Hatem al-Haj – Internal Happiness

Hatem al-Haj
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So if the movies

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famous comedies, main character, a favorite

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Gemma Hama hula hoops.

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There is one one piece that I'm forgetting

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for some level

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there are big three or four, honestly, okay. So

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lots of hands subhanaw taala will keep involved with keep them together.

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You know this, there are a lot of people in Poland together, you know, it means

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it means that your heart and mind and body and mind will be in one place that you will not eat that you are not having third account

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that you will not have identity crisis, you will be together, you will be together. You're doing what you're doing the exterior and interior, your exterior and interior are compatible. Your heart is an agreement and bind with your mind. What you're doing is what you believe in.

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And what you believe in is what you do. You're together everything that is peace,

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that's pretty brings about an anxiety that brings about this softness that brings about the stress comes from not being aligned. All of your faculties, your heart and mind. You do things that you hate and you hate things that you do. And your interior and exterior are not the same. And you're saying you know you have one face with with those people on the front face with the other people as well. So that is

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that, that that that is detrimental to your psyche, to your inner strength, stability, comfort and peace. But just on some level, we're

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allowed to keep them all together. But it can't be unmade would make his wealth and his heart or his strength in his heart here. It means that is his wealth not in the sense of the currency, the dinar.

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But it means his chance to be in his heart, meaning he will have this internal happens inner happens that cannot be removed cannot be taken away by anyone. What I thought would

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never come to him in complete submissiveness. The dunya would come to him and complete submissiveness. So

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if you are married, you will get to enjoy them. You know that for a while you get to enjoy everything in a foreign town. Because basically if it is a sunny day, you will enjoy the sunny day. If it is a gloomy day, you don't mind so much. Because after all, I'm not gonna stay here.

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You know, if they're if things are good in this town, you'll enjoy them. If things go bad in this town, you're not really concerned that much. Because I'm not saying here. The only way you can have no frustrations in this life is when you have no expectations. But as long as you do have expectations, you will continue to have frustrations.

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And when we do not have expectations of this life won't be if you continue to

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be in this life as though you were a stranger or actual

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