5 Things to know about Zakat Al-Fitr

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The importance of paying in cash or food for oneself and family is discussed, as it is illegal to pay in cash and is seen as illegal acts. It is impossible to pay in cash and giving food in a timely manner is crucial. The speaker emphasizes the importance of providing food in a timely and sustainable fashion, even if it is too late.

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Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah all of the basics that we need to know about Zakat and filter. And who do we pay it to? How much do we pay? Can we pay it in cash? Or do we have to pay it in food, all of this and genitalia and more I'm going to summarize for you. The first thing we need to know is that it's compulsory upon us, if we have our basic necessities for ourselves, and for our family for the night and the date, and we pay it for the adults, and also we pay it for the children as well. Even if your wife is pregnant, then you pay this cat for the baby in the womb as it's been as it's been confirmed that Earth man, even our federal, the Allah who asked us to do, there's a question which

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comes to mind here, and that is in regards to your wife, if she works, or if she has money, do you pay it or she pays it for herself? And the correct opinion is that she pays it for herself. If you want to pay a forage and she says okay, and you guys have an agreement for that, then inshallah we'll be accepted. But the original is that she pays for herself. The next issue is, who do we pay it to? Can we pay it to all of the aid recipients mentioned the verse for the people who have the right to receive as the cat like there's a cat of money? Or is it just for the full Quran, the Messiah King, both of these opinions are valid, the scholars have mentioned but as simple Islam him

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Tamia, Rahim, Allah mentioned that the opinion that it's for the football on the second in the perhaps this is the closer view and shallow Tana, before we mentioned how much you have to pay, we have to cover the topic that comes year in year out, is it permissible to pay in cash? Or do we have to pay it in food? When you look at the text, you look at the Hadith, it clearly says that you pay zakat to fit or the prophets was omitted for the many compulsory opponents to give food. And this is the opinion of the majority of the scholars that it must be in food. And it cannot be in cash, this depending of the Maliki madhhab, the shuffling method, and the humbly method. Yes, the Hanafi

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madhhab says it's permissible in cash, and also many of the contemporary scholars. But when you look into the text, it's clearly stated that it's in food. When you look at the Amyl of the Sahaba the action of the Sahaba what are they used to do clearly stated that they paid it in food. Also, when you look into it, the cut and filter is a type of ibadah. And it's been made clear that it needs to be paid in food. And on top of that, the the cut of Man, this guy the money also has it placed in Islam, and we always hear but the money is more beneficial for the poor people. So panela How much are you going to give them that's really going to benefit them? This is a counterfeiter for an

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individual in the UK this year is four pounds. So what are you gonna give him four pounds for you and your wife and your child? 12 pounds? Is that really going to benefit them. But if you were to give someone who doesn't have a lot of food doesn't have a lot of money, you're going to give them any nine or 10 kilos of flour of rice, how long is that going to last them. And that's why you see that hikma of the outcome of the *tier of the rulings of the Sharia. There's hikma the wisdom behind it. And I used to see the poor people. And when I was in Saudi Arabia, Mecca and Medina, they would tell us that when they will receive those bags of rice, that it would last them because they

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received from multiple people, it would last them for the entire year. But if someone just give them some reality, or some dollars here and there, and so they're going to have fun for a day or two for eight, and then it's going to finish and even sometimes it might just be enough only for a meal. So it has to be from food. So what type of food should it be? And how much should it be for each individual, the type of food it goes back to the food of the people of the country. What are the people eat in your country, the profit is set out to a Salam. He said from dates or from shall hear from barley because that was their main food and the Sahaba also mentioned that they will give it in

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Zubeida and raisins, and a filter which is like the dried milk and these are the foods that they used to eat. But if we're in a country where flour is the main food and that's the best type of ricotta filter, you should give another country where rice is the main food then that's the counterfeiter you should give in Chautala regarding the amount you give it one side, one side which is equivalent, some scholars said 2.4 kilograms, others said it's close to three. So just to be on the safe side, give three kilos for each individual and to add something here to get more agile and Chautala if you give this a catheter, to the individual and as a as a type of food, and you want

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them to have some money to be able to enjoy it eat as well give them some Sadhak on top of that and hamdulillah the next issue is what time do we give the counterfeiter when do we give it and there's four times you need to pay attention to when it comes as a Catholic filter. The first is the time that it becomes obligatory upon you becomes wajib to give it and that is the last day of Ramadan at the sunset of Ramadan. Before zakat before Salat and eight This is the time it becomes compulsory to give it in this window. The second timing is the best time. The best time to give it is before we go to salata aid. However, this obviously can be a bit dangerous if you're a bit late, something

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happens you might miss it. So you might want to give it a bit earlier but this is the best time it is as it's confirmed in the Sunnah. The third timing is a time that is permissible to give it and that is a day or two before the end of

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Ramadan and this has been confirmed and sustainable quality the Abdullah bin Umar Radi Allahu Allahu Allah, he would give his the cut a couple of days before the end of Ramadan. The fourth time is the time where it's not permissible to give and that is after Salatin eat the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the one who gives his a cat before Salah till eight that it's going to be accepted from him. But the one who gives it after Salah to eat, it's only going to be considered a form of sadaqa meaning that it's not going to be a proper as a counterfeiter, because you didn't give it on time. The last two issues. Is there any valid reason for delaying the counterfeiter? And the answer

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to that is no. And yes, no, generally speaking, there's no valid excuse. But sometimes something happened. Maybe you were traveling, you didn't arrive on time, you weren't able to pay it on time didn't find a way to pay it when you're traveling. Or for example, you gave it to someone to pay for you. They forgot. So within Chautala if you were to pay it later, it's going to be accepted because in that case, you did have a valid excuse. The last issue is what do you do if for some reason you became busy, you are lazy, distracted, you didn't pay it on time. You have to do or dominate you have to make it up you still have to pay it after Salah too late. This is a summary of the basic

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account the basic rulings that we need to know about zicatela fifth botica rafiqul