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AI: Summary © The importance of the Prophet's teachings in their teachings of the Prophet sall Drive is discussed, including insisting on the implementation of the actions of the Prophet's teachings and holding faith in the message of the Prophet's teachings. The importance of the Prophet's teachings in their teachings of the Prophet sall Drive is discussed, along with the importance of holding faith in the message of the Prophet's teachings. The importance of holding faith in the message of the Prophet's teachings is emphasized, and to hold faith in the message of the Prophet's statement. The importance of holding faith in the message of the Prophet's teachings is also discussed, along with the importance of holding faith in the message of the Prophet's teachings. The importance of holding faith in the message of the Prophet sall Drive is emphasized, and to hold faith in the message of the Prophet's teachings. The importance of holding
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali he was a heavy woman misaka Bissonnette Isla yo Medina, my bad. Welcome brother and sisters back to gems of guidance, gems of guidance of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem who mentioned and told us various traditions and practices of how to live our lives. We stopped we touch upon the Hadith about staying away from innovations and inside that Hadith or discussion we mentioned, whereby he mentioned that he left us on the plane land, the open and whose night is like it stain is totally clear for a person to follow, and none deviates away from that path except for that individual is

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destroyed or LED towards a path of destruction paraphrasing the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam remaining with that theme of what is clear what a person needs to follow inside their life and what they need to avoid. We come to the following Hades, Hades number six have not murdered membership, whereby we find that he narrates this hadith about following that which is clear and remaining away from that which is doubtful inside our lives. He mentioned in the prophet Isaiah mentioned who said YOLO in and halala being in Doha Rama Bian. Indeed Helen is clear and Haram is clear, or beno whom are more on mush to be her twin. And between the two, there are certain unclear

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or gray areas that exist there. Now Yamanaka see romanes most of mankind most people don't know the correct ruling regarding those gray areas. From an attackers show Bahati is the Bradley Dini wherever he wherever he stays away from those doubtful affairs or those gray areas, that person will have protected their own honor and protected the dean, woman walk off his shoe Bahati were fooled into doubts that individual Walker fill her arm will fall eventually into something which is impermissible or something which is forbidden karate hole and Hema, just like the shepherd, who has his flock around the sanctuary, you shikou and your therapy is careful that his flock doesn't enter

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into the opposite sanctuary, a sanctuary that belongs to somebody else. Hello, we're in Nikolay Mulliken. himer and every king has His sanctuary who has his area which that belongs to that King or belongs to that ruler. Allah we're in him a Lima Harimoto, the sanctuary or the boundaries are the parameters of Allah subhanaw taala are the Haram things, meaning that if you cross a boundary you enter into something which is forbidden, if you cross the line of or you enter that which is haram of Allah subhanaw taala that is breaking the barriers or the laws of Allah subhanaw taala and our in our field just at the Moodle. Indeed inside the body is a piece of flesh, either solid salahaddin

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Jessa Dooku, if that piece of flesh is sound inside the body, then the whole body will be sound wider, faster, that faster than just a Dooku that is corrupted, the whole body will become corrupt. And what he called an indeed that is a heart narrated by Imam, Bukhari and Muslim. And we begin with the ending of this Hadith, about facade about corruption. Because we find that in a day and age whereby corruption is visible around us, whereby we find is Allah mentioned that the external corruption that a person may display, what external corruption a person visualizes inside society is only by the reflection of the corruption inside their hearts. Because a creative an Asana is, that

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belief is what exists inside the heart of the individual. And the tongue utters that belief and the limbs they testify to that belief, shoulder adherence to the belief and also the opposite. A person who delivers corruption, who speaks corrupt words, carries out corrupt actions, then this only shows that the internal

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organ of the individual is corrupt that the heart is corrupt. And that's the Prophet La Stampa gave these parables inside this Hadith, about corruption of the individual individual humbly explained his Hadith, in his works on German alumina hichem. He mentioned that the heart is like the king.

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And the soldiers are the limbs. So when the heart is corrupt, the heart is ill, then you find that the pain of the heart

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the weakness of the heart has an impact on the rest of the body. And that is the similar tude of a person who is in authority who is corrupt, and in the commandments that that I placed a set down from the corrupt individual will follow into the channels of his soldiers and they will carry out corruption on the face of the earth because they are only carrying out the orders or the commandments that are given to them. So that's we find the element of purification of the human being is the purification of the heart. Allah Subhana Allah mentioned Yama, Yama or Merlin with a balloon in demand a lot because I've been selling on that day their children and their well for no

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avail them except for wherever comes with a pure with a sound hot, meaning they purify the heart and focus it towards Allah subhanahu wa taala. So the corruption that we see around us in at times, you find this tainted element inside society that people amongst our own Muslims are always trying to find the gray areas are always trying to find the gray areas and try to fall into the gray areas and the gray areas may eventually lead the individual into entering into something which is how long the Hadith begins were mentioning in and Halla Libyan will haram obey indeed halaal is clear, and Haram is clear is evident.

