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AI: Summary © The Muslim American movement is discussed, with representatives highlighting the need for alignment with Islam's values and a culture of faith. They stress the importance of representing the "has been said," meaning one is a person who is the person who is. The speakers also discuss the importance of living up to Islam's values, praying for one's friend's and finding one's true values in public. They stress the need for people to show their true values and being a complete belter, and discuss the importance of obeying Allah and his messenger. The speakers also mention a workshop on "flopping and color changing" and encourage attendees to participate.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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How do you

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how are you

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how are you

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in Al Hamdulillah Muhammad who wants to stay you know who want to start a funeral when our older biller he made a short audio and fusina women say Earth yeah Marlena may have to he loved her furthermore the Lola woman you're the little who follow her the Ella watch had wala Illa illa Allahu Allahu la sharika JELA Anisha V he will Mythili will coffee one novoline Wash had one no Mohammed and Abdul Hora Soto sallallahu alayhi wa early he was not happy he was seldom at the Sleeman Kathira Yeah, are you Alladhina amanu taco Allah haka, Ducati, who Allah, Allah Wa, to Muslim on all praises due to Allah subhanaw taala who knows what we reveal and knows what we conceal, and even knows what

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the animals feel. We thank him we praise Him and on him we have reliance. It is to him we only turn to for true guidance. We asked him to send his peace, his blessings, His mercy on the best of human beings and prophets, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, on whom he prays until the very end of our days. And we asked him for steadfastness, guidance, mercy and to never lead us astray for us to be true Muslims to die upon it and to meet the Prophet Muhammad Ali Salam in paradise and judgment day.

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The Prophet Muhammad Salah

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Oh, it was salam gave a very powerful advice to a number of his companions in this OMA that would remain a marker of faith, for understanding what true Islam is what it means to be a true Muslim. This marker is incredibly important today, as increasingly as you see Alhamdulillah here, an epic machine and playing on America, Muslims are making an increasing presence wherever you see, whether it be in politics, whether it be in some of the major contributions and developments in society. And of course, the entertainment industry, which is shown to most people, the contributions of Muslims more than anything, or sports or any of these things. And it becomes now a point where Muslims used

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to celebrate the simple fact of representation being represented most it was important for us to be represented, just let us see a Muslim in these areas, so that we can see that the society cares that the society actually wants us to be part of the society and the fabric of America. But what we found out, after the course of years of seeking that representation, we never kind of asked ourselves, what kind of representation do we want.

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And in reality, when we see now Alhamdulillah, this past election, we've had a number of Muslim mayors, for the first time in majority Muslim cities, becoming the mayors. In Michigan, you had almost three or four, I believe, three, you have a number of representatives in Congress, you have in city council's now at least three or four, and many others in different parts of the Muslim politic. But I made a comment regarding this and I was being truthful regarding it. I no longer celebrate Muslim politicians and representation in America, I no longer celebrate the fact that we just have a Muslim President and I have to align myself with that Muslim simply because they're

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Muslim. But rather, we must seek what our faith teaches us that we will align and support whoever aligns and supports with our values, with our Muslim values. Because it's increasingly becoming a reality in America that Islam and Muslim is becoming just like ever other religious identity did in America as a cultural identity more than anything, whereas Islam and being Muslim is a lived experience. So it is time now my brothers and sisters that we seek beyond just representation, we seek beyond just saying I will support anyone who just stands there and says they're Muslim. And we don't ask, what are you representing? And are you representing our values to begin with? We start

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asking questions of what do these people that stand up and say that we are Muslim represent the values that we as Muslims present or not? And why should we align ourselves with you?

