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The meaning of the word Rayaan – One of the doors of the Paradise

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Abu Bakr Zoud

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People that had a continuous relationship with fasting.

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They enter through a special bowl in the paradise called alibi. Yeah. And what a beautiful name. It comes from the word array. Array means to drink until you're satisfied. And you know when someone is thirsty, and then he drinks until he's satisfied. That's called array. We say your

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right yen means to drink, to quench your thirst, what a beautiful name for the door and a suitable name for the door, because those who enter this door, experienced first in this worldly life when they were fasting, so Allah azzawajal compensates them on the day of judgment and admits them into the paradise through a door called quenching the thirst. Drinking until you're satisfied Allahu Akbar What a beautiful name for this door.