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AI: Summary © The importance of living Islam in a authentic and personal way is emphasized, as it is not like the way of Islam. The use of "naught" in Islam is discussed, as it is not a statement of Islam and is not a belief. The importance of protecting oneself and their neighbors from harms and evil behavior is emphasized, as it is not a statement of Islam and is not a belief. The importance of learning and practicing Islam to showcase its value is also emphasized. The speaker advises the audience to read more Quran and fast before going out, practice fasting, and pray with their family. The importance of reducing the chance of infection in order to avoid becoming infected is also emphasized.
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alameen wa salatu salam ala filmbay, mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just live in Kaziranga, Sierra Nevada, my brothers and sisters, in our lesson on living Islam today.

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I remind myself I knew that

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perhaps never before has it become so important to live Islam as different from talking about Islam.

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To live Islam as in demonstrating Islam in our own lives, by the way we live

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by the choices we make by the society we create by the environment we have by the,

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by the environment, in our own homes, in our businesses, and so on and so forth. And all of this has suddenly come to the fore.

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Because of the

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pandemic that we are facing the Coronavirus

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because for

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a long time when we were live

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relative peace and tranquility and harmony. People live their own lives. People didn't look at each other so much. But today we are identified we are pointed at we are looked at we are examined and re examine.

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And we are held to our statements. We the demand is made that we live up to what we speak that we walk our talk many times today Muslims complain and they say why do people look at us as people? If people want to know about Islam, they should study Islam, they should read the book of Allah, they should read the Sira officer Rasul Salah.

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Why do they look at us? Or think about what the Sahaba used to say, when people ask them about Islam? They used to say kuno Mifflin, they used to say be like us, look at us and imitate us and emulate us and be like us. What gives them that confidence? Because the Islam as you know, and I know is the same as lamb that the Sahaba is one La La management had.

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They didn't have a different book, The Burnaby lay Salam they didn't have a different Framework of Reference. It was the same Islam. So what is it that gave them that confidence that they were able to say to people be like a schoolroom Islam, whereas we point to somebody else.

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I'm not saying that it is wrong to tell people that they should study the Quran, or they should study the serum. But I'm saying that before we tell people to do that. What must we tell ourselves?

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So the world is saying to us put up or shut up? The world is saying show us what Islam is? Or if you can't show us what Islam is, then forget about it. Don't talk to us about we're not interested. We're not interested in being told that Islam is this and Islam? Is that

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a question I asked sometimes in my seminars. And of course, before that, I asked myself,

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I tell people, I show them their cell phone, and I tell them that tomorrow morning, if you woke up and found that there is no these phones don't work, your phone is not working. It doesn't have to be there's not such a difficult thing to imagine every single one of us who's listening to this.

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And I remind myself also in that

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we know our own reaction. If you go to someplace and we find that there is no Wi Fi signal, or there is no internet, there is no signal. There's no you know, your network providers gone or something. And the phone is not working. The number that even there the phone, probably still you can make calls. But other than that everything is gone, the internet is gone and so on. Your WhatsApp is gone, your Facebook is gone.

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It's almost like panic. Right? I mean, there are people of course, who actually have panic attacks on this basis. But I'm saying even if you are not that far gone, it's something which is very discard, which is very uncomfortable. You don't like it? And you you do your best to see how you can change that. And why do we do that? Because these things are beneficial for us. And the question I asked myself is, tomorrow the world wakes up and finds there are no Muslims. There is no Islam. There is no Muslim there are no signs of Muslims anywhere. What will they say? Do you think people will say oh my god, well the gold is a wonderful people go find them look for them as odd when they

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say a good thing. They're gonna tell us that good thing. They're very humble. Or will they say third situation? Will they maybe point to you as an individual and say, Well, I'm

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isonzo is gone. But Muslims as a whole, that's good.

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Which one? And the answer The answer to this depends on how we have been living our lives. And that's the reason why it's so important for us to live our lives.

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Take the corona crisis, for example. There are people today when we're looking at, you know, leaving Islam.

