Predestination and Free Will

Hatem al-Haj


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of understanding the freedom of choice in the product and how it can lead to confusion. They also discuss the need for responsibility and the potential consequences of actions. The speaker emphasizes the importance of actions and the need for a judge to act with faith.
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Seeing one of the things that they would be thankful for is a law guy.

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But somebody had mentioned that

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somebody had mentioned that you're understanding this product to be wrong, because you have the freedom of choice.

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which causes some confusion here to the person that asked me that's like

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the question for somebody who's saying they're thankful that Allah guided them to someone saying they're things that Allah guide to them, test them. Okay, so the answer to that was your understanding the father warm because you have the freedom of choice? So understanding is does is it in your shop or your shop, there's

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a lot of choice for us to be listened to and chose for the nanoscale to be Muslim. So the person who answered him does not want me to thank Allah for guidance.

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I don't want to say it that way. But they're saying

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they're saying you're understanding for the wrong that you have the free choice. And it's not you know, I guess the way I'm understanding is they're saying it's not the alaba that you know, the guy that you are chose for demonstrated to be misguided, you have a choice to be guided or not. But we know there's an operon that says

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you know, a lot of

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the understanding

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you have you have with that the supersedes by Mossville

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Okay, so you have this mic in your hand, and then you say, I will put this mic down on the ground, on my right side.

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That is like a determination for in the future. And when you say insha Allah, why do you say inshallah, because if Allah did not will it, the roof will collapse, your your, your hand will stop, something will happen, you will get distracted, someone will yell in the back and scream or a window will break and then you get distracted, something will happen. But you say I'm sorry. And when you act upon it, and when you do.

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This means I am willful, and you know, I can act upon my will. So this is enough to make me responsible for my actions. Just being able to do this is enough to make me responsible for my actions. The fact that I lost weight supersedes my way

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does not make me an ungrateful or incapable of making determinations.

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creature that was incapable of making determinations because if I'm not making the

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determinations, then how would I be punished? For my, you know, actions? I have enough where to be irresponsible is superseded by Allah overarching whim. Mattia de la raza

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to undress tended

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to have

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complete comprehension of this concept is beyond us.

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Because beyond words,

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because at the end, you keep on telling yourself to have his way of supersedes mine then at the end of the day, my word is controlled by His Word.

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Yes, companies are modificado most of them are so packed for everyone will be have a path to what is the situation facilitated for everyone in the past that has dispensation facilitated for him.

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But do you have any that I am?

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See I am capable of saying this right? Yes, I would bring this up.

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And I do bring it up. I will bring it back down I'm sorry to bring it back up. So it means that I make a determination and act upon it. What is obstructive?

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The same applies to your salon or to your acts of righteousness or wickedness. You make a determination You are the product no one obstructs. This is enough to say that you're responsible. This is enough to say that your account and that's it. And don't get into the philosophy of this because it is not pertinent. And it is waste of time. Because at the end of the day, you're here you will be tested.

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This is like one of our samples to say

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You're sitting in the classroom, what the teacher who walks in, gives you like a surprise exam? You know, everybody gets out the answer sheets, you know, or if you want to argue about the fairness or unfairness of the exam, it's up to you, you could argue, sit down and argue about

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being unfair, but at the end of the class at the end of this one hour, you will be graded, whether you like it or not, it is happening. But the problem is, we are here we are being tried, we are being tested. So if you want to sit down and talk about the fairness of the test, and argue about the fairness of the test,

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you will not know for sure,

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but then today who is going to be the loser of the people who argue whether I will spare the people who were an answer

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once more, but if you are up in prayer, you can

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make a budget for example, you can choose to have you awake in the middle of the night while others are asleep.

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You can paint Absolutely. Without a bar, you would have not been able to make it anything

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The prophet SAW someone clearly told them and

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no one would enter Paradise because of his own the by his own deeds.

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What are that what are they asked for even you?

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Even me accepted for my business mercy.

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So if you have to send

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the guidance and for the support and the power that he gave you to act upon, this guidance holds