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And there are affairs between them, which are unknown, which are doubtful, most people don't know and a person should avoid doubtful affairs. And that's again, another golden rule for us is to stay away from doubtful affairs. As you mentioned previously, even though the statement is weak, that the person the person should not think well of a person if he's in fee malapa for too long. If a person is inside and doubtful environment, person should not be expected people should be giving good thoughts of that person or the individual if they've placed an insult inside a doubtful affair. And as we mentioned, the golden rule is to stay away from something which is doubtful if there's doubt

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about the matter, person to stay away from it, especially in things which are Mahamat which are around us, we had time to find things and beautified to be presented to them something which is acceptable, but there could be an element of doubt within them. Last dimension cholesteryl habito wallow jenbacher deathrattle hubbies for Taka La Jolla, Al Bab,

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Allah yester will happy to say that the pure and the impure are not the same. One Oh, Jabba the throttle hobbies, even though that which is impure, it may desert or mesmerize you or may start to make you glance towards it. So we find that Haram is beautified haram at times is alluring haram at times is attractive, that can attract the person to come towards it. Don't be surprised many people who indulge in heroin, they don't feel bad about doing heroin. They feel they feel happy, they feel peace, they feel good. They feel a sweet drink, that they're drinking with maybe an alcoholic beverage for them, they don't feel that it's something intoxicating, they don't find any problem

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with that we may find it repulsive etc. But for them, that their mindset has been turned changed over that that which is impure, seems pure to them. And that which is pure see something which is seen as something which is impure towards them. And this is whereby the hearts have changed of human beings. That's the last point I mentioned. The inner laptimer absorbed Warlock in Tamil Illuminati is pseudo. It's not the the eyes the vision which has become blinded, but it's the heart which has become blinded. So when the heart becomes blinded, or does not become receptive to the truth, or separate to something which is pure than anything which is impure, then the heart delights in that

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accepts it makes it a common norm inside the body of the individual, a common practice around them and they begin to see something which is pure as something which is repulsive, because the heart cannot pick it up. And as we find that is chemically, a person we find harsh teachings inside Islam about about one's heart about weakening one's heart, a person who misses three consecutive dramas in a row. Then Allah subhanaw taala seals the heart of that individual of the Muslim their heart is seen. So it shows the severe warning of a this ritual of this congregational prayer for exerting one's effort to come to enjoy in this prayer of Allah Subhana Allah to give life to the heart. And

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that's even the last part I mentioned side inside the Quran to come to that which revitalizes your heart which awakens

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Your heart, which gives energy to your heart, which awakens your heart. That is what Islam is. it awakens the individual, to see that we just have to learn and to see that which is wrong, stick to the harlot and to avoid the harm, and that individual will be a successful individual and to stay away from any doubtful matters. And doubtful matters that we know that many individuals decide to make excuses or things that they're doing that this is a gray area, this is something which is doubtful. So, there is no harm in doing this action because there is no clear cut evidence of this being something which is heard on many times, this could be a lack of understanding of the shery of

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Allah subhanaw taala if we remain with sootel Magadha we have already mentioned hola esta would have been a polis that would have been what a bola doctors would have been. If we remain regarding in those passages of ayah that we find prior to that, if I'm not mistaken inside, verse number 90 they find a lost count of dimensions. You're letting me know in number homebrew while may settle well unsolvable when Islam read some anomalies. shaytaan Allah mentions inside this verse I sort of made the verses number 90 and 91. amongst the most powerful verses inside the Quran of making something haram making something which is forbidden upon this Muslim Ummah, indeed the taking of intoxicants,

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any form of intoxicants, that is forbidden. televangelist mentioned that this is something which is originally an ominous shape on which is a filthy handiwork of the devil. So when a last counter uses such harsh words, towards these practices, and we find that some of us Muslims begin to have a lenient approach of begin to understand that intoxicants is only alcohol. Don't be surprised there are a few minute number Muslims who think that intoxicants is only what hammer which is mentioned inside the Koran and failed to understand the deeper meaning of a hammer is malherbe aka acled whatever intoxicating, short and shallow your mind overcomes your mind blind your mind blind your

