Majed Mahmoud – Tricks Of Shaytan #10 – Don’t EVER Do This After A Sin

Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the mistakes made by Prophet Adam and his wife, which led to their loss of life. The segment also talks about the negative impact of apologizing for mistakes on their bodies and causing their bodies to become hopeless. The segment encourages the audience to avoid making mistakes and keep their bodies clean.
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Assalamu alaikum we all do mistakes. But what makes us different is how do we respond after the mistake?

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Both the devil and Prophet Adam committed a sin, and Allah rebuked and was angry at both of them. As for profit Adam, Allah told him to not eat from a specific tree. But he disobeyed. So Allah said, Did I not tell you to not eat from the tree? Here both Adam and his wife, apologize, Darryl banner of alumna info center, or allow we are so sorry for what we did. Please forgive us. We need your mercy. As a result, Allah forgive them. As for the devil, Allah told him to prostrate and welcome Prophet Adam, but he also disobeyed. So Allah said, Did I not tell you to prostrate here, the devil did not apologize or regret. Rather, he doubled down and blamed God for putting him in such

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situation. Not just that, but he promised well, oh, we unknown edge marine to misguide Adam and his children and make them feel hopeless. Just like his case. I will never forget this phone call that I received. It was a brother, who wanted me to know that he's going to commit suicide right now. What's the matter what's going on? Eventually, he said, he committed Zina. He felt so horrible. He felt like he is deserving of so much punishment, and that there's no way for him to have a fresh start to life. And the only way to feel better is to cancel his life. And that is exactly one of the most destructive tricks have shaped on whether or didn't land Now, before we commit the sin, He

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comes makes us have hope that everything will be fine. No one will know Allah always offers his forgiveness. But after we commit the sin, He makes us feel completely hopeless. But shaitan has lied before and after. Because Allah has said,

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cool Yeah, Eva, the lady in a Seraph, who is

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forcing him Allah says all my slaves, my servants, who have done so much wrong or you have crossed every limit and broke every rule, lead up or not to me.

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Do not give up. Do not lose hope in a law and in His mercy in a law Ohio funeral do no by Jamie. Allah can clear all the records in no time. Allah can forgive all the mistakes no matter how big and no matter how many in now who will allow for Rahim he is and will always be the most forgiving and the Most Merciful. Brothers and sisters. In every hole we dig ourselves in. We will always find a rope from Allah to get us out of this pneus this rope is the mercy of Allah. And please don't ever ever tell me that your hole is so deep that the mercy and help of Allah would not reach know. Allah has given a chance and hope to the ones who try to kill prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, to the ones who made a huge cut on his face and broke his teeth. Will he not give you a chance? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that it believes the chief of the devils said to Allah, I swear by your honor and glory, I will keep trying to misguide your slaves, so long as their souls are in their bodies. And you know what Allah said to shaitan and I swear by my honor and glory, I will continue to forgive them so long as they seek my forgiveness, luck. You may wonder what happened to the brother Alhamdulillah he grabbed onto the rope of Islam and hope in Allah, and he climbed out of that hole. He is now married and has a child. We all do mistakes, but the best of

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us are those who apologize, repent and make up for it. May Allah forgive us and keep us tech fast. Feel free to share this video for others to benefit a Solomonic

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