Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 17 – L168C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the origin and process of Islam, including the clot of blood, the formation of a clot, and the loss of physical strength. The segment also touches on the resurrection process and the potential for a resurrection to recreate the same person once again. The potential for Islam to create new people and create new time is discussed, along with the potential for a creature to recreate people in the womb and the Day of Judgment. The segment concludes with a discussion of the growing of plants and the potential for a creature to recreate people in the womb.
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Yeah, you have nerves, all mankind or people in quantum field even if you are in doubt, mean and baracy concerning the resurrection

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at the beginning of the solar, what was mentioned the Zelda to Sarah and then the attitude of those people who do not take it seriously as mentioned.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala gives us logical evidences that prove the certainty of the Day of Judgment, that prove the possibility of the day of judgment that how it can occur, it will occur, because Allah subhanaw taala setting us

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if you have doubt, then look at these evidences that are most presenting before you. So, if you are in doubt, then remember that for in there, then indeed we call a clinical we created you meaning your origin,

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the first human being, he was created from what mental Robin from just

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the first human being Adam or he said, he was created from someone may not have attained and then from a sperm drum meaning and then the rest of the progeny the rest of the human beings, the children of Adam or Hanson and they were created from what from North Africa

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and what is not for not for is from the roof letter is known for

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and not is basically used for a cut a minute quantity of a liquid

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minute quantity and from this it is used for note five which is a sperm. So, so my main note for this is your origin something that is so minute something that is so tiny,

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and then some women or other and then from either meaning after the stage of NOFA your derivative into the stage of Allah.

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What does it mean? Allah is from the fetters Imam path. And Allah is used for a clinging plot. A plot that sticks

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it is basically a dumb a German,

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which is generally translated as congealed blood, right like a clot of blood.

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But the word is also used for a leech. And if you look at it, a leech is what it's a slug. It's an insect which looks like a snail. And once it sticks to something, what does it do? It sucks the blood out of it. Right which is why it's also used for the treatment that is similar to cupping, which is to extract the foul blood out of the body. And from this, the word airlock is also used for hanging for being suspended in something

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we learned earlier further the rule hackle more aloka

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that a woman is neither divorced nor is she given her rights so she's left as more unlocker suspended in the middle. No issue for you to marry somebody else nor is she being given her rights halaqaat insana, may Allah be created the human being from Allah from a blood clot. So what is this Allah, Allah is the initial stage of the embryo. When it's just a clot of blood

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that has been implanted in the wall of the womb.

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It's the initial stage. And at this stage, it's suspended, just like a leech is.

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And if you look at it, in its appearance in its form, and also in its function, it's very similar to a leech, because in a way, it's sucking the blood out of the mother. That's what it's sustaining on.

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So some women are cutting

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some women motivated and then from a moplah, meaning after their aloka stage comes the Moto stage. And what does moto mean? Mobile is a lump of flesh.

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It's a piece of flesh. And typically it is used for such a piece of flesh, the size of which a person can easily choose. It's like a morsel of food that you can easily put it in your mouth and you can chew on it.

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So it's something very small of bite size. Okay. So, Mandala a small lump of flesh, and at this stage the embryo it appears to be like a chewed substance as well. Because if you observe it carefully, if you ever look at the pictures, at the very initial stage actually, after the first 40 days, the embryo looks like a chewed substance, because as the backbone, it begins to appear, right. It seems as though somebody has chewed that part. So So my main motivator

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and this motto, it is mohalla cotton. It is formed it is shaped

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We're here at mahanakhon and also unformed.

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What does it mean by this muka naka muka Naka.

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muka Naka literally means that which has been created, that which has been formed that which has been molded.

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So, the lump of flesh, it grows into either being maharlika meaning fully formed, with all of the limbs, everything that is necessary for the body it is there, so maharlika fully formed and re maharlika in complete form

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or that there is a defect.

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So, maharlika maharlika

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leanbean Allah calm So, that we may make clear to you, meaning we're telling you about this, we're telling you about the origin of your creation, about the process of your creation. So, that we can make clear to you make clear to you what the power of Allah is

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the perfect nature of his power that if he is able to create you

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from the beginning, while you are nothing

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and he can create you making you undergo one stage after the other

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then definitely he can recreate you

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leanbean Allah convert clarifying this to you that if he can make you if he can create you then definitely he can recreate you as well.

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When okay and we make to suffer, we make to stay nuclear from the roof letters are for from the word power. And what does karar mean to become stable to stay somewhere. So, we make to stay fill our harmy in the wounds Manisha whatever we will,

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meaning one fetus, it grows until it is fully formed and then it is given birth to and what happens to other fetus that at a very initial stage, they are miscarried. So no pain refill our hammy Manisha we cause to stay in the wombs, whatever we will, and for however long we will. So it's based on what on the will have

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on the will of Allah,

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either edgerly masama, until a fixture and what is this fixed term refer to the time of birth.

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So some fetus, they grow until full term, and then they're given birth to and others what happens to them, they're born even before that, or they're miscarried before that.

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So manohara come, then we bring you out the flan as a child, meaning we bring you out of the wombs of your mothers, as if playful, who is a playful, playful is an infant, a small baby.

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And remember that playful is used as its engine. So it can be applied to masculine as well as feminine.

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So, so many criegee completement and once you are born as little infants, then what happens somebody who then you will reach I should duck on your majority, and what does it mean when a person attains physical maturity

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and not just physical, but also in his mind, in being able to distinguish between what is good and what is bad. And typically, a should is used for the age of 40. When all of the strength of a person all of the abilities of a person they become firm and strong.

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Woman COMM And among you, is man who you thought were fair, he is raised.

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Meaning there are some among you who die who die before when, before even reaching a should.

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There are some among you who die even before reaching a shot even before reaching the age of 40 women come and among you there are those who live even longer than I should mejorado is one who is returned either out of that in aroma to the most decrepit of age.

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Out of that in aroma, we have done this earlier as well. And what does it refer to extreme old age? And what is this extreme old age in which a person is not just physically weak, he does not just physically grow old, but even mentally in his memory, he becomes weak.

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Lee Kayla saw that not uronema he knows member they're in after knowledge che and anything at all.

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Why? due to extreme weakness that he begins to

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loses memory, he forgets what he knew before he does not recognize those people whom he knew very well before.

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So, this is one example, one proof, one logical evidence that Allah subhanaw taala gives to us to prove resurrection.

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And what is that? That if he can create you once, making you undergo so many stages, then definitely he can recreate you.

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Then Allah mentioned another proof, another evidence, which is what are all of and you see the earth you see the land hammy that

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her mother is from her meme that

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and her mood is when land becomes extremely dry, because it has not received water at all.

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So you can imagine a piece of land which has not received water in a very long time, what's going to happen to it? If there any plans on it, they're going to die. Right? Then the land is going to become extremely dry.

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So this is what hammoud is from the same route, when the word hammoud Hamada now when it's used for fire, it is on the fire is extinguished. There's no more fire left.

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It's extinguished. It's pulled out. So what are Alba Middleton? You see the earth as Hermida meaning barren with nothing going on it. But what happens for either and zelner la helma. But then when we send down water on it, what happens to that same dry environment? It does it quivered.

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It does that from hair xyzzy has and what does it mean?

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To move something to shake something? Who's the LA key vgt nationality?

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So it does it it is shaken up. It is animated. While that and it swells up. Robert from the roof letters are all about well and revise ultimately the same route. What does it mean to increase to grow.

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So it does that it begins to move. And also rabbet it swelled up. Because as it absorbs the water as it takes the water in it increases it swelled up. And it doesn't stop there were a number that and it grows in coli zodion verheij. Every beautiful and lovely kind of plant

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zodion by his age, but he does on their own factories by hygiene. And but he does actually use for someone who is extremely happy, who is showing happiness, who is showing pleasure who is very delighted. This is Oba he actually is and when the word but he does use for plants. What does it mean? plants that are beautiful in their appearance, very bright in their colors that are swaying back and forth with the breeze with the water. This is what though jimba he drew first. So every kind of tree and shrub, different different types of friends to see but their age. They're so beautiful, delightful, that as if they are happy as if they're rejoicing. And when you look at them,

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even you rejoice.

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So in this ayah Allah subhanaw taala presents two logical evidences for resurrection for the fact of recreation.

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The first evidence is the creation of men in the womb in different stages.

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That how initially it's just an alpha, and then it turns into iloka and then into mortal. And then it continues until the human being is fully formed. And then it's given birth do

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we learn from a hadith which is in Bukhari and Muslim that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Every one of you, every single one of you is collected as an author as a sperm drunk in the womb of his mother.

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And it stays in that stage for the first 40 days. And then he becomes an either a clot for another 40 days, and then emoto a lump of flesh for another 40 days.

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So, we see that the first 40 days, not for the second 40 it is on and the third 14 is multiple. So after a completion of 120 days, then the angel blows the soul.

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We also learn from a hadith in Bukhari, in which ns seven Malik he narrated the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Allah appoints an angel to every room.

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Allah appoints an angel to every room

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That angel says, Oh Lord, a sperm drum, oh Lord, a clot, meaning every time one stage is over and the next begins, the angel says, Oh Lord, a sperm drop, oh Lord, a clot, oh Lord, a lump of flesh. And then if Allah desires to complete his creation, he does so.

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And the angel asks, oh Lord, is it to be male or female? Is it to be wretched or happy? What is its provision? What is its lifespan? And all of this is decreed in the womb of the mother.

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Even before the child is born, the lifespan,

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the risk, the final and everything is written from them, everything is decreed from them. So the Lord who can put the soul in that lifeless lump of flesh, can he not put the soul in a dead body

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that is already formed. Can he not? Of course he can. Can he not resurrect him? Of course he can.

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Insert the walker if 57 to 62 we learn national holla Kanako falola to Sadiq Khan. We have created you so why do you not believe? Why do you not affirm

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for a tomato noon? Have you seen that which you emit and don't have lacuna Who am national holiday goon is it you will create it or are we the creators

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nanoka del Nabina como lo de Roma national we must whooping we have decreed death among you and we are not to be outdone either a new bed de la I'm Sarah come in that we will change your likenesses when when she or confirm and turn them on and produce you in that form which you do not know

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what are called lm to Monash attell Ola, fellow ladadika rune and you have already known the first creation,

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you know about the first creation. So will you not remember, will you not take a lesson from that, that if he can create you once he can create you another time.

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Instead of no i a 13 to 14 we learn monochrome letter junella he will call, we'll call the haisla Coco.

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That what is the matter with you, that you do not attribute to Allah do grander? While he created you in stages. He created you in so many stages, yet you do not respect him. Yet you say that he cannot recreate you if he wants.

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If you look at it, when you see a child, especially a newborn child, isn't it amazing? You wonder where did this person come from? Where did this child come from. And as a child is moving, as you open his eyes as he closes his eyes as he opens his mouth as he moves his hand. People observe every movement. And they're so amazed, every single person, whether he likes children, or he doesn't like children, people are fascinated by babies.

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When we see that, despite the fact that we're so fascinated, we don't infer from that, that if Allah can create once he can create, again,

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the one who can bring the child out of the womb, he can also bring the person alive out of the earth.

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He can do that. It's not difficult for him.

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Because if you look at it, the womb itself is ultimately a grave. Isn't it? closed, sealed, hidden from people unknown as to what's going on inside? And even under the earth is a grave and we don't know what's going on. So if Allah can create a person in the womb, can he not resurrect the person as he comes out of the grave? Of course he can.

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And the second evidence that is given over here is the growing of plants from dry and barren land.

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We learned that once a companion asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that oh Prophet, give us an example of how Allah would bring people back to life.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Have you ever passed through a dry and barren Valley?

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Have you ever passed through a dry and barren Valley on which there was nothing and then you see it full of life again.

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He said, this is how the people will be resurrected.

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And this is something that we can understand very well. Because in winter, we see the trees are completely dead, not even a single leaf, not even a single petal. But those same shrubs, those same trees, the same plants. They're full of life.

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So jimba heetch, as if they're rejoicing as if they're happy with the life that they have received. So if Allah shows you this every year, every year, he shows this

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Do you the plants that are dead, the leaves that are gone, and you don't think that those plants will ever come out again, but you see that life is growing out of them.

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You see plants coming forward, you see leaves coming out.

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I had this spot last year in which I'd grown some herbs. And it was just sitting outside and recently I just saw that there is one herb that is growing out of it. I was amazed because generally these herbs you have to grow them every year yourself, right you have to put the seeds in yourself meant Okay, that grows by itself. But I was amazed that it had grown a lower them how that seed or that, you know, part of it survived somehow. And with all the rain that is coming in with the little sunlight that it's receiving. It's growing again. So Allah shows you every year, that it's not difficult for him to regrow to recreate them, why do you doubt resurrection? There Lika that is

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possible, meaning he can create you in the womb and he can recreate plants. Why be anila because Indeed Allah who and how he is the truth. He is

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in his existence, in his oneness, in his power in his promises. That whatever promises he makes he fulfills them in his ability in his power and his strength he is unhealthy.

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He is fully established

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what and who and that indeed he your he'll Mota he will give life to the dead. What I know who and that indeed he allowed Cooley Shea included over everything, he is competent, he is able, therefore do not dispute about him.

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We learn through the scene. And number 79 pull your hair lady and share her a well a mama who will be clearly Hopkin early, that say he will give them life, the one who produced them the first time

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the one who produced those same bonds the first time he can bring them to life again. And he is of all creation, knowing he is fully aware was unnecessary. And indeed the final hour to atone it is coming loudly Buffy her there is absolutely no doubt in it. What anila her and that Indeed Allah yoba Zoo, he will resurrect manfield kabu who ever is in the graves

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whoever is in the grave a lot will resurrected and every single person he will suffer from that and he will end up in a grave. Whether that grave is a proper grave or any kind of a grave it is a loss of panel data is going to resurrect every dead person. This is his promise.

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He will bring them back to life after all of them have turned into dust.

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We will listen to the rest of it

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free to Whoa, whoa,

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whoa, whoa, I should

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we see that at the beginning of

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all people.

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But a person cannot fear his Lord unless and until he knows him.

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Similarly, a person cannot fear the Day of Judgment unless and until he knows about it.

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Fear only comes with knowledge.

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And people who stay away from knowledge, people who stay away from educating themselves about these matters, what happens? They remain in their ignorance, and on the basis of that, they deny the truth. They doubt the truth, they reduce its value, they create doubt, and other people as well.

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So we see that in these ayat constantly, what is being mentioned, that the Day of Judgment is a reality.

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Do not doubt it, be certain about it, because only if you're certain about it, then you can do something, then you can prepare.

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So we need to see that how actively are we preparing for that day? How much is it that we think about it? How much is it that we reflect over it?

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believing in something does not just mean having a little bit of fear of it? believing in something means preparing for doing something about it?

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Because of a person does not change his actions, then what does it mean? He's not certain about it,

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despite the fact that it's mentioned. So clearly, a loss of final data tells us directly in the code. Because many times we don't even get from the hints we have to be told directly. It.

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Do something to save yourself.

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All the stages that are mentioned over here, what does it show that we have absolutely no control over our lives, or the lives of our children, the entire controllers With whom? Allah subhanaw taala

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that it goes from northford to Allah, when Allah commands it goes from Allah aka tomahto. When Allah commands well halaqa Allah when Allah commands

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many times, unfortunately, the way of Muslims is that we will take our religion by choice, we will become serious about it by choice, that we will say I'm not that religious, but my mother is quite religious. But the fact is that when a person is a human being, then the Day of Judgment is going to come whether he's serious about it or not, whether he chooses to be knowledgeable about it or not, whether he chooses to prepare for it or not, it's coming his way. So it's for our own good if we become serious about it.

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