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Mary is one of the most important and righteous women in Islam. She is mentioned in the Quran more than in the New Testament. But how similar is her position in Islam to Christianity? And what else does Islam tell us about her? Shaykh Hasib Noor looks in to what Islam tells us about the virgin Mary.

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Not from the Los Alamos we learn the name of Allah, our Creator, our Lord who created all that exists, we thank Him, we praise Him. And on him we have reliance, and it is Sam, we only turn to for our true guidance. And we asked him to send his Peace, blessings and mercy on the best of human beings and profits. Starting from Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and his mother, Mary, and Muhammad, peace be upon them all upon whom he prays, until the very end of our days. And we asked him to send his Peace, blessings and guidance is upon us as well. And we ask him for steadfastness, guidance, mercy, and to never lead us astray. And for him to save us on Judgement Day. Our

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discussion today is going to be about Mary, the mother of Jesus,

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the Islamic edition or the Muslim narrative. Now, there is a disclaimer that has to be made before we have this discussion. And that is the Muslim narrative. First and foremost is that there is only one narrative. Muslims do not believe that there is a narrative specific only to Jewish tradition. And Muslims don't believe that there's a narrative that is the Christian narrative. And then there's a Muslim narrative, rather, Muslims believe there's only one narrative. And that is the narrative that God sent to humanity, and the belief of one faith, and that faith was the faith God wanted all of humanity to believe in. And he sent prophets and messengers with this one faith. So starting from

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Adam, all the way down to Abraham to Noah, Noah, then Abraham, then Moses and Jesus, and what's between them, all of them, sent with them one message, and that message is the belief in one God, without any partner, and when that message was corrupted, the revelation was changed. God sent subsequent prophets and messengers, and continued that one faith tradition. So Muslims, by virtue believe that there's only one only one faith from God, and that there's only one narrative. And because there was a need for revelation to come down, God sent the final revelation, after Jesus peace be upon him, when it was corrupted by man, to be the final revelation preserved until the end

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of time, and that there will be no messenger and prophets sent after that. And that would be the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And based on this disclaimer, we're going to continue this discussion. Because if you think that the Muslims have their own narrative, you're not going to understand the discussion and the rhetoric of the Quran. The Quran, in fact, is a continuation of what came before it. But because the previous messages it claims were corrupted, God

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corrected the corruption and corrupted revelation, and brought it to terms and what the revelation states about humanity and the purpose of life, and what God wanted to give as a message for the guidance of humanity. So with that, we recited the first 34 verses of the chapter entitled Mary medion. This is Chapter 19, of the Koran. She's the only woman that is mentioned by name in the entire Quran. There are other women mentioned, but she's the only woman mentioned by name, and her entire story, and the miraculous birth of Jesus, and the lessons to be derived from his story. And her story were sent to all of humanity for them to reflect on. And the Prophet Muhammad peace be

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upon him, heard this story, first in the meccan period, meaning in the very early onset of Islam, when he was sent to the revelation, that one of the very first stories that he heard and was was given as a revelation from God was the story of Mary. And this chapter starts with, as we recited, and as you read, on the screen, God says, this is an account of your Lord's grace and mercy towards his servants. Zechariah. And you might say, well, the entire chapter is called Mary. Why is it starting with Zechariah? Well, Zachary, Zachariah was the head priest of the children of Israel at that time, something that also is in the biblical narrative. And God wanted to show the connection

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between Zechariah and this noble family that God had blessed and favored. In fact, the entire family was blessed and favored the mother and father of married and their connection with Zachariah.

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And God continues to say when he called to his Lord secretly saying, Oh, my Lord, my bones have weakened, and my hair gray, but never Lord, have I ever prayed to you in vain? Meaning that when I call I know that you will answer why did he make this prayer? And why is God opening the entire chapter with regards to this? Because God mentioned in another

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Section of the Quran Chapter Three, where the mother of Mary makes an oath saying, Oh God, if you bless me with progeny, I will dedicate them to your service. And she was actually in fact making a prayer for a son to be born. So the mother of Mary made this prayer. So God blessed me with a son, and I will bring him into your service, to be a devout servant. And God bless her not with a son but with a daughter.

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So when she was born, she prayed and she said, I will still fulfill my vow. But a man is not like a woman. And to each of them are your favors and blessings. And I will still fulfill my vows. This is mentioned in the hold on, not only the miraculous birth of Jesus peace be upon him, but the birth of Mary herself. And the lesson we can learn from that. So she grew up in the household of Zachariah, who was one of the most obviously well known and subservient worshipers of the children of Israel in the Holy Land, in the Holy Land, in Jerusalem, and Bethlehem and Nazareth, and this area, which is very close to each other. So when Zachariah saw the prayer of Mary's mother, he himself wanted

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children that he could dedicate for the service of God. And he also made a prayer similar to that even though that he had grown in old age, and he had continued to pray. And this is why God starts it here is that he saw this righteous young woman, by the name of Mary blossom under his tutelage and become a subservient servant of God. And he himself wanted progeny just like her. So he makes this prayer, saying, oh, Lord, every time I prayed for you, it was never in vain. I will never give up in this prayer. God then continues and says,

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The prayer of Zechariah continues. Again, this is a private prayer that God is teaching lessons in. And he says, I fear my kinsmen. When I am gone, well, they will do when I have left, meaning he's the head of the children of Israel, and he's afraid what they will do in terms of corruption. After them. My wife is barren. So grant me a successor, a gift from you to be my air, and the air of the family of Jacob. Who's Jacob?

