Hasib Noor – Quranic Reflections #15 Masjid Al Aqsa, Perseverance

Hasib Noor
AI: Summary © The third holiest place in Islam is the third holiest place in Islam. The lack of respect for actions from the United States and support for the United Nations has caused confusion and lack of respect for actions from the United States. The importance of faith and standing for it is also discussed. The speakers stress the need for faith in pursuing one's dreams and staying true to Islam, empowering people through presence and being loud in public, and creating the fruit of their faith.
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So now I think a lot of catalysts will last from the last last summer so without judgment Alana Selena, have you been able to view them harmless if it already was study la homos sitting already kind of have you been able to be enormous ly savvy that female almost cellular? Have you been able to you know, hammer salatu salam, Who am I that kind of with Aqua No Baba columella and they can laugh you know welcome everybody to Illuminations, Quranic reflections from Halloween Mecca and Medina and today we're going to be discussing date 15. The audit or the Imam recited from the Quran from Surah finishing surah number 10, which is sort of Kunis and starting surah number 11, which is

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Surah to hood.

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I wanted to reflect on two particular ayat of the Quran which focuses on

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thinking about being given what you asked for being given what you seek.

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One of them is, of course, in light of what's happening right now we have to speak about of course, in what's happening in Michigan, UCLA in Palestine, the encroachment against worshipers. In the third holiest site in Islam is just uncalled for It's on.

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It's unconscionable people who are praying in the masjid and there's no right that anybody has to attack, a holy site, a place of worship, the third holiest place in Islam, the first Qibla of the Muslims. It is unconscionable that in the holiest month in the holiest day on the Friday and after morning prayers. People come in soldiers and army attacks. And the world is silent and nobody flinches because it's been normalized aggression and oppression has been normalized and become a serious problem.

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And unfortunately, the whole world still watches and sees, you know, in silence and also duplicity. There's double standards in terms of how the world reacts to oppression.

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We see one narrative when it's to Ukraine and another narrative when it's in Palestine and Afghanistan or, or the Uighur in China or anywhere where there's suffering. There's a duplicity in terms of how people react. So we see the aggression in martial arts law is not the same as it is anywhere else. The occupation in Palestine is not the same as the occupation anywhere else. And this is a serious problem. I mean, imagine it's it's Easter weekend, and the Vatican is attacked, and an army attacks the Vatican and injures over 150 people and journalists are their arms are broken and there's their basically their equipment is destroyed. And

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basically, people who have no way to defend themselves are encroached in such a manner in a place of worship. Nowhere on this planet Earth, would the world stand for something like this, but in much of outside the third holiest site in Islam, it is it has become normalized and oppression has been normalized. And reality is that we will not stand for this and everybody will speak out against and if you know anything about the Palestinians, they will not be defeated. I can tell you that much. The Palestinians are not going to be defeated. Freedom will come in sha Allah and we're just going to be Inshallah, among the names that we hope that our name is written, along, though, alongside

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those who stood against the oppression and alongside those who asked for the freedom of

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the apartheid regime and occupation of Palestine. May Allah count us among them. And that is why one of the most beautiful I asked that we're reflecting on the end of Sula, to Eunice, Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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in the end of sort of Tunis, before certitude starts, that a very powerful reminders of the Prophet Muhammad sai salmon at a time when he was going through oppression and and a lot of difficulty, imagine I mean, Islamophobia is nothing but literally oppression to the level of being tortured individually and the last part that I says what they are now you have

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was we had Kuma Allah, whilst we Rohit Kumar Allah wa Hawa, how you will Herky mean, last part that reminds the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam follow what is revealed to you and be patient. And until Allah passes his judgment, and he is the one who is the best of judges. So Allah subhanaw taala will deliver his victory will deliver freedom to people will release them from the shackles of occupation and oppression. And Allah time that says what's our job, follow what was revealed. Follow, be patient,

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endure, do your best follow what you see is their truth and what is right. Be up be upright. And Allah has what to what better now you have a break was these are two commandments. The first commandment of which is following this beautiful faith the faith of Islam which binds us all looks power to Billy

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Muslims in one month fasting binding us together from Indonesia. People here from mashallah, I don't know, right? Where are you from in the comments, people are from here from the UK, from Malaysia, from America, from Canada,

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different parts of the world. So, look coming in just this one space, how many people come together? So this faith binds us and gives us life. It is our lifeline. And the reality is that the second component is that our faith is always going to be tested, we're going to see if we're truly faithful to it, and what do we do to stand for it, and that is that we are patient. And the idea is that we are patient with the decree of Allah subhanaw taala, and do the what we can to the best of our,

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of our abilities, and standing against the pressure so much. So somebody from London I was having, I was just, I was just there in the UK. So there's people from all over the world hamdulillah here. And just like the faith binds us, we have Dallas, Texas, North Carolina along with Mashallah. So people from all over the world that are joining us. So that teaches you how our faith has been, has been a one of the few things in the world really, that's kind of binding human beings together at the end of the day. It is such a beautiful faith. It's such a powerful faith and it's an empowering faith that makes you always feel like you're never alone. And that's something I want to share with