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This harkens to the idea of what our discussion will be today and that is, what does it mean and what are the components of being a true Muslim? And the hadith of Allah basketball, the Allahu taala, and who the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he said, I know who sent me out rasool Allah He SallAllahu ala he was selling me a whole vaca caramel Eman Manuel the biller he robbed the woman Islam Medina Wahby Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the one who truly tasted faith is the one that was pleased with Allah as their Lord and Islam as their deen and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as their prophet. The word Deen oftentimes gets translated as

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what you can answer me in the hope of others of the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad was a

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religion, this word, and many conceptualizations of religion, and words related to faith is Eurocentric. The conceptualization of the word itself in our country here in America, and in the English language, by default refers to separation of church and state, by default, refers to a separation between the sacred and the set and the secular in Islam. We don't have this conceptualization there's no such thing as religion in Islam. The word Deen means way of life, your worldview, how you carry yourself how you think, the process and mechanism of how you even make decisions and have opinions. And unfortunately we see today, Muslims who are finding in a, an

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epistemology or a framework of understanding my opinions and my views being framed outside of the deen of Islam.

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And this is the first thing that is mentioned in this hadith of the Prophet Muhammad salah.

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alojado sentimental all the OB la Hiraga the one who was pleased with Allah as the rub, the caretaker Nourisher, the one that you turn to in every single regard for every major reminder decision you're going to make, while being Islami Dina and that Islam is your worldview. Islam is the framework of your decision making. Islam is the values in which you decide between truth and falsehood and the values which you feel that our Lord Almighty has set for humanity as what would benefit them as Islam came in the mocassin of Sharia the objectives of Sharia, to bring about ultimate good and to remove about ultimate harm from humanity and to bring justice and equality

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under the direction of of our Lord's Allah subhanho wa Taala and that the Prophet Muhammad SAW said him as your guide.

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How is this done? My brothers and my sister's the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ascended the member in Medina one day and he said the following or even Amato, the Allahu narrated that he says, the messenger SallAllahu Sallam ascended the member and he called out with a raised voice. He says, Yeah, Mashallah. Mankad Aslam? Abhi Lisa and he wala mu Flynn, Iman who either Calvi

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Oh you who have accepted Islam with their tongue, while their faith has not reached their heart? Who is he talking to? Talking to Manasa tea? And is he talking to people who are outside the fold of Islam? Is he talking about those who are he's inviting them to faith, he's talking to the Muslim society. He's talking to the greatest people in the generation of who we look up to. He wants to draw their attention to something. He wants them to understand that Islam is not just lip service. Islam is not just an a social identity, cultural identity marker. Islam is a lived experience. And what does he say? He says, Oh, you who have accepted Islam with their tongue, but faith has not

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reached their heart the Sahaba does that mean literally no, it he the prophesy sons drawing their attention to this? What should you do? He says, number one do not harm the Muslims, nor revile them nor spy on them to expose them. For indeed, whoever tries to expose their believing Muslim brothers secrets, Allah exposes their secrets wide open, even if they were in the depths of their house.

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And then one day even our model, the Allahu taala, and who the one who narrated this hadith was with a student not fair who said I heard this Hadith from Lebanon model the Allah Tala and whoever and Omar was around the Kaaba. And he says, Even Omar looked at the Kaaba narrated the Hadith. And then he said, What is more honored than you, meaning the Kaaba and whose honor is more sacred than yours. And the believers honor is more sacred to Allah than yours, the ultimate allegiance in our faith is to Allah and his messenger in the believers.

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part of understanding what it means to be a complete Muslim

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is developing not just a framework of where our opinions come from, how do we decide what is truth and what is falsehood, the criterion of knowing what is right and wrong, and the values we should be teaching our children, because we're going to be ostracized in this country, increasingly more over simple values that we have. And this is going to draw an age of intolerance towards those values. Those values are incredibly important for us as Muslims to teach that we are unapologetically Muslim in the Trump era. And we are unapologetically Muslim in the Biden era. And we're unapologetically Muslim for the last 20 years or the next 100 years.

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Our faith teaches us that we are products of what Allah subhanaw taala brought to humanity, to be in servitude to God and in service to humanity.

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And our values, we will not step down from back off from and we will not,

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as you see increasingly Muslims

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stepping away from some of those values, questioning those values.

