This is the longest deed you can be engaged in

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The speaker discusses the benefits of fasting, including gaining rewards and a sense of worship. They also mention the challenge of committing to fasting and the benefits of laying a healthy diet for health and physical fitness.

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The fasting person is in an act of worship the entire time he fasts. From the moment he fasts at fissured until he breaks his fast at mothership all this time he is in an act of worship.

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Yanni that's what for some countries 13 hours of fasting for some countries 14 hours for some countries less for some countries more. But all this time you are in a worship

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in a worship non stop even if you are sleeping, you're earning reward you're in a worship. Now, he to understand this better let me say this. If I told you read or am for 14 hours non stop, can you do it? You can't do it. If I told you make dua for 14 hours non stop from Frasier tomorrow, can you do it? You can't do it difficult. If I told you sit down and make Vicar

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from Fisher tomorrow, non stop, do not move. Can you do it? He can't do it. The only deed that you can do continuously in front of democracy is fasting. And how how does a person leave this and not see the importance and the beauty in fasting and the reward in fasting?

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For my brothers and sisters in Islam, make a plan and start committing yourself to fasting like well, even if you're sleeping during the hours of fasting, angels are recording good deeds for you love aquatic