to slaughter it and you have time to slaughter it, you must slaughter it after you find it.

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Now, if you find that stuck somewhere or fell in a hole or something and you can't get to the neck before it dies, what do you do? fatally wounded? And then it would be harder.

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He says six conditions. Three have been mentioned with slaughtering. What are the three that have been mentioned with slaughtering? eligibility? The same eligibility for slaughtering applies to hunting animals hunted by Muslims and people have the book or halaal to eat. Second, Tasmania, the mention of the name of Allah, and in hunting, the mention of the name of Allah, according to the conventions is a must and a condition. Whether you remember or forget, you're not pardon. If you do not mention the name of Allah, when hunting according to the combat ease, it is not permissible to eat. Now this is a peculiarity and we said the majority said what applies to slaughtering applies to

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hunting and that is even one minor Hanafi henneberry position that is an agreement with the majority. What is the third condition that we mentioned before?

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sharp blade sharp to sharp two. So he said g in this kidnapper site is Do you remember the three conditions? Keep them we will add to them three more? And then he starts and says what Robbie aurania Kunal Jericho saw a lemon wahome as 32 in the old sin. Well, gee boo, Dori

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kelbyone Fatiha sir. And who is an American lamea

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Air Force the hunting predatory, he be trained that's the fourth condition the hunting predator be trained Marlin train, you know

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Catalina to Allah Mohammed Mohammed como la palma Atlanta Mina Dora hand whatever

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jawara that's predatory animals that you have trained, untrained predatory animals you cannot eat.

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You cannot eat period with the catch.

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If the catch and you can slaughter after an untrained animal catches for you. You can eat because you slaughtered

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right? We're talking about the predatory animal that kills the animal before you get to slaughter them. It is hard to eat. Because what's our level of caution a came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he said any because they are the antibiotic decide when a piece

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becomes he will become Dr. Mohammed

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We can be upgraded Marlin firmware Hello demons added

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another character I mean, the cabbie I didn't set because seeker for Saba could

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be can become mohanan for Kuru Hama massacre become bigger, higher in Marlin.

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For the caterer who have indicated who How can I consult for good?

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So, as you know, without question, he came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and said to him that I live in a land where, you know, there's a lot of game animals. And I

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hunt with my bow, and I hunt with my trained dog and I hunt a hunt with my untrained dog, what is Halloween for me the properties of them said to him, if you hunt with your bow, any hit any appears eat, if you hunt with your trained dog, and he catches for you eat.

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And if you hung with your untrained dog, and he did not say to him, Do not eat, he said to him, and you can to zacky meaning that you can smarter eat. So he's, you know, there's beautiful because he's even given him all the sort of easy like, for rulings, and when he's restricting him, if it is your untrained dog, he's given him the alternative he's giving him he's thinking about how to how he can make a talent

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and if you catch with your untrained dog, and you can slaughter it, eat still.

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So then, he said,

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the hunting predator between this is the one that sets off. This is the one that sets off when instructed and comes back when instructed. It is also a condition for the dog and Cheetah especially that they not eat from the game animal it is not the dog and Cheetah especially it is the the non bird animals that they don't eat. After capture. This is not necessary for predatory birds. He

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Well, the distinction was not really made by the prophet on Sabbath, but Islamic, practical religion and those were practical. Were pragmatically speaking How could you train a bird not to eat birds? You know, and this is a controversial issue and I'm not trying to be offensive to birds here. But they

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they're they're not really trainable, like dogs. You know, you can't really reason with birds and just tell them not to eat dogs, you could, you know, get it so far with you can get so far with birds. So if the catch and eat is they can eat that's birds. If the dogs catch and eat, you cannot eat because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to have even had to indicate at every second NFC he how luck? Because you don't know if he catches if he caught for himself or for you car for himself because he's hungry. So how do you make sure and make sure that the dog is trained? You set them off and the they go off?

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You call them back and they come back? And when they catch they don't say things do they do? Do they do need to repeat this three times? According to some scholars? Yes, not in combat emails. In the combat emails have one time is enough. set them off, they go off, call them back, they come back. And when they catch they don't eat one time isn't often the embodiment of each. Okay.

