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Masjidul Quds, after Eishaa

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam, O Allah Allah, Allah Ameen. Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa tada in a woman Toby I won't be standing Illinois Medina we're back. We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his entire household, all his companions May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless them all. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless every single one of us and our offspring. May Allah subhanho wa Taala, forgive every single one of us and grant us from his mercy, and correct us wherever we are going wrong. And may Allah subhanahu wa taala make us from amongst those whose lives

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are in actual fact of preparation for the eternal life, and that is the life after death. I mean, my beloved brothers and sisters, it is very heartwarming to be in what I was told would be a freezing city of Cape Town yet when I came here, I found the sun out, it was shining, and it was quite warm. And in this particular Masjid, it is such a warm atmosphere, that some of us have actually began to sweat. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah bless us all, and grant us ease and goodness.

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The youth is definitely

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a category that we all have to have hope in, there is no other option.

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We have to have hope in the youth. We are in fact, the youth so much so that sometimes when we have youth programs, and we say we are inviting the youth, you find the oldest of the lot coming in Subhan Allah because each one feels he's too young. No one wants to admit that you know what I've clocked 16. He says, I'm still young. And you say, uncle, you're looking old. He says, What are you talking about? You know, and they give you the looks. So we'd like to look at it as an opportunity to earn closeness to Allah subhanho wa Taala. However, as you and I know, the aggressive marketing of materialism across the globe is such that we find shavon winning sometimes when it comes to some

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of the younger generation, and sometimes even the older generation. But the mercy of Allah is such that if you were to sin for 6070 years, and you turn to Allah at the last moment, he will still grant you Paradise by His mercy.

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However, it is important for us to realize that the leaders of tomorrow are those who are perhaps born today, that's important. We cannot keep on being imams.

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Even after we reached our graves, that won't happen. We cannot keep on being people who remain on leadership up to a point where we cannot move anymore, we cannot speak anymore, or we are we've passed away, we have to hand the baton down to the next generation, we have to we have no option, you find the Imam will leave for 20 3040 years. And after that the young imams that come up. And if we do not bring them up, perhaps sometimes they will never ever come up. So the first point I want to start with is for those who are slightly older.

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Take pride in those who are younger, and leave them with lots of mercy with lots of wisdom. And remember, the mistakes they may have made should never be a point for us to divorce them from the goodness that is lying ahead in their path. It is important for us to help them to help them to realize their qualities and to develop these beautiful qualities to help them to realize responsibility and to take it up and to help them move forward and further within the obedience of Allah in a way that tomorrow when the baton is handed down to them, they do a better job than us.

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And this is why every society and community has different categories in age groups of people. Each one should complement the other never look at the other as a threat. A weakness in society is when you see the young coming up the old feel threatened. That shouldn't be the case. never feel threatened. In fact, take them in and let them Excel. You might die tomorrow morning and what will happen, there would be no one to take your seat solely because you did not groom anyone and you did not prepare anyone. We were too worried about someone taking our seat away. And in the interim, we did not prepare the new generation to take over society and community and to take over the

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leadership. I recall a time when people passed away they found one uncle in particular in a certain society.

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And this uncle was such every time he called the others come coming

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Learn how to ensure and how to give the hosel and the burial and so on. But people were here were feeling that you know what, that's not our job. Until one day the uncle passed away. And what happened?

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The others were forced to take it. They were forced to take it, they had to, because you and I know it is fair to Kiva, to offer a decent barrier to the other muslimeen, to ensure to give the hosel and to bury them to read the Salah, congeners, and so on. So it was compulsory upon society, people had to get up what was wrong, why did we not look forward to that responsibility of society and tell ourselves Tomorrow, I will need to fulfill this, let me learn it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala guide us all my brothers and sisters, it is important for us to look at the young generation, and to look at them with the eye of hope, bearing in mind that everyone will falter, everyone makes mistakes, it

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is up to us to guide them out of their mistakes, and to help them so many people who've been in the clubs and we've been on drugs have come out in such a way that they have become an asset to society. But if we were to just look at their mistakes, and we were to sideline them completely because of an error, or two, or three or 10 that they've made in their lives, perhaps we would not be able to achieve the goodness within society that we have from them later on. May Allah subhanahu wa taala help us all.

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Many a time people serve in the correctional institutions are the prisons as some may call them. And sometimes it is for a little mistake they've made sometimes a crime that they committed during their own period of ignorance, when they come out of that particular sentence, or when they have finished their sentence and they return to society, we look at them with such an eye that this person is a criminal forever, such that they may go back to their criminal behavior solely because we have not accepted them back into society. These are the youth of tomorrow. In fact, the leaders of tomorrow, the youth of today, if they've made a mistake, perhaps their correction has happened while they were

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in the jail. Sometimes, while they were busy serving whatever sentence they were serving, when they come out, we embrace them, give them a new breath of life. Let them feel that you know what we do are valid members of society who perhaps might have learned a little bit more than others. So many of those who have spent time in prisons when they've come out, they've gone back to the prisons in order to help the other inmates because they know what life is all about down there. And this is why we are taught as muslimeen to go and address and speak to those who are in situations of difficulty because during those difficulties, the heart is suffering.