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you when I was in Palestine. And that's why you know, Ramadan and Palestine is unlike anywhere else. In much Lhasa. There's nothing like Ramadan and much Luxa May Allah allow us to pray much upside in Ramadan say me. Okay, it is unlike any anything else and a few reasons Marshall, somebody from Canada, and a few reasons I want to just share with you why the dua of the people of Palestine is not the same dua that we make. And I'll tell you why they do I have someone that's going through oppression, and hardship and difficulty is not going to be the daughter of somebody who's saying, oh, Allah, you know, helped me with my exams, Allah helped me with versus the dua of Oh ALLAH remove

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this oppression against us, allow us to live freely from the shackles of apartheid. You see the difference. And when you're there, and you're hearing the drama's of the of the Imams of national OXA, it is unlike something you will ever you can ever imagine you can ever feel. But you also see something that is

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something sometimes beyond comprehension, you see the appreciation of the Palestinians and those who are in

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mesh to the Tsar and in, in battle markers. You see the appreciation they have, for those who come visit.

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They have this love of saying you didn't forget us. This Masjid belongs to all of Muslims. And you came here to support us to have our backs to just be there and in presence. And you know what, that's one of the greatest forms of support, just having presence. Having literal presence is some of the greatest support that we can give to our Muslim brothers and sisters. So being loud and never allowing this to be something that's normalized and thinking it's so it's every Ramadan. So I just wanted to share that reflection of sort of Tunis, and I wanted to also share a reflection about being given what you seek.

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What is it that that you seek in this life?

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Sometimes we question, the things that we pursue. Sometimes we don't know the wisdoms behind even asking for them. Allah Subhana Allah says to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam in solitude. Now solitude was a very powerful Surah it's one of the powerful sources in the Quran. In fact, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said something very unique about solitude. He was asked about, what made your hair become gray or messenger of Allah.

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What made your hair become great, like the gray hair that the Prophet Muhammad SAW someone received? What is the reason behind that? And the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said, che, that's new hood, we're a hottie

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who the surah Hood is what made my hair become great. And its complements its complementary source.

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So and then he mentioned what those sources are. So student hood, and assorted worker, and Surah, al Qiyamah, and salt and Mozart, and either shamsur correlate, and either sama on shortcut, and either semitone followed. These are the seven suitors that made the Prophet Muhammad my son's hair gray. And if you know one thing that's

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a theme in all of these sutras is the is the signs of the Day of Judgment, and that you will be held accountable and that you are responsible for delivery of this faith and to live in uphold by it. And in fact, even our best, which we haven't recited that it will be recited tomorrow, by the by the email, even our best set. And in the Hadith in Sahih Muslim, he said that even our best companions of Prophet Muhammad SAW said him and said that when Allah subhanaw taala had commanded the Prophet Muhammad I said Emma

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First docking come out when we stand upright like you have been commanded Manasseh let's add also Allah is Allah while you send him a few Jamia Quran I attend a shed What a shock. I even had the idea. There was not a higher that was more difficult on the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, or was was more difficult even to bear, then this idea.

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It's the reminder to stand firm for this faith.

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And what is more standing firm for this faith and people were praying in mesh law, so they're praying, they're praying, legit, and they're being attacked? What more power and empowering you know, voice that is, and you'll see that that morning when they're attacked in their hundreds of people, Mr. Afsaneh they're being attacked. What happens there after they've injured 150 people and they go back and they bring their children and they clean that Masjid.

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They clean that mess up.

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So this Sula essence speaks about the powerful the strength that you need, that you need to

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live according to this faith and to represent and stand with it with strength and your heart.

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You know, what, what strength do you need look at the Palestinian people, they were led by their faith that led by land and rocks, and some nationality and ethnic. All of this nationalism and call is not from our faith, the faith that are called us to do what to stand for our integrity for our principles and values, because of what God has taught us. What binds us to the Palestinian people and the Palestinian people to us, is because of our faith is because of the faith that teaches us to stand against injustice. That's what binds us all. That's what machine also represents. And that's what I used to say that oxide is that Milla to OMA it's like the mirror of the OMA. It reflects

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what's going on in the rest of the OMA, where's everybody. The two countries Muslim countries actually said something where a lot of Stan

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and COPPA they're the only ones who spoke up where's everybody else? Hola, Juan, and also, Saturday, we had made this made a statement as well, and some of the other countries but this is just to give you an example.

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socialist who there's this one, I also see that reflected on this particular surah. Allah Subhana Allah says when we're seeking look, look at look at the contrast of our Ramadan right now. And little Madonna of the Palestinians, people in Gaza right now are going shopping. They're preparing for possibly being attacked. I want you to just comprehend this. I want to just like you're sitting here debating what you're going to have for your farm. And the people in Gaza are debating whether they're going to be attacked at night by not or not.