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Second, guessing those values we will not do so. We will not do so as we believe that Islam as a holistic system teaches us our values is as important as our character and what we provide in service to humanity and that essence, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also taught us when it comes to being a complete and true believer, the following Hadith, which is the height of showing a person that lives with the values of Islam, and that is they believe that they are a carrier of the responsibility that Allah subhanaw taala bestowed on on believers to carry this message to humanity. That message is first

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is primarily taught by our actions. That when someone looks at you when someone deals with you, when someone interacts with you they see Islam in your actions before you open your mouth. Because the Prophet sallallahu sallam was known as a trustworthy man for 40 years before he said for one year of the, of his prophethood, that he was a prophet. We all know this. But to be a complete Muslim is not to just give lip service and say we're going to stand up for our values, but it's to live up to those values as well in three ways, three ways that I believe is incredibly and increasingly more important in our time. Number one, the prophesy cinema narrative and the Hadith that scenario of the

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Lagna Mistura, the Allah Tehran whom say Muslim, who says, lie ahead Hello Jana man canovee Calbee he me scholars are Romina mencoba

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the one who has an atom's weight of arrogance will not enter paradise. The Mark of the believer of the true Muslim is humility. The mark of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on earth the way the most arrogant society in humanity. The Arabs at that time accepted Islam is through the humility of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In fact, that would have said that we says Alhamdulillah the Prophet Muhammad Hassan came to the Arabs first because if they came to anyone else, they would have never accepted Islam to begin with. Allah who would have said that Rahim Allah and that's why humility has a number of signs the prophesy cinema continues. A man asked the Prophet I subtle Sam

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Yeah rasool Allah people like to dress fine clothes and likes to wear nice shoes, and to have nice things. Is this a sign of arrogance?

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To have outwardly beautiful clothing, and to as some of the scholars say, to where the apparent blessings of Allah subhanaw taala that Allah bestowed you and the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam says in Allah her jimmied when you're able Jamal, Al cable Botterill. Huck, was something else wantonness. Arrogance is to reject the truth and to look down upon people. Arrogance is to reject the truth and look down upon people to be a complete believer, my brothers and sisters, to live by those values I just talked about in the first half of the hotbar. Accepting the truth means accepting your shortcomings. First, not accepting the truth between truth and Cofer alone between

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the truth and falsehood, but it's also to accept when you have had issues in your life, you have shortcomings you have deficiencies. When someone comes to you, if your wife, your husband, or brother and corrects you, you wish to be corrected. You would love for them to correct you I will never forget a story. One of my friends who studied with one of the Imams of Masjid Al haram.

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And when he was studying with him,

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he had a relationship with him where he could tell him very things very straightforwardly. And one day he told him, you know, you have a problem. This is who is this? This is the Imam Al haram does not like you know, Imam epic, right?

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He said to him, he said, What is it? He says you don't respect the profit salon, isn't it? He said la isla What did I do? He says number one, you don't keep up with what's going on with the Muslim ummah.

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You do not keep up with what's going on and the Muslim ummah. And number two, when you say his name, sometimes you don't say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at the right way. He just astounded by quickly.

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And the man he accepted it from him. He said, Zack, I love him. I really appreciate that.

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This is the mark of a believer. Everyone has mistakes. Everyone has shortcomings. But one of the biggest problems that we have is that the increasingly

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practicing nature of our community results in Yes, an element of arrogance that we see people who think that they're above others, people who think that I can't be corrected, who are you and who is your tribe and who's your family.

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This is from the source of what Islam came to remove.

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And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam says this is for a form of rejecting the truth. The second one is out of a hurry to look down upon others. You see this in religious circles. You see this and I was going to do this one day I was going to do it here. But I said you know what, let it go. Have somebody come into the masjid which is not acting appropriately at all, and see what the community would do? Somebody would scream somebody would yell at them. Don't you respect the masjid and the prophesy sentiment this man came to the masjid and he urinated in the masjid of Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam and the prophets I said, I'm gonna calm him down. This is not the time let him finish.