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They will be closer to Allah and this is why visiting the sick is the sooner of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a beautiful teaching of Islam. One of the reasons is the heart is softened. A person sometimes may be losing a bit of hope, seize the opportunity to remind them of the odor of all hope. seize the opportunity to remind them of Allah subhanho wa Taala give them a word of goodness, just tell them that you are with them. And just give them the feeling of identity as part and parcel of the Muslim community and the oma and you will find what will happen their hearts will soften towards a love they will thank Allah Oh Allah, you've granted me a family, a huge family,

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people who might not be related to me by blood, but they are related to me by the Shahada. They are related to me by humanity, the mere fact that I am a human being the mere fact that I'm a Muslim, here are people who have come to visit me who've come to pray for me who are thinking of me while I am sick, we suppose for a moment to ask Allah to grant cure to all those who are sick and ill. And may Allah have mercy upon those who are imprisoned for whatever reason they are there. And may Allah subhanahu wa taala help us look at them with the correct eye And may Allah subhanho wa Taala help them and help us and help our offspring mela gun Rachmat to those who passed away May Allah grant

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paradise to us the day we pass away, I mean, my brothers and sisters, it is important for us to realize we seek the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We want Him to forgive us. But we have not forgiven members of society or the youth for engaging in something that was not befitting a Muslim, yet it was our duty to look at them to guide them to take their hand to bring them out of the mess. And that is the challenge you have if you claim to be a leader in society, and if you claim to be a parent who is supposed to be a successful parent, when your challenge is when your child does something wrong, or when the youth do something wrong, you will spend even if it means

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the rest of your life, trying to correct them in a beautiful sweet way in a way that they realize when you passed away. This man really loves me I have today developed into a beautiful human being yet had he not held my hand I might have been in the dumps.

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It is important for us to ponder over this. We have a lot of hope in the US.

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And remember, like when we say we have hope in the youth, we look at the youth today and sometimes we see youngsters with large earrings and necklaces with huge bumps and boots, and people with their, with their shorts or their bottoms halfway down their bottoms, you know, they're called bottoms now no longer pants, may Allah subhanho wa Taala protectors halfway down the bottom, and they walking around how best can we reach them to make them feel that Listen, my son tomorrow when I am gone, you need to take the reins and not just when I'm gone, because when I'm gone, you will need to take it, you'd better start now. And you'd better learn the ropes. And this is why my beloved

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youth now we tend to you.

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We tend to you by telling you remember, we have a lot of hope in you. If you have had a life where you've made mistakes, it is about time you learned that you need to leave tomorrow you will have children and your children will perhaps have children by the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala if you are not responsible today, what will happen to your children and your offspring. Sometimes your parents may not be passing on the baton in a way they should do. But it should remind us all that we have massage in the houses of Allah, that Allah the good company, that we have something amazing we need to change the bad company that we've had in order to become people who are elevated in society,

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you have a responsibility, my youth and that responsibility is unto your maker to start with the responsibility towards the one who's made you in such a way my brothers and sisters that if you and I were to die right here and right now, what would be our link with Allah? How would he look at us with the eyes of mercy or otherwise May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us I'm sure if we were to die right here right now in this beautiful house of Allah subhanho wa Taala I have hoped that Allah subhanho wa Taala has mercy will engulf us and overtake us. I mean,

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so remember, oh my beloved youth who might be in the clubs today who might be on drugs today. We desperately need you and we need you and yes, you we need you and we will give you the chance, inshallah, to lead us by the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But quit your ways, quit your habits, there has to come a day when you realize this responsibility. There has to come a day when you are hard on yourself regarding the bad habits that have overtaken you for so many years. Are you who are hooked on to pornography, there has to come a day when you turn that computer off. When you turn those movies off, and you realize it's about time I fulfilled my duty unto Allah my maker. Imagine

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if a person were to die while going to the prostitutes and so on. And they were to die in that condition. May Allah never ever let us die in a bad condition. I mean,

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may Allah grant us a good death in a way that we are obedient to Him. But if a person were to die in a bad condition, only Allah knows what would happen to that person, my beloved youth, those are phases. Those are phases and bouts and little times of evil. If you do not come out of your phase in the tiniest manner, perhaps it will result in regret.

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Like we always say, a person sometimes as they are growing in their teenage, they are curious, and they want to see what's going on. They might think that teenage time and that adolescent age might drag them because of their friends or the environment to a club, or it might make them perhaps try out a cigarette trial to drink May Allah says goddess, but this is the reality of society. The peer pressure is such that your friends have driven you to something bad. But remember one thing Firstly, we asked a lot not even to take our youth in that direction to start with. And secondly, those who have gone in that direction. Remember one thing we still love you, you are a part of our family. You

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are a part of the oma You are a part of humanity at large. We look to you with hope that you will come out of that phase as soon as possible because the losers are those who remain in a negative phase such that it results in destruction of everyone.

