Islamic Core Value Refusal of Oppression #15

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Have you had your mind over the other way man we will hurry up so he and I'd be whitewater all the Allahu Anhu por la Collina do so Allah Allah you earlier said and honey tonight collection of Imam Buhari nature's way more Ella. This is within the theme of anti oppression so probably to work towards the end of this week, maybe even beyond. There's a hadith Bootsy Well, the rally assaults on the race to us what Allah Subhana Allah says, not in the form of Quran. And this way he says I also don't know he said Allah Allah you call Allahu Thalassa to a hospital home Jamelia, there are three types of people whom Allah subhanaw taala will be the hustle. The custom, is the one who stands in

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opposition to the other one. Meaning when you are sued in court, or when you are taken to a court of law, you owe the opposite the opposing side are the ones who are holding you. They're the ones who are coming after you. Right there'll be a law firm, be a person, someone that you offended a country, government, institution of some sort. On the Day of Judgment, there are three groups of people who is not going to be other people who are going after them. It's Allah subhanaw taala himself who is going after them. Meaning it's not going to be human beings or creations that are standing there opposing them asking for their rights from them or asking to know Allah subhanaw

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taala will be standing in opposition to them Jalla Jalla Lu it with no need of people doing anything like that just by the mere practice or falling into this into this problem. So what are the three things that they did Rajon Appleby through murder? Someone who gave their word through my name and then they betrayed to an act of treason or their you promise someone something or you you offer someone any wealth and you something where you and you go into each to go back and you're working to try to take it back meaning you betrayed the person in front of you the act of betrayal, but what I do it on about around for ephemera, and someone who enslaved someone and sold them and took the

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money for themselves and slave someone

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and righteously and sold them and took the money. But what are you doing? Is there a general Gian for still firm in who will Emirati here, there's someone who uses use the services of someone else, that person performed the service and complete and then he didn't pay. He didn't give them what their rights were.

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Those three types of people are the judgment, those whom they oppressed or betrayed or mistreated, don't have to come looking for them. No, they can just sit there and enjoy the time as Allah subhanaw taala will be pursued prosecuting them on their behalf, where Allah subhanaw taala will be the one going after them on their behalf without their the requirements of them even bringing it up. It's almost the same this hadith is what the scholars have kind of derived from the wording here is that even if this person was to forgive, it's not going to make a difference. And most of the time, most of the time, if you mistreat a human being and they forgive you, then you're off the hook

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because Allah subhanaw taala helped within that mistake is he with a little with a act of repentance or it will be forgiven Allah subhanaw taala has held Well, He forgives a lot of them, a lot of them are let go. It's the peoples that are hard to get rid of, because they don't forgive this. The wording of this hadith is suggesting that even if the person forgave Allah subhanaw taala will not he will come after the person who because it's an act of oppression. And because betrayal is betrayal. Betrayal is just an act of repression. It's just again, so it's all the same. So just a different, different oppression is so versatile, that we have all these words to describe it. But at

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the end, it's just the same concept. All three examples are people who mistreated or oppressed other human beings within a context that they were capable of doing. So they just had the upper hand somehow and they were in the oppressed. So it's something to remember that not only for it to, for you to derive some degree of comfort from it, but also for you, for us to be very aware and very cautious when we think about acts of oppression being produced by ourselves. Then Allah subhanaw taala is the hustle. He is the one who's going to come after you on the Day of Judgment Yahweh Lima and we will hurry up so Hey, Frankie, have you heard a lot about the Allahu Anhu call? By Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam God Allah Who? Said, Anna Hosmer, whom yo melty Yama, Raja and Bobby through Mikado, what are you doing? I fell run for acha mana. What are you doing? Java G run for still firm in film LM Yatta he sort of Rasulullah sallallahu

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ALA and just talking to someone