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senses is something which is forbidden. So we find that some people may begin to justify the taking of drugs because drugs is not something which is mentioned inside the Quran. So we find a lack of understanding the Sharia of Allah subhanaw taala at times leads us to begin to make substances which are haram to make them Hillel have to make something we just had to make ramen and lack of understanding the sharing of Allah subhanaw taala so here we find the last parameter Allah uses the word Allah Hummer, whatever intoxicates the mind and so some people might begin to feel that because specifically the word hammer, which can loosely be translated as any form of alcohol to anything

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which is not alcohol is something which is which is allowed and becomes something permissible is something which is incorrect, because the terminology is referring to anything which intoxicating to mind. The reason why we want to mention is from there, we lead onto this concept of what many are even elderly individuals will have been involved in the taking of shisha, whereby they find that this this this instrument, or the taking of this substance is not actually smoking is not something which is forbidden. It's not something which is intoxicating, even though medically it has been proven it has effects and scientifically as well and all the modern scholars have spoken about it is

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something which is forbidden. And people try to justify this is something which is which is doubtful. It's not very clear. So there's no harm in carrying out this action as we mentioned, the first rule is something which is doubtful a person needs to avoid it. And secondly, somebody's actions that we carry out, they lead on to greater harm, or they lead on to more sins. As we mentioned an RC eventually burried will refer you find that sins can even lead to revenge the person carries the actions of gofer of disbelief in Allah Subhana Allah and Allah Subhana Allah mentions or the Quran, rhubarb speaking about shape on one who kotova to shape on, do not follow the footsteps

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of the devil shape on doesn't come and say to the individual, come and commit heroin. He has steps and stages that he works with every single individual, every single one of us inside sotloff it's mentioned they will come from the right from the left, from behind, from in front from everywhere, every angle, to come to attack the human being to derail the human being away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah so the snares the traps of the devil are many what is known as Toby's a blessing even a Josie wrote a whole book, speaking about the devil's deception of how he will come in various formats and various ways to derail people. So the way that he may come to religious cleric may be

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different from how he comes to a young individual but he will try to do

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derail every single individual away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah. So, the first stage, maybe the person thinks that this is something which is only doubtful, the taking of, of a procedure or being in such an environment is something only which is doubtful, there's no harm in doing that. But if we look at the whole environment, that is placed with a person surrounded themselves with, with music, with free mixing, with, with smoking of cigarettes, maybe some people even taking drugs, all this then makes a whole, a whole environment as something which according to the theory of a loss pantalla is not pleasing, which is not something acceptable, and a person needs to refrain from it.

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The Quran encourages the individual to live a pure life to live a good life to protect them, their body, the soul, the mind and the heart. The Quran mentions one a Takara bozena in who can have a certain Sabina do not come close towards Xena one or taka bozena.

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Allah Subhana Allah never said don't commit Zina, Allah Subhana Allah said wanna cry, boo, do not come anything that leads to Xena anything that leads to define an action of her own, then whatever leads to it, as I mentioned is something that becomes Haram. So person needs to avoid from it. So person needs to be vigilant in staying away from doubtful affairs, and also clarifying the doubts, doubts, as they say, we find that the Prophet Alison was once with his wife, Sophia, from the local Anna during the month of Ramadan in the state of aitikaf. whereby he would come to the doors of the machine. And then she would comb his hair, and exchange where we give food etc, to speak to her. And

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two companions. They saw the Prophet Allah Islam and they began to hustle, move very quickly, and move away. And he said to them, LRS likoma, be at ease, be at rest. Indeed, I'm only standing with my wife, Sophia and speaking to her. But, and they said, We don't think anything doubtful, or anything wrong about you, you're the messenger, you're the prophet of a lot, some of us there's nothing that we think. But the prophet, I'm still wanted to clarify that doubt, and said that indeed be addressed, be at ease with my wife, and indeed shape on he traveled through the veins of human beings or through the mind and the body, the human being just like blood travels through the veins.