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Then he took him aside

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meaning what under the sun Allahu alayhi wa sallam taught the community what it means to see the good in others and to potential in them for accepting faith and coming closer to the faith.

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My brothers, my sisters, this topic of can can be discussed in great detail of what it means to be a complete Muslim. These three components suffices live to the true values of your faith, do not have an opinion of Islam and opinion in Islam, or form a view without asking Yeah, you have been unwell to Allah how to rassada Will you remain calm? Oh, you who believe obey Allah and His messenger and those have authority over you? Have you asked scholarship? Have you looked at the detail of this matter? Have you seen what Allah has said in his book and the Prophet Muhammad SAW said and said in a sunnah because that's what requires when Allah says yeah, you have Levine, cinematographer, or you

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who believe enter into the faith completely. And the entering in the faith completely cannot be done by those who carry arrogance in their hearts, by those who who walk on the earth as if everybody owes them something. And they feel entitled, they haven't a sense of narcissism. And they cannot be corrected. They love to be corrected by others, and they don't look down upon on anyone may Allah azza wa jal allow us to be ennobled by these types of characteristics actually called Hadassah for a lovely confessor for doing the hula for rain.

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simila Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he also he has made

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on these points that we just mentioned my brothers my sisters, the great scholar Ibrahim even add him he said in Nila Allah che for Accra who and arriba Huma Hoffer, ertan, an OB tele fee. Sometimes I see evil and others. And I hate to say, or speak out, or to talk about meaning that person's evil, that they're evil, what's wrong with them this kind of speech, because I fear Allah will test me with the same. Allah will test me with the same my brothers, my sisters, I have seen members of our community who speak evil about someone else's daughter who took off the hijab for a struggle that she's having, I swear to you by Allah, their daughter took the hijab off the year after that. I know

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people in the community that used to say something about someone else. And Allah tested them with the exact same. This is the mark of understanding never looked down upon another person. And it's called short mold. Marcia, the effect of sin will hit you and will reach you

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don't look down and think that you're better than anyone see the potential and the blessing that's in others. One of my teachers.

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This person he has, you know, he has probably 30 40 million people watching him on his Dawa shows across the world. He was going back home to his home country. And he was with another scholar of Islam. And it was marking a time on the plane. So he said to his friend, you know, should we pray and he says, you know, when we reach home, we'll pray there. Allah Karim, it's jammer, we can join the prayer. He says as we were sitting there, he says the lady comes he said you wouldn't know she's Muslim. You wouldn't recognize she's Muslim at all. She comes she takes down the carry on. She opens the carry on, she takes out a hijab and I buy and she takes out the dynamos like the prayer rug, and

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she starts to pray. And he says I tap my friend says look, La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, what kind of shake Are you let's get up and pray.

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Let's get up and pray. He says, after we were done, when there was a time that there was was when I suppose it was appropriate. He said, I went, I went up to her and I said, Sister, I saw what you did. And I asked Allah to increase you in the good that you have to increase you in the good that you have. He told us this story in Medina, in front of about four to 5000 students of knowledge that we're going to finish and go home to their countries and become, inshallah people who walk in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad sighs and he said, Listen, everybody has good in their lives, if they even have only 5% or 10%, your job and my job is to increase that, to not worry about what evil

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exists in society, but to increase the good that exists in it. And that's why the last thing I will also say, with regards to the first part of the values that we talked about, is what was her they follow the Allahu Anhu the secrets the keeper of the secrets of the Prophet Muhammad Ali salatu salam, he said, one of his friends and companions, walked into the room that he was laying on his deathbed, this Companion of the Prophet Muhammad Schweitzer the Hala will for the father or the DA boo Masuda for the exceptional young man. And he said to him,

