Quranic Reflections #23 Your Portion of this Life

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The discussion delves into the idea that Islam provides individuals with the ability to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. They stress the importance of balancing life, preparing for exams, working hard, and not spreading corruption on earth. The speaker provides four tests for succeeding in life, including being good to others, not wanting to be somebody who is frowning, not wanting to be somebody who is corrupt, and not wanting to be a member of a political party. achieving happiness and balance is a part of achieving success.

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So now on equal photocatalyst law handle lossless and mostly louder I suppose me llama Selena, have you been living in homicides and infidelity or study Latin America have you been living in a Muslim falafel in Loma Selena, have you interviewed him Hamid Phillip Malika was back in with a blog looking at Illuminations, Quranic reflections from Halloween, and we are in date 23 or night 23. And the ROM recited from Sudoku puzzles today

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which is surah number 28. And there's always I mean, this sort of Subhanallah is just packed full of, of course, gems, just like all of the Quran is. But there's so many if that just came at me and I was reflecting over part of those that have to do with Allah subhanaw taala choosing you as a believer, ALLAH SubhanA wa Bucha if Lahoma Shall we have started my cannula, humble healer, and your Lord O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam creates whatever He wants. And then from this vast creation, He chooses, and He blesses and he gives virtue so imagine, out of all of the people in the world, Allah chose you to be Muslim. And Allah chose you to be believer and out of all those people who are

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believers, Allah gave you that sense of care about Islam. Allah gave you the ability to think and the ability to want to fast there's so many people that are muscle of course they're struggling with even fasting Well, the praying Allah made you have those who pray Allah made you have those who care Allah made you have those who want to seek and ask His forgiveness. That's why I have no claim said, if Allah subhanaw taala inspires you to ask for his forgiveness, know that he wanted to forgive you to begin with. So that in itself is a blessing that you're asking for forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala so that I itself that your Lord or Mohammed creates whatever He wants, and from this

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vast creation, He chooses, and He blesses and he gives virtue is a sign for us to be humbled to Allah because Allah chose us in many different ways. That's one. And then this other idea, which I also reflect on often is number 77, where Allah subhanaw taala says, Love Itself a female attack Allahu Darel Akela one attends and also you become in dunya, who acts in some Allahu earache, when I tried to kill facade or fill in Allah, Allah you play bull mousseline, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah says, Seek the reward of the Hereafter, by means of what Allah has granted you. So we should seek whatever Allah subhanaw taala has blessed us with in the next life with what He has blessed us in this life.

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You can't seek the blessings of the Hereafter with the wrongs of this life. That's why they say something has started wrong, I'm gonna get right as they say in Texas, right? So the first point of that whole idea is that Allah says, Seek the reward of the Hereafter by means of what Allah has granted you. And then Allah subhana, Allah says something very powerful and beautiful, without forgetting your portion of this world, one utensil honestly becoming that dunya don't forget your portion of this world, meaning Allah subhanaw taala enjoins us that while we're busy seeking what is in the Hereafter, we should not seek and forget to seek excuse me, the portion that we have in this

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life, meaning you have to perfect this life as a part of your perfection of the next life. And part of perfection of this life is balance. And having whatever Allah commanded, it is balance. So some people think that balance is oh, you know what, I'm not going to fast while I'm preparing for my exams, or while I'm working, I'm not going to pray because I'm too embarrassed to ask that's not balance. That's fake ballots. That's full balance. Okay? So it's not new balance is fake balance. But anyway, the point being is that we, in this life are enjoined, to not forget our portion of this life. And that is a very powerful ayat, some of the scholars they said that the believer is so busy,

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and doing whatever Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with and doing what He commands that Allah has to remind the believer. Don't forget your portion of this life, you have a job, you have family, you have responsibilities, and part of the fulfillment of the rights of Allah like we've already discusses, fulfilling the rights of people, your family. That's why some people they think that by leaving your family and going to the masjid or there's a reward in that, but if your family is not happy with you, then what reward is there in the masjid?

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You understand? So the idea is that there's a sense of balance. There's a sense of understanding, the beauty of Islam is that Allah says, Seek the reward of the Hereafter with what Allah has blessed you with. Don't forget your portion of this life, and then do not spread corruption on earth. Do not spread corruption on earth.

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and be good to others as Allah has been good to you and do not seek to spread corruption in the land or on earth for Allah sir Lee does not like those who are corrupt. So Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala gives us four tests. Number one,

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seek the blessings of the Hereafter with what Allah has blessed us with the best form of being thankful to Allah is to use the blessings he's given you in this life, in His pleasure in his command and staying what he forbid from number two, don't forget the portion of this life, your responsibilities and what you need to fulfill in terms of what other people are owed from you. Number three is going to be good to others as Allah has been good to you. Don't be somebody who's frowning and not smiling as the prophets Allah said in my words all the time smiling, even though he went through the difficulties of this life, don't use the justifications of your hardships to be

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rude to others.

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Some people do that, stop that. And then number four, don't spread corruption on the land. Allah does not like those who are corrupt. So with that, inshallah I hope that this has been fruitful. May Allah bless and except from all of you, you're a bad at these last 10 Nights. They're not Patternmakers of those that stand and pray in Laila to cuddle and give charity Laylatul Qadr and spend from our our character from Leila together in sha Allah, truly with faithful hope and Allah subhanaw taala and hoping his reward may last but to make it easier brothers, sisters and throughout the world wherever they are facing difficulties in Afghanistan and Yemen and Syria and Palestine in

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Mashallah. In Kashmir, from Google from China, the Indian Muslim brothers and sisters, and in Somalia and in Yemen. And everywhere where Muslim brothers and sisters are going through difficulty malice pants and make it easy on them. And may Allah azza wa jal bless you all and your families and except from all of us, if you don't want to come to LA meno SallAllahu wasallam America have even already been hammered. While he also has Mirena See you tomorrow inshallah Tata for illuminations political election ceremony