Hatem al-Haj – Changing Your Sayaat into Hassanat

Hatem al-Haj
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I need to have the overtime

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we need to have different overtime so that you know Sierra hombre sobre

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la Nabi sallallahu Sallam said Salah to cancel Jamal Jamal Madani Ramadan urato Dima Vina, let's do

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Cava you know the five daily prayers and drama to jamaa ramadan ramadan and we're approaching we want to make sure that we get the you know, our sins forgiven in Roman law go for these, these will

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wipe out the sins for these are explanations for the sins that are gone between them from one spot to the next from one job to the next from one ribbon to the next. And last one

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was una familia late in the night you live in a CF vertical factory stablish the prayers and the two ends of the day. And when the night approaches in massage

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therapy, doing the two ends of the establish the prayers what sort of a minute later on the night approaches in a

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very Asana would wipe out a senior will erases the faces a a that he is angry.

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So that is

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this is how we could realize step one. The purpose is what I'm told us quickly follow up a bad action with one that is good. Even if you fall into it, follow it up with one that is and if you do this a lot from mistakes that he went during our bad actions into good ones 11 from Serato for karma law says kill them and whatever.

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masala except for the one who repented, were eminent and believe me

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and did righteousness for that. So this is how you can show your children

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by doing righteousness, follow up a bad action with a good one righteousness. Well, I mean I'm sorry. But when I get

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those Allah subhanaw taala will replace the bad actions. They say app with Asana, hello, replace them, see ya truly replace them, truly replace them. Because the effort that is thinking in making Silva is enormous. And Allah loves that effort so much that he will replace your CF and give you in their place in their step Hashanah because of the enormous effort that is needed that is required of the people to give up their bad actions to give up the bad habits that change their lifestyle. They change their way of life, to forsake you know, their their friends, their bad friends, to forsake, you know, whatever sources of pleasure they use, depends on for fun and for pleasure and so on for

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the sake of Allah enormous effort. So I love it. And I'll give you this

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because it has to do with this particular issue of changing the CF into Pakistan. And then with NASA and NASA, we will defer this to their will we'll talk you know in many other countries about it.

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But this is about the beauty of following up the good and the bad actions with good ones.

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I consider that to be Hassan considered to be some good in his book, lockup. And it is reported that bizarre important also by Oberon is model via and report the others with a hassle chain operation.

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Beautiful, beautiful police.

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A man came to the profit sort of audio segment into the process

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of making a promise.

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And he said to him

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what means

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hello Roger Linn

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from RC cola as far as I remember, well, I'm here to

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had happened. Well a dad

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in some reports how Jeff whether the

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handle is already coming Toba

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So the man said to the professor, what do you think of a man who did all evil deeds?

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Let me finish and he did not leave in an act of wickedness, except that he committed.

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He didn't even need

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to have had it and whether that hadn't been what I've learned and some people have, what are the harder whether that had and had to adapt and had is the one who was the heart. And that is the one who was the heart of it does not make heart is the one who goes to the place, not intending to make half.

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So we'll have

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that book a theory on how to funny, which means that the company is too many, but the true ones who intended hubs are very few. But anyway, in this particular context, what he meant is that he did not leave any sin big or small, except that he committed.

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So he said to the province of the law, some of them hadn't. medicamento but with this, man, have Felber have, you know, the repentance accepted, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to him,

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how Aslam

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Have you? Have you Islam? Have you became Muslim? Or have you become Muslim? And the man said,

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la, la?

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Hamada Rasulullah. As for me, I justify that there is no law alone without a partner, can I justify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

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Then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, said to him, now, yes, then all would be forgiven.

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You do that which is good. What that ruku say, and you abandon that which has

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failed, to whom Allah Who?

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Then Allah will turn them all into

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the logo and turn them into a sauna. And then the man this is a very old man, the old man. So the man said, we're gonna to have a jurati roborock This comes from

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hacks of treachery, deception, betrayal, of trust, you know, big betrayal of trust, treachery, deception, whether it may act of betrayal of trust, treachery, deception, whether it make sure you know, who do comes in from

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are the unborn, so that comes from it, we will not believe we will not believe you, these are the components of the Prophet we will not believe you until you break open a spring from the ground, you break open a spring from the ground which comes in from fifth gear. It is when someone

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you know

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comes out from the confines of this area. It hints to you that the Sharia has confined. When you break loose from the confines of Sharia, that is when you break loose from the confines of Sharia, therefore, you always have to watch the red lines stay within the confines of Sharia, once you break loose from the confines of Sharia, you're fragile.

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You You break out from the confines of Sharia that is for you. It is about breaking apart or open or coming out from Sunday like this

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So he said

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it can access a you know, treachery and wickedness for dude would be translated as wickedness right. You know,

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extreme evil would

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have been the prophet SAW, so I'm hoping

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that also includes all of your other atom faster than the man turned around and he walked away he continued to say Allahu Akbar, Allah

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said he was not seen by the Sahaba anymore.

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