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When your mother sees you on drugs, she reads she cries to allow allow my son or my daughter, I really love this child of mine Yala. You are testing me to help my child cleanse the child. The mother is so desperate because that love is genuine. Even if she says son, I don't want to ever see you again at this house. She actually means I don't want to see your bad habits in this house. That's what she means. But if you come back a person who says mom have changed I really I apologize for what I've done to you. I've been in a phase my friends were bad. My company was bad. The marketing of this materialism that I was talking to was so bad my mother I am back. I read five

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Salah a day, the last 40 days I haven't even missed one Salah my mother I repented to Allah

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No, I returned to Allah, I am so sorry for making your life so difficult. I'm so sorry, my beloved mother for having made you cry and weep just for me, my beloved Mother, I promise you never to do anything that will disobey and transgress against Allah subhanho wa Taala, the mother will open her arms and hug you hug you with an embrace that even when you were a baby, you are not given that embrace.

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My youth we have opened, you give up that bad habit of yours, we want to cry because we love you so much. And yet we hate the bad habits you might have cut it and cut it. That's why we are here. It is a time of changing a new leaf in your life, my beloved youth, and we need this because tomorrow who is going to

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ask yourself, the leaders of today? Would we do a better job than them? Or would we do a worse job than then? Surely as generations past, we want to do something better. We want to develop if we have for example, a message of this size you the youth must be thinking how to expand it and extend it. How can you raise 5 million rands for this message? Subhana Allah, how will you do it? Make the initiative go to the elders tell them here you are. We've raised a million grants for you. So Hanna law, this is the youth This is the responsibility but today, we only think about ourselves, our own pockets and our parties. My youth life is not all about partying every weekend. But it is about

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partying with the partying if you know what I mean.

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Really, because the party would actually make you forget that you have an agenda that you are supposed to be working towards. You have a paradise that you are supposed to be working towards. What happened to that paradise, did it you know, did I throw it away on long sleep? Where else did I throw it away? Allah protect us. That's a long street really.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala safeguard us we want the short sweet into paradise. Therefore be focused. Remember where you are going remember where you are heading. My beloved youth. Your first starting point is the warm tear the tear of regret. That is the starting point. And I know I've addressed so many lovely people, but perhaps they have bad habits. We love them. We don't like their habits, but we will talk and really, we will approach we will give you that hope we want to see the twinkle in your eyes. Once again, we want to see the sparkle in your face. Once again, we want to see the shining of your teeth once again. And we really have hope and we ask Allah from this

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particular house of Allah guide the youth to remove them from the bad habits Yala. You know, the aggressive, the aggressive nature Yala of the marketing of the evil that is available Yala. You safeguard our youth from all that I mean?

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So we want to see you and we really love you, as I said, but my beloved youth, you need to make the effort you need to realize your responsibility within you. It cannot continue like this forever. It cannot continue like this forever. If we are on drugs, our children perhaps will be marrying animals. Now Allah says goddess

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Really? May Allah subhanho wa Taala says God has already on the globe. I've come across countries where they have animals that are available for people to engage in sexual misbehavior with them. And they call it okay. It's cool. It's something it's the latest mela safe goddess. That is where the world is heading. With all its aggressive marketing of fitna and the aggressive marketing of evil. What about us? Surely we should aggressively market the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala My beloved youth, we have hope in you. We look in your eyes and we think to ourselves tomorrow you will be leaving us with a better recitation than all those of our time. Tomorrow we will have more youth

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in society who know about Allah who know about the messenger who knows the deal, who knows the true Dean who will be able to preach it to others after putting it into practice. So if you have dwindled today, never lose hope. Get up, quit your bad habits, throw those cigarettes away, throw whatever drugs you have away, throw everything away, change your company, come to the house of Allah, this is your place. This is your home, you should feel very, very much at home when you enter the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala he is your maker, the serenity in this house, you will find it nowhere else.

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And Allah has never rejected anyone who's walked into his home, your own house back at home where your parents are sometimes because of the bad habit. The parents do not know how to react to you. And because you continue in that bad habit. You might not be welcome. They're not realizing that it's actually your bad habit. That's not welcome there. Whereas if you come to the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala you're more than welcome.

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This is the house of Allah. This is why when we start Salah, one of the first things we acknowledge is that Allah is most likely

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The single most forgiving My beloved youth Alhamdulillah bellami.

