Importance of Good Companionship

Hatem al-Haj


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Stop by Sonic also are good companionship is very important, you know, for us to endure patiently, a good companion will give you a good counsel, a good companion would console you a good companion or remind you of a last time. This is the meaning of

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taqwa. This is the meaning, you know,

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in America, a fundamental economic

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plan, he only devours the lone wolves on a computer now the prophets of Allah humans now adhere to the gym out to the group in the membership costs, the effortless report needs from the lone wolf. You know, when you are affected, when you are, you know, tested with this stress, if you are alone that a plant could take all over the place, and you could be in complete confusion and bewilderment and you could be easily devour the Bible, and you could lose your faith you could lose so much if you're alone, but when you are in the midst or Monday, you're believing brothers and sisters, then you will be comforted. You'll be consulted, you'll be reminded of a lot and to make your turmoil

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much easier to endure.