Quranic Reflections #13 Seek Allah’s Pleasure Alone

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The speaker discusses the history of Islam, including the importance of finding pleasure in life and finding one with Islam's guidance. They also mention a recent ad by the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in the high school agenda, which is a reflection on the importance of finding one with Islam's guidance.

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So that handled all sauce honestly nowadays. Honestly, I don't even know what I mean. I'm homeless I said welcome to the Chilean relations Quranic reflections from Halloween. Today the potty recited

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the man recited from sort of the Toba the night Surah of the Quran. And the Knights sutra is interesting because it has a number of special characteristics, and I thought it was among the last Sutras of the Quran to be revealed. So the Toba is one of the last. So in for, of course, it comes at the inflection point of understanding that most of what the Quran injunctions already came to pass. So sort of the Toba acts like when you're trying to build a house, and the last thing that's left is the paint job. So the last points of what you want to complete the house with is in sort of a tub, and that's why it was among the final source to be revealed. So so the total has a lot of

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concepts that after Islam has been established, and gradation and priorities have already been mentioned. So the total comes at that point, to kind of bring the final touches. But one of the if that kind of touched me in this particular sort of sort of Toba, that I want to reflect on his is 62, from sort of the Toba which I lost that I says, yeah, the phone of Allah he Lacan, Leo Bhushan, Allahu wa. rasuluh will happen on your roof in can omit meaning. So true faith here, Allah Subhana Allah describes beautifully as what are the what are the believers really seeking, seeking in life and seeking what their faith? Allah subhanaw taala says, They swear by Allah to you believers in

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order to please you, while it is the pleasure of Allah and His messenger that they should seek if they are true believers. So Allah subhanaw taala, in essence teaches us something very powerful is that is that seek the pleasure of Allah, Allah, everything that you're doing in life is in order to please Allah subhanaw taala. So in essence, this this notion of when we seek people's acceptance, when we do anything for people's acceptance, and maybe to fit in and maybe to acclimate and adjust ourselves, the true reality is, is that we should seek the pleasure of Allah and His Messenger, one, oh Allah who also have to run, total do holder you're right, that Allah has messenger are more

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deserving of seeking their pleasure. So it's a powerful reminder that the whole point of Islam at the end of the day is to only care about what Allah and His Messenger

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there pleasure in what Allah and His Messenger have guided us to. So there might be a constant push for us to move one direction or one way or to seek a difference in our life and pressure to acquiesce and to acclimate and to adjust and to assimilate. But the only pleasure that we should really seek is the pleasure of Allah and His messenger. That's why the Prophet slice them said in a very powerful ad, that those who seek the pleasure of others in spite or against the pleasure of Allah, Allah will make their affairs in disarray and make poverty come before their eyes. And they will not find any clarity basically, in their life. But those who seek the pleasure of Allah

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subhanaw taala, in spite of the displeasure of people, Allah will make the people pleased with them and He is pleased with them. So he's pleased with them and they will also be completed with them. And Allah subhanaw taala will bring them any kind of material wealth or gain or whatever they seek from this dunya even if they don't seek it, meaning Allah will suffice them and that's why there's a very beautiful to add that the Imams here in harmony they make all Allah make us of those, that when we trust it upon you. You suffice them Allahumma Jana me mentor Curlew Alika Fado,

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there's such a beautiful da Allah make us of those that when we relied on you, you suffice them all make we make that, you know, be among the believers that only seek the pleasure of Allah his Messenger, and that's a very, very powerful, I have 62 And so for Toba, which we should really kind of deeply reflect on are we seeking the pleasure of Allah in our lives are we constantly acquiesced and trying to seek the pleasure of others, and our life changes in our positions change, in our opinion, change based on trying to please other people. So Allah says that true believers and again, this was the top was among the last students to be revealed. So this is like the greatest thing we

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could actually hope for is that when our pleasure and the things that we seek, they are in line with what Allah and His Messenger seeks, so seek the pleasure of Allah alone. That's the reflection that I have here for Mr. Neverwet illumination is Quranic reflections from Halloween. Day 13 will continue to Allah tomorrow day for the 14th of Ramadan May Allah accept and bless all of us, and allow us to seek the pleasure of Allah and whatever Allah loves, and His messenger and to gather us in the company of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in the high school agenda was the last summer Have you ever come

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A lot of you will start losing money and I'll give you a view of much of the novel inshallah and see you tomorrow.