Who is HE Who Answers the Distressed

Hatem al-Haj


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And then

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also to remember the last metalla is the is the one who afflicted you and he is the only one who could relieve your stress, this stress, Allah says I'm a YouTuber, bla bla

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bla bla, and sort of the natural law says or Who is he? Who answers this trust one, when he invokes him up when he answers the distressed one, when he invokes that we're actually forced to and removes the heart.

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So to know that it is only Allah will spare you a great deal of you know anguishing because a lies one tested you allies one could relieve your stress. So just be with him. Ask him and don't you know,

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worry about complaining to the people. One of the ports 719 in the School of rahima illa de la cama Don't you know if

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the merci button first Bella sobre. Khurana Anika slum weather please.

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Focus security thin, Corrado lattice coordinator Nevada in the US for Rahim Allah Allah de la cama. So when you are afflicted by mu sivaram, where the garment of patience where the garment of where the, you know,

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parliament of patience and the cloak of silence, leather squat Italy that don't complain to the people for when you do this. You're complaining to

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merciless ones, against the one who's most merciful. You're competing against a lot of the people you're competing against the most merciful to those who have no mercy