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All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the words we are acknowledging,

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most forgiving, Most Merciful. Most benefits is most merciful. We are acknowledging Owner of the Day of Judgment, it means your mind going to come back to you. So that means quit your bad habits, cut them out, you're going to go back to Allah, what do you offer Allah, I am sure that if you have quit your bad habits for the sake of Allah, and you come to Allah saying Allah, I was addicted, I was an addict, drugs and alcohol, gambling and prostitution, whatever else it was, yeah, I was so hooked on to it. But I quit it just because I knew I had to face you. Yeah, Allah, I'm quite certain that by the mercy of Allah, He will look at you with even more mercy.

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Subhana Allah, but it's up to us to realize, to regret to feel that you know, what, enough is enough. I need to stand up. I need to serve my society. It's not all about pinching and sealing and entering this gang and that group, which does bad things, why don't we enter a group that does good things? Why don't we change our lives in a way that we will be able to reach out to other human beings instead of them reaching out to us all the time when someone helps you, and perhaps they give you a rod in order to help you to fish and to earn sustenance. It is up to us once we catch enough fish, and we've made enough money. So Pamela to be able to purchase a few more rods and reach out to

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others and teach them once again, in a bigger way so that it would be a southern Nigeria, it would be a charity that continues generation upon generation in a way that we can say, you know what my dad taught me X, Y and Z. And I am going to teach you from a all the way to Zed. hamdulillah

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mela opened our doors, but it's up to us the second step, after you regret you turn to Allah, you ask him for forgiveness. And Allah is such no matter what you have done, he wipes it out, no matter where you've been. He ignores it unconditioned. You've turned back to Allah I went places I did things from the from a young age Allah you saved the wealth I did whatever, whatever whatever. I was on drugs, alcohol, I was in the clubs, I was gambling. I was the one who used to cause problems and I did this and that Yeah, Allah I really regret and I'm asking you to forgive me change my life. Yeah, Allah, Allah who may or may

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submit khudobin Allah D. O Allah, O Allah who turns the hearts turn our heart and strengthen it towards the dean not away from it. I mean,

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my brothers and sisters, once we ask Allah for forgiveness with these conditions, he wipes out the past we have a new beginning, you can smile. Sometimes when we are engrossed in bad habits. You look in the mirror and you are so depressed, you do not like to see your face. I've spoken to you who are hooked on to bad habits who tell me I really don't like this bad habit. But you know what, I'm addicted to it. I hate it. I don't want it. But every time I go back to it, my beloved brother, you need to change your friends. You need to change something in your life. Your routine needs to break. If you have had a certain routine changes, add Salah into your life and see how it changes your life

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and good friends in your life. See how your life has changed. Because Salah is also a starting point. If you commit sin every day, come time for Salah you make you and you fulfill your Salah forgetting about everything. Believe me a time will come when you won't have time for that sin because you are so so much in love with the one who made you.

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May Allah grant us that love. When we enter Allahu Akbar, we feel so guilty about the bad habits the bad that we've done. May Allah forgive me for my own sins? And may He forgive us all? May Allah strengthen us never let your sin bog you down. That is the devil. Shaffer comes to us and makes us feel you know what you did 10 things wrong. And when you were young, this is what happened. And when this person was like this, that's what happened and she thought it makes us feel well now you can never be a leader. You can never come up in society, you will never be able to please your parents, my brothers and sisters, please a law that's what it is. Once you please Allah, your parents will

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automatically come into the picture. And if they don't, perhaps they too need to please Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala be pleased with us.

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So never let shavonne make you feel that you know what I've arrived at such a level that I can never ever achieve what Allah He there are people at the age of 80 who has started learning the Quran and in a few years they know what's going on. I'm talking of real life examples, people who've reached the age of 80 and 90

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and they are now reading the Quran. You

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their entire lives they were perhaps unable to do so in a manner that would be acceptable to them. Firstly, so this is why don't lose hope. Start with even a minute a day, five minutes a day. remember Allah asked his forgiveness, turn to him. Ask yourself who are these friends of mine? Are they going to take me towards a heaven? Or are they going to take me towards a hell? Ask yourself? These are very important questions because this is reality. People normally say you know what, this life is real. It's so real. There are so many problems you people are living in a fantasy. That's not true.

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That's not true. This life itself is a fantasy.

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Because it is so short term. I always say the fact that you've turned from one year old to two years old, and two, three and four and 10. And 20 already proves that one day you have to leave this world. Because if life was eternal, we would not be counting our age. And this is why in gentlemen, there will be no age as such, you are at a certain age, you do not age after that, which means you don't become old, you remain if I were to meet you a billion years into gentlemen, what question Could I ask you? Would I be able to say how many years have gone by? It's an irrelevant question because they won't be time. That is what you call eternal. The minute you start counting time, you

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must know it means I'm going somewhere. This is all temporary.

