In difficult times, always remember Allah SWT is with you

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when Musa alayhis salam is standing in front of the Red Sea, right? And he has an army behind him, and he's got a very serious problem. Okay? He's got a giant body of water in front of him. And he's got an army behind him and he looks trapped. But what was his focal point in that moment?

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Allah? Do you see the difference? It's not that he was in denial of his reality. His reality was that he's got an army behind him, and he's got a red sea in front of him. But he was his focus was not on the Red Sea, and his focus was not on the army. And in fact, you see the contrast between him and Benny Astroid. Because Benny is throw in we're focused on the army in Allah mudra code, indeed, we will be overtaken, they fell into despair. And the reason they fell into despair, it was because of their focus. And then Allah says, tells us what Musa alayhis salam says, call a cannula. You see like a complete contrast call that can lead? He said no. And can let in Arabic is a very emphatic no

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way. Absolutely not. It's all of that in just one word. Kela in Amaya, Rob visa did, indeed my Lord is with me, and He will guide you through Musa alayhis salam wasn't looking at the problem. He was aware of the problem, folks. He's not like in denial. He's aware of the problem. But his focus wasn't the problem. His focus was ALLAH. Do you see the difference? His focus was ALLAH and he said in the mire of this Deen indeed my Lord is with me and He will guide me through this he will get me through this. So no matter how dark it gets outside, or no matter how much we feel like things are closing in on us. If our focus if our focal point is Allah, then we don't feel despair.