Ramadan Reflections – Day 25

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Letting Go

2017-06-22 – Ramadan 2017

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You're listening to Ramadan reflections but with the same money. This summer, Mufti Hussain will be teaching the Hadith intensive, students will study the different methods of compilation and preservation of ahaadeeth. The major role female scholars have played in Hadeeth preservation, the biography of famous Hadith narrators, as well as different collections, and excerpts from famous heavy texts like steel body. For more information, visit Hadeeth intensive.com.

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And many love football and purpose of life, it was actually joining us.

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In order for a ship to sail you have to have one you got to be in order for a ship to sail you have to have one.

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The water is only useful as long as it's underneath the ship. If that very same water enters into the ship, is it useful?

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the same thing when it comes to let it be underneath. You use it as a sub as a means to attain their greater goal which is for you to gain muscle.

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We see this with us the competitors. They never let a lone wolf enter into their heart. But what they earned they worked hard they earned it means they gave to a lot of different hormones. And this was known in Medina when the markets were no secret to the Arabs. The Muslims in Okinawa gave their life to their agriculture, the Muslims in Burma

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shot up and down

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the summer and winter.

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But at the end of the day,

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it was sort of called them for the call. These were the first people have said

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this attitude that well, which could be so to face never became a barrier between them.

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There were times

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but it is this this attitude that you have of not being a slave of it, and using it for the causes that will give you your place and gentlemen, the most famous story is that

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where he stood he sat in front of Congress.

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And the promise of the body was good. And that was the thing about

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superstars because in their unique way they were superstars.

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Had it's somewhat

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of a treat.

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It was harder love. He worked very hard. He worked day and night he had businesses and caravans going in and out

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you know, people we commissioned to the business and this is a big

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cause of a lot and I want you to

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sit down and ask yourself what do you think when you have a big business? What do you also have a big businesses?

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A lot of expenses. Yes. The bigger the business

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right now. Well I have another caravan going for this season next season last season we didn't make enough money.

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I've already been getting into the market for so long. But

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let me hold back this time. Because suffering from something you truly love is very difficult. And

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we all work hard.

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But at the same time that very simple. have the right

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and the right side of us that the one

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who is there to give a beautiful loan.

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Do you think

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do you think

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these events that increase the local magazine anyway? Absolutely no. One is

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asking us

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if you trust me and you know to me for

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a long time back and remember, a lot of we have

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a lot of

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low fat. When you're wondering why season slow.

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There may be a store selling the exact same product you're selling.

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They have a business you don't want

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to hold back.

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Why is that? Because ultimately you have to know that your question remains

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lost the earth

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because this person has lost some days he gains before you go home.

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You know, some days he comes over

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a patient.

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And one day Richard

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said, many adults

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will be resurrected with a recipe blog.

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Many people who have businesses will be resurrected with a recipe we'll put john

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except for the person who was conscious of the last transaction.

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And he did.

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And he gave me the path of a loss.

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That holding him back from

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the promises that they bought me again and again. But if you give it up out of the law, you will get for

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you that how will you make your payments? It's a really interesting a lot of time. Why don't want a few months.

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But trust me, these were the same whispers that she whispered in your heart three months ago, and he's been successful from holding you back.

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For so long, a faulty promise.

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policy, poverty, poverty, and I stand here before you today, a lot of

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my wealth for your own

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personal sacrifices, there's a lot of animal reach a loss of freedom without

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there's a lot to

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your obedience. Can you make that sacrifice?

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Can you let go of your wealth, and it's very hard, but burdens there are there I went through so much for this. And remember a lot of

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what I

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ended up being right.

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And that was the alligator a lot in the book.

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A lot of people have asked for this paper, and they are not being stingy with let them never think

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that they're stingy is actually in their favor. When you're being called to send a copy of a lot, and you sit back and you don't give remember that that thought

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behind now is not good for you anymore. But

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for you, not only is it not good for you, is actually it's bad for you.

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Talking about you actively failed a test of faith, you should have

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I'm not saying give all at once. I'm just saying every time you're called to testify,

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make a little sacrifice. And then the next day, a little sacrifice and

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all that we brought

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need your health, your wealth or your health. A lot

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of these guys haven't been here a long

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time about this.

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Let's change them. We challenge ourselves in so many ways.

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I can encourage you to focus very St. Paul's standing in front of you to cry.

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Remember that

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without all these distractions, but remember, there are very few things that can map the impact. The spiritual strength that is gained through southern

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Indian charity, erases extinguishes the anger of loss.

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Any charity stays a person from a dishonorable death. It saves you from the fact that there

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is so many so many virtual devices before you is going from one area to the next area. The light will continue on. But I'd like to pull up today in front of you with one last reminder that you

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go back home and choose your car before you call them for that particular institution. I just want you to get your heart to feel. I want you to look for people who go and search for that and go and get in their heads and

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say that right? You're supporting your local institution, supporting the people in our community, those words

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One thing that families are struggling in our community, our communities are held to.

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But you decide where you're lucky to go. And make sure you park with some of your wealth.

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And as I close, as I talk about some of my charity, let me remind you of an obligation of a lot of government to not fail.

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If there's anyone in this gathering, who has the value of the stock, and I calculated a few days back, the value of the stock in gold today is $3,500 or $3,500, sitting in your account, and you had that money for roughly a year, it's $3,500. And then a year later you open up your accounts, if you still have $3,500 or more in your account, you need to start getting up to one 5% of that, for the sake of

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this is not just voluntary, it's sort of up this is now

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learn about

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3500 out there so you can start thinking

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which may apply to some of you that may not be married. People think that's something you do when you get old No. If you have

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a one year that we saw and you ignore other conditions of being free, x y&z the rest of it is obligation.

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But most of them are

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marked by words that

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you know, Muslims are

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the right

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people. We have so much love the Muslim model, but unfortunately, we can play by disease.

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With the disease of

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fear of losing love.

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To give

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a shout out

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you can get

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a long

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You will never be

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