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The minute you start counting time, remember, it means I'm going to expire. That's what it is. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us to become the best of people before our date of expiring. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Have mercy on us the day he takes us away my beloved youth. Here we are standing in front of you pleading with you to realize your responsibility to regret over whatever bad has happened to turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala to make a dedicated effort to learn to educate yourself in the most beautiful way learn and Allah subhanho wa Taala will open your doors learn. Learn for the sake of Allah. Look at the first words of Revelation. If Ora Ora Bismillah beacon, Allah po read

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in the name of your Lord who has created you from a clot of blood Subhan Allah read it in the name of your Lord who has created you say Bismillah In the name of Allah and start reading educate yourself to know things because your link with Allah subhanho wa Taala is what will make you your link with with Allah subhanho wa Taala is what will take you further and is what will give hope to the rest of humanity. You need to pass the baton today. We have much hatred in society, we have too much enmity in society. One of the primary reasons is we all think we are the big boss, we don't realize it is Allah who is the ultimate boss.

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Just like I'm a creature of Allah, so are you. So if I want to serve Allah subhanho wa Taala I need to acknowledge He created you. And I need to acknowledge that you do have access to the paradise that I am working towards in a way that you're going to take away nothing from me you get to paradise. In fact, if you get there perhaps through my prayer, it will make it easier for me to get there. Now Allah grant us all gentlemen,

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my brothers and sisters, here we are, society is weeping and crying for leadership for youngsters who can be motivational in society for the youngsters who can contribute to society in a way that we can develop far quicker than what is happening right now. May Allah subhanho wa Taala strengthen us my brothers and sisters, it's about time we reached out to one another, the bad habits that people have, they need to be with to fund every one of us perhaps has a bad habit, every one of us has been affected perhaps in the past or in the presence or perhaps maybe in the future may not do that to us but with bad habits, bad habits that we have had to work upon. We have had to try hard to remove but

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has mercy has helped us in most cases we've succeeded in some cases we have not succeeded, we are still working hard on some of our bad habits. May Allah strengthen us and this is why when you see a person doing wrong, remember direct your dislike to the action and not the being himself or herself. We do not like your deed my brother but you we have opened you and the minute that deed is gone, the bad deed is gone. Believe me the embrace you will have from us will be warmer than it was when you had this bad habit in you.

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My brother we have so much hope in you that we pray for you saying to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah These are my brothers and sisters yeah Allah I am a brother to them. Yeah, Allah help me eradicate my bad habits in a way that you love me Allah and help them eradicate their bad habits in a way that we can all

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live together as one family and we can all be loved by you Yala.

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My brothers and sisters, what a powerful message to be honest, the youth is the future when the youth are dwindling, we have Doom looking us in the eyes. But when we have hope, and we see people educating themselves serving in the DEA serving in the dunya, serving Allah subhanho wa Taala we look and we have hope today we have medical professionals tomorrow inshallah, we will have double medical professionals who will come up with something that is so unique that will take medicine to another level altogether granted to us, but in the process, do not let the dean go down to levels. That's the question. And that's the issue. Whilst we are trying to serve everyone and humanity we

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forget ourselves and the service to our maker. So this is why in the same way, we want to progress when it comes to medicine, we need to progress when it comes to the link with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Ask yourself, I used to not read any Salah today I'm reading a piece of foreign tomorrow, I want to add the sooner as well. And the next day, I want to add the nephew as well. And the following day, I want to add to it as well, such that I will be two levels ahead of what I was yesterday, today.

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But if we don't have a plan, and if we don't have a means of executing the plan, and we don't have this courage within us, and we don't have the strength within us, how will we be able to achieve so this is why we say don't lose hope.

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Aim and aim very high and work towards it. Nothing is impossible. Where would you like to be? Would you like to be the Imam of the masjid? The reality is it is not far from you. Even if today you have the western habits if you cut them out, you start learning your Quran you serve Allah subhanho wa Taala you learn the deal, you start saving the people in a few years time perhaps in Ramadan, they will invite you share. Please come and lead us in Salah is it impossible? No Allah, it's not. The same applies you What would you like to be you would like to be someone start working towards it. But it requires a great effort. And this brings me to one of the most powerful points of tonight,

00:32:09--> 00:32:40

your energy is my beloved you have bubbling and bursting, do not channel them in the wrong, do not channel them in the wrong direction, channel them in the right direction. Use them right now to achieve something because you are never ever going to be as energetic as you are today. Never. As you grow older, you tend to lose your energy, you become a person who graze you become a person who starts thinking you know what, I used to be the strongest at school? What did you do with your strength? Did you convert it into a deed? If you didn't you wasted it.

00:32:42--> 00:33:19

When I was strong, Allah gave me the strength so that I can convert it into the currency that will be valid when I get to him in my grave. What is that currency It is called d WE d that is what is it called it is called a deed. So when you convert your free time to a deed, it comes with you and it's converted into the currency you can use on the other side. When you convert your energy into a deed it becomes with you it becomes the currency that's valid on the other side. When you convert the money that Allah has bestowed you with into a deed it goes with you the other side, for as long as you have not converted it, you have wasted it. So even if you have millions and billions, but you

00:33:19--> 00:33:26

amass them in your bank account, and you stash them away, the day you die, others will be fighting over it but you took away nothing.