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So he wants to expel that myth that doubt take it away from me, because that doubt, or that thought may even come into their mind that the prophet SAW me speaking to a strange individual. At this time, Allah forbid, which is not something which is appropriate to head what we learn is that the Muslim needs to be very careful in a type environment they place themselves in lest any elements of doubt, are thrown upon the individual. And thus we find that whoever from a taco Shabbat, whoever saves themselves from doubtful affairs, for faculties Deborah Dini, where he then that person has sanctified, preserved, protected, guarded, they honor dignity and a man, because these are precious

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things. If we go back to the Hadith, imagine if a person makes a blemish makes a statement about an individual, we can see the context of this if we look at what is known as is certain if the story of the blame what they uttered, regarding meaning our mother, our Isha, are they allowed to under and have you look at sort of note to 24th chapter of the Quran, whereby the law mentioned that these individuals

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are being a great blasphemy, a great blame that they that they they uttered a great slander, that they acted upon a mother Isha, even though it wasn't true, but just a statement this, that she was seen with this companion, at this time, and this began to spread to what even that own father was, had an element of doubt inside his his mind, etc. Until eventually, Allah subhanaw taala sent down these verses, freeing her absolving her from the blame that they're placing any upon Isha, or the alota, Anna, Anna, so that we find what we learn from this person, to protect the man to protect their faith, protect their dignity, to be careful of the type of environment that they placed

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themselves inside, woman worker, official bahat worker, I feel harem. Whoever falls into the doubtful affairs could possibly fall into something which is haram and they can only then blame themselves. And that's defined in the parable is given of a sanctuary

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of a farm of an open land and the barriers which are of that open land. So if the person enters into the land of the neighbor

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Then they become responsible. And some of the folks begin to discuss that if a farmer, his sheep travels into another land, then his environment is irresponsible for that. Some have said he is responsible because he is the shepherd, he should be watching over his flock, and he should return the same amount of produce, they may have damaged them and eaten. Others say no, because they are animals. And they're going to wander here and there and maybe slightly go out to the parameters. So why don't you turn a blind eye towards this something which is very small and something which is my new, but a key element here is the parable of having a century of having boundaries, and never to

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break those boundaries. And just like a shepherd may have his boundaries, and likewise, a king may have his boundaries of the kingdom and what he possesses and he owns Allah subhanaw taala, who is the only King is Allah subhanaw taala has boundaries and the boundaries of Allah subhanaw taala, the parameters of Allah Subhana Allah are the Haram things. If you cry, if you enter into harm you carry out Haram, you broken you've entered into that which is within the boundary of Las panatela and the person is to be exposed to the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala and as we find inside the Quran last night, I mentioned tilta How do the light for the Buddha, Allah mentioned inside the Quran,

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those are the laws or the regulations of Allah Subhana Allah or the limits of Allah Subhana Allah, Fela takanobu ha, Don't come close to them. And other places are the Quran last month I mentioned tilta how to do life Allah Tata do her or many, how do the life of Allah ecomo Bali moon, whoever transgress goes beyond the boundaries of the laws of Allah Subhana Allah and the limits of Allah subhanaw taala then that person is amongst the wrongdoers or oppressive individuals. And in general, when these verses they when they speak about the boundaries of Allah Subhana Allah Takara Buddha, in generally speaking about family rights and regulations, the long chain the civility of taking care,

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or looking after one's family, etc, that we find. So this transgression that a person may carry out. This extended transgression is actually a transgression upon one's own soul, affecting one's heart, affecting one's relationship with Allah subhanaw taala does define the end of the Hadith then begins to go into the spiritual dimension of speaking about the rectification of the heart as we began with, meaning that if the heart becomes corrupt, then it pays no attention to the laws it's breaking, it pays no attention, that these are the parameters of Allah Subhana Allah. But if the heart becomes sound, the heart which is full of taqwa consciousness, towards Allah subhanaw taala

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then it becomes vigilant in trying to stay as close as possible to that which is Helen and to avoid that which is haram and to stay away from any doubtful affairs. And that's why if someone that religion or spirituality they mentioned those who want to reach higher levels of proximity and closeness to Allah subhanaw taala they will even leave the the actions which are which are encouraged those actions which are mobile which are permissible will leave them in it's not haram to indulge in permissible or that which is allowed actions which are allowed me to share you may be silent about but they leave them for what intent to come to a higher limit, a higher element of

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devotion and commitment towards or with Allah subhanho wa Taala that is the focus that the Muslim needs to develop inside the heart is about focusing on the heart becoming close to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as a last point I mentioned for that can be for any man you have worried, remind the people via the Quran, which will give you any productivity karate manga for eight for one who phase phase the punishment phase, that the bad ending the Quran will awaken the heart of the individual in the Delica. That decra Eman Canada who unborn indeed the Quran in for him is a surah cough the fifth chapter of the Quran that we find, indeed in this ayah in these verses on this reminder is will