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There are people today who ask some questions which seem to be logical and I'm not saying it's a foolish question. Since your questions what we need to answer the question from a perspective of knowledge from the from the position of,

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for example, a question that somebody asked was,

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they said, We Are we make our you know, Oscar, morning Oscar, evening Oscar and so on. We pray five times a day we are praying the budget. And now you're saying people are saying don't go to the masjid shut down the masjid.

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You know, the contagion will spread and so on. So are we afraid of death? Is it is it because you're fighting objects that we're doing this? And since we are praying five times a day, and since we are doing our scan and so on, we're reading it to see and and whatever, what can happen to us, nothing can happen to us, the contagion cannot

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infect us and we cannot become sick. Now what is the answer to this?

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I did it what the answer is one of the satara Delano was taking an army to fight the Romans in Sham the Byzantine Empire. And on the way he was informed, they came and told him that there is in a place called

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Cora Shaka, he came and told him that there is plague has broken out in Sham in Seoul, so the army was stopped there. This is a plague is broken under sham. Now one of the Delano This is narrated in Buhari by Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah said this is an hour called me and said called the people call the the senior Mahajan who are in the army. The senior people who migrated to Medina call them he called them says an hour of the Llano made Mashallah with them, we asked them they said we have come for a purpose. Let us go Let us not change let's not return because we came to we came to find the Romans and the Romans are no play.

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So then I said okay, thank you leave me and he called for the answer. He called for the people of Medina. And they also had a similar opinion. They said we have come for a purpose. Let's not deviate from that. Some of them also said and also the marjaavaan. Some of them said, however, we have Sahaba with us, we have other people with us, so let's not take them into the areas of plague. So there are two opinions, two opposite opinions.

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Then there's another set called the seniors of the crush, the one they came, they unanimously they said that do not go into the area of plague. This will turn around because there is pretty and

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we have people with us we have Sahaba we have other people, let us not take them into that place. At that time of year Mr. Nava Delano came and he said I have some knowledge in this matter.

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Rasul Allah Allah Sallam said that if you are in a place where there is plague Do not leave the place. And if you know of a place where there is plague do not go to that place. So that our Delano thank Allah subhanaw taala. He said that I am going back tomorrow morning, we are going to turn around and go back to Madeira. Now one of the people who was in this whole story was was a

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Java or the Alon.

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The grits. rb was called I mean illuma when we saw Salaam and he was the conqueror of Egypt and so on. Now our way the manager of the Alon who

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he was in favor of going to that place

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in Sham, actually he was the commander of the army there. So he was already there he was he had come to visit an hour, he was going to go back his plan to go back. So he said to set an hour he said are you running from the cover of Allah? Meaning that if you go there if you die, you die. I mean, this is you know, that is a cover it is a cover of Allah. So why are you running from it? He said, Are you running from the heart of Allah says,

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I wish you had not said this to me. He said I am running from the color of Allah to the order of Allah. I'm running from the color of Allah to Allah. He said to him that if there are two, if you take your cattle to graze in a valley and there is a green area which is got grass and there is a dry area with dry grass, he said if you graze the calves in the green area, this is by the color of Allah if you graze the canvas, the dry area that is also by the color of Allah. He said we are not running away from that. We are not running away.

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From the clutter of Allah, we are moving from one color to another.

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So meaning that if I were to die I will die in Medina,

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Medina. So the point is, of course,

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our weather of Delano disagreed and he went back to Sha. And in that big of a weather imager or Delano and more the Jebel odilon. One of the greatest promises, or both of them by the devil was the was the mother and is a hobby from the unser, who was one of the favorite Sahaba salah and the sorceress. Allah had appointed him as the governor of Yemen, both of the Sahaba they died in display.

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A question I want to ask myself and he was this, were Abu Zubaydah, even in Java and Java are the allama words, they're not reciting the asker of the morning and evening. Do you think they were not reading it to see, do you think they were not praying, Elijah, they were doing all of that, yet, it was a color so the right so the color of Allah does not change, because you have read, you have been reading some Oscar, Oscar was read, that's for ourselves.