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What if they do this? And the second time they eat? You don't eat from that second time but they're still mohalla they're still trained. They don't lose the training because they ate the second time. This may be they were hungry the second time, you know or something happened.

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Keep in mind that the prophet SAW Selim said to Abu Salah fuseini

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the faculty were enacted eat from what you were trained on, had a cop even if he ate that's not what he said.

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How do you reconcile between this? You know, many scholars said that the hadith of Salah Puccini is Moncure Why?

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Because the hadith of Abraham isn't the Sai hain and since it contradicts it and it is not as strong

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Then it is Moncure It is to be rejected.

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Because of that, many scholars said now we can reconcile because the chain of the Hadees that we are calling Mancha is a good chain. So we can still reconcile. And the reconciliation to them was

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like an interesting one. They sort of even happen. You know, it happened with ty. He said, Call me he was the chief of his people. And he was he was actually doing this as a hobby.

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You cannot even haven't done the math aka, tell us about a puppy a hobby Hello. So it is said that when haven hadn't died, the sort of predatory animals, the beasts and so on, they stayed by his grave for several days out of love for him.

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Because he had a lot of them and he used

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to treat them well.

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But he was doing this more for a hobby he was the chief of his people. He Abu Salah Krishna he was doing this to eat for food. He was a poor man.

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And the prophet SAW Selim made it more stricter for them Hatton than for Abu Salah Puccini, who's trying to survive.

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But anyway, in the hanratty Mazda, they say that if the if the dog eats predatory animals in general Eat, eat or not eat. But that doesn't apply apply to birds. If you find the animal has been killed by the bird and the bird is already having fun eating. You still can eat from animal whatever another animal ate, if you are sure that your animal killed here the game? And let's say, another animal ate afterwards, then it's Hello.

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Yes, after the game has been killed, it's harder. Why don't you find your dog and a cat and the cat is eating?

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It is colored, because there is no possibility that the cat actually killed the animal.

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So we are sure here that this cat would have not killed the animal. Anyway, the point is, it has to be. We have plenty of room if we find the animal life, we just slaughter the animal needed good. Whoever caught the animal does not matter. The animal was caught by a snare. The animal was caught by an untrained dog. The animal was caught by anything. It does not matter. The animal is alive and we can slaughter it. We're done. We're fine. The issue is if an animal is dead, and we find two dogs, your train the dog and another dog What do we do? The profits are sometimes after they even happen don't eat because you don't know which doc ended

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if we find the animal wounded and drowning. What do we do? We don't eat because a star cam will be hungry. How's that feel? Cut them in half another movie, then a weapon of the hour. How's the sight? So if you find the animal drowning and wounded and drowning, drowned, you don't eat because the prophet SAW Selim said, even Hatton that you don't know whether it died by drowning or by your error. So you don't eat. Because whenever you have a hazard and maybe something cause permissibility and cause something to cause prohibition, in this particular chapter, when it comes to the home, as we said before, will also apply to me when FCR massumi

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a helluva mailman

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or as interactive as somebody said, we'll ask Lou Womack and Sophie it has to apply with a common heroine for their head Olivia Keenan minters getting out whatever is by default, restricted or prohibited such as sexual relations and meat animals would not become permissible except by yaqeen they attain half does care proper slaughtering or act contract you know the marriage contract. So, so in this in these cases whenever and this is a problem that is very important for you to understand. In this chapter. Whenever you have

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Cause a provision and a cause or permissibility, you give your favor which one the cause of prohibition, because in these chapters, the default is prohibition and then permissibility is known by certainty, but a lot of resentment is treated like certainty. You know, the propensity preponderance

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is treated like certainty. Okay.

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Then the shakes and so the third is that the animal that you will set off is chained and we said how you we can verify that it is trained.

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Then the shape and firmness and your silicided Allah and it started selling caribou NFC lamb yoba, two fifths for the hunter to set off the predatory animal, or bird, if the dog goes off by itself, it's hunted game is not permissible. Given you did not find it a lie. hunted game is not permissible. We said before, there has to be an intention. You're asking a lot to permit you to take this life there has to be an intention by a mechanic to make the taking of this life permissible for the purpose of eating. You have to intend. So if your dog goes off, you're going with your dog on a hunting trip and your dog is acting wild. You know from his mind and not listening to you. You don't

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eat anything unless you can slaughter. But if your dog is waiting until you set them off,

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then in this case you can eat whatever you set the dog off to catch for you.

