Can Women Make Wudu Without Removing the Hijab

Hatem al-Haj


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They do need to wash the face. So if they were able to ask the face underneath the hijab than they could wave on the air on top of the hijab, wiping down the hair on top of the gap. This is a controversial issue because like I said, whenever we talk about February, you're talking about lightning, we're talking about controversial issues, because the matters of agreement and theft are few controversial issues. But for me, you know,

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this was related for Roma, Salah, one of the lohana. I will speak on the southerners position on this issue, more than the four emails, in all honesty, this is the wife of prophecy. She is a woman. So she would be more, you know, keen on figuring out figuring out the ruling concerning this. And she is the wife of the prophet of Solomon. She is one of the 50 half of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam she's not just anywhere for the profit on the salon was one of the lucky half of a Manhattan mini so I will take Sam on the smart