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Many people search for happiness where it is not found. Listen to what the Almighty says about this. Jumu’ah at Mayfair Masjid, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam

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ala alihi wa sahbihi remaining. We praise Allah subhana wa Tada, blessings and salutations

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are entering

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his household, his companions, we ask Allah to bless every one of us, and to ultimately grant every one of us gender to fill those in paradise. I mean, my brothers and sisters, if I were to ask you, what makes you have? What would you say? What makes you happy? What would you say? To be honest, everyone would have different answers based on what would make them happy. So Pamela, some people what would make him happy, easy, something happen if they won the lottery, they return them, if I win the millions, I will be so happy. Yet, if you look at it, it's not permissible in Islam to participate in something of that nature. But the reason why they will say that I won't be happy is

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because they will have in their hands what they think is the source of happiness and contentment, yet it is not. So Pamela ethington. Some of it is look at the people who have millions, most of them are not content, at least they have in their connection with Allah.

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Most of those who have a lot of money have a lot of stress. Most of them cannot sleep except with pills, unless they have a connection with Allah. And unless their dealings have been clean and clear, and unless their character has been refined. So if I were to ask you what exactly makes you happy? Someone might say, well, if I marry that particular person, it will make me happy. Many times, people say that particular person based on looks, you know, they look hot. So Pamela, why do they use the word hot? Have you ever thought of it? Heat? What's the heat all about? When they say this person looks hot?

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Because he reckons that

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metal, the gravitas ease, you will be bent. My brothers and my sisters, remember, what Allah is pleased with is who

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brings about the coolness of the heart. Even if you are not the richest person, you are happy with what the Lord bestowed upon you. So what would make you happy? So if I find that that person gives me a job, I will be happy. That's a very materialistic answer. You are ready to become a stable person who's going to pick up 20,000 pounds a month. So

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you are ready to do what the person says. He says come in five o'clock you they fire to fire. You leave at five o'clock you leave at five past five. But when an alarm law, the one who gave you the life you have and everything that you actually have the owner of the next owner, the one who's having absolute control of entire existence, when he tells you to do something, do you allow me to have less control that your boss at work has for you or a partner in business may have for you or above you? Because of the goodness of the business relationship? May Allah forgive us?

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We worked hard. We learned that everything is not going to help you for more than a few days of this year. My brothers and sisters not only ask another question as a believer,

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what should really make you happy? What should make you happy? If I ask you from a neutral perspective, from this worldly perspective, what would make you happy? Like I said people will give you different answers. Some will say if I have that car it will make me happy that Lamborghini will make me happy what a lot of people say that phone will make me happy. Some people say the day I own an aircraft it will make me happy someone says the day I can do this or I have this clothing or this watch it will make me happy that day. I have this clear feeling it will make me happy the day I walk on the street and everybody turns around and says wow will make me happy. Monday. All those answers

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are very, very materialistic. They may not last for a few days of this dunya if you get the time you want the next year you will not want that car because it is there is a later model. If you get the phone you want the next few days you will not want the phone when you hear that there is a danger phone. If you have a person you want the danger everyone else has it you will not want that one anymore and so on the

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faster than you can ever catch up on it. But there is something that will make you truly happy.

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Lucky Judy answers, he tells

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him know what should make him really happy, what is better for you learn everything you can gather you have

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the gold and the silver, the platinum and the jewelry, everything else you have the cars and the houses and whatever else. You know what, what is better than all of that we are about to tell you. What is better than all of that for you. We want to let you know, before I tell you, let me explain it. You have everything in this world. If that heart, you put your hand on your chest for a moment. You feel what's happening. You can hear that.

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It's going on without the battery. It's going on without anything. It is so

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the power Allah the mercy of Allah that is allowing the heart to pass law.

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If it stops for one split moment,

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small gamma happens in our systems.