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I mean,

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that's a powerful sentiment to just think about. So, Allah subhanaw, I want you to in light of that, I want you to think of this ayah that is mentioned in sort of to the last part that says, Men can you read a little higher to dunya was ina to her newer feeling him on Allah home. Newer fee him on Mala V Wahoo V Hala yoga, hustle moon, Allah says, Whoever desires only this worldly life and it's luxuries, don't worry, we will pay you in full for their deeds in this life, and nothing will be left out. Allah will will give you whatever you seek.

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And you're going to receive everything you're seeking in this life before even the hereafter.

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So if your only concern is what you know, your your life should be in terms of its absolute grandeur, and best and everything you can imagine and all the clothes that you want and all the cars that you want and all the luxury that you want. Allah will give you what makes you pleased. And Allah subhanaw taala will not leave anything out from this luxury of this life. But then guess what? The Prophet Mohammed sai cinema says, When you receive all of that, you're not going to find contentment. Prophets always said Emma said that the child of Adam,

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if you were to give them a mountain of gold, they will seek another mountain. And nothing will fill the stomach of the child of Adam meaning out of its want and continuously. wanting more. If it wasn't destined, it's that then then dirt, dirt will only fill the child, the stomach of the child of Adam. And that essence, the last part that is reminding the believers, and this is look, this is a makin Sula that, you know, why would this reminder be given to people that are being oppressed, that are being tortured, that are being that are going through such difficulty hardship, Allah saying, don't worry, we're going to give you all the luxuries of this world and time.

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But what is more important to live and to stand by? Is this faith that will enrich you and that's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said he's he asked about he spoke about a type of cleaner enrichment and that

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enrichment is the enrichment of the heart,

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the enrichment of the soul, the enrichment of having a sense of dignity and integrity. Look at these people in Michelle ASA, they still come up with Juma is packed. They were just they were attacked in the morning at Fajr. Prayer at Jomar. There's there's 10s of 1000s coming in the masjid.

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At the time of taraweeh people are out there and they're representing their faith, because they live for Allah. They're enriched by their faith. There's people there that are richer than all of us put together. Because the amount of contentment they have with Islam, even though they're encroached upon and oppressed daily, daily, you will find people there that are more happier than us that have a greater worldview than us they have more open in their heart that they have less stinginess than us and have and you know what, they have left less anxiety and worry than some of us anyway, you might be like, what's going on? I remember the scene of

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an I don't know who it was, I think was an uncle or who who was just crying. Because earlier that day in Milan, the settlers had encroached upon Marshall Oxon, there was there was like an attack on oxygen, as there was today. And there was a Palestinian, who went in was just hugging him and consoling him say, Don't worry. Latvia has that in Allah mana. Don't worry, don't be sad, don't grieve Allah is with us.

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I was just amazed by that level of power of faith. And I think that's something we should always consider minus ourselves with the notion of what gives you strength. And if Allah were to give you what you seek, what is it that truly is something that will enrich you?

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And reality? That's why the prophets, I said, will constantly pray for what strength in faith, that was his dua, he didn't say, oh, Allah, give me from the riches of this world and grant me this and make sure that I have a retirement plan and my crypto portfolio goes up. And his main prayer was, oh, Allah, Oh, Allah, make my heart firm on this faith, because faith is what enriches if you were to be given what you seek. Would that enrich your life? Or would that make you more in the state of misery?

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Allah says, and whoever seeks whatever is in the luxuries of this world, don't worry, we'll give it to you. And for those of our brothers and sisters in Palestine, town, believe me, they're more enriched. Believe me. Their hearts are unshakable. They're like mountains. Those brothers and sisters who represent this Deen they show it with their with their hearts, they show it with with the fact that they will go to AXA, and

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you will understand the power of what kind of faith they have that allows them to represent for all of us and have they have the honor of being those who are more opportune those who are defenders of machine lochsa May Allah subhanaw taala

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grant them the highest levels of Jannah for their defending of martial arts law may last pattern makers of those that follow what Allah subhanaw taala told the prophet Muhammad I said administrative oppression and hardship and difficulty that follow what is revealed to you what you hide earache was beer. Hashtag Comala Whoa, hi will hack him in and be patient until it passes his judgment, for he is the best of judges. And then Allah is private. It says Whoever desires only this worldly life and its luxuries, we will pay them in full for their deeds. In this life, nothing will be left out May Allah make us of those that are given what we seek to help us enrich us. The best

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that can enrich us is our faith. And may Allah gathers for the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And may Allah allow us to be of those that the Prophet Muhammad Sai sedima says, Are you not given victory except by the dua of your week? And the support of your week? Oh Allah we're not there's no there's no buddy weaker than us. May Allah accept our daughters for our brothers and sisters May Allah azza wa jal gather us in massive Oxon May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that pray in that blessed message and to show something that they need now more than anything. It is presence, may Allah grant us all that. Well, from now on hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa

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salam O Allah kind of have you been one of you know, Hamid, while he was like a vision main what does that call him to do? That was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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