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give him

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me advice

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give me advice. So how they even earlier man said to him hola me particularly again, has not certainty reach you aren't you believer? Don't you know that the Quran is the word of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad as I said it was a sunnah and you know this reality the certainty that you have and you live by? He says yes, but I want you to increase me. So he says farlam are not balada Hakob Allah Allah and terra firma canta Tong Kira who want to kill my canta charity for who? What? yakka what hello and for in the deen Allah had. He says the worst of misguidance and true misguidance is that you become a flip flopper you become multicolored one year your values are one way another year

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your values are different. That you used to believe something was true and right and correct. Then all of a sudden you change and that same thing now you're not calling for anymore. He says IACA what hello and for in the deen Allah Allah had be very careful of flip flopping and color changing in this Deen because the deen of Allah is one and you have been made caretakers of this Deen regardless of Liahona Fila Hello Monster, they do not back down from the blamers and their blames until they meet their Lord Subhan Allah Allah may Allah azza wa jal allow us to be true believers yatta yatta mean Allama is it Islam one Muslim Lama sort of one and Muslim if enough he called him again Allah

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mustard is one of Mr. Levine if he will have to share Murphy Philistine Allah Muhammad intimacy that Oxfam enrich so hi Annette in mottling Allah muslim while Muslim in Afghanistan with Kashmir with the end Well Phil Oh eager Rafi Burma will fill Yemen along the way Ali Al Muslimeen fer Rana Well, Zanelli philosophy will call you when I'm gonna roasted Kofi Nia was talking about Africa to have even whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam if he allogenic and hold Allah Marfa Annelle WADA was prima donna Juan Manuel Muslimeen what Hamilton our motives were melted Muslimeen was Saudi la Homoserine Mubaraka Have you been on me no harm no it was a huge manual after masala

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you ever wondered what or longer

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if you can move forward for the people were waiting outside the shop. If you have the opportunity.

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A long like button long like bone. A shadow

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law a shadow number Hello.

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Madonna Rasul. All right. Hi, Jana sala de Hayyan AlFalah

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bomb at this one

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Dukkha calm at this Lola a long one como long walk bottle love

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love more

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I have noted Allah your beloved and me in alignment in morpheme mighty king woman dean you cannot go do what he can to stay clean and do no sleep at all one was stuffing seal off one Medina Nunziata him

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while you move yada him off. Oh, knee pain.

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Well, ladies

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want to call your own luck Amina hula Wallah. sophio please seek out a book

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and I'm your GDK yet Iman

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killable Whoa

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he none

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I'm Malia Team

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One must

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be careful had this

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Samia monument from Eden

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hola como

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hamdulillah you're being offered me a new washing morpheme money kill me Deen economical Do ye Canis nine is Dino smell all CON was nothing sale all one of the NA non donning him while you will not move

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on me

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not sure her luck y'all saw dog while while Warren

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a lady told all Warhawk what off

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like the clock for him num hours mostly you saw on in

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the US law for either fell on deaf

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father why ina because of all

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alone like

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Semyon LoveHoney human Hamidah

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Allah one

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Allah along

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salamati Melosh Metallo salamati

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Sonic will have to love it to catch up soon Alhamdulillah Sonora Sula, as I like to say send a big thanks to Chef Hasib Nora came all the way from Austin to share this beautiful hot bow with us but we did not get enough of him tonight inshallah to Allah tonight after Russia we have the seminar that we've been marketing for the past few weeks the last 100 years of the OMA the decolonization of the Muslim world it's gonna be a Yanni inshallah something that epics never seen the likes of Inshallah, that's what I see promised by the Columbia comm so please, it's a family event. It's not only for youth, it's for everybody. Make sure you let your family or friends everyone you think can

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benefit from this Inshallah, bring them out.

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hear tonight after Aisha and tomorrow night after Aisha as well. Inshallah Tiana also for the youth program, we start normal time six to 8pm Mahuta is getting closer Inshallah, but so far it's six to 8pm it's gonna stay like this for a while and Charlotte Isla, eventually it's going to be from Madrid to Asia Beaton, Allah azza wa jal, Giselle Kamala here

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and I think that's about it. Tonight Charla don't forget tonight's seminar by the Columbia Santa Monica.

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