00:33:27--> 00:34:05

But if you convert that wealth by giving it by reaching out to people by being humble, all you've done is from the RAND or the US dollar, you converted into another currency known as my DS and when you get to the AF euro, the only currency applicable there, the deed, love Allah grant us these deeds, so you have energy today, use it to the Salah, because the day will come when you won't be able to bend anymore. A day will come when you might not be able to make such that anymore because you are now quite old and your back is aching and perhaps you have a slipped disc here and there may Allah grant cure to all those who slipped discs and all those struggling with arthritis and various

00:34:05--> 00:34:11

other diseases and illnesses May you be cured we asked from Allah that you be cured and we will be cured.

00:34:13--> 00:34:48

My brothers and sisters, this is the energy you have you have so much energy if you are going to channel it in the wrong today. Yes, you will achieve but you will only achieve that which will destroy you. Some people use the energies to learn how to dance and to hit them rock the floor such that everyone is in all but they don't realize all this energy would have had absolutely no benefit. You'd rather have rocked your masala Subhanallah you'd rather have turned into Goku and you'd rather have coming to sujood for the sake of Allah It would have been better than all the moves you've been making and all the women that you've been encouraging to look at you that you have this move and

00:34:48--> 00:35:00

that move Subhan Allah Why don't you encourage people to turn towards Allah use those energies because tomorrow you won't be able to dance. You won't be able to dance no more. You won't be able

00:35:00--> 00:35:29

To teach people how to dance no more, and at the same time, you're going to sit back and be thinking to yourself, everyone's abandoned me. Everyone's left me. No one wants to know me anymore. People used to call me the dawn and the mayor and what else all that was just words who panela they mean nothing. Today I am all on my own. But if you have had good deeds, you can smile to yourself and say Allah, you gave me a life. I try. Now I leave the rest in your hands Subhana Allah, May Allah help us.

00:35:30--> 00:36:06

So this is why we say when Allah bestows you with goodness, remember us that goodness in the right channel, chiffon will definitely come because that is the battle and he makes you think you're so strong. So what you can do right now you can attack this one you can harm that one you can go to that club, you can achieve this and do that. You can start gambling you can oppress the others. You don't need to speak with respect to your parents and to anyone else. You don't need to even have any character because you are you who can even tackle you you you have in your protein drinks every day you pumping weights every day and you've got these huge bulges on your biceps and triceps and quad

00:36:06--> 00:36:14

sets if you want to call them whatever else there is on your body and you've developed them such that you've got, you know, a six pack. Notice that Allah got one big pack machine

00:36:16--> 00:36:42

and handler effect that will take you to Paradise by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala Houghton code May Allah grant us goodness but we have a six pack. What will happen to that six pack one day is going to go Allah says Shah Boone Nasha Fie Bharati, lajitas, tala, the blesses lips of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says VIP treatment for that youth who use these images within the obedience of Allah when he was young, and energetic.

00:36:43--> 00:36:53

Lawmakers that VIP treatment on the Day of Judgment, the heat will be felt by everyone. But Allah will say these youth please come across. And one will be wondering why.

00:36:54--> 00:37:30

And they'll probably be looking at those youth and saying we were the ones with the biceps. We were the ones with a six pack, an eight pack and 16 pack and how many other packs you want. But what about these guys? How can they give you they've been given three, you mean VIP treatment here today? The truth is, because when they were growing up, you look down upon them while they were in the massage. It was they try, they could have also gone to the clubs, but they didn't. They could have been on bigger drugs than you. But they didn't. They could have been experts in the evil that you engage in, but they didn't. So the reason why we have a talk of this nature is to say my beloved

00:37:30--> 00:38:08

brother, it does not need to be you that is the bad one. It does not really we can change that. But to change that you need to weep, you need to cry, you need a turning point and let it be here and now. Let it be here and now a turning point such that when we turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala that is no looking back. No looking back whatsoever. We are ready to help others it humbles us we will promote unity in society, we will look at the problems in our society. And rather than making them worse, we will look for solutions because my beloved brothers and sisters the globe is such today with advancements in technology. With the higher education and the degrees that we've never seen in

00:38:08--> 00:38:18

the past, people are still killing each other fighting each other people hate each other they are enemies such that every society is crumbling, because the youth are fighting each other and the oldies have taught them.