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And this is for our assets, and Allah will protect us. But part of the protection of Allah subhanaw taala is to take our soul in a state of Eman. And that's the best protection if that is going to happen, that's going to happen. So when we are saying now stay in the house, I'm talking about living Islam. So here is the answer to this to these two questions. Are you afraid of death? And the second question is that since we are doing all these ama, why must we not go to the mosque to pray? The answer is that this is the they are doing it because this was ordered by a sorcerer. So I think about this

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dubuisson closest budget of course not because there was no plague there was no reason for him to close as much as the Medina so he didn't close it. But what is the advice he's giving? He's saying if there is break stay inside your house. And as I said,

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the wording of this head is the marriage advisor to the heart of Elena and I as I told you this her this is I say today's Matata Hakuna Lee agreed upon and it's in Buhari and in Masai Mara what I just said to her, the Lannister asked them, What must we do if there is perfect he said, stay in your house. He said stay in your house, with the

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knowledge and with the Akita, with the belief that nothing can you accept what Allah has written for you, which means that you will not die unless otter has written and if you allows you to then you will not escape to death. And he said expect reward from Allah. So if a person stays themselves from setting a person stays in a house, expecting reward from Allah subhanaw taala and believing that nothing can touch him except that which Allah has ordered. He said this person will get the reward of Russia he will get the reward of Amata. Now, if the

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muhaddith in his guitar for the worry, he said that from the wording of the headings it means that if a person fulfills that description, meaning if a person stays in his house, and believes that nothing will touch him except what Allah ordered, and this person has faith in Allah subhanaw taala and experts reward from Allah subhanaw taala

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if the person fits that description, in the Roger Roger lanos arounds like I said, that this person will get

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will get Shahada, the the the reward of Shahada even if he remains a knife. So now and as soon as a seller is ordering people to stay in the house and pray in the house, then the mustard is empty. So the budget may not be may be locked, not locked, but much is empty. And this is what Rosaura, Salah Salem is saying that

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he understood the deen better than you and me. And if he ordered this, that it is our duty to follow this and to demonstrate to the world that we do this. Why do we do that? Because again, as we know from the Hazara sola sola, where Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said he is not a Muslim, he's not a Muslim is not embassies is not a believer. He's not a believer. He's not a believer. They are sinners, Allah who's not a believer. Now he's the one from whom his neighbor fears harm. Right? So now it's not even a question of he's not saying the neighbor is a neighbor fears are meaning that the general behavior of the person is such that the neighbor is fearing harm from this person.

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This person has not at that point in time is not harmed the neighbor but his general behavior is such the person is fearing harm.

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This person is not a Muslim. Now, this is not a statement of taxied

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out of Islam. This is just to emphasize the importance of the rights of neighbors. So when we are saying today do not go out of your houses do not go even to the massage it this is so that we protect ourselves as well as our neighbors that we do not give people

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room for anxiety room to feelings anxious and fearful on our account, we don't want people to feel how is this Muslims are wandering around all over the place, they're going in and out and so on God what what will happen they will bring this contagion to us, and we will have to suffer because these people, they are not confining themselves and not quarantine quarantining themselves. We don't want people to feel this, because this brings a bad name to Islam.

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Now, doing that doesn't show that you are afraid or that you are covered. It just shows that you are a responsible Muslim, who is a credit to Islam, and that you are not an irresponsible Muslim, who is a shame on Islam, please understand is my brother sisters that people see us today. In the context of Islam, they don't see us separate from Islam, they see us as Muslims, and they're identifying us as Muslims. And therefore it is incumbent upon us to do things which are

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which show that we are good Muslims and to show people to showcase Islam for the people. So therefore, please stay at home No one will stay at home What must we do? Right let's not let's not make this thing at home into a pain and into a

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into something which brings suffering to everybody else. Also, let's not waste time. You're just lolling around all day and watching city television serials or binging on some movie or something, no, use the time productively. First and foremost, most productive in our in the month of Siobhan we're coming into the month of Ramadan to increase the recitation of Quran try and read as much Quran as you could read as you can read, and definitely much more than what you used to read. Normally. Normally I've always said My recommendation is read one Judo Quran every day, irrespective of what you are doing whether you're traveling with your home, one Jews or Quran every day. So now

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try and increase that you know read to those three literally three Jews because we're coming into

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our second thing is you're sitting at home so fast, that's another very good thing.

