Tafseer Reflections #11 – Surah Al-Ma’arij

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the actions of Islam, including stopping and paying for them. They also talk about the concept of the afterlife and how it can lead to fickle behavior. The speaker emphasizes the need for actions that improve one's perspective and prevent harm.
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and sorts of my outage, last found out tells us something really, really important about ourselves. And this is something every Muslim, when you read the Quran, you have to stop and you have to pay attention when the last part data tells us what human beings are like. And so Allah subhanaw taala says in an insana, who they call helluva either Messiah who shall rule Jesu, what either muscle Hierro manual, he says that people are creative, they're made fickle, right? They, you know, they're inconsistent. They swing back and forth, they oscillate between two extremes that explains what exactly he's referring to. If evil touches him, he's just completely he despairs, right? He gives up

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hope he's upset. And if good touches him, then he is he exceeds all bounds, right? He becomes basically like, too big for his britches, we would say or he gets big headed. And so this is a fundamental aspect of human nature, we're fickle. We're too emotional. Maybe that's not the best way to say it. Maybe we can say that, you know, we, we live in the moment, we don't have the long view. And so we get easily kind of perturbed and disturbed by what's going on right now. And we lose perspective as to where we're ultimately going and heading up, which is why then a last comment, Allah says that this is the way Ill mousseline right except for those who pray and then allows fans

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out it goes on to describe different sorts of righteous actions that pull one out of this short term perspective of this narrow way of looking at life where you're just moving from laugh to lament, laugh to lament, like in every sort of instant, in order to keep the long view in order to keep a holistic view, it has to be filled with purpose. And that purpose comes from the belief in the afterlife, and the kind of mechanism the five times a day mechanism that we're given to keep our attachment to that perspective. And that long view is the prayer and so there's no neutral ground very a lot of people these days, they think, Well, you know, so and so is a good person, you know,

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they don't harm anybody, they're not out killing anybody or stealing or things like that. And okay, that person might be nice, but in the context of Islam and what Allah subhanaw taala calls us to, you know, there's no, there's no standing still on a moving train, you're either getting better, you're getting worse, you're getting better, you're getting worse. And if you're standing still, then you're probably getting worse and not even noticing it because as the law says, we have this nature to be fickle. We have this nature to be short sighted and to be overwhelmed by what's going on at the moment. And the only way that we can improve and get out of that is through the actions

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that he described. Subhanallah Tata, starting with the prayer