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Hasib Noor
AI: Summary © The host of a casual discussion discusses the legacy of the previous year, specifically the establishment of the Kaaba and the DUA. The host emphasizes the importance of leaving legacy behind to avoid confusion and profit from the upcoming year. The host also mentions the importance of faith and reverberation in achieving their goal of leaving a legacy.
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Last time that I saw so mostly nowadays everything so I think a lot of cats are hoping as well Inshallah, this is day two of illuminations Quranic reflections from the Halloween just finished towaway here in Michigan giveaway. And today's I asked, I couldn't help us think about concept of legacy. They talked about Ibrahim it said I'm establishing the Kaaba. And of course one of the greatest legacies to have is to establish something that I was just amazed that that Ibrahim Ali salaam really didn't see the end of his life, how that legacy reached all over the world. But Allah subhanaw taala asked him to do one thing to call out right to call out and establish this legacy to

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establish the Kaaba and then later on, even though he didn't see the ultimate ends of his legacy, what it essentially left behind for the rest of humanity, it established something for humanity that every single human being is now called to which is to the faith of Islam and to Allah's point out. So establishing legacy is something beautiful in these ayat, and one of the draws that he made, which was I also was amazed with, is of course the DUA where he asked Allah subhanaw taala to send from among them a messenger Rasulullah Minh home, yes, you are to him it will you will you Ali Muhammad Kitab Olympic motto is a key him that he recites to them Your Ayat your verses of the

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Quran, and teaches them the book, which is the Quran, of course, and the Hikmah, which means wisdom to put something in its right place, essentially meaning the Sunnah, the example of the Prophet Muhammad size seven, which is the application of Revelation, and purifies them, and then after that Allah Hunter speaks about the idea that the Cabos established for the worship of Allah alone. And then later on a last part that I says he sent after he established that legacy, a Messenger from among them, that recited the ayat taught them the book, and

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excuse me, he recited them that he cleansed them, he purified them, well, he's a key meaning spirituality, and then talk to them the Book and the wisdom, meaning its proper application. So let's put the rearrange the dua of Ibrahim Ali Salam, to basically send a messenger with ayat and then

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the book of Allah subhanaw taala, and his son of the Prophet Muhammad, Slicer them, but and then purification, but this time, he rearranged it by saying, No, we're going to send a messenger that will, with this with these ayat with these verses, purify them first and then come to the teaching of the book, and the wisdom is proper application. So one of the most powerful and amazing lessons we learned force from from these ayat is the purpose of legacy of leaving something behind usually a human being thinks about legacy when they get older, when they have children. And they all of a sudden say, Okay, what have I left behind? For my family? What have I left behind for humanity, but

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one of the most powerful things is that our faith teaches us to leave a legacy, almost at any point in time in our lives, to think about what we're leaving back for humanity and what we're leaving back for Islam and Muslims. So essentially, to leave back a legacy is so important, essentially, to think about what legacy Are we leaving behind, like Ibrahim Ali said, Are we leaving a legacy behind where people can benefit from the beautiful

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legacy that he left in terms of the kava and of course, progeny that he made dua for saying, oh, Allah, allow them to be people who pray, allow them people, be people who remember you and be in the service of others? Or is it a legacy, unfortunately, we don't know what kind of legacy we leave behind based on a lack of purpose and direction. So these were some of the things that I reflected on, especially because all of the I had speak about how Islam was established, through justice, how established how Islam has established through that almost every aspect of our faith speaks about a greater meaning, and reverberation of that legacy and leaving it behind that Ibrahim Ali said, I

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didn't see like how all of these people if you can see here today that are here from all over different parts of the world and measure the number we they came to pray and they came too fast in the Blasted Lands, and some people came to rest, of course, initial on this roof. But they this is the legacy of Ibrahim Addison, and part of that legacy is his great great

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grandson, the Prophet Muhammad Salah Lysander himself so even if the prophet Muhammad SAW I said and was part of the legacy of Ibrahim and that's why Allah subhanaw taala says, to follow the legacy of Ibrahim Ali salaam, what legacy do we leave behind I leave that to you all in sha Allah Tada for us to be blessed to leave a legacy and to follow on the legacy of Ibrahim Ali salaam, and in the legacy of our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, which in essence, this faith, reverberates and embodies his practice and his love and what he stood for, and that is to bring mercy and service to mankind by servitude to Allah subhanaw taala

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So I hope all that has been beneficial to you all and illuminations pranic reflections from the domain and I look forward to y'all to see me tomorrow continuing our series inshallah so I want to confirm ricotta mailsite That I bless and accept from everyone and gather us with the profit from this lesson and the highest levels of Genesis

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