00:38:20--> 00:38:59

Is that Is it? Surely we as youth want a breath of fresh air? We want to see people get along we want to see unity in society. We want to see the people sharing the Shahada love one another. Yes, we will have our differences. And we always say we will definitely have our differences. But we as the youth want to solution how to be able to work together with our differences. May Allah grant that to us how to be able to love one another without differences. It's enough of causing problems and asking for disunity and pointing fingers in a way that sowed the seed of hatred. We want to sow the seeds of love. We want to sow the seeds of getting along we can discuss we can talk to each

00:38:59--> 00:39:41

other you learn what I have you I learn what you have, we discuss we may come to common ground. And even if we do not come to common ground, my brothers and sisters remember one thing we have a responsibility unto Allah and the responsibility to one another that we respect one another and that we actually reach out to one another in a positive way. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam being the Nabhi of Allah 23 years and still you find his message was completely delivered. Yes, but not everyone had turned to Islam. Some turned after he left sallallahu alayhi wasallam what we need to know is if Allah wanted in one go, he could have told him all Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:39:41--> 00:40:00

whoever does not accept your message immediately. You need to actually eradicate them exterminate them, is that what it was? No, whoever does not accept your message right now inshallah you just have to deliver the goods perhaps from amongst their generations. They will accept the message. Look at what happened.

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

device. We hear about it every now and again. When they beat up Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they threw stones at him. Now, they made his blessing blood, the droplets of it flow. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us all forgiveness for whatever we may have done or set in the past or in the presence of May Allah forgive us even for that we know and that which we don't know, my beloved brothers and sisters, when Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was sent as a mercy to mankind at large, when he was asked, Can we crush these people who have harmed you physically? What did he say? He says, Don't ever do that, if Allah does not guide them, perhaps from perhaps from

00:40:42--> 00:40:47

amongst their offspring will be those who are guided. No sooner was that made.

00:40:48--> 00:41:22

A few years later, they were guided, their offspring were guided. They all turned to the demon with us. We become so impatient, so impatient, brother, this man is misguided, finished, don't talk to him. Don't greet him. Don't associate with him, throw him out. Well, how is he going to hear the guidance? If that's the case? How is he going to hear you you believe you have all the guidance? What you don't want to talk to him? What kind of guidance is that? Where did you get it from? If you had got it from Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam, you would have realized how to deal with the people, you'd have realized to reach out to people in a beautiful way, my brothers and sisters, we

00:41:22--> 00:41:31

need to travel the globe, in order to let people know that amongst the Muslims, if we were to fight one another, we are only serving the interests of our common enemy. That's all.

00:41:33--> 00:42:16

We are only serving the interests of a common enemy who is waiting for us to do whatever we have to between us so that we can crumble without his interference at all. May Allah protect us from the devil. May Allah protect us from shavon May Allah grant us the ability to project into the future, to look into the future and to think and to be concerned about the plight of the oma 50 years from today, what will happen, it's about time we also the seeds of goodness of love of coming together, the seeds of the ability to live together with a difference, and we will see the result of it 50 years from now. But if you sow the seeds of dissent will upon you. If you sow the seeds of dissent,

00:42:16--> 00:42:54

destruction be upon such a person because 50 years later, there will be a whole forest of trees, each tree will be causing more and more problems. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us. This is why we say the youth, we have hope in you, we look up to you really, we want to see you without the bad habits. And not all the youth have bad habits. And sometimes these bad habits. Some of the older people who are leaders of today have had even worse habits, but they came out of the face. So this is why we say get off the face as soon as you can. A person who's hooked onto pornography, let me tell you, sometimes it's a phase of inquisitiveness, when a person wants to see what's going on.

00:42:54--> 00:43:12

It's readily available on the net. Do you know it damages your mind your body, it actually releases something is worse than the addiction to drugs is the addiction to pornography. It does so much of harm. If only you could know it, perhaps one day we might go into it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us all.

00:43:13--> 00:43:53

So the quicker we come out of it, the quicker we get it, the sooner we will be able to contribute towards our own upliftment and the upliftment of society at large the day reveal, people will weave real tears, real tears to karnala not that you go and then everyone says, Wow, this man is finally gone, finally gone. That's what some people say. And they cry these crocodile tears and they you know, they weave in a way that sometimes you want to think perhaps they have onions that are stuck in the top pockets, the way they are crying. Now Allah says goddess, but we want real tears where people can actually say, oh, Allah forgive this person. They have really contributed to us to

00:43:53--> 00:44:17

humanity to society, they have reached out to the widows, the orphans, your parents will say Oh Allah, if they're still alive after you're dead, or Allah this child of mine was such a blessing Yala. The best of my children Allah grant him Jelena and grant agenda for the support that we are going through. And if you are a parent and you pass away, your children will comfortably be able to say, oh Yala, this father of mine, this mother of mine, they've taught me so much.

00:44:18--> 00:44:51

They always stood by my side, Allah help them, bless them, grant them goodness and open their doors. My brothers and sisters, it's about time we got up it's about time we got up and started serving Allah and started serving alas creatures, the community we have we start the development visit the sick visit the go to those homes where people have passed away solely to reach out to them during their days when they were low. So when you are low, people will reach out to you you don't have to get to a drug just because you are low today. There is an email that will reach out to you before the drugs reach out to you.