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The sixth status and see the site this intention is important 66 for the hunter in the hunting for an otter selesa Who do you see will be a garden caliber who when I recited for asaba Simon lamb yoga, or Mater sharika side the mela yoga who kutlu Mithra anusara cackle boo Mithra new sharika Cabo San Mateo, California San Juan laya Alamo morcilla

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Samia la hora de minimis moon

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aka fi

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valuta filma whether that be after I'm sorry, Sam. Oh, can you

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hear me ahead? Nima our audio analyzer Southern Cali either Southern calibrachoa La La

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La La Jolla. We're in Petra what Amir could mean who could who in Africa in Africa calibre who is for inocula falletta confini afonya cunanan am secara NFC when Hakuna

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Matata can be caught on some era with our Santa Monica smolyar Lee in Gabon, kaoma Romania what I'm

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recording when was that already confirmed? karate kata Who else?

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Okay, six. And this is all easy we were we are going to talk about, you know, has certeyn in the permissibility ascertaining the permissibility.

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So six for the hunter to intend hunting, if the if he shoots his arrow to hit some target or sets off his dog while unaware of any game and then he hits one.

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Keep in mind I told you about the difference of two things. If you have a lack of the ear or lack of whatever and you're you shoot one and you hit another in the embedding method is this Khaled or not? halen if you are shooting a target and an animal target and you hit an animal Halloween or not, not had Okay, so.

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So if he shoots his arrow to hit some target or sits off his dog while unaware of any game, and then he hits one, that game is not permissible to consume there has to be a cost to hunt.

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When the killing is caused, in part by other means, such as a dog or arrow other than his and he doesn't know who sits it off, or whether that person mentioned the name of Allah on it.

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The hunted game is not permissible.

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okay, so you find two errors and you only hit by one arrow, you find two dogs cut the Find the two dogs caught the animal, one of them is yours or you find two errors and the animal and you and you don't know which arrow killed the animal, you only shop the animal with one arrow what do you do have seen why you don't know what killed the animal. Because the if the second arrow may have been basically shot by a non Muslim marketer be

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someone who did not mention the name of Allah

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the dog the second dog may not be a modern dog may be set off by someone who's not a Muslim or

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may be set off by someone who did not mention the name of Allah. All of the above makes it a lacking and important condition. So you found two dogs you found two errors you found him wounded and drowned. Any

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any two causes of this

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you cannot ascertain that both are halab.

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Like I hate the animal with an arrow and another Muslim from the other side hit the element with an arrow. We both mentioned the name of Allah what happens?

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Okay, we try to figure out which arrow killed them. If we can't then what we split it

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is not easy. Or architect the Christian for instance, a piano with a bullet I hit the enemy with a bullet. We don't know which bullet killed them.

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Then we split it

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Then he's

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the same is also true if he shoots the game with a poisoned arrow to facilitate its killing or it drowns or he finds marks that may have caused the death the marks that may have caused this, but they are from other than his own dog or arrow

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all of the above not permissible to eat, you know, clear, okay?

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This is because of our even Hatton's report from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and this report is, you know, the basically the foundation of their saying

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to me, when I've said

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that they made the default for game animals and, you know, meat in general, they made the default impermissibility because of this very restrictive report from Heidi Eben Hatton, where the prophet SAW Salam told them too many things don't eat, don't eat, don't eat, he said to him what started to happen, buddy alone, whom, if he said of your dog and mentioned a last name by saying Bismillah

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keep in mind Bismillah is a must.

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Bismillah is a must. According to The combat is you have to mention the name of Allah. It's not anything that has the dimension of Allah. According to the HANA fees, anything that has the mention of Allah, even if there are anything that I'm very say you have to say Bismillah but the Hanbury is also saying it doesn't have to be in Arabic like they do in Sabah. They will allow you to say in the name of online English here, the ham baddies will allow you to save the name of a line in English. The canopies are not restricting this to the Bismillah it is to remember Allah you know.

