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AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the importance of the H seal on the throne and the Moore's Law. The responsibility of historical figures is emphasized, and the importance of history and understanding the context and place of humanity is emphasized. The speakers emphasize the need to use knowledge and reward individuals for their actions to carry on with knowledge and create a better future.
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In Al Hamdulillah, Neff maga who was 31 a stone euro, one hour the Villa

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fusina woman say Tiana Lena, Mayor de la de la

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jolla, which one?

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Allah Jelani shabby he will mess he will cook he will not leave. Wash How do I know Mohammed Abu rasuluh most of you who don't follow who

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he was talking to He will send limited steaming coffee oh yeah you will Latina de la Hello healthcare to rt watamu tuna Illa Muslim on all praises due to Allah subhanho wa Taala who knows what he revealed and knows what we can seal and even knows what the animals feel. We thank him we praise Him and on him we have Alliance, it is to him we only turn to for our true guidance. We asked him to send his peace, his blessings, His mercy on the rest of human beings and prophets Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, on whom we praise until the very end of our days. And we asked him for steadfastness, guidance, mercy and to never lead us astray and for him to save us on Judgement Day.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala favorite this nation of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by being the last remnants of humanity, which preserved the one trust and responsibility he gave the one trust and responsibility he gave to every single Prophet and Messenger before him. Where Allah subhanho wa Taala sent Adam on this earth for a purpose and reason.

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only known to a loss of Hannah was Allah not even known to creation before him.

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When Allah subhanho wa Taala said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about this trust and responsibility, wait Allah, Allah

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azza wa jal to see her me you see to see how he could deema one afternoon

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this luck, Allah, Allah tala moon, when your Lord ohama salaallah alayhi wa sallam told the angels I am going to put a halifa on Earth, a Khalifa one who succeeds generation after generation, one who is a representative of and a deputy of and authority over and one who brings about change.

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A funny thought on this earth, the angel said how can you put someone that will cause corruption and still bloodshed, and we already celebrate your praise and glorify you. A loss partner says I know what you do not know. And when Allah gave this khilafah to Adam alayhis salam. It was passed down to every prophet that came after him. Every single generation of the prophets, following one after the other until it culminated with it Habiba Salatu was salam, every single one of those profits being a honeypot when one of the prophets was either killed, or the people use this trust and responsibility for their own benefit and gain or loss of Hannah what Allah said about them first a hell of

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embarrassed him hell phone worry Phil kita ya una all the

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way up. una foto lenna te him. mistletoe? Yeah fuzu Allah subhanaw taala says and then when they succeeded generations came the followers of some of these prophets, who are given the responsibility of this laughter. What did they do, they inherited the book, they inherited the scripture that was given to them. And they prefer the fleeting gains of this world, saying we're going to be forgiven anyway. And indeed, taking them in such gains that came from their own way. And it was not a pledge that was taken from Allah subhana wa Tada. They traded the fleeting life and material game for the trust and responsibility Allah gave them and destroyed that previous filler and destroyed the

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scripture that was given to them and took over the responsibility for only what is in this material world and some of them killed the prophets of Allah. And as it culminated one after the Prophet after another and culminated with it Have you bought a salt was that when he too is also a settlement was given this there are two responsibilities taught to him that are the product of this of this khilafah what are the two responsibilities Allah subhanaw taala says to all of the prophets in the story of though Yeah, though the natural Naka hurry button fill or SATCOM data NASA will help Wallah

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for using the counselor Vila Allah says, Oh downloads and all all of them

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Prophets that were given this responsibility of siddhappa.

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We have made you a halifa on this earth judge fairly between people. Number one, ultimate justice between humanity is only from our Creator, that is the responsibility of the law.

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And number two, what are testability? How do not follow your desires lest they mislead you from the true path? These are the true two responsibilities of what this trust last time that I gave to all of humanity. The question is now, what is that? khilafah? What is it? The Hinako my brothers and sisters that was given from our demo today set up to every single prophet and messenger and what has brought the 1000s that come in front of you in this beautiful and storied University, the Islamic University of Malaysia, the tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.

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The one responsibility that's the law is this faith that Allah has given humanity. This faith that a loss of Hannah with Allah has given to humanity to solve the world's problems. This faith which is the only faith a law has given all of us, that is the hereafter that is what is passed down. This is the true faith for all of humanity.