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benefit that individual who has a heart meaning that the heart is receptive to the verses and the message of a muscle parameter under the last prompt Allah soft in our hearts make our hearts comfortable is that which is halaal. And to stay away from that which is haram and to stay away from any doubtful affairs, or Kunal Kohli had that was stopped from Mali welcome. What did you mean Muslim infrastructural in no world before him, we come to Hadith number seven, continuing the journey of advice of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and this hadith in specific begins to speak about

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The various formats of advice that a person needs to give. We need to understand that Islam isn't just a spiritual relationship between oneself and the Creator, and to remain in a state of solitude and devotional commitment with Allah subhanaw taala in secrecy, and not to bring that out inside society. That is a difference between other formats of understanding of religious behavior and concept in comparison to Islam. Islam believes that religion or belief isn't just a relationship between the creator and the creation, but it is a belief of that the creation needs to hear the message, one needs to advise one another to come back to the Supreme creator. Allah subhanho wa

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Taala. And that's the point earlier I mentioned about this Hadith, which speaks about advice. A Dino naseeha. The religion is sincere advice, Islam is sincere advice. And as we find that some of the early modern mentioned it, as if these words these words, and then honestly her, encapsulates the whole of Islam, that the whole of Islam, but a large portion of Islam is just advising one another. Just like we find the Hadith and had you refer that the main theme of Hajj is standing the plane of our of our misses that has missed the Hajj. That is what the intent of these such words are? macadam luck, the prophet Elijah, as I mentioned in Nima, Boris to liotta mimma. Nakajima o'clock, indeed,

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are being sent to perfect the noble characteristics and traits and behavior, meaning as if my whole sole purpose was to although only refined the character of human beings.

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The way of the prophets, as the Quran mentions is to give advice to the people and to remind the people and to warn the people and to encourage the people to call a home in Nila comnet, zero, Moby or more people indeed I'm a clear Warner to you. And other places, Coronavirus Pantanal mentions in the local nursery one a mean, indeed I am a sincere advisor towards you. And as we find that the Muslim is always trying to advise oneself and other Muslim individuals to come back to the path of Allah subhanaw taala to such a degree that you find inside the Koran whereby mentions that the way of the believers laser allowed to offer whether Allah Marie marva Allah Allah Allah Deena la dee da,

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Kona hydrogen, either NASA who will delay for a su li, inside sutra Toba last point that I mentioned, there is no harm upon those individuals who are the weak, those who are the ill, the sick individuals, and those who don't have the wealth. We don't have the ability to go out in the way of a loss of power and data. These are the exempt categories of striving and struggling the way of Allah subhanaw taala. If they cannot do that, the least they can do they can still carry on either not sir holding the water solely, they can still carry on giving advice. They are not exempt from that meaning every Muslim is to carry on giving advice to one another. Likewise, when the prophetic

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tradition have called Muslim, who have called Mormon, Allah Mormon, the right of a believer upon another believer, six rights that belong were the Caribbean and from there, it's mentioned in the stem cell data from Salah who, if you seek your advice and Hadith and Muslim, then it gives you advice to your brother is amongst the six rights of Muslims that belong to another believer is that they seek your advice, your consultation, your opinion, or they ask you regarding something fun, then you should find someone who then you should give the advice towards them to be sincere inside your advice. And thus we find that unless we have a sincerity Edina naziha is sincerity or sincere

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advice that a person wants Well, for themselves once well for the individual. Once well as the Hadith mentions the compounds asked a question canali manyara sobre la to him does this sincere advice belong to and he mentioned Linda a volley kitabi Valera su li for a mutton muslimeen where I met him sincere advice or devotion and commitment towards the book of Allah subhanaw taala towards his messenger towards the book of Allah Subhana Allah His Messenger towards the Muslims at large and the governing body in specific the person should be sincere towards them. These are the five elements of advice which are mentioned inside this hadith. The first thing that we find is Linda,

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sincere advice towards Allah subhanaw taala What does this

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intent of being sincere towards Allah subhanho wa Taala, as we know that A and B have been a couple of happiness, to begin with the rights that belong to the Creator, before the creation, because many individuals, once again they use such statements that we are good to humanity. We are good to people, but they have no belief or conviction towards Allah subhanaw taala. And even amongst the love a bit, some of us Muslims, we have the similar concept as well. Maybe I don't pray, maybe I don't fast. Maybe I don't do this, or these rights of Islam, but I don't harm another Muslim, or I give them right advice or I give charity to them or I help them that is something which is good, no