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Hello Akbar is Sunnah is preferable, it's not required. But you know, Homer used to say it and he reported it from the profits of awesome. So Bismillah Allahu Akbar you'd be good according to everyone adding anything to this alarm on Sunday Allah Mohammed Ali Mohamed Salah is not prescribed not because it's a good thing it would be prescribed everywhere, saying Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim is not prescribed because it's unsuitable for the occasion.

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To say this without lockbar Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim not prescribed, you know,

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wrong according to the henneberry method. This mulatto samata wrong according to its Bismillah Allahu Akbar.

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you say Bismillah

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and if you say isn't your dog mentioned that her last name say Bismillah and it catches something for you and you come up to it while it is still alive, then slaughter rate, if you come up to it after the dog has killed it, but it has not eaten any of it,

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then eat it.

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And this is what they This is the importance of that they accepted, they did not accept it and push on a report.

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Eat even if the dog ate. This is the report of the accepted hamburgers

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then eat it for the catching goodbye the dog counts as like Africa.

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In Africa Filipinos account for the catching of the doc counts as the cat. If he has eaten from it, then do not eat for a fear for I fear action. So that is why we set the default is impermissibility because it the doubt was sufficient to make it impermissible for I fear that he would have caught for himself. If you find the other dogs with yours do not eat for you mentioned the law over your dog, not others.

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When you shoot your arrow mentioned a last name. And if the game goes out of sight for a day or two, and you find that without any marks except for that arrow, eat it if you wish to

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eat it if you wish. So you found that a game after two days you know you looked for the game you didn't find that he found that after two days, you found the arrow only in the game eat it if you wish, but if you find the drowned in water don't eat it for you will not be able to tell whether the water for your arrow killed.

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So, clearly Mr. Mahajan will be a dominant hazard and will be every time there is a cause of death that is not permissible or not permitting and because of this that is permitting we give precedence or favor that which is not permitted, or the

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restriction or impermissibility would be favored. So

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that brings us to the end of this. And I want to say that when you know, we will not be able to go over the chapter on the compelled we will do it next time inshallah, I hope that we could have finished it today.

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But in order for us not to rush through it, because it's an important chapter. And it will also talk about the rulings of modality or treatment medical treatment, and that's an important chapter.

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Therefore, I will defer this but I just wanted to say that when it comes to General, as I said before, this is this discussion is about meat, not ingredients and derivatives and things of that nature. Because the default for things of that nature enzymes and all of that, as we have discussed before when we talked last time about the cheese is the default is basically permissibility and trivial things are exempt

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or overlooked to the mafia, mafia non

00:28:53 --> 00:29:16

trivial, trivial things are overlooked. But when it comes to meat in particular, when it comes to meat in particular, we will have to then activate that Clyde have an Austin hospital or the default is impermissibility. And in order for me to be permissible, we have conditions that pertain to the

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key that is the person who's doing that as gay, and

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that is the process.

00:29:27 --> 00:29:33

And and moussaka in the passive voice that is the animal that has been slaughtered.

00:29:35 --> 00:29:48

So when it comes to animal zacky we need Muslim or kitabi to be doing this when it comes to health care. We need slaughtering

00:29:49 --> 00:29:52

slaughter, you know slaughter by cutting, cutting

00:29:55 --> 00:30:00

or stabbing with the number

00:30:00 --> 00:30:08

vessels to three or four in the different mazahub. And we need that as mayor

00:30:13 --> 00:30:21

and needs to be alive at the time of death, it should not be jalala

00:30:27 --> 00:30:37

and that is why they tell you that it wouldn't be haram to use nudges to catch fish, he can choose something that is they catch fish because the fish will eat it.

00:30:39 --> 00:30:40


00:30:41 --> 00:30:45

all of these Somoza we said Muslim,

00:30:47 --> 00:30:48

horn kitabi

00:30:50 --> 00:31:15

Okay. And we want to also had you know, so, we want to add to this and asked that has the default is impermissibility and then we come with this period to discuss these issues and figure out whether the sort of the meat in the market is valid for us are not that Muslim, work it up.

