Studying Quran for Non Arabic Speakers

Hatem al-Haj


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Many people ask not sitting in the house of a lot of reciting a book or studying it amongst themselves. Can you give us some tips on for non Arabic speakers how they can go about? Some people are afraid to do something wrong or studying the plan. How do I know what I'm studying correctly?

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Honestly speaking,

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they're the meanings of the forehand

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may not be also completely accessible to Arabs. Arabs who understand colloquial Arabic may not particularly understand well, Quranic Arabic. So it is not a problem that is limited to non Arabs, it is also

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only understand what the Arabic

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is that you do need help. With SEO, you do need help with SEO.

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I usually advise that people use two different types of SEO but there's basically perceivable hubbies

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which is

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basically the nation so it gives you

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the other half of the program by the

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major demands and so on and so forth. And then there's the subsidy, which is basically reflective of seer which is

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which has to be bound also by the effects of the revelation. But there, there is more room for reflection.

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So you choose one and smoking one year by workforce to homebuyers and abridgement of the CRM because the year the translation of which is available in English, who's working on here by

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product 40

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is available in English as far as

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and as far as

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those people have different preferences will because of the People's different orientations and inclinations, I prefer to do this book.

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For those of you who

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may not be so inclined to the run to the here with the other books, but I don't know

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if they have been translated into English or not, so that we buy them other Dino Kasumi is a very beautiful book

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hasn't been translated.

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The first volume was printed.

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Cirrus RV is brief isn't

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that but it will be very useful

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to listen.

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So if we come together, basically, we're site, we're excited.

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Whenever we have the luxury of having a teacher, then it would be very helpful and very important if we have a teacher,

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basically, to help us through the study.

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And if you don't have the luxury to have a teacher

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freeze as Muslims, or Muslims throughout this country,

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in this country

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even more,

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you don't have qualified teachers and all of the 3200 so we will not stop right. We should not stop. But at least what we should do is you bring the Ferrari and bring the dyspepsia book swap in one year for instance.

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And you will be one person from the front end you read the

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See Robert from another book.

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The reason why

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he reflects on realities like

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combat is usually helpful to connect with him to the current realities is helpful to listen to the contemporary scholar. Reflecting on the air is a little bit different from listening to fight. Although

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The the 500 year old or a scholar, you know, author this book 500 years ago was put may may be much greater, you know, and certainly likely will be much greater.

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But suffering from your own generation,

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using your own set of

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circumstances that they explained that to her and also encountering your own set of challenges, because they have different challenges, that is why this book would continue to be served by scholars generation optimization that we should never stop serving as a book explaining the book, because a contemporary scholar will relate more to a contemporary audience. So, you have both, as far as the the reference point will be one of the more authentic classical tafsir books like the cnrp Cassia, and the a regiment that we talked about the fear of Spock, ammonium, and then for reflection, and indexing the Quranic country realities, which is one of the existing capacity

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for some

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people. So, sometimes it will, because in the Bible studies

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have been to some of these is basically a free, completely free exercise of reflection. So, it's just like, it is here, so, the first could be gone, right? You see its own love is up,

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everybody is entitled. So, that is not what we do. Right? It is really

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100 years worked so hard to preserve this revelation, so you don't squander this.

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So we have the authentic Tafseer we have the authentic teachings and if you want to reflect, reflect as long as you are bound by the direction of the verse, so the verse is going right, you go right with the verse and you reflect on your current realities, which is, which is absolutely fine. To talk about your experience of college that relates to the verse or your hardship that you have to go through or read something that really makes you relate to the verse or verse relates to

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this will be absolutely okay.

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And everybody could reflect as long as we are bound by the authentic explanation that we have already read. But basically, to sit down with the Mazel Tov alone and to start reflecting left and right, would be a little bit risk.