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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of faith and the power of conviction in overcoming difficulties and building character. They also mention the story ofielding confidence through prayer and staying true to their beliefs. The speaker emphasizes the need for faith to overcome hardships and create a path of contentment and joy.
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Um The last last time I was really loud I was like it was really long decided how you're going to interview them homicide Salem, welcome everybody to illuminations put on reflections, day three, discussing today inshallah some of the I had where

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Allah subhanaw taala speaks in Surah Baqarah, about difficulties in overcoming difficulties.

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These acts kind of a, I was reflecting over some of the

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points that our last point that I made with regards to how different groups of people overcame difficulties and how those difficulties actually refined their character and their soul and built their character in their soul. You saw in the example, for example of the story of Dawood Ali Salam, and how Bani Israel faced insurmountable odds against a force that they thought they were out number over three to one, even more than that, and then how Allah subhanaw taala gave them strength. And they received their strength through number one, perseverance and conviction. And that conviction helped them to overcome everything. I think we as Muslims, sometimes we forget this aspect and

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element of, you know, when we have how much of our faith revolves around speaking about the conviction that helps us overcome every difficulty that we may have. So when we go through counseling, sometimes the counselor asks us to ground ourselves or anchor ourselves in something. And I think the greatest anchor in our life is our faith, our faith. And the last point that I want you just to appreciate that how much of your life is anchored in the conviction that you believe there is a Lord who rewards and who has consequences for deeds and also who will take care of you and hears you and listens to you. So that conviction itself was one of the greatest ways that helped

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the believers in dealt with at the same time, overcome everything that they went through. Number one, number two is that conviction was part of the reason that allowed them to make the DUA that allowed them to overcome. So Allah subhanaw taala says that they made a prayer before they face their difficulties. And that teaches us that you know, not only conviction and having like strong faith, but also the conviction to be led by prayer and the strength of prayer. Robina aflutter Elena Sabra with a bit Akadama Allah, Allah Subhan, Allah says that they made this dua, Oh Allah, pour on us patience. And that's why the Scholars say that when you face the difficulty, that's when you ask

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for patience, but you should not ask for patience. Prior to that you should ask for Afia This is a example of the Prophet Muhammad slice anymore. He said to his uncle, oh, my uncle, oh Abbas ask Allah for Afia, Orpheus preservation, to be protected from difficulties and hardships and trials. But when you face them, when you're going through them, that's when you ask for patients. And that's what the dallisa and the army that was facing an incredible amount of difficulty and hardship. That's what they eventually faced. So this teaches us that

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conviction through prayer helps us in our difficulties and helps us refine ourselves and our souls. Number one, number two, you have the story of Ibrahim Ali said in this as well. Well, last Pantelis has what is called a Ibrahim or RB areni kafer. To heal motor, or when I'm talking Karla Bella killed the ultimate in Nickleby. And remember when Ibrahim Ali said I'm said, My Lord, show me how you give life to the dead. And Allah Subhana Allah says and respond to do you not believe Allah Subhana Allah says that Ibrahim responded, but rather I want to have contentment in my heart and tranquility and assurance. So this teaches us as well, that faith gives us assurance. And

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difficulties that you go through will also give you what's called an angel hack, which is the eye of certainty will give you almost like a certain sign that this religion, this faith, this belief that we have is true meaning you will see in your life, different times in your life where you will almost it's like personally delivered science from Allah subhanaw taala, that you're on the correct path. Keep going, you're going to have difficulties and trials. But even Ibrahim Ali said I wanted that assurance. And Allah Subhan Allah says that the assurance will be given to you. And the trials that you face are a means of showing you that this path is the truth. And that's why difficulties,

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build character and refine our souls. This surah is so beautiful Surah Al Baqarah is one of my favorite. It's my favorite solo, because it has such deep messages, underlying messages in the stories of those who came before us to help us overcome the difficulties that we face. The hardships that we go through and understanding that there are people who came before us who had moments of questioning as well. Ibrahim Ali said I'm even look he asked, Oh Allah tell me how you give life to the dead. And Allah Subhana Allah says, Don't you believe so even the even the most righteous will have moments of just questioning and moments of trying to see conviction, but that is part of faith.

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And faith will be strengthened by resolve prayer and perseverance. And that's why the prophets of Allah He said mo would make the most often dua as unnecessarily a lot of talent who says prophets lie Selim is most often said dua

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Is yarmulke liberal Hello subpixel Bialetti Nick, oh the Turner of the hearts. Make my heart firm on your faith we asked last month that you're on the profit side and domestic as we're wrapping up here,

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total wish and we asked last month to make our hearts firm, to allow us to persevere in this blessed month to learn from the deep deep lessons of the Quran and to allow us to overcome all the difficulties that you're going through. I know there are some brothers and sisters are going through some serious difficulties but Allah is with you and Allah will take care of us and all of us and grant us that conviction help us overcome with prayer with perseverance and be thankful for the conviction you have how many people are going through so much difficulty they're going through counseling and and through psychologist but they're not being told the conviction that anchors them.

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That anchors all of us as humanity I mean look, look at the sanity that we have is because our faith in Allah subhanaw taala and I leave you with that inshallah to really build that conviction in your heart and inshallah ask Allah subhanaw taala to strengthen you with it and ask Allah azza wa jal to relieve those difficulties with it in sha Allah, Salah Simon Amina Mohammed while he was a huge Marine, which is our common law couples that we'll see y'all tomorrow, inshallah to Allah for illuminations Quranic reflections from the Halloween so that went on