00:31:17 --> 00:31:21

I have to tell you, and that is just you know,

00:31:22 --> 00:31:23

that is not

00:31:25 --> 00:31:39

that doesn't help me, but you will have to be honest, you have to say the truth, whether it helps you or not, right? Just get yourself trained to do that, because we often don't please do say the truth whether it helps you or not.

00:31:40 --> 00:31:48

So, in the Hanbury method, if you find an animal in a neighborhood that is

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pretty predominantly keytab you are Muslim, you can eat the animal slaughter the animal in a neighborhood that is predominantly Christian or Muslim or Christian or Jewish, you can eat the animal presuming that most likely it was somebody Muslim marketer.

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00:32:11 --> 00:32:17

now that conflicts with us the which is a hazard and that conflicts with

00:32:18 --> 00:32:22

another man I but with with what

00:32:23 --> 00:32:56

with the concept of ascertaining yes and netherlight Allah who prayer things are not considered and if you have a rare non Muslim marketer be in the slaughterhouses in America that would not be considered that would be ignored. I would contend that this is not rare that you find non Muslims non PETA bees, people who are other religions, atheists, you know, just not interested in the whole thing.

00:32:58 --> 00:33:13

I would say it is not trayer now someone can argue against me and cite the Hanbury position that if the majority of the people in that locale Are

00:33:15 --> 00:33:20

you know, Muslims, Christians and Jews, then it would be permissible

00:33:22 --> 00:33:27

now is it the majority of people

00:33:29 --> 00:33:41

you know, it's it's it's some people could argue that it is still the majority in America. People are the majority are still faithful people who subscribe to one of the three religions.

00:33:48 --> 00:33:51

They have the recognition that you have to be Muslim architetti

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But this comes in this this would be about here this is here now. Are they slaughtering, bye, cutting or stabbing

00:34:17 --> 00:34:25

or not? Is the animal alive at the time they do this or not? Are they doing the smear or not?

00:34:26 --> 00:34:29

Is it jalala or not?

00:34:31 --> 00:34:42

That the combination of all makes it very difficult to use you really have to jump through many hoops to get this to be harder. Because you know the cutting or stabbing

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you know, so many people say that it is not that they don't cut and we have seen videos some people cut some people don't get the idea here of a if you read the Hadith of

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the Prophet on some is it keeps him saying I fear that this I fear that

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You don't know what. So he's trying to tell him you need to ascertain the handedness of the meat

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that has mayor, we're quite confident that they omitted intentionally or the omitted because they just don't care. Not that they forget every time they slaughter, but they just omitted. So it will be only the sharp eyes who will consider this to not be a problem. But the Hanafi Americans or honeyberries would find the problem in omitting that this Mayor

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first, absentmindedly is the animal alive.

00:35:43 --> 00:35:45

That's another issue here.

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That we're not really sure if the animal will be alive after the planning or the electrocution or the clubbing girl or whatever. Sometimes also there is some drowning of chickens or

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so that is, we don't know.

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And the Jelena thing, although you know, Delilah is a is a liquid

00:36:13 --> 00:36:25

per litre issue, like not as important as these other issues. But the combination of unknowns here and certain things that we know for sure

00:36:27 --> 00:36:34

are not met in certain requirements that we know for sure are not met. All of this

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makes it quite clear to me that we should just limit ourselves to halal meat.

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Having said that, as I said, when it comes to ingredient, enzymes and all of these, certainly we're not talking about things that are part of the substance of the animal like I would say, gelatin you avoid gelatin, as a large you avoid large gelatin, gelatin except in in medicines, without alternatives.

00:37:07 --> 00:37:35

But when it comes to the other sort of ingredients that are more trivial ingredients, you should not investigate, you should just eat and not investigate. That brings us to the end. And next time we will be talking about Babel. mortarboard, the chapter of the compelte comet today either rulings of medical treatment protocol the other stuff

00:37:36 --> 00:37:37

is political

00:37:38 --> 00:37:40

difficulty but it will take

00:37:41 --> 00:37:43

five minutes and then we'll have

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