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Allah subhanaw taala said are so Moody, GB the Psalm The fastest for me, and I was worried. So 100 lacinato will reward us are fasting. Those of you who have cadavers to make up use those fast does not feel fast to make up the color first. Those Angela who do not have that they just keep nothing fast but keep fasting because you are at home that you know you're not going anywhere there's no exertion so on so forth, so fast that losing

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those who can do those who are living in places where you can safely go out in open areas for walks and so on by by all means do that, but check whether you can do it check whether it is safe check whether it is according to the law Don't break the law under any circumstances. Because this gives a very, very bad impression to everybody else. And remember, the blame comes on you it does not only come on you blame comes on Islam. The clip Blaine can blame comes on doesn't realize how tragic if we are the cause for people to bad talk Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam because of our behavior. So don't do that.

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So two things, read more Quran and fast.

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13 very important, since you will now ensure that you play all the Salah by Gemma with your family, right?

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The oldest member in the family leading the father leading the sons next to him beside him or behind him and then the mother and daughters. So make sure that you are praying everything by I know I know you will pray but don't know each person praying in their room no in make one place, the master of the house. Now this was a sooner sometimes people will build a house and they will come and invite him and they will say our solar please come and you know inaugurate the inauguration was you're not cutting ribbons. There we go and pray. Two rakaat often fly in that person's house. So the the benefit and the Baraka of the Salah of the NaVi la Salaam was in that house. So when I rented the

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house he would ask them which is the Where is your masala Where is your place of prayer. So even if it's a small house even if it's you know one room a couple of rooms, make one place a part of a room or corner of a room or if you have the ability, maybe one room make this into a place of Salah where you always pray in that place. So now you are at home with your family. Make sure that you pray all the Salawat by Gemma in that room and then after one Salah whichever Salah is convenient for you or after one Salah sit down and do some legal philosophy. Read from Raja Salah he

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read from our Wayne and now via the 40 hadith of

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Wait a moment, oh, Iran Talalay

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or read from some other good book, read some translation of Ayat of the Quran or something, but do some kind of dialing some kind of reminder for the family after one after any one Salah right now very important in all of this, even if it is an ayah in the Quran at that place and so on so forth, do not get into discussion of Messiah love.

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Don't get into what is, you know, do this, do that and so on. So, focus only and only on three things, the glory and majesty of Allah

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what we must apply in our life, in terms of armor, and the reward of the Ashura. So these three things you focus on. So whatever you're reading, focus on how can we apply this in our life? Right? Make sure that you are doing that don't get into muscle muscle, and also don't get into hypothetical discussions. For example, Allah smart Allah said, Allah, Allah said, Allah smart Allah, his Ash is on the water. So now don't I was don't start a discussion on saying, which water what water? Is there water in space? Where is the chef alive? Is it in space? Is it out of space in a space? What? Don't go into that? Because there can be no,

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there can be no proper answer to any of those questions. Because the only one who can answer that is Allah subhanaw taala and he's not talking to you are me. So therefore, it's just a complete waste of time. And this is one of the ways in which I thought distracts us by encouraging us to ask in the guise of asking questions to ask questions like this which have no real answer, and which only involved a whole lot of hypothetical useless discussion. No conclusion at the end of that, nothing that comes for us for for a man. We have an example of this Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran in surah. Teresa, what is aluna? Can you call a Roman Amrita be Mama 82 minute elmy illa.

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Allah said, they asked you about

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they asked you about the soul? What is the soul the nature of the soul? Right? They ask you what is Allah say to them, our room in

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the row is an honor of Europe

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is the Mr. of the room is a Hong Kong it's an order of minor analysis and we have not given you of our knowledge except a little. Now the point is, what did we understand when Allah said, the ask the question is what is the rule? What is the soul and Allah said the soul is the order of Allah. So what do you understand about the nature of the soul living on we understand anything? Is that really an answer to the question? You asked me I would say well, you know, the question still remains, because I said what is the nature of the soul? The question is not answered, well as is always an order. Now that answer of Allah subhanaw taala is extremely an entirely appropriate because Allah is

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Allah and Allah subhanaw taala say, that is not something that you need to know. So forget about that. The soul is from Allah subhanaw taala This is a hokum, this is an order of Allah subhanaw taala This is enough for you to know. Now you focus on the amount of this What must I do in my soul? Is my soul healthy or not? Is my soul sick? Is my soul hungry? What is the Food for the Soul? What is the medicine for the soul? What is the sickness of the soul? How do I change this my soul and how do I make it healthy? Now today we are worried about Coronavirus, the viruses sickness with a body what is the worst that can happen? You can die

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That's it, you will die anyway. But the sickness of the soul is something that will be in the akhirah the sickness of the soul leads or can lead to the Hellfire right the Coronavirus will not put anybody in the Hellfire but if somebody who's dying from Coronavirus, dies without a man then that person is Hellfire not because of Coronavirus, but because he died without him. So, the important thing for us to think about is in this study that I have suggested to do at home is focus on things which are action oriented, what is it that I can do and I should do in my life? And second thing is

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the glorious majesty of Allah, what can I do my life and then focus on the currency in the market I have to face Allah subhanaw taala What is my preparation, right? So recitation of Quran fasting, praying by Gemma and tally, then 15

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eat together. You're all at home at the same time. Make sure that all the meals are together. And when you sit down to eat together, put away your cell phones and so on and so forth. Don't have you know, looking at the phone and eating the food cooking and you're not even enjoying the food. You're not hanging out. Sit down.

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Before the meal, everyone said together, thank Allah subhanaw taala I'm not saying you have to say grace, but you know, thank Allah subhanaw taala for the meal, and then eat and when you eat again may say things which are good, good talk, thank Allah Spano, Tara sugar of Allah subhanaw taala that Allah subhanaw taala gave you good wholesome food to eat at a time when May Allah protect us, we are looking at times which can be extremely extremely painful going into being dangerous, where there may there may be people who are

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who are on the point of starvation and in order to save themselves from transmission you might have people breaking into homes and breaking into stores and so on and trying to steal food Angela has not put you in that situation you are eating safely so everyone sit together and right below the take this time to build relationships literally ask yourself this question When was the last time you spoke to your spouse When was the last time you spoke to you you had a conversation with your spouse you had a conversation with your with your children or many people they never talked they have not just the whole thing again go do this do that how was your Did you pass it you failed the

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exam that's a combination combination is to sit and talk about things of value things of which you which you which which are which are worth something in your heart. So this is the time this is the opportunity. So let us use that opportunity to have good conversations with our children with our spouses and

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use the time productively then very important also to use this time to read not just the Quran read other things. I'm not even talking about only religion rather thing which are of interest to you. And when you read them then discuss them talk about them. ask each other what I reading this some friends of mine hamdullah May Allah bless them and say big is one of them.

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Who are his his question? Always when he meets me after he says share how you helped and everything is fine. hamdulillah It's okay, so what are you ready now? runs a very big or series of bookstores in Delhi May Allah bless them.

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The called Midland bookstores.

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First question, yeah, what I really know, he always gives me a lot of personal development books. So you know, to improve myself.

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I don't know whether he gives them because he thinks I'm not improved enough for what but good for him. So the point I'm saying here is that reading so what what are you reading? Now? What I really know. So ask if share those books amongst yourselves. And when you read the books, then you share what what is it? What is your learning? What's your understanding? from that book? My brothers sisters, this is a beautiful opportunity

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that Allah has given us to reflect on one very important fact. And that is our own complete and total helplessness. Imagine here, Allah subhanaw taala used a microbe use something which is so tiny that you can see it only under an electron microscope, right? I don't even know whether you can call it a living thing or not. It's just one strand of RNA.

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This thing has completely nullified everything that we as a human race used to take pride in and which we used to feel arrogant about. There are two or three things that modern man feels very arrogant. One is modern man, for some reason, best went to himself things that he's at the peak of knowledge. We have, really without without

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evidence for this. We believe that today we have the we have we know everything about everything, right? We know we have the maximum modern knowledge that anyone ever had in their lives, completely unjustified thought, and especially if you then ask the automatic question, which is that if really modern man knows so much, how is it that modern life is so destructive? How is it that we are destroying our environment? How is it that we are polluting our oceans? How is it that we are polluting our rivers? How is it that we are cutting our forests and eliminating species after species? How is it possible? If you are really this knowledgeable, then it means that knowing that

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we have nowhere else to go, knowing that this planet is our home, we are deliberately destroying our own home? Is this a sign of knowledge? Or is this a sign of gross ignorance? jallat which is that? What does it signify? I mean, it's already can ask this question, really it would be a very painful question to be to be faced with. But this is what we are doing. So my point is that this is one point on which human the human race was very, very arrogant. I know everything about everything. The second point that we were very arrogant about is that is of our wealth that we are

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Today living in a society which is the wealthiest that has ever been once again, we don't have evidence for this, but this is what we believe we are the most powerful country most powerful people, eight people have more wealth than 50% of the of the world and this and that and we think this is this something good

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Believe me, this is the symptom of the of the greatest sickness that we have and that sickness is the lack of compassion, the sickness is the is the lack of of feeling fathers ah people have more wealth than 50% of the world and that 50% of the world there are people who are living on less than one US dollar a day, there are people for whom clean drinking water is the biggest problem and the biggest question for the day clean drinking water people for whom they draw Today we are living in the in the West, we are talking about about how toilet paper ran out of stores, because people bought it all out, we are talking about the 50% of the world there are people who have no toilets.

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So, where is the question of toilet paper that people will buy and you will come to India and see this, people have no toilets. So we are we are looking at something on the one hand we like to talk about our great knowledge and now we are in outer space and how we are we are we are at the peak of medical discovery and how do we have this and that and so on. On the other hand, we don't have clean drinking water. We don't have one square meal a day for people.

00:31:36--> 00:31:45

We have children dying of malnutrition. We have we have the places where there are no toilets and I'm not talking about small numbers I'm talking about huge huge huge numbers.

00:31:46--> 00:32:19

How do the two go together? Right so this is this was I arrogance arrogance to wet knowledge and arrogance or with third arrogance that we had is the arrogance of military power. He said we have we can take down anyone we can destroy anyone. Right? I can be sitting in a control center in the in the middle of the of the desert in Arizona, and I can bomb or I can take out and I can destroy somebody on the other side of the world. I have.

00:32:20--> 00:32:37

I have drones and my drones have got cameras, which can literally count the number of white hair in your beard. And if I want to take out this one person I can do that far. Fantastic. So you have so much power. Take out one Coronavirus.

00:32:38--> 00:33:02

Right. This is what this virus did. It nullified these three major points on which we used to feel so arrogant on our knowledge on our wealth and our and our military power. Right. And then of course, our technologies. fourth point, technology, we have this fantastic technology, we can do this, we can do that. We've got computers which are so fast and we can

00:33:03--> 00:33:05

everything has become zero.

00:33:06--> 00:33:17

Everything has become zero, our economy has come crashing down and we don't know where it is going to end. We are stuck inside our homes, we are locked in into our homes,

00:33:18--> 00:33:41

we are living off whatever we were able to buy from the stores, there is no guarantee when we will be allowed to go out and if we do go out there is no guarantee what will be in a store or what will not be in a store. We have been they have been brought to face our reality very starkly, right.

00:33:42--> 00:33:47

All done by Allah subhanho data using one small micro

00:33:49--> 00:33:54

so what is the message Allah has given us? The message is the hola la quwata

00:33:55--> 00:34:06

is no power, there is no era there is no ability, there is no decision making. There is no one who can do anything except Allah.

00:34:07--> 00:34:23

So this is what the world is being faced with those who have the the humility, those who are able to see the truth, those who Allah subhanaw taala guides will fall in sudduth and they will say Shalala heilala.

00:34:25--> 00:34:46

sola, they will come into Islam. And those Muslims who are Muslims will come fully into Islam. And we ask Allah to make us among them, they will acknowledge the power and the glory and the majesty of Allah subhanaw taala and they will say no, we were wrong. And Allah subhanaw taala is the one in control and completely and totally powerless. Right? I'm stuck in my house.

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

When I go out, I am walking in fear that when I'm breathing, this virus is airborne. Maybe I'm breathing it in I don't know. Imagine this virus has a

00:35:00--> 00:35:16

incubation period of up to two weeks, which means that a person is asymptomatic for two weeks, a person may have may be infected, and may be contagious, which means that the person is spreading infection. But he's showing no signs of it.

00:35:17--> 00:35:29

So on the face of it, here is is perfectly healthy person who is my father, who's my brother, my sister with my mother, who's my aunt, who my uncle, whoever, right? My teacher,

00:35:31--> 00:36:18

this person perfectly healthy, that person doesn't know that. You don't know that, that they top disinfection, they are infected, and they are contagious. So when they come into the house now, without knowing they have infected everybody in the house, now after two weeks, in the third week, they start showing symptoms, they are tested positive. In the fourth week, they die. I tell me, I don't know, may Allah subhanaw taala save us from this. It's a it's my worst nightmare, that when you are dying of this, which is more painful, the fact that you cannot breathe, or the fact that you are dying, knowing that because of you, other people got infected, that you ended up infecting the

00:36:18--> 00:36:49

people closest to you, which is more painful. May Allah save us from this. Now, that is the reason why we are saying don't go out, do not go out, reduce the chances of bringing back infection and your own house. Because you don't want to be the person who has infected your own loved ones. And believe me, that's what you will do when you come home, who is that your love people and who has brought the infection inside you. So therefore if you are going to go out, you're going to bring an infection and you will infect them.

00:36:51--> 00:37:07

Living Islam means to live the orders of Allah subhanho data. In this case, what is the order of Allah subhanaw taala as communicated to us by an official Salah to stay in the house. And unless Mandela did not just give this order

00:37:09--> 00:37:19

just didn't tell us to do that for physical benefit. He said, he said this is spiritual benefit. If you do that, with the yaqeen that there is

00:37:21--> 00:37:58

a lot. There's no benefit and there is no harm that can come from anyone other than Allah with this full and complete belief. And if we stay with Eva and with faith, and we stay with this app with expecting the reward from Allah smarter, then insha Allah, we will get the reward of a martyr. Even if he remained nice, Angela, what more do you want? Here is something that will give you the reward. You're getting a spiritual reward. you're protecting yourself, protecting other people. This is what Islam is. This is what Islam is a final point

00:37:59--> 00:38:45

of what to do. look for opportunities to help volunteer where you can volunteer. People are going out delivering essential oils to elderly people and people who are you know, deprived of the law. This you can do May Allah protect you while you're doing that, by all means take all precautions, wear masks wear gloves, wear wear unnecessary wear, wear protective clothing, but do that. Similarly, donate, donate money for food, donate money for essentials, remember, this is your not only is it something which will give you benefit with Allah subhanaw taala not only will something that Allah will reward you for, this is also your life insurance. This is the thing which will

00:38:45--> 00:39:18

ensure that one day somebody doesn't break into your house because you've been feeding people 100 as Allah will protect you and because of your feeding people people are not in that desperate situation where they have to break into your house. So make sure that you are doing the right thing and create those that those environment feed people donate money to those who are doing these good things hamdulillah inshallah, Allah will reward you, right. Very good opportunity to build relationships. I'm so happy I'm getting phone calls all kinds of people.

00:39:19--> 00:39:52

People I haven't seen for or haven't talked to for many, many years. You know, they're phoning me, how are you doing? I hope you're well is that so nice? It feels good that others don't just receive it. Also do it to others talk to each other. Yeah, talk to people we are doing webinars we are doing, you know, zoom calls and so on, and meeting people hamdulillah for this reason. So make sure that you use this opportunity in order to showcase Islam for the world and in order to earn the the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala

00:39:54--> 00:40:00

ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect you I ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep you in his head Zama asked

00:40:00--> 00:40:41

Let's manage data to enable you to make this the most productive and beautiful part of your life as well as manage data to enable us to use this as a reference point to change our lives. Make our lives obedient to Allah Subhana Allah, make our Allah Allah smart Allah says in Surah Taha oma sobre como Siva in Isla de la, and then Allah said, my human biLlahi jacoba Allah said no civet and no calamity comes to you except that it is the will of Allah, unless it's the will of Allah. And then what must you do have imagined Allah smarter and if you have in mind Allah what happens? Allah Subhana Allah will guide your heart means Allah will give you tranquility and peace and you will not

00:40:41--> 00:40:46

panic and you will be comforted by last mantra. ask Allah to make us among them.

00:40:47--> 00:40:49

Harajuku hora de la hora.