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Will like if your heart was in the hands of men, you would charge you for every tiny beat. So he will charge you he will tell you one cent apiece, you still want the 41 cents the 356,000 beats a day, you will not afford the ones that is a beat, you won't unless I gave it to you free of charge all I want you to do acknowledge me.

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dress properly turned to me recognize me when she left me alone understand, I am the control of that car. If I want you as far as you might have gone away from me, I can I can only not

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only cause the fluctuation of the beat, out of tune, you will change that. How many people they will not close to Allah they got sick and became close to Allah, how many of you so sickness is a key to get from a lighter person. If you are sending everything when your heart goes weird, it's a gift of Allah because that's what brought you close to Allah. He did not do that to you and

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sometimes we are too healthy. So we commit adultery, we are too healthy. So we cheat and steal. We are too healthy. So we commit crime and sin. Allah says wait, I know how to bring you to be take your house away. You will come then you go to the doctor because you have money. You think the doctor is going to kill you one after the other. You travel the whole world you depleted your money, you still have to come back trying to Allah Allah, my money didn't help me. My children didn't help me. My health didn't help me. Nothing else to do. You are in control. Allah says but didn't we challenge that from the beginning, we sent to your messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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and you still didn't turn students of blessing of Allah, these negative things that happened to you around you.

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They never get

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you lost your family member Allah give them gentlemen, it's not an evil thing. They will go to gentlemen. And if you change your life because of that, and you realize what you are here for, you will also go to gentlemen wasn't in the gift of Allah, things happen. You lost your property, you lost your job, people built this and did that. People treated you badly, all of that. If you're remote, meaning it's a good thing for you. If it brings you closer to Allah, I want to tell you a statement you should never forget. If what do you see as negativity brought you closer to Allah, it was not negativity, it was positive. If what you saw as positivity brought to you or took you away

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from a life was not positive, it is definitely negative. Now.

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You got a good job. Your salary is 200,000 a month and you started going to the clubs and you started doing all sorts of heroin was that the blessing? Well, it was the biggest punishment of Allah.

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So Allah says, We want to keep you away. Some people have gentlemen in the dunya, and they will have nothing in the archaea. And some people have nothing in the dunya. Allah says really to movement, you will have the eternal gender. It's all about subtle. So now let's go back to the verse that says you know what is better for you?

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Thank you, Maya tomorrow, who could you know what is better than everything that they can? What do they gather the world the material items they gather.

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It's, we all need a little bit of money here and there, you must be looking at me thinking,

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you know what it is not to be here I need to learn. Yes, we need to learn. But when we earn we don't learn, compromising our relationship with Allah, with Allah with Baraka, even if it is less.

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When I'm not giving you more, it is a bigger test. When life takes away from you, it is still a test. So Allah says what is better than everything you can get?

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description of two things.

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The virtue of Allah and the favor of Allah.

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That is what should make you happy. The fact that you are a member of the oma of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam should make you very, very happy, excited you wish if you make a loan, without associating partners with me, that is why the Prophet speaks about those who recognize Allah.

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At night, when everyone is sleeping, their sides are actually separated from their paintings out of the love of Allah of fear of a law that is born out of His love, and they engage in the night in prayer, it is better than anything that this world has to offer you.

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When you spend in the cause of Allah to help someone who is another human being just like you, if you can take into your pocket and take out something and help a person in need, it is better for you than what the dunya gave you because you are giving back.

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No matter who you well, even if you only have five minutes today and you took out 10 cents, it is a bigger percentage than the man who has 5 million and took out one

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minute to do.

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the problem is the tools that are before

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they are better than the whole world and what it can offer you

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fact is no one should make you excited. My brothers, my sisters, the day you got up

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early, and you read it the two units of pseudonym and the two of that is the day you have the right to be happy changes to happiness. Did you do that and you're looking for happiness. The day that passes when you have not committed a sin is the day that you have happiness that is happiness to happiness is when the day passed and no pornography was watched. That is true happiness when the day passed, no adultery was committed. That is true happiness. Nobody was abused. That is true happiness when the day passed if you did not use one swear word that is the day of happiness when the day passed and five Salah were fulfilled that is the day of happiness that is better than everything

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that they can gather if you missed your ship or your or your flight or your bus or whatever it was but you did not miss Salah it was better for you than anything else

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don't worry when you miss something he knows just be excited about missing whatever you missed for as long as it is not your banner for as long as it is not your actual position.

