Quranic Connection #05 – Your Trust in Allah

Suleiman Hani


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A speaker discusses the importance of trust in Allah's actions and how he will suffice people in any way. He emphasizes the need to accept and work with Allah's brothers and sisters to build trust. The speaker also mentions resources for learning and benefiting as Muslims, including free ebooks and a website called weldreth.org.

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trust in Allah telecoil Allah subhanaw taala says, One I work a lot on law he for who I have small, whoever puts their trust in Allah, Allah will take care of you in every way Allah will suffice you while Allah He failure to work in what we know and the believers put their full trust in Allah brothers and sisters, the more trust you have in Allah in all matters, the less fear you have of worldly matters and future uncertainties and anxieties. And when you're trying to pursue any goal whatsoever, put your trust in a loss patata fully and accept the results as they come to you and know that Allah subhanaw taala is the best of planners and is planning what is best for you. May

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Allah subhanho wa Taala make us amongst al mutawa Killeen, Aloma Amin.

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A Salam aleikum, thank you for watching our series if you want to continue learning and benefiting as Muslim has a large collection of free ebooks and resources. You can download them at the website and meldreth.org forward slash gifts