Whoever Turns Away From The Remembrance Of Allah

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A company

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that will give us the means and the opportunity to study with

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beloved brothers, sisters, my father's my elder, we look at one side of the coin, how can we increase demand, and the greatest

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is worth

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more than we receive

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law we received from

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So the other side of this coin is a very clear trailer.

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And this trailer starts with a healthy person. Maybe someone who's sitting in this room right now, a healthy person who heard of the platform here. And maybe

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he heard, he heard the

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I seek refuge with a lot of

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the occurrences

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with it, in the name of Allah,

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Who is

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the most beneficial if I ever benefited my older brothers who drew me here today, so I benefited from his right here and I benefited from him because a lot of benefit in him. So anything that I benefit from is connected to

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the Most Merciful. So when the Messiah gave a young person the opportunity to stand at Mercy is a blessing that they received from Allah the Most Merciful next time you say

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you say the name of a loved one who if I ever benefited from everything.

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And if I ever had mercy, someone my mom changed me She didn't throw me away when I went myself as a child. It's because she had

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whosoever the trailers, whomsoever

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The one who turns away from the remembrance of a lot, even though he was reminding for

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he's gonna find difficulty in this world. He kept you we,

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we can last year.

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He kept during

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because remember the book of Allah.

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But he not only turned away from the remembrance of Allah, but inevitably, he found obstacles.

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He found difficult, you know, my parents don't allow me they'll give me the chance to study who found the obstacle? Who is this person, the one who turned away from the remembrance of Allah. But he thought that these obstacles is

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really the one who was reminded

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and turned away from that remembrance we will read until one day I am blind

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and he will come to Allah, Allah.

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Allah will be the one who turned away

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Why am I blind today? I was healthy.

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I knew everything.

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When I previously had the ability to see what I previously had the opportunity to attend and learn the function and be humble. Why am I lying to duty?

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the verse the word

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Just like this last response

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just like this. So the man asked why am I blind?

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But why?

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to the one who returned, he turned away from

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he turned away from the remembrance on

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my signs came to you.

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They came to you.

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You forgot them.

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Today, UK to me.

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So I forgot

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the greatest

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is not

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it is one function

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that we all can talk about.

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It is disability, the opportunity to see unless Todd says my IRA,

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they came thing you sometimes hear sometimes hear my

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grammar classes.

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Just like that.

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You came to me.

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And I forgot you.

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We ask ourselves this one question. by just taking our eyes away as a love regardless, even in his punishment to us there is mercy. Because it's a lesson for God.

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He just took one thing away. And he called that forgiveness, we turn away from the IRS every day. And that's a complete forgiveness that's completely rejected and completely forget it.

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Look at the wording and this is how we pay back. If I may use the word reward, this is how we reward

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This is how we pay back and we reward the people who crossed the line in the sand.

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who walked up with that line. Let me blur it a little bit with a sharpie. Let me blur it a little bit with the bleach up let me blur it. So I really don't have to do anything. I just have to hate

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this is how we pay back the people who blur the signing the line in the sand

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and they don't wanna you.

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We ended on this last sentence which is

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why not

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and the punishment

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I shouldn't do what

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it's not.

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It is not severe and lasting. It is more severe and more or less.

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So I asked it that much more severe than what I get more inclined to religious leader faking melaku militia.

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bonaga he found obstacles in this world.

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You think that's the difficulty. It'll hit the fan in the hereafter. Don't wait till then. But the sister

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you feel this auditorium because we think we have fulfilled the rights of the book of Allah.

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Let us now fulfill the writing of the book of a month.