Quranic Reflections #08 Faith is Complete

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In this video, the speaker discusses the history and importance of Islam, including the fifth Surah of the Quran, which is when the last test is in the third. The speaker also explains how Islam has brought everyone to a point of complete understanding of its wisdom and how it can be applied to their behavior. They conclude by sharing a chart with a video and encourage viewers to practice their understanding of Islam.

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That sounds really loud. So here's me Sally over his mom Sharla

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continuing with the aid of illuminations pulmonic reflections from the Halloween.

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Today inshallah the Imam started the fifth Surah of the Quran Sultan Magadha certain amount that has a lot to do with the completion of faith and fulfilling covenants. That's how this sort of starts and the fifth Surah of the Quran has one of the ayat which has

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the last one of the last is revealed in the Quran. And it is not the last one it is one of the last and that is when the last test is in the third I have sort of nakida in the in towards the end of it. And we are committed to the convener Komatsu I'm to add a community will lead to Islam Medina last month so So, on this day, I have perfected your faith for you completed my favor upon you and chosen Islam as your way Your way of life again, like we said, Deen means way of life and lifestyle. So this surah speaks about how Islam is complete. Islam is not in need of correction. And that's why in America, Allah Tada, he said something powerful. He says, Nothing will rectify people, except

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with what rectified them in the early part of Islam. When the Prophet Muhammad says I'm abroad, this faith and brought Islam to people, in essence giving them a complete way of life that people derive principles from the Divine from Revelation, and they are not left to their own counsel and to settle their own matters except by the will of Allah subhanaw taala. So this particular sort of speaks about that and how we establish our covenants with Allah's origin. And in reality, how to establish this faith this Deen completely and that's why it's very powerful that many of the major rulings of Islam comes from South America, like eating halal meat, which it's interesting that one of the final

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ayat of the Quran, one of the final, if not the final, I had this idea that we just recited speaks about

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the right format of eating foods. And then Allah Subhana Allah says in the

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in the 48th If that's

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what Zelina illegal keytab a bit hacky Masada Halima baignade Emile keytab, one more Haman. And I think we have revealed to your prophet, this book with the truth as a confirmation of previous scriptures and a supreme authority over them. And this teaches us that Islam essentially

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has abrogated all other revelation that has come before it. And in essence, what is in this book is the supreme authority that Allah subhanaw taala revealed to everybody else. So in reality, when we look at what Islam brought in, it is complete it does not have any

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deficiencies, and sometimes we may question like, some of the rulings and faith and say, Okay, what's the wisdom behind this? So, there's a practical explanation to everything, which is all rulings in Islam have wisdoms and

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some of those wisdoms are known to us and some of those wisdoms are not like for example, why do we pray three times or three like half for Muslim? That's just because that's how most plans are intended it. So in essence, we have to understand that Divine Wisdom is to Allah azza wa jal and it is our human capacity to understand that wisdom and when we do that actually helps us to input and implement and to practice this faith completely. So that I hope inshallah Tada, this Quranic reflection shall has been beneficial to you all. We will continue tomorrow and Sharla with the nominations from the Halloween then the eighth where we understand that the deen of Islam is

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complete, and it is not need of any kind of change, but to just practice it the way it was intended. I leave you all Inshallah, with this view of the roof of much of the Navi and we'll see you on the chart tomorrow.