Haitham al-Haddad – The most difficult question I’ve ever received

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © Shari was pressured into marriage by her sister's actions, including disrespecting her sister's name and committing suicide. The fatwa's statement is also discussed, including the history of abuse and slavery in East Pakistan and the large concentration camps in which children are being slaughtered. The leaders of the United States urge individuals to raise awareness about the global crisis and to lobby their governments to provide education for their brother and sisters. They suggest leveraging social media to educate individuals and provide education online for Muslims. The leaders emphasize the importance of educating individuals to get their freedom and build their own country.
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Yes, I wanna come. Yes, brother. Yes, your question, please.

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salaamu alaikum Shaikh.

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I don't really want to give or can't give my name.

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I'm speaking on behalf of my sisters in East Pakistan,

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where we are being persecuted in China. Maybe you have you might have heard of it.

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There are some questions we need help. I don't know where

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I've got to turn to so I thought that call you

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have a question us?

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is not Islamic. May I know. But I need to ask you this question.

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when I say no,

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I will need a fatwa or ruling from you please.

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The reason being

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we are being forced to marry.

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Sleep with atheists, non Muslim Han men.

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This is part of the government's control. They are trying to take away ethnicity from the area.

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From our homes and our lands. We need a ruling please.

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I want to know place.

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I know is a big thing to ask. But I need to know.

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It is haram I know about this in Islam, but I still need to know from your fatwa.

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Okay, can we commit suicide? Please?

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To be honest with you, brother, I have heard this question

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before? I think it is.

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It has been forward to many scholars. And

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I don't know what to say. I don't know what kind of answer I can give for such question because this sister is

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is asking basically to commit suicide is it allowed for her to commit suicide? Because he is forced to sleep with atheists men?

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See, brothers and sisters of course, answering this question is beyond the ability of individualist scholars, but at least as a Muslim oma as the Muslim Ummah, we have to do something, we cannot just keep quiet. We have neglected those people for a long time.

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I am a Palestinian, I am asked for Palestinians rights, I feel that they have also right over us our brothers and sisters in East Turkestan, we have neglected them for a long time, as scholars have neglected them. Muslim countries so called Muslim countries, they have neglected them, the whole world neglected them. And I was reading about their history Subhanallah it is full of oppression, they free themselves, then the the Chinese and the Russians as well. They attack them, and they prosecute them and they kill 1000s of them in one of the atrocities they killed more than 100 1000s of them. And then again, they fight again for their freedom for justice for their independence and

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then they get it for just a period of time. And then again, the Russians as well as the the Chinese and mainly the Chinese they go and again attack them they are facing maybe the worst maybe or one of the worst genocides that is taking place on Earth. Now. There are things that cannot be said about what is happening to them and simply brothers and sisters who is reporting them. The no news is reporting them because of the control of the Chinese government. Now, CNN BBC, no one is going just very few people who are able to run away then they are speaking on their behalf and you know the concentration camps that are taking place there. They said there are the biggest concentration camps

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And history because they they have imprisoned in those concentration camps for AI as they say rehabilitation re education

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to for two to 3 million Uighur Muslims are there in the concentration camps, the children are taken from their parents in order to what to re educate them. They are not able they are unable to give just Salaam they cannot name their children with Muslim names. I think more than 11,000 Masjid mosques have been demolished so far. Let alone that they are the things they are forced to eat pork, they are forced to eat during Ramadan, and so on so forth. You name it all types of oppression in order to strip them of their religion of their faith or their identity are them.

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My dear brothers and sisters, we can do a lot. We can do a lot and remember, it is obligatory to help laws oppressed people the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a Muslim or a whole Muslim the believer is the brother of the believer does not forsake him does not let him down. Allah Allah Allah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also says that when your Muslim brother is in need of help, and you let him down, you will be let down Allah will not help you when you are in need of help. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also says that if you help someone, while he is in need of help Allah, Allah, Allah will help you while you are in need of help in normal non believers are nothing but

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brothers and sisters for each other. And Muslim, Muslim and non Muslim in California, you should do Allahu Allah, the believers are like one body. If one part of the body fell in, filled sick, then that entire body would reflect on that. Brothers and sisters, we need to do something. And I believe that we can do a lot. First of all, we need to raise their awareness about what is happening to them.

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We are marching for maybe hundreds of people are marching to support them. And this what has happened previously when we were marching for our brothers and sisters in Palestine, but now hundreds of 1000s of people are marching in support of our brothers and sisters in Palestine. We need to reach to this level where hundreds of 1000s of people will be marching to support our Uighur brothers and sisters in East Turkistan. So this is one thing, raise their awareness everywhere in your social media with your friends use it to

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raise the awareness about what is happening to them. Then, the other thing My dear respected brothers and sisters, we need to start thinking of maybe new ideas how to support them, maybe we can maybe provide them with education online, maybe we can bring some of them to educate them to provide them with the proper education to face those atrocities. Number three, we need to lobby our governments those who can lobby here in the UK or European Muslims, they can lobby their governments to do something. Of course, we are talking about China or China every all countries are afraid of China, even the United States is worried about China. But when they see that there is a global

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support, the Chinese government will do something and other governments will be encouraged to do something. So we need to do that my dear respected brothers and sisters now Alhamdulillah there are a number of organizations that started to do some relief work to help them so those legitimate organizations we need also to help them now there are some organizations that are trying to have a TV satellite to to address the Uighur Muslims in their language. Remember their language is close to Turkish it is not close to a Chinese so we need to support such the channels. Okay, very, very important. And number five, my dear respected brothers and sisters do da da Yes. Don't belittle the

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role of Doha. Obviously. Allah Allah Allah says, Allah Muhammad aronia steady welcome. Allah says, asked me I will answer to you. But obviously brothers and sisters

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Don't remember, don't imagine that we will do do our today. And then within a few months, we will see is Turkistan being independent and they get their freedom. No, it takes ages, but we need to do something and this is the starting point. And see I am very optimistic that if we keep doing that and we keep helping them one time, one time there will receive their freedom and they will be able to build their own country and they will be able to preserve their identity with commitment, perseverance, as Allah, Allah Allah says, We're interspiritual watertable lY eurocom cadeaux home che Yalla Dena aminos Mira, Wasabi Wasabi to WhatsApp Allah, La La come toeffler hoon, or you who

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believe how server, observe server, B farm for fear Allah, Allah Allah, so you may be successful. And I hope that this message can be shared in order for our brothers and sisters in East Turkistan to get this message and to realize that they are not neglected. By the way, one of the when when I said lobby the government we need to lobby those who are living in Muslim countries they are if they can lobby those Muslim countries in order for those Muslim countries to start changing their response. Unfortunately, I don't want to name it the Oh I see. They actually issued a statement of years ago in support of China. Unfortunately, now they are slowly slowly changing their stance and

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we are optimistic insha Allah with so much pressure and awareness that they will change their response and victory will prevail. And Allah Allah Allah promise that will our limited success lies with that delivers who fear Allah, Allah Allah

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