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And when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam have fulfilled his responsibility, and there is no prophet or messenger after him,

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his followers are the holder. And that is why his followers were called Kony foto de la, Al Rashid. They're the ones who succeeded this responsibility, you are the last bastion of humanity left, you are the last bastion of humanity left that represents the true faith of a loss of Allah,

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to represent ultimate justice to humanity, to free creation, from the shackles of servitude to man, to the freedom and expansion of servitude to the Creator, that we are all equal under one reign of one servitude to Allah subhana wa Tada. This is the Center for my brothers and sisters. This is what he left come for. But I want to remind all of us with something very, very important. Many of us have understood this sprawling responsibility in a vacuum, especially those who come to study Islamic Studies. The question of how do we bring about the modern and contemporary rhetoric, which is the universal message of Allah subhana wa Tada. And on modern times, we're finding ourselves to

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be in a vacuum.

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And that vacuum comes from an a historical understanding of our faith, not understanding the importance of history, where did we come from? What has happened the past 100 years. And where did we come from, and our origins from the time of the prophets and alojado send them in the first 100 years where Islam principles of understanding this hereafter was preserved. As we look at history, what has happened in the past, we see people that are separated from the realities of this world, and live in the shadows of the past, therefore unable to live in the present, and the needs of the world and the community at large because they don't understand history. And this is why one of the

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greatest scholars of Islam, by the name of a seed in his work called a camel factory.

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He writes about the importance of knowing history, when he discusses in it, that many people think that history is just some stories people say, and there's no understanding from it. But he said, if a law grants true disposition to somebody, they will understand that when he guides them to the straight path, knows that the benefits of history are both in this world and in the hereafter. He said, As for in this world, a human being no doubt would like to live forever, just like all of humanity thinks that they will. When a famous one of them dies, they think that this is the tragedy and no human being should die at that time.

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And he says that if they realize that when they grow old, they count themselves among the living they look at those that witnessed just yesterday and they were forgotten, that not even the rich and the noble were saved from their passing.

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Neither direction you only live one life and the legacy you need to live and you will learn from tragedy but not previous experiences. And he says as for for La Jolla. As for the benefits that will make them understand and the hereafter they will understand how Allah subhana wa tada

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Less those who worked for the sake for this legacy. And they will see how the world turned over those who chased its material game, and and how it led to catastrophe for those who believed, believed they dwelled in here forever. And he said that is why the hold on is filled with wisdom and repeated historical stories, understanding where people came from the causes and why of events, because no doubt history repeats itself. And that is why Allah subhanho wa Taala continuously re tells the stories of the full on over and over and over again, why am I mentioning this to you, all my brothers, my sisters of knowledge who came to this university, because if you don't know where

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you came from, if you don't know where the oma came from, in the last 100 years, if you don't understand the history of all of the Muslim world, in the past 100 years, how we got here, you will never know where we're going. You will never know how to employ the knowledge that is given to you in this university or all over the world, how it can be employed to bring about a better future and tomorrow, to spread this knowledge to the humanity at large. You need to know their history, you need to know what it took for them to get here. And that is why great scholars of Islam, they spent their time writing about this one historical fact, among them.

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One of the greatest scholars of the past century say evolution has an unnatural Mahalo to Allah in his book islandwood Islam, Islam and the world motherhouse Cyril alum field hypothec Muslim in what did the world lose in the decline of Muslims. And he says in that book, a number of amazing

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reflection that every single one in in our community needs to understand. He said, The complacency of this oma is what led to its decline. And particularly scholars who lost touch with benefit of this world and how it can be employed with knowledge of the year after. And he said the Quran does not set out to explain the creation of the material universe in detail. It emphasizes much more the moral and social side of human life. And he said when we are separated from that, it causes what he called intellectual sterility, you will not understand how to employ in in the modern world in modern context.

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And one of the greatest thinkers of Islam alive today.

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Mohammed Akiva fosse Have you the whole law, he wrote in his book, a great Malaysian scholar, one of those who affected the university that you're studying in, in his book, Islam and secularism, he writes in there, if we were to look at all of the reasons for the internal causes that led to where we are, the basic problem, it seems to me can be reduced to a single evidence crisis. And it would be called the loss of Adam.

