Hasib Noor – Quranic Reflections #09 Allah’s Allies

Hasib Noor
AI: Summary © The importance of faith and finding one's own love for Islam is emphasized in Islam, with a focus on finding one's own independence and finding one's own love for Islam. The segment emphasizes the need for people to be proud of their actions and receive their own love for Islam, as it is recognized and valued. The importance of finding one's friend in a relationship and finding one's own way of doing things, including praying and being humble with others, is emphasized.
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have you been able to beat them precise and fidelity study Laham or something radical to have even only been in conversation for f&e alongside Yeah, have you been living on premise alojado cinema Quinella Zack and robot, what caught him off and addicted, laughable welcome to everybody in Charlotte to illuminations. Veronica reflections from Halloween. Today is day nine.

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We're in sort of

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the fifth sort of a full on we said that among the

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objectives of the soloists to fulfill

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covenants and promises with a loss of data, and also the completion of faith and among also the objectives of the soul is to establish faith and the continuation of Islam through the prophets. Mousavi, sermon at ISA as a message to the nations that came before us, that this is a continuation of the true faith, that it is not something new. It is not something that is different, but rather it is the same faith that was sent to the Saudis, Saddam, Jesus peace be upon him. His name is not Jesus, but that's what they call him the same as every Saudi Saddam. And I have a video on why his name is not Jesus and we should refer to him as Jesus but anyway, in English, in our time, they're

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referred to as Jesus. But among also the objectives is understanding who the allies of Allah are Allah's allies. We talked about ally ship a lot in our day and age, especially when it comes to social activism. People say where's our allies and our allies? One of the things we need to really question ourselves with is are we allies with Allah subhanaw taala and Allah Subhan Allah speaks about part of being allies with him. And this Surah Surah tonight either the fifth surah and is number 54. On our last part that says, Yeah, you are Lavina man oh my god, Damien Kuma Dini for Sofia, Tina, who may call me up boom while you're in Buena as in Latina, meaning is that in Ireland

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curfew? You know Yuja he don't appease me.

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What are your whole awful No, no materna in that eco la here de Hema Yasha wala Who was your naughty name? In an hour you can move along a little sooner when Lavina and all Lavina up Munna Sana y tunas. Mark your own Why am I here to one mon la hora sunnah who will Lavina an author in his monologuing will move on he born last part that says in the slot all believers, Whoever among you abandons their way of life, when you have tried to make him and Dini been his way of life, not just faith, not just religion. But whoever leaves this way, this lifestyle, this worldview, this way of life, Allah will replace them with others who love him and are loved by Him. So all of us should

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seek the love of Allah subhanaw taala In fact, we live our lives so that we are beloved by Allah, every single Muslim believer should have that in their heart that every single thing you're doing is simply for the love of Allah. It's a reverberation of that love. The fact that you pray, the fact that you fast the fact that you wear what you wear, do what you do, or invest in what you invest and marry who you do and have kids and you raise them on Islam is because you want a lot to love you and you love a lot. If you if we turn away from this way, then Allah is not in need of Hassan, Allah says Allah will replace them with others who love him and are loved by Him. They will be humble with

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the believers. So the first aspect of faith is that they're humble others and those who are arrogant against others, then that means they're not really practicing, not only true Islam, but they're also not practicing the very first characteristic Allah says about those who he loves, that they're humble with people, they're humble with the believers. And they are firm towards those who rejected faith. Those who are you know, commit oppression against Muslims and then justify it. And they struggle in the way of Allah they they fight jihad in the same way las Panatela and struggle, fearing no blame from anyone nya hustle, and I don't want to and they don't worry about the blame of

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the framers and the propaganda and what people call them and how they mock them and what they have to say about them. Liahona Villa Hill Omotola and they don't fear any blame from anyone.

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This is the favor of Allah, He granted to whoever He wills and Allah has ever Bountiful, all knowing and Allah says Your only ally primarily is who Allah, His messenger and the fellow believers, those who establish prayer and they pay the charity with humility. So the first aspect of ally ship is that we take Allah as our true ally and guardian. And then we establish our prayer and we when we give we give for the sake of the most part that is this is among the

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critics of ally ship and Allah subhanaw taala as allies. So it's Paula number one, they love Allah. And they do everything for Allah number two, they're not arrogant. They're humble and humble with people. They don't think that they're wearing their Islam like as if it's some kind of

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tag or some kind of

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a chosen one kind of label where they think that they're better than others, but rather they're humble with people they're humble with Allah subhanaw taala. And they are those who are

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allies with Allah is messenger and the fellow believers, they establish prayer and they give from charity. And then last point that it says whoever allied themselves with Allah, His messenger and fellow believers, then it is certainly Allah subhanaw taala that his party that will prevail, and that in reality is what we're looking for here. Is that true Islam? When it's built in the heart, it's not built upon anything other than knowing that we work for the sake of Allah Kadima to more, or Allah can Mattila which means to raise the belief and Allah's parameter is that we work towards that we show people with our actions and who we are, what does it mean to be a true Muslim,

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unfortunately, in reality is that how many of us were our Islam as something only said, but rather, there has to be something that's believed and something that's also

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practiced in a way that people really look at the humility of Muslims, and what they bring to others in their lives? And if you look at it, you know, how much do we really see that in our own actions and a sense that when people really deal with us in our relationship with them, they see true Islam they see a sense of of refreshing difference. I don't know if you know what I mean. When we deal with people with that element of Islam and truthfulness and genuineness. They see it in your actions, they see it in how you deal with them, how you speak with them. And in reality, I want you all to not only fall into something which we call like the humanist perspective, like, Hey, we're

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humans before Muslims. No, we're Muslims always first, right? And that's because we believe as Muslims, it teaches our humanity. So part of that is that people should see that our humanity and our caring our genuineness stems from our faith in Allah, and our ally ship with Allah and our love of Allah subhanaw taala. That's why we care so much about others. That's why our genuineness with others is so important. That element is so key to know to understand, because sometimes we unfortunately think that it's just about being good to people. And that's what our faith teaches. If you're good, you're good, No, you're good for the sake of Allah. You're good because Allah loves and

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wants you to do good to others and you're doing it for Allah subhanaw taala that sometimes used to just said, that we call to others even call to call to them accepting Islam, it's not just good enough that you're a good person, it's good enough that you do it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So that element of understanding that ally ship with the last path has calling to his faith as well. It's not just simply okay to be a good person, okay to be a good person, but calling to Allah is the main factor and purpose of our lives and shall I hope that's been beneficial to you all shallow scholars project to make us as allies, as scholars, matter makers of those that fast and

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pray and that we are blessed in this month that he accepts us as being his true friends. And his Olia of Allah, those who have faith and those who pray and those who are humble and others, and also give

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your military charity May Allah bless you all. You all shall Of course, always, as always, with a view of Mr. Neville, we're here and we'll see you all tomorrow was awesome to have you been hung out.

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Should we allow you know he led us to felucca we're a two in a desert.

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