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You don't know you might miss a plane you don't know why

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maybe plane crash Okay. That you were saved from that might be far. But maybe you were meant to meet someone else while you were waiting for the next plane who because of your association with them. And you benefited the team or Infineon

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if you will a person who were upset because of choice when you had no say in it. You're not yet a true move maybe because the heartbeat is

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a true minima.

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his affairs are amazing, no matter what happens to him.

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It's always looked at as vital to deliver

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services. What did you lose? electricity went for two days, your fish tanks or the fish died. You just stay in that environment.

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And you continue what can you do about it? That electricity came back?

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And there was a power surge all your appliances blew? What do you do about it? You have two or three things you might do. You might get angry, you might get hot, you might start sweating. DDH bringing back your appliances? No, it only took away your own health. There was a power surge with your body. It destroyed your kidneys and your heart and increased you in stress, which is a killer itself. May Allah grant us protection. Take it easy relax. So people say bad things about you in this world. You cannot stop the mouth. You know WhatsApp has its own mouth. You know, Whatsapp has its own mouth. The tongue of WhatsApp is shown at the bottom of the icon of WhatsApp. Have you ever seen it? It's

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around icon like this, and it's got a tongue sticking out. You notice right at the bottom, that's the tongue. It has more gossip than those who are known for gossiping. But it's a door that you can use either for gentlemen, or for another place. You see what I'm saying? technology is a beautiful thing, only if you can use it correctly. Just like a knife is a beautiful thing, if you're using it for food and for various other

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things. The minute you use these things that Allah has bestowed upon you and I in the wrong way, that is when you are responsible my brothers and sisters.

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So when the day passes, and you have managed to dress appropriately on that day, there was a windy and you've covered yourself correctly, that's the day you should be excited. But if there is a wedding, and you knew that yourself so that everyone could say wow, remember something wow is at the end of the alphabet, you have taken yourself right to the back of the line, you need to start again.

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It's not an achievement, when you are cutting your clothing for your weddings or whatever else whatever it may be, remember, do you want the happiness that Allah has promised or not? If it is, just do it properly, you will lose nothing you will gain dignity I have visited countries in Asia, where I have seen brides who are blessed in such a way that

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if I were to describe Nita completely

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today, and she will say well you know what, I am not comfortable in exposing myself when there are so many people listen that whatever their their response is, the question is, what am I doing? No one is telling you to get to a very high level but at least an acceptable level, something acceptable, dress modestly, dress correctly. People think that you know, on days of happiness, we can do what we like. People think when they're going on holiday, they can forget about the fact that they're Muslim. The day that you go on holiday and you have not missed your Salah is the day you're a true human, you have the right to be happy. That is what is better than everything that the Quran

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says everything that they get and they

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You follow what you want. You want the true happiness, that delight, lead to a better instruction, the day you started your day with. That's the day you have the right to be excited. It's better than everything that people will earn during that day. When you start your day with this define when you leave your home. When you greet your children and you spend time with your family members, that's the day that you're supposed to be happy and excited with the symbols staring you in the face. And it was so easy to be committed and you quit it for the sake of Allah you can turn to Allah. Allah I love you more than I love the sin so much that I'm not going to displease you. Allah says you know

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what, it's better than the whole world and what it had to offer you what you did is very, very commendable.

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When things that are coming all around you, you know the hatred we have in the hearts of the people today is unbelievable. Learn to extinguish the hate and replace it with love. You might disagree with someone but you love them. You care for them. You will reach out to them. You will talk to them, you will communicate you will make sure that positivity comes from you.