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He said, I'm referring, referring here, not to others, only a human interaction of how to deal with one another, but the discipline of the mind, body and soul, the discipline that made us lose our educational hierarchy in this in this world, the discipline that made us understand how to deal with our knowledge in the world today, how to employ our knowledge in the world today. And he said, this loss of love starts with your interactions and how you deal with one another, and goes on to the greatest structure of education in the world. When we lost that ability, we lost our standing in the soma, my brothers, my sisters,

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all of this relates to where you are today. You are here today to employ the knowledge that Allah granted this oma as the prophets. I said him I said, Yes, yeah, I mean, oh, ha, man Cooley. Holla Holla Finn radula who you found out who sorry, Phil Holly. What if fall McLean. What's up, JD? From every successive generation, the prophets I send them a set, they will come the noble and trustworthy Who are they you are everyone here? You are the noble and trustworthy you will carry the hit of the prophets why Selim I said you are those people. What are they trying to employ? They're trying to save this oma save humanity with what Allah gave you as a trust with three things. Number

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one, he tries, they try to remove the extremists and their distortions

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and they try to remove the

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ignorant, and they're false claims, and they try to remove the false interpretations of those who have no knowledge. That is your job. That is the responsibility left for us. But if you don't understand how the world functions in a historical context, how the loom developed, how we stopped thinking in this oma, how we stopped employing truth flow? How do we understand to live in the society today by understanding how it arrived here, you will not understand how to employ the knowledge Allah gave this oma in its right context. And this is what the law described as lots of water, not the greatest.

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The greatest

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benefit of the sharing of a law is that it is time Listen, it takes account the context and place of humanity. And if we don't know that context, how can we use it? How can we use it, we also lost power to grant us that ability to understand this context, to understand this history to understand and employed with the knowledge and responsibility that our last panel data gave us a pool

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of Euro in the morning.

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He was talking he was telling

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my brothers, my sisters, those who are beloved and those who are logging the responsibility of being the last bastion of humanity, to carry the responsibility of messengers. Live and learn not in a vacuum, live and learn and know the social sciences, understand economy, understand history, understand where we came from, in the past 100 years as well as the early 100 years and if principles of understanding this faith to employ it, how to understand our time today. This is how this owner will be saved. You must read from great thinkers who live post colonization you must read about the great scholars of this oma of this country like those by our gelato Dean, or say they'll

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have he or vorhandene wilhelmi or many of the great thinkers that are alive today. Many students of knowledge don't even know about reading from Chicago has an anatomy book Islam and the world reading from Mohammed Satan Najib apostas book Islam and secularism how scholars employed that responsibility and understanding the world in a post colonial states and how to bring about again, education to this online. You have to do this. When you do this. Allah subhanaw taala gave us this news. I want you all to listen carefully as if Allah azza wa jal is telling us the future and what it holds. Also, panatela says in the Latina law, your honor world to be hierarchy dounia wattman

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newbie how wunderino manhyia Tina off and the those who do not expect to meet us being pleased and content with this worldly life and they are heedless of our signs. Allah He cannot well no VMI can we accept they will have the fire as a home because of what they have committed in the levina Anwar amigos folly hot yeah de la Bhoomi Imani him touching even tacky mood on how Fijian Nazi name surely those who believe and do good their Lord will guide them to paradise through their faith and rebels will flow underneath their feet and gardens of bliss. At their prayers will be Glory be to You Oh ALLAH and their greeting will be set um, and their closing prayer will be all praises for Allah. If

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Allah were to hasten evil for people as they wish to hasten good. They were certainly been doomed. But we leave those who do not expect to meet us to wander blindly in defiance. Whenever someone touched by hardship they cry out to us, whether they're lying on their side sitting or standing, that we relieve their hardship. They cried to us to remove their hardship. Rich not returning to their old ways. They remove asking us to cry to remove their hardship. This is how the misdeeds of the transgressions have been made appealing to them. We surely destroyed other people before you when they did wrong and their messages came to them with clear proofs, but they would not believe

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this is how we rewarded the wicked people so much I did not come sada if I fill up mimbar him linen hula case the chairman will then we may do successor on this earth so that we may see how you would act, how you would fulfill this responsibility. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to live and fulfill this responsibility alone must fit in our thumbnail of anatomy along with Sam was well muslimeen alohomora

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along my father medically Bella was call me out on the army

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as marine

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Along with a class of italiano was sitting affinia from Ronnie lahoma to Ballina. We're filling our Jamia muslimeen along with one and equally McCann was an agenda.

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He said I mean what are either masala Why do you sell him? along that he was sick? He said the store was sold on a cell and your LMS he

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will be that was what Jimmy or will mean while you're in a car on me. What's up Nami kulula yarraman alameen wa salatu salam ala Muhammad wa

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