00:44:53--> 00:45:00

There is a number that will come to you and there is an oma that will actually assist you in whatever way possible. According to whatever they

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

capacities are the problem with us. We've become so selfish. We look at the children of the other. And we think to ourselves, just as well, those are not my children, you know, that guys keeps they on drugs, they like this. They're a bad influence. Well, if the other man's children are a bad influence, it should be your duty to think your concern. How can I help the child in such a beautiful way that I make him a responsible child? But today we say stay away from the child. You know what bad influence we agree the child might be. The child's habits are a bad influence. But what have you done to rectify the problem? Have you ever gone to the child, son? I'd like to, I'd

00:45:40--> 00:45:42

like you to drive me to the masjid. Please.

00:45:44--> 00:46:22

Do you know what needs to say? Let me take you to the masjid. He might say I don't want to go Who are you? But if you say son, I need a favor from you. I know you will do it for me. Take me to the house of Allah Take me to the master just dropped me off, you drop your one time he will drop you off twice. And one day his ankle. Let me just come in with you. Mashallah, we've achieved something you see. But without the thoughts without the thinking, you know, what beats me when we want to commit too soon. We plan it like we wait for the FBI. Believe me, when we want to plan a sin, it is foolproof complete, it's there. We've thought it out so well that nobody can actually stop us. Well,

00:46:22--> 00:46:33

obviously Allah can actually can stop us with anything, but we talk about how we plan it. But when we want to achieve something, we become segments, we cannot think anymore.

00:46:34--> 00:47:13

We become people who say I've got no ideas, but converted into a sin, you'll have the best of ideas, and you'd even smile to yourself, Hey, I know I'm gonna do that. I know exactly what I'm going to do. So my brothers and sisters, start utilizing your brains, your minds, your energies, whatever Allah has given you to actually think up solutions of society and start getting the ball rolling. By working towards it, not only saying I've caught up all the solutions, I know that no, think of a solution, work towards that inshallah, by the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala, you will be able to change society and community in a positive way, you will definitely be able to change society,

00:47:13--> 00:47:32

community and the globe at large in a beautiful positive way, the way the mess is continuing today. Sometimes we just look and we think to ourselves, where will we be 50 years from now? And one person asked me a question when I said that, when I said, Where will we be 50 years from now, he said, Will we even be 50 years from now

00:47:34--> 00:47:35

to see the difference.

00:47:36--> 00:48:12

But the reality is, I have hope, and lots of hope. And we are here to instill hope in you. And in the youth as well. We have a lot of hope. Because we will motivate one another, we will love one another we will reach out to one another we will be people who try to understand the difference between a deed and the individual who engages in the deed. And we will work very hard on the bad habits of the people bearing in mind that we do not divorce ourselves from our own children, when they engage in bad habits, we will try and continue trying. And if we die trying, at least we would have fulfilled our duty unto Allah subhanho wa Taala.

00:48:13--> 00:48:55

If they come forth Alhamdulillah a double reward. If they don't come forward, we are still achieving a good reward because we fulfill the plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So here we are, my beloved youth start off by reaching out to yourself, reach out to the inner you because I know for a fact we all have goodness at the bottom of our hearts. We all have a good heart. We all have feelings. We all have some softness at the bottom of the heart, reach out to yourself, reach out to that little spot within you that will actually start making you feel how needed you are not only in your family, not only in society, but the oma at large needs you You are a blessing. You are a blessed member of

00:48:55--> 00:49:36

this Omar Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Don't let time pass and remove you from that rather work deeper and further in a way that you can bring others also through to the fold and teach them the goodness and reach out to them. So we say a bad habit will always bring about a huge burden on the shoulders, the minute you cut it and quit. It might be difficult initially, but you will feel that that burden has just been removed from your shoulders. And you feel the calmness and the coolness if you do not come out of your stage of weakness. And if you do not come out of the phase of sin that you might be in, then remember it might just be too late one day today, it's not too

00:49:36--> 00:49:59

late. But one day it might be too late. So don't keep on saying I will change tomorrow. My brothers and sisters I want to end by telling you that you will need to change here and now May Allah subhanho wa Taala help me to change myself. May I become a better person and may you all become better people, my beloved youth we have lots of hope and we are looking to see a better future inshallah.

00:50:00--> 00:50:43

Law everything around us sometimes seems to be so gloomy. But we do know that in the blink of an eyelid, Allah subhanho wa Taala assistance comes towards us if we try to achieve his pleasure and if we try our best to earn the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala I guarantee you that we will see results not only in our own lives, but society at large the blossoming of the garden, that seeds we exone we will start finding the fruits being eaten by the generations to come May Allah subhanho wa Taala keep us as happy as ever and May He grant us a new beginning was Allahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Subhan Allah Subhana Allah humo behind the Ganesha to Allah Allah hi Lance