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The difficulty today's word Allah has bestowed us with so much but we're lucky we are complaining more than our forefathers who didn't even have electricity at all.

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Your fathers and grandfathers

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and great grandfather's. What did they

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What did they have? Did they have these words?

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We have at this Mayfair mystery did they have whatever else the sound may have everything else we have the food, the water, the clothing, the salaries, the jobs, the cars, the roads, nothing of that nature, did they complain as much as we do know the engineers, they were happier people, you know what that proves to you. That true happiness is nothing material items. Now, I want to tell you something that is extremely powerful. This is carefully it moves me every time I think of it, it actually draws me to tears when I think of it.

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Who is the best of creation, the most noble messengers

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If success

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and the happiness of Allah and the closeness to Allah was determined by how much technological advancement you had assumed, to have had all of the latest technology, but Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to show us that technological advancement is not connected to to contentment and happiness, nor is it connected to your closeness to Allah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala decided that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam will live in an age where this technological fitna, we have right now will not be there. That is why Internet has come now everything else has come up so much so that water from a tech did not exist at the time. They were happier than us going to the wells and throwing water. We

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have water running in a tech, hot water will have to fire a geezer and we turned it on. But there is no thankfulness to Allah, our gratitude is less, and the favors of Allah upon us are found, to see where we're failing. That's why we are sick. That's why we are so looking at searching for more and more, I tell you look and search for how to get closer to Allah, how to improve on your Salah how to improve on your ibadah How to quit your sins, how to become a better person, a daily is going to come with you and I will return back to Allah possibly today. In this country, South Africa, especially here in Johannesburg, especially here in this area we are living in right now. There's no

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guarantee that you can even wait to walk out of that door. One crazy guy from amongst us here could actually punch up someone at any time and maybe even less, can you put happen it can happen now save us all may take us away the moment he knows that it's better for us to go in a condition where he's pleased with us.

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But we can never ever sit and think for a moment that no, I need to only prepare for this world forget about the ACA was not even more important.

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This is why when reagan came in at the time,

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he taught them to draw

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more people now the majority. This mainly has not come from any human resource, but it is actually the couple of Allah, Allah, which means the virtue of Allah Mercy of Allah, the fame of Allah is in his mercy. And like I said, Mercy on us we're sitting in the masjid.

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One visit to the message is better than

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whatever you can dream of in terms of the food that you're going to eat your whole life.

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What is more important for us?

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It is your connection with Allah more important than food and drink.

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My brothers and sisters, I might have something a little bit hard. But all I intended is a reminder for myself. Sometimes in this world, we get too engrossed. We drown in the dunya we forget that the affair is coming. The sins are committed one after the other. We forget how we turned away from Allah. How could that how could we allow that to happen? I end off by reminding you of my brothers and sisters, never lose hope. No matter what you have done. The fact that you are sitting here today This must report in any other machine. And the fact that your heart happens to be an account of regret is the sign of the level of deduction. If your heart has a slight feeling in it at all, I

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want to tell you to

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hold on it and do something about it. Don't let shame make you become depressed because you've committed a sin that you think about forgiveness for your sins. I love and forgive all your sins when you do that is not a single sin that won't forgive you. If you were to seek the forgiveness of Allah the only

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time that there is trouble is when you die without seeking forgiveness from sheep. That's the problem. But if you sought forgiveness from sheep in your life,

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wiped out completely.

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We are no good people in China we all mean well Shall we will want to get closer to Allah. Allah

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May Allah bless us in the media that he lost his father, may Allah grant that Father, gentlemen, those officially

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for me not only of this community but

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there are people right now suffering across the globe. We are sitting in Nima May Allah bless them and ease their suffering. Goodness no matter where they are across the globe, because everywhere there is chaos to

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give us contentment. Remember, you want to closeness to Allah. You want true happiness, true contentment to success. Start your day with and to

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see your life change. I promise you your life coaching to teach as an honor, not as a burden.