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doubt, that a person will be rewarded for that. But that should not be given preference, over the beginning, right, the beginning right? Is obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah that is the beginning that follows and that should be done as well. No one is saying that we should neglect that, but we should begin with the right that belongs to Allah Subhana Allah, the right that belongs to Allah Subhana Allah to be sincere in his Say hi to take on the identity and to be clear inside our belief and our conviction regarding the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah, a philosopher Nia Fie invalidity, he to be sincere in our intentions when we worship Allah subhanaw taala is the right of

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sincerity that belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. to hate the who was for whom he suffered, and command will gel and to attribute to Allah Subhana Allah, the names and attributes of perfection and beauty, to give her to a given appropriately to Allah Subhana Allah and to believe in them appropriately and to use them appropriately is the right that belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala Wali kita V, and that the right which belongs to the book of Allah Subhana Allah, and for many of us, this may sound basic and elementary, but how sad it is that many of us don't follow these basic elementary teachings, does these words of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam are known as Joanne or

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kelim, concise, basic, easy words, which are small words, but are deep in meaning if only we could comprehend and implement these words. So sincerity advice that belongs to the book of Allah Subhana Allah, an email will be well am will be to believe in the book of Allah subhanaw taala as he himself mentioned, the beginning of sort of Bukhara, lF Lemmy veliki tabula rasa fi houda limitar clean, this is a book that entails no doubt, it is guidance for the believing individuals, like was a last point I mentioned, that if this book had been from other than Allah Subhana Allah, they would have found Waldo county manual at and delay, lava doofy, the left and kathira they were found many

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discrepancies and many mistakes. So believing that this is the final revelation of Allah Subhana Allah and not just to stop on that point, while the amyl V, and to to implement the book of Allah Subhana Allah to live and to act according to the Quran, or the action of the Quran, which unfortunately some of us may begin to fall short. We may be believe in the book of Allah Subhana Allah, but we don't seem to implement or carry out the actions which the Quran tells us to carry out inside our daily lives, should the to be what are the other he an immense love and reverence towards the book of Allah Subhana Allah that a person should hold is a right that belongs to the book of

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Allah Subhana Allah doesn't shouldn't just take this, the book The Quran is just a simple message or something to such a degree that I have spoken about placing the Quran, even on the floor, giving it its due respect, some of us Muslim may find that something trivial or something which is extra spiritual, etc. But Allah spoken about this, that the Quran, this is the book is the words of Allah subhanaw taala and due respect to be given to them from the beginning to the end. Obviously, the end result is being the highest level of implementation. But it begins from the beginning, that showing that reverence and prestige and honor towards the book The words of Allah subhanho wa Taala and for

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free find the right advice that belongs to the book. And the Quran is to exert ourselves to judge according to the teachings of the Quran, and the message of Quran the Quran has laid out, then we find the advice it continues, Wali Rasool E, and then to be sincere in our advice, and our devotion and commitment towards the messenger and irlam have collected numerous rights and obligations.

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which belongs to the prophets of the Lord send them some 30 odd advice and some of them condense them to seven basic rights that belong to the prophet or some of time does not permit us, or the environment, the moment to delve into those seven basic rights that belong to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at asleep, be number two, he advised us to begin to believe in the conviction, the truthfulness of his prophethood of the messenger ship that was given to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, a person as we find that person may believe in God may believe in Allah Subhana Allah, but they reject the final prophet, that does not make them a good individual. Because the Shahada is

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made of Shahada tain is made from the two affirmations of faith to testify that none has the right to be worshipped except for muscle power to Allah, and then to testify that indeed, that Muhammad is the messenger and the Prophet, and the servant of Allah Subhana. Allah enters the person into realms of acceptance with Allah subhanho wa Taala. But the Torah, FEMA ama, on a annual exerting efforts to carry out the commandments that he told us to do. And to stay away from the prohibitions, he told us to stay away from no slaughter, who, one more I wanted to who to give victory, to aid and to strengthen, in other words, to defend the honor and the right and the dignity of the Prophet

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, at the mercy of the party, to hold fast towards obedience towards the Prophet sallallahu sallam, which we find that the moment we can see the extent of obedience is beginning to diminish towards a prophet alayhi salatu salam, and then we find, to believe to spread his word we're not sure so nutty, to spread the message is a write that belongs to the profits so to spread his message and to spread his Sunnah amongst mankind, and hopefully inshallah, in the next part, we continue the discussion of this hadith of a dino see her muscle permit Darla accepted from us all Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh