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The speakers discuss the concept of fulfilling rights, living Islam, and creating civilized deeds. They stress the importance of following one's desires and avoiding wasting one's time. The speakers also emphasize the need to reconcile false and false expectations with reality and focus on spirituality. They stress the importance of building civilized civilized deeds and avoiding giving up on promises. The segment also touches on negative behavior and gratitude and appreciation for actions of others.

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So without him the last little Samaras without any alarm cellular Have you known about him him as I said, if you know what he knows study la Homoserine we already kind of have even known Amina Mohammed science and philosophy, alarm cellular Have you been on a unit Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Akula Morocco vagamon obala coulomb Allah phonetically life you are praised who told us hands Everyone knows we reveal and knows what we conceal and even knows what the animals feel. We thank him we praise him on him. We have lions, that is to him you only turn to for true guidance. We asked him to send his peace, his blessings, His mercy on the rest of human beings the Prophet Muhammad Ali

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Salam, on whom be praised until the very end of our days and ask him for steadfastness, guidance, mercy and to never lead us astray for him to save us on Judgment Day. So we haven't really handler to illuminations Quranic reflections from the halloumi. Today's topic, I wanted to actually do a little bit of a longer reflection because of some of the topics that are really heavily involved in this particular part of Surah Nisa, the fourth chapter of the Quran, so I wanted to just take my time instead of just trying to rush thoughts or ideas, but to actually develop them and tell us something that we can benefit from. So certainly, this portion of Surah Nisa, which is again, the

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idea of fulfilling rights, Allah Subhanallah said in the portion yesterday

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about the believers a doula man RTE law Isla earlier,

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fulfill the rights of others to people who are deserving of the rights we're attacking and tackle will be law, that if you are going to

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establish rules and rule by that which Allah subhanaw taala revealed, and with justice, so when you're establishing rights, what is the basis of deciding what are you going to judge by? And that's something I think everybody just needs to really deeply reflect over that when we're asking and demanding for our rights. The basis for that should be the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, that is what was said, I'm not when it happens to be something for me, then I will use Islam to establish my rights. But when I'm not fulfilling the rights of someone else, then I'm not going to establish Islam. Right? Allah subhana, Allah says in this in this exact Surah Surah

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Nisa, the chapter of women, that, that you first of all, establish the rights of people and make sure that you fulfill and grant them their rights. And if you're going to rule and establish that right, in essence by something, that you should do it with justice, according with this, with this book with this example of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu audism. So that's number one. And then this concept is further ingrained in the section of the Quran that is recited today, and so within the cell, and that's why I titled it the reflections as living Islam, truly, living Islam truly, what are what are the conditions of living Islam? Truly, and I wanted to discuss this and especially

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the ayat that were mentioned in particular, in tonight's recital, it reflects this concept of what it means to live Islam. Truly. So Allah, Allah says in Isaiah 65, which was recited last night, this concept that starts to be expounded upon in tonight's verse citation, and that is the the ayah and so forth and so

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I had number 65 were last panda says, fella what a big gala. You mean Oh no. Had you had chemo Kaffee Masha jello Benina home. So Mala Ji Doofy foresee him halogen me ma await what you sell Lima waters Lima, Allah says, but no, by your Lord, they will not truly believe until they make you meaning Oh, Mohamed Salah Salem, a judge concerning that which they dispute over among themselves, and then find within themselves no discomfort from what you have judged by and then submit to it with an absolute full submission palette. What a powerful, beautiful idea, right? The idea notion that true belief living Islam truly is when we make the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, a

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judge concerning all of our differences in the basis of what we seek our own rights of, and then not only that, it's not just about okay, we make the Prophet Muhammad SAW, I said, I'm a judge, but then we are accepting of that internally. And we don't find any discomfort with it. And that's why the Prophet said a lot is said and it says, law you may know how to call, HUD Yoku Hawa who Tabea a tablet only magic Toby none of you truly believe meaning your your faith is not complete, until your desires follow that which I have brought. So when you will talk about living Islam truly the concept here is that we accepted the Prophet Muhammad Ali salatu salam as the ultimate decision maker and

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ultimate factor of us accepting something or rejecting something that the Prophet Muhammad Hassan mentioned this or to accept it or not.

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And that's incredibly, incredibly powerful for us to kind of reflect over. So this is the basis of living Islam truly right. And then Allah spy that says at the end of it, and they then submit themselves absolutely fully willingly in true submission. Allah spent that then continues in is number 134. Last time this is with regards to those who live.

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Islam truly among their characteristics is what Allah describes an ayah number 134 from Surah Nisa, last paragraph says, Man, can you read with Salwa dunya? Fine the law he saw abou dunya, one euro? What can a low semi I'm mostly Ilan, what a beautiful I'd really like just reflect on this I law says, Whoever desires the rewards of this world, then with Allah is the reward of this world and the Hereafter, and ever Allah subhanaw taala is all hearing and all seeing meaning, look, human beings by nature are beings that love reward, they always look at the return of investment in something, what is it that I'm getting out of it. And that's my last part that reminds the believers that

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oftentimes, a human being sometimes diluted by the material gains of this life is diluted. And unfortunately, the delusion of chasing those material gains, whether that be relationships, or whether it be money, wealth, status, jobs, or whatever it may be. It that element of delusion is what draws them away from accepting aspects of faith.

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If you ask some people, do you accept Islam? They're like, I accept Islam. And like, why don't you Why aren't you practicing Islam? And they said, Well, you know what, I'm not ready. What they're actually saying, they're saying, you know, what, the pleasures that I'm feeling, and I believe in achieving and gaining in whatever I believe to be rewarding in material, you know, process or whatever gain that I think will, will, I'm getting from the lifestyle that I have chosen, and here keep lifestyle meaning deemed like that is essentially what day means a lifestyle, a way of life, I believe is more rewarding at this point in my life, then the reward that is within las Panatela. And

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what he promises because, again, the instant gratification component of our minds, thinks that, hey, I have to give up this really enjoyable thing that I'm so engrossed in for something that I don't know if I'm going to have that much enjoyment in or I'm not ready to accept. So also this last part that says, Whoever desires that whoever wants that instant gratification of the reward of this life, the material reward, the know that with Allah is that reward of this world, He will give you, He will give you the reward of this world if you're if you're chasing that gratification of this world, and in the Hereafter, as well. And that's why I want you all to reflect on something. One of the

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things that we need to convince people of is that Islam, when you accept it truly like, again, the concept is living Islam truly, when you accept it truly Allah Subhana Allah says, that whoever believes in Him, and really truly has conviction in it for the new year no higher than for you but then we will allow them to live a blessed and flourish and fruitful and loving and blessed life. gratified life in this life. Phil had to dunya away oh man for one shot and last part that says in this life and on the day when the witnesses will be brought everyone who has to question you and say, You know what, you just you're wasting your time you people and your clothes and your meat

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selection and all kinds of all of these different things that are constricting your lifestyle and you should go out and live live, have more, put your hair out and all these kinds of things that people say you only live once right? Allah says they will be brought and they will be made a witness on the day when they were rejecting of the fact that this life is the way that Allah spoke that it brings about fulfillment and gratification in this life and on that hereafter. So tonight what a beautiful this is so like, it's so powerful men can you read the Salah, but dunya for in the life however dunya what I feel, whoever desires the rewards and gratifications of this life, then Allah

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then with Allah is the reward and gratifications of this life. And the next last minute continues ID number with 135 Yeah, un Levina Amaroo coo coo our Mina Bill Christie shahada and Allah one Oh ALLAH for cecum I will wear it anyway Academy. Check this out.

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So part of living Islam Truly, Allah then goes into the concept of what does it mean to persistently stand for justice? He says, Oh, you who believe be persistently standing firm and justice witnesses for a law, even if it is against your own selves, your parents or your relatives. So not just because your family member is who they are. You just support them. Somebody comes up to you and says, you know, someone has wronged me and they're coming to you basically, to get confirmation bias. They're getting justification they're going to watch

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You to be on their side you're the tribalism that exists to support them. Allah's practice says no. Yeah he wouldn't have been ama no Kurokawa Amina Bill Christie shahada and Allah He well Oh ALLAH for Seco I will wear it anyway a Colombian, oh you won't believe be persistently standing firm and justice witnesses for Allah even if it's against your own selves, or your parents or your relatives, whoever comes to you and that's why the believer when somebody comes to them and they say, they tell them you know, I've been wronged, I've been etcetera, etcetera, you're in a position of advice, you're in a position that someone is seeking, maybe direction in. So your job is not to just simply

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take their side, your job is also not to dismiss them. But your job is to be fair, and just, and maybe if they need advice to word it in a way where they can accept, but not just to simply side with them say, oh, you know what, yeah, he is wrong, or she is wrong, et cetera, and so on and so forth just to take their sides. That is not what our faith teaches us and that's part of living Islam. Truly, like we mentioned also have the continues economy and have Akira fala, who will be Hema Fela Toby rule house, and Terra de Loup, wait until you are able for in Allah kind of you my time I'm gonna have your that Allah says whether one is rich or poor laws more worthy of both. It

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doesn't matter about your status, economic status, and why wealth you have and who you belong to in the tribe and the family. It doesn't matter any of this, Allah, Allah email, Allah is more deserving and in be having an attribution to as a believer, then all of these other things that people are trying to justify, as their form of granting status or position or being put in places ahead of others. That's why last Congress says so do not follow your house. Do not follow your personal inclination, your desires, leaving Islam truly is not that faith fits your desires, is that your desires fit with your faith.

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That's part of Livingstone truly, and I want you to that's the most difficult thing in life. Why? Because there's a famous story of one of our teachers, he says that there was a judge, Islamic judge, he said that I want criminals to come in front of me from any background, or you know, wherever they come from, except from students of knowledge. I don't want students of knowledge to be criminals and put in front of me, so what do you mean? Of course, even people claim to be suits and to commit crimes, so why not citizen knows. He says, because everyone that comes up to me, and they committed a crime, they will accept that they've committed a crime, they say, You know what I stole,

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I did this, I wronged somebody, I took their right. You know, I didn't treat this woman, right, as my wife, etc, you know, I'll make amends, says but the student of knowledge, sometimes they'll come and if they're committed a crime, they'll give you 1001 justifications of why they did it.

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So essentially, they're using their knowledge, to justify their oppression. And that's why you can never allow your faith to be led by your desires, but your desires to be with that is in accordance with faith. And hence why this is such a powerful idea because the word howa itself in the Arabic language comes from Support comes from falling. And also Hodo, which means emptiness. So in essence, if you continuously follow your desires, you're going to it all it will only lead you to emptiness, and will lead you to falling continuously. And that's why one of the names of hellfire you know what it is, is called how Yeah, meaning the bottomless pit. One of the punishments in hell is that

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somebody will be thrown May Allah protect us, and they will never feel like they're going to they're going to hit and you know, just the anticipation, you know, you're on a roller coaster with lemon law, protect us, you know, roller coaster and the notion of what when you're going to dip and fall in that fall when you're at the top right, and you just keep falling, one of the punishments. Hellfighters is it's continuous falling until Allah wills, now a protector. So imagine somebody's falling like that into their desires, what is that eventually going to lead them to emptiness?

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Right, and continuously falling. So a lot of times it says, Don't, don't follow your desires. And that will, this personal desire of inclination that will not allow you to become just and if you distort your testimony refuse to give it because of again, when when the truth is on your side, you're there like Quran and Sunnah you know, Allah said the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to do this, and establish women's rights and establish this, but when when unfortunately we're you know, we're the ones who are doing wrong Oh, now a sudden, no more Quran no more the Prophet Muhammad I said, Emma said, establishing men and women's rights at the same time, this

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becomes problematic because why are we then picking and choosing which aspects of our faith it's for us and you see this all the time and marital discord husbands using a hadith of the prophets I send to justify their own oppression you know, the prophets I send it says you have to obey him you know that the processes that didn't act like throttling and then you have to be obeyed. And unfortunately, you see this as well and parents who think that there's an eye on the Quran, obey your

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Parents at the expense of your unhappiness, I don't remember that I have been in the Quran. So they will actually justify their overbearing nature of committing oppression against their own children.

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And this is not right, this is not acceptable. But again of course dealing with this and that reality requires wisdom and you know

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not you know responding to confrontation with more confrontation in essence. So such a beautiful I love spider man says, of course, indeed Allah is Ever with all what you do acquainted and Allah says continuing Yeah, you went live in Armando ameobi la he was sorry he went keytab in Medina Zilla Allah Rasool de wolky tabula the enzyme in Kabul woman yet for reliable Omala equity or kotoba. He also the yo yo mill, Africa, Kabbalah Valhalla, Merida, are you have believe believe in Allah and His messenger and the book that he sent down to His Messenger, and the scripture which he sent down before him, and whoever disbelieves in Allah, His angels, His books, as messengers in the Last Day

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has certainly gone astray. Allah subhanaw taala says, Indeed, those who have believed in disbelieved and believed and disbelieved and then the increase in their disbelief, never will law forgive them, nor will He guide them to a straightway and the idea being is that Allah's contract will forgive any any sin, except the one who dies upon disbelief. And Allah Allah if you don't, you should be way of doing it adequately. My Isha indeed Allah subhanaw taala will not forgive any association of worship to Him, but He will forgive any sin beside that. Okay. And last part that says, then, part of living Islam truly, is that we are extremely wary of hypocrisy,

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hypocrisy of two types, hypocrisy in faith, and hypocrisy and actions, hypocrisy and faith is when somebody is actually trying to hide their faith. They're actually hypocrites, meaning they don't believe in Islam. Truly, that's the worst type of policy, right? And then there's type of hypocrisy, which maybe the believer can also fall into, may Allah protect us because it's hypocrisy in one's actions. And we'll talk about that a little bit, because the last part that it says, give glad times the hypocrites that there's a painful punishment. So hypocrisy is something we should be constantly afraid of. That's why the Sahaba even went and they said, Tell us also some jasola We became a

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progressive, why, you know, when we're with you, we feel like we're in paradise. And we're like, we see in the Hereafter, we act so righteous, but when we go to our families, that we don't have that same feeling.

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And they said, This is hypocrisy to us. Hello, look at the one characteristic that they had of living Islam truly, is that they were honest and genuine with themselves. They were honest, and genuine with themselves. And that's extremely powerful. Because genuineness here,

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is very rare.

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Being genuine with Allah. I mean, so how look, we're all suffering in our relationships, because we claim that there's no genuine people left in this world. Right? So imagine, are we genuine with our own Lord and Creator? Maybe that's when we just start. So Allah Subhan, Allah

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warns of this. And that's why every single believer should be very conscious of falling into operasi. And

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I want to discuss two Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam which speaks about one of the first things that we as Muslims should focus on our spirituality.

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And that is, you want when in spirituality, Islamic spirituality, you try to watch out for two things. Number one, trying to remove vices in your character. And part of that is like, you know, diseases of the heart. Part of that is

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bad manners, right, and ego and envy, and we have what's called the roots of spiritual diseases. We've done a course on that for legacy institute called spiritual medicine, the roots of spiritual diseases, you can go look it up on legacy that Institute, that was not the point. The point is to remove vices. And then the second thing that we need to work on spirituality is to build virtues. So removing vices building virtues is called tous. Sfia. And Talia tasveer is to suffer to purify. So how do you purify the removing filth in your heart, envy and jealousy and

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you know the what's called the roots of spiritual diseases, right? Pride, ego, right? And then you have diarrhea, which means to beautify. So you remove you purify yourself from these horrible vices and you build them and replace them with virtuous, virtuous deeds. And that's why the very first thing that a person when they're talking about purification and, and spirituality, they should work on removing the vices and replacing them with virtues. So the prophets of Allah Hadees, Selma said in Hadith has never been out of the law and who, Alcala Rasulullah Salallahu Salam, Min Isla Mati Munna Farah we're in Psalm our Salah was aroma and the whole Muslim either had defecate the way they

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While the left way the two minute Han, the the Prophet Mohammed Salim says, among the signs of a hypocrite or three, even if they fast and pray and claim to be a Muslim, look, this is a powerful Hadith. Meaning Look, somebody could be praying and fasting and I'm a Muslim and you know crying and Tali and all of this other stuff. But if they don't cleanse themselves from these three characteristics, it doesn't matter, because then it's hypocrisy and action. And that's what the first thing that we should try to remove from our hearts is the first thing you should focus on is spirituality. Right? What is it? Number one? When they speak, they lie. When they speak, they lie

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and I want you to focus on this just a little bit. How many times do we tell what's called small white lies? Are you coming to the wedding? Yeah, inshallah you're not coming to the wedding. Just tell them you are coming. This is a lie. You're not gonna you're not gonna do any, this Be honest. Are you going to be are you going to be there at nine year and us aihl This is you're not going to be there on time. So

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lying here is very important that you don't consider things like white lies, big lies, small lies, stop lying, no lying. And that's why the prophets I sent him I said that a person will tell lies until they are written in in the books of Allah that this person is alive. And the person will keep telling truth, until they're written in the books of Allah that this person is truthful. And that's why we could get his name from as a Sadiq because he was truthful. He's truthful. And there's, obviously of course exceptions, when one can tell what's considered false truths. And part of that is to reconcile among people reconcile, for example, between husband and wife, between people who

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are fighting with each other. Hey, you know, they said, they said some amazing things about you the other day, and they probably hadn't, they probably said something general, about Muslims. So what you're doing is bringing them together bringing the hearts together. In this case, it's okay. There's also cases like, for example, perhaps of some studies that have had that, that in war, wars, deception, so they're just there's an element of deception that can be used in in issues of war. But we're not talking about exceptions, because I know what people do they're exceptions go to their mind, or what about this? What about this? No exceptions don't make the rule habibi. And also,

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exceptional cases don't make the general case. Right. So let's just, we take that number two. So number one, the prophesy said, among the signs of hypocrisy is three, or hypocrite or three, even if they fast and pray and claim to be a Muslim. When they speak, they lie number one, number two, when they give a promise, they break it. Are you gonna be there tonight? Yes. And they're not going to be there. Right? Are you going to pay me at this time, these kinds of things are more important sometimes. And that's all you imagine, like when you make a promise to pay somebody back? The very least if you're not going to pay them on time, just let them know, tell them hey, you know what I

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can't pay you right now. And you got to accept the consequences.

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I'm telling you about money, because a lot of the a lot of talent who said that you realize the true faith of a believer in

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the following instances when you travel with them, because when you travel, you know what all that you know, performance face that we put up for people, that starts to go away a little bit. Because when you're traveling your true

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reality, your true face comes out. And that's why they said a Sephora use fear, it's called suffer from the same word that means to expose to show.

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And number two, when you do business with them, money, money shows you the true faces of people like ilaha illallah, you will see true but you will see things you never ever thought when you see and you deal with people in money. And that's why the Prophet says that when he says when he gives a promise and breaks it you will see most of it dealing with wealth. Right? And then of course, when you live with somebody is the third that a lot of the A lot of times when you live with somebody, of course everything. Everything then is shown when you live with them. That's why you don't truly know somebody until you live with them. Right? That's what I'm going to be a lot of time I know. In

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another narration he said something beautiful, he says, I am not misled by the prayer of a man how he prays but how he is trustworthy and what he says and fulfills.

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How often do we think about this? When you don't think about it on the way and walking here? You're how many how many people there when you have a daughter may Allah grant us righteous righteous daughters and be righteous daughters Inshallah, for those of you who are women's

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The most difficult thing is when you have the most ideal suitor come to you and most ideal suitor in our community. Some kid who is going to be a doctor, an engineer, he's got money, right? He had some crypto bashall a Bitcoin was going well, and this guy's like rolling in it, Allahu Akbar. Now he's proposing to this to this woman. And what happens is, there's so much pressure from the family sometimes, there's so much outward pressure, you gotta marry look, he's he's this and he's a hot facade, and he's not and he's this and loved one. Just the outward appearances and superficial nature was being pressured on some women to marry according to those people. And what happens is

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sometimes there's internal diseases that they're not, that's not very, you know, apparent. And we don't actually

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sit there and give people time to get to know one another to allow, you know, that co-habit coalition of spending time with one is talking etcetera, to show the true character of people. So I said, you know, what may Allah make us of those that allow, you know us to guide and be strengths for our daughters and our women folk, to find the right people, not because of the superficial titles that people think that you know, you got to marry a doctor, you got to marry an engineer, I'm not saying that doctors are bad people, I'm just saying, that's not the only factor. In fact, that's not, that's not even the top 10 factors of why person should marry another individual. So the notion

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here is that

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a person becomes a person of integrity, when you live Islam truly. And then the third characteristic, when they are trusted there, but they betray,

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when they're trusted, they betray their trust. So these three things, a person should focus on the most to try to rid themselves up. When they speak, they they lie, when they give a promise, they break it, and then when they're trusted, they betray their trust, they should try to remove this from their heart immediately. There's among the first things of spirituality, the spirituality spiritual journey starts with removing these three things as much as possible in the small and the big because if you're going to focus on not doing this and the small things that will definitely

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affect you in the in the larger things. And another Hadith, of course, he's the prophesy Simon says, there are four signs that make someone appear hypocrite, and whoever has them has a characteristic of hypocrisy, until they abandon it. When they speak, they lie when they make a covenant, they are treacherous when they break, when they make a promise, they break it. And when they argue they are wicked,

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not only wicked way, that horse on the fragile, they're rude, they're crude, you know, when somebody when you get an argue with them, hola, hola, como, they'll start anything that comes out of their mouth is dead, like, don't even cross their path. people's mothers and fathers and tribe and they don't leave anybody you know, when they when they start getting into an argument. And this is not the act, the attitude of a believer and living Islam truly, that a person, they control the control and guard their anger, and say, Oh, you don't want to lose my, when I lose my temper my patients, I'm a different person, that doesn't matter. That's something you got to change. That's among the

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first things in terms of spiritual journey. You got to you got to control this, not just simply be triggered, somebody has a different opinion than you that's that's a very deeply rooted problem to have. Somebody just disagrees with you and you're mad. Like, you know what?

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The place that you know, of course, unfortunately, like is a is a is a place that that gathers all this is like Twitter, where everybody's just, they argue about everything. There's a famous meme that says, even if you were to say, I like pancakes, I'm gonna say what about waffles?

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Like, bro, that's a whole different sentence. What do you mean? What about waffles, right? So imagine people unfortunately, have built this kind of character where there's no ability to amicably disagree. You just triggered constantly by people disagreeing with you is this is very bad characteristic. So now let's make use of those that when we are we disagree with people we disagree with? With honor, we disagree with amicable, hey, you know what? I see your point number one, acknowledgement, number two acceptance. And then if you disagree, even if it's not unacceptable, you word it in a way that is with integrity and with dignity. And that's why government they speak about

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using I statements, especially in relationships, I feel x, because you said why, or you did why, and therefore I need you to do Z. It's called I statements. Right? So that will help us greatly. So last time that,

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you know, spoke to us about removing this level of hypocrisy, and he continues by saying how dangerous it is in this in this surah about mentioning those characteristics of hypocrisy.

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And part of living Islam truly is to focus up for us not to fall into those elements. And that's why they follow the Lord Tehran, who was described as the keeper of the secrets of the prophets of Allah and because we're so trustworthy, he says, in the nastiest, Aluna annual Haiti, one as an under shadow, Maha Fatah, you reckon? I'll come a call. He says people ask about all good things. How do I get this? What's the thing in general that I can get that with? Or what are the best things I can how can my dogs be answered, etc, so on so forth, are they if I said, I was actually asked about things that are bad, and evil, like, you know, stuff, how do I stay away from hypocrisy? What are

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the preventers of my dua being rejected?

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He says why I asked about those evil things that so I don't fall into them. Subhanallah look at the look at the mindset of the Sahaba they were not worried about like their own indignation and like, you know, entitlement but they were worried about hey, what are some things I do that I need to fix that I need to rectify? So that'll fall into them?

00:29:55--> 00:30:00

Almost having an eye on number 145 So it's a nice add in alimony. If you

00:30:00--> 00:30:26

DNF it dedicated a study Mina natty will tell you that a home nursery law. Indeed the hypocrites will be in the lowest depths of the fire and never will you find for them a helper Illa Lavina taboo or slap or toss a movie Love worthless whoa Dino Nila. He felt hula meanie meaning was all for you. Meaning a journal now Lima, look at this beautiful

00:30:27--> 00:30:57

villa, Lagos, the Quran. It's like, I don't know, it's like pouring water into your heart of dead Earth. Allah says, Except even those who committed hypocrisy, even those who committed the wrong against themselves who doesn't commit wrong and get themselves who hasn't? Who hasn't done one of these four characteristics that the prophets I said instead of hypocrisy in action. I mean, we're all human being we've done things that are wrong the last time it says, you know, you feel bad about it, you've done these things, except for those who they do what Toba? Number one, they repent, they turn back to Allah Subhan

00:30:59--> 00:31:04

Allah door's always open. And then Allah says number two was slow, and they rectified themselves.

00:31:05--> 00:31:18

taboo or slow. They turn back to Allah. Because Toba repentance comes from the word turning back to Allah. Repentance sunnah is a very deep English word, but the word in Arabic is turning back going back to Allah's power, right?

00:31:19--> 00:31:30

Those who turn back to Allah and those who rectify themselves, and then what do they do what I've taught him will be happy what I've taught him will be let they hold fast to Allah, they hold on to Allah subhanaw taala.

00:31:31--> 00:31:34

And then this is what Allah sadena home they and this is where like the,

00:31:35--> 00:31:47

the pinnacle of our reflection is reaches his height. What do they do? They are sincere in their way of life truly for Allah living truly fall for Allah living Islam truly.

00:31:48--> 00:32:01

Welcome Russell Dena home, LilLah Allahu Akbar, may Allah make us of those people that reached this level where they live sincerely in their lifestyle, their way of life for Allah,

00:32:02--> 00:32:09

worthless will be only Allah, this this, this portion of the I just just keeps replaying in my head.

00:32:10--> 00:32:12

Because we're all trying to reach this level.

00:32:13--> 00:32:17

Right? And how many times do we falter? How many times do we

00:32:19--> 00:32:55

do become deluded by the gratifications of this world? How many times are we swerved from that reality? We ask Allah to grant us welcome us within home yet right? Those who purify and they make sincere, their Deen their way of life, their lifestyle only for Allah subhanahu wa Iike. For Willa Iike Meaning, Allah says they are those who are who will be with the believers. And Allah says was so for your tailor who mean as your own Alima and Allah soon going to give the believers a great reward.

00:32:57--> 00:33:18

And then Allah progresses the next ayah which is like, you want to cherry on top of all of this Allah is going to make among the believers Allah is going to take care of them Allah is going to reward them, Allah is going to give them the gratification fulfillment of this life. Look at the next if you gotta be ready for the next slide. Last point that it says an ayah number 147 Sultan Nisa, Maya found love will be either become in Chicago tomb,

00:33:19--> 00:33:23

tomb to work can Allah Who shack you on Alima?

00:33:25--> 00:33:27

What would Allah do with you

00:33:29--> 00:33:30

and your punishment?

00:33:31--> 00:33:33

What would Allah benefit from your punishment?

00:33:35--> 00:33:39

Allah doesn't benefit from punishing you. If you were simply just grateful and you believed

00:33:41--> 00:33:45

what would Allah do with your punishment if you simply just were grateful and believed?

00:33:47--> 00:33:53

It's such a beautiful, powerful, meaning Allah is not here to punish us. Allah is not here as a

00:33:55--> 00:33:57

lord that is spiteful.

00:33:58--> 00:34:08

A Lord that is angry, which unfortunately many Muslims unfortunate when they were introduced to Allah subhanaw taala introduced with the fact that notion that Allah is angry, the fact that he's vengeful,

00:34:09--> 00:34:23

that there's resentment. They're not introduced with Allah subhanaw taala the way Allah introduces himself Do you know how to launch reduce himself in the Quran? was the first time the Quran this Milla your watchman Elachi, in the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Giver of Mercy.

00:34:24--> 00:34:44

That's the That's how Allah wants to be introduced us. That's the if you want to talk about first impressions, right? You'd have certain first impressions of certain people. Some of you don't get a good first impression of people. They're just you know, like, Man, I really don't want to be near them. What's the first impression we have of the last comments out of many Muslims their first impression of Allah is resentment is anger

00:34:45--> 00:34:59

is event for Lord. Allah says the first impression we should have is Allah is merciful. And he's, he's giver of all that vast mercy special mercy to the believers. Out of anatomy man If Allah Allah we are there because what will Allah do with their punishment? What

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

Allah, how can Allah benefit from your punishment in any way? In Chicago moment, if you just simply were looking at the first word,

00:35:09--> 00:35:10

if you're just simply grateful.

00:35:12--> 00:35:13

And then you believed,

00:35:14--> 00:35:28

which goes back to one of the things we talked about already, the foundation of faith is gratefulness. And what is the most, what is the most ungrateful thing that we can do as believers that we know the truth, we know what Allah has, has guided us to, and we use his blessings

00:35:29--> 00:35:39

in other than what he asked us to use them. That's the height of ungratefulness. And the height of gratefulness is to use the blessings of Allah the way he wanted us to use.

00:35:40--> 00:36:14

So that's, it's not as grateful as in saying that hamdulillah thanking Allah, but grateful as what you use what Allah gave you, in showing your gratefulness. Isn't that isn't that true in your relationships? Like I'm appreciative, I'm gonna praise your person. And I say thank you all the time. Right? Thank gratefulness and appreciation isn't simply only by word of mouth, like you think your wife every time she makes you food. That's the that's the bare minimum, how maybe you're not thanking your wife, you're you got a problem. You're just like, the processes of the height of thankfulness, the same exact look and may Allah reward you. I mean, some of you don't even do that.

00:36:14--> 00:36:40

Let's just, you know, let's correct that first. Every time somebody does something for you opens the door or gives you something or think or thinks about you or sends you a message to say do not call. Okay. Thank you. I really appreciate it. be appreciative with your mouth. That's the first level. We're only talking about that we're talking about. What if you don't show appreciation with your actions? And they say you're not appreciative. I don't sense that you're an appreciative person to me. What a philosopher that sense of that from us. And the law says,

00:36:41--> 00:36:42

Just be appreciative.

00:36:43--> 00:37:33

And believe, we can allow shakin muddiman, but rather Allah is Shakir is the most appreciative and Aleem the most knowledgeable, knowing how can Allah be appreciative to us because this amount of as it says, the name of Allah when a chakra chakra refers to the one that will exponentially reward you for the little things that you do exponentially, you will be rewarded for the little things that you do. And I mean, he's all aware of our actions and our intentions. He's all knowing, but he still rewards more than we deserve. Notable enemy. And then the last time that I continued, that I asked of what it means to live Islam truly, what it means to live, Islam, the way Allah Subhana Allah says

00:37:33--> 00:38:05

in the very first idea that I shared with you all fell out of Bukola you know, and I had to you had chemo coffee machines, there'll be no and no by your Lord, they will not have truly believed until they make you O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they're judged their basis for asking for their rights. The Prophet Muhammad says, What are the prophets like, concerning their disputes amongst themselves? What from malaria? Do you do free for them halogen, and then they don't find anything even in their hearts of discomfort with what the Prophet saw the law is set for us to do.

00:38:07--> 00:38:47

And he says, well, like for malaria do you do feel for saying hello Jemima allait where you send him with a steamer and that they submit themselves fully in submission to Allah subhanaw taala and what the Prophet Muhammad likes them so with that inshallah we end this section, the session of eliminations of chronic reflections from the domain. On the topic of living Islam truly, may Allah make us of those who live Islam truly, and allow us to turn our lives and our lifestyles and our worldview to that which pleases Allah subhanaw taala and to rectify our vices, from elements of hypocrisy or elements of shortcomings or deficiencies to that which Allah subhanaw taala is pleased

00:38:47--> 00:39:18

with. So we are blessed with a life of gratitude, of gratification and gratitude in this world and in the Hereafter, knowing that Allah subhanaw taala is the source of all of blessings that we can possibly have because it was so Allah said, no matter how do you want to be them? How do I say which may or may Allah subhana gathers with our beloved Prophet Muhammad slice LM in the highest levels of gender? Why for that one and Hamdulillah we are mean, or Sal, Allahu wa salim Mubarak and how do you know what I mean? Mohammed, while he was he was ready. We'll see you tomorrow shell was at it for Illuminations, a lot of reflections from the elemental. So