Hatem al-Haj – Importance of Time

Hatem al-Haj
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of using one's health before one's sickness and how to make use of it. They stress the need to report on one's health and use it in a way that is useful and productive. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of being patient and not wasting time.
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Second thing that he learned from this study that is extremely important

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is to not waste time

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to at least fine.

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You know, if you're a traveler if you're a wayfair

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and you want to go back to your destination and your destination is night is nothing like this, this is nothing like

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your final destination, the beauty of the done and the blessings and the bounties and the grace

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that we will that your job all of us

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get experience in the time that you will come to know that this is not the enjoyment that we experienced here, or anything like what you experience in the gentlemen, should you waste time absolutely

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should not be wasted time. traveler should only you know get off his mountain to get a little bit of rest, a little bit of, you know, basically sustenance or read rest and sustenance, to be able to get back on track

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to complete his journey. That's why I'm

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he can

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make use of your health before your sickness, to get him out, take, make use of your life before your death, as at least trying to paraphrase many of the police of the prophet SAW the loss of advice, the advice of the Prophet

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about, you know, the best use of fire capitalizing on time and making sure that this is your greatest asset and making the best use of it because it is your greatest asset. You're just you're just like a

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like a combination of days and nights as a customer possibly sell. So your best asset is your client most say is as nice

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as I can report the last

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couple of times. No, this is a famous copy that we should reflect on and we should always remember it in our times of usefulness.

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the proper

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accounts, which means hastened to make the best use hastened to make the best use of five things before they're opposites before you hasten to make use the best use of five things before the opposites before you What are those five things that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, South Africa

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use before your old age Shabaab aka your use before your old age was happy.

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And your health or your well being before your sickness while the NACA company and your wealth or solvency before you insult that's the year you're

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happy and wealthy before you become four. Are you well before your poverty, your time of wealth before your time of poverty? Wow.

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farakka, Commodore 74 is

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your free time before you become occupied your free time before you become occupied and your life before your this

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and your life before this. So your usefulness

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if you have if you're if you have free time,

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and you're useful and you have a little bit of money that is sufficient for you we're talking about not living in terms of wealth is extravagant wealth. We're talking about sufficient You know what, you have enough sustenance to get by I mean a couple of corporate welfare and paraben free time and you're alive for sure. If you're listening to this, then you're alive. You're alive. Do you have free time? And do you have enough sustenance? And do you have enough health to be able to do good things? You have four out of the five.

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If you have one you just make use of it but you have four out of five. That is if you are old. And if you are younger than you have oh five, then what do you do? wasting time and how come you're not capitalizing on all of this

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You're useful, you have free time, you have enough sustenance, you're not you're not, you know,

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you're not suffering hunger pains that will keep you from thinking or reading or memorizing for doing good or visiting the sick or helping the needy or doing something good for your dinner. You're done yet.

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And you have all of this. So what are you what are we waiting for? So in case you're truly a stranger wayfarer, you're not going to be wasting time. And if you have all of those, you know,

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bounties from last fall and great, great races from Allah subhanaw taala. Why are you not moving forward? Why are you not making use of them.

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So remember, this is very important, particularly for younger people. Because if you're young, you're right, you likely have all of them, you'll likely have all of them inferior, because you will have some free time in your account, and some help in your life.

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Your life, and most of you have enough sustenance to get by, if not more.

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So you have to report by the turn of the best the Thompson Thompson saga

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was Chanukah Amaro de la Vina a couple of fuckery farakka. Pleasure today.

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Baltic make use of five things before the opposites before do your youthfulness before your old age, your health, before your sickness, your wealth, before your poverty, your free time before you become occupied, and your life before you die, which can happen anytime. You know, before you know.

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So someone who's already

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what always be patient will always be, you know,

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making the best use of those assets, those great assets.

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As the said, custom property, in fact, was the one who said there's a lot

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that you have an atom in the vein of what

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you'll do in the house, and we can have that later in the army helicopter.

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And I'll have things dramatically.

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So he was the son of Adam, you're being hurried, you are being hurried by two mountains,

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you get on one that would hurry you to the next, which will hurry you to the next company both gets you to your final destination after the hereafter What are those two moms, they are tired. So we need to always be thinking that there might have been a that gets you

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and gets you to the night. Like you are switching mouths, you know you were on this mountain. And now we're switching have that round would soon, you know, give you up to the next one. Next one. And every time you have been switched around.

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You're getting closer to your final destination, you're getting closer to the end. So you think about it every time the number of columns. You know, that is a day gone. Never never come back. Every time you know the sun rises, that's the night that is gone. It will never come back. And you think about it this way that would bring the sense of rushed. Hurry, urgency to you to make it back to your hometown and not waste your time idling here in this

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temporary home.

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So our target is to have a focus and to have this diligence and this hairier urgency to get it back to your target are some things that we learned from this company.

Prophetic Advice by Dr. Hatem al Haj

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