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Who's Jacob? You're so great. That's the Arabic name, who's Jacob, who's Jacob? Somebody says something.

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Uses father, excellent, whose use of Joseph and English. So Jacob was the father of Joseph. Who was this? Who was Jacob the son of?

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So you have Joseph his father's Jacob, Jacob, who's his father?

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Who's his father?

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No, no.

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The other guy, his brother, is half good. So Jacob's father is Isaac, Jacob's father is Isaac, and an Isaac fathers who

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know that's his, that's his. That's his brother.

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Abraham. Good. So Abraham, is the father of Isaac and Ishmael. And then the son of Isaac is Jacob. And Jacob is the son of

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the son of Joseph, right? Why is Jacob being mentioned in here? Because Jacob's other name is what

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was Jacob's other name? Israel, Israel, which means in Hebrew, the one whom

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overcame by the will of God, the one whom overcame or conquered by the will of God. And that's why he was named that and his children became the leaders of the children of Israel, and the 12 tribes of Israel, the one who can who conquer the Canaanites and the Philistines, and through them later conquered? What

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conquered What? The Holy Land, under which prophet

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David, right, boom, hold the whole David and Goliath story. And what was David's son's name? Solomon. Excellent, awesome, right. So you have David and Solomon, all of them are from the children of Israel. Later on, they had power over this land, and they continue to be sent to them. prophets and messengers, among them who Zachariah, Zachariah, who's from the progeny of Jacob, also known as Israel, and he was from the children of Israel Is that understood?

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Think about it some more. In any case, he tells them, it will be the air of the of the family of Israel, the family of Jacob, Lord, make him well pleasing to you.

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Zachariah, who was a prophet received the glad news from God saying we'll bring you good news. I have a son, whose name will be john. Another name, who's this guy. He's the son of Zachariah. God gave him the glad tidings of that he will bear a son. We have chosen

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In this name for no one before him, there's something very beautiful in the Arabic language. One of the reasons why God chose Arabic as the medium for the final revelation, a lot of people wonder why the Arabs, okay? Arabic is one of the oldest surviving old languages, and it is pristinely preserved. Rather, if you look at the Hebrew it has changed. Hebrew itself has changed. It's not the same Hebrew that that Moses spoken. And Aramaic is pretty much a dead religion except in a very small province, which has gone through four different changes. And the current Aramaic that we have, which was the language of Jesus is, is a dialect of the original is a dialect of the original. So

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God chose a religion which was preserved, excuse me, which chose a language which was preserved. So the the name for john In fact, in the Quran is yah, yah, yah has meaning it means the one who will become alive or stay alive. Meaning God gave him life after his father didn't have any means to have a child. So there's meaning behind it. Rather, john, if you ask what it means in English, I don't know. Right? This is the translation of his name from the Aramaic anyway, so we have chosen this name, no one before him had this name. This was a special characteristic of john.

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So he said Zachariah, he said, Lord, how can I have a son when my wife is barren, and I'm old and frail, even he was surprised his his, his prayer was answered, God responded to him. This is what your Lord has said. And it is easy for me, I created you, though you are nothing before. It's easy for God to create, whether a person is old, or whether if a person is does not have mother and father Like who?

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Like who, who did not have a mother father was born and created, excuse me, Adam, or create from just one mother like,

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Jesus, thank you. Right? So it's coming. So he said, Give me a sign. Oh, my Lord, he said, your sign is that you will not be able to speak to anyone for three full days and nights. What does it mean not be able to speak? It's a fast meaning fast for three days. And this is your sign. Do not speak to anyone of this and show thankfulness for it. He went out of the sanctuary to his people and signal to them the praise of God morning and evening. Okay. Then we then God says, we said to john, hold on to the scripture firmly, who's john?

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Good. Who is he?

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Who is he? We just talked about him? Who is he? Who is john,

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the son of Jacob, right? So he also became a prophet. That's the entire reason God bless them with a son. He said, You will become a prophet. So hold on to the scripture firmly. And there is a historical background to this, which is

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both Zechariah and john were fervently attacked by the rabbinical heads of the children of Israel, and who wanted to change the revelation of God. And they killed both john and Jacob, in the Muslim narrative, they killed them. They killed them. And this is why God told him, john, hold firmly to the Scripture. While he was still a boy, we granted him wisdom, tenderness from us and purity. He was devout kind to his parents, not domineering, or rebellious. Peace was on him the day he was born, the day he died, and it'll be on him the day he is raised to life again. Then, God now presents the story of Mary. God says mentioned in the Quran, the story of Mary, she was drew from

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her family to a place to the east,

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very famously known to be Bethlehem, Bethlehem to our time, and secluded herself away. We sent our spirit, meaning the angel Gabriel, to appear before her in the form of a perfect man. She said, seeing this man, and while she's in seclusion, she became afraid like any woman would. And she said, I seek the Lord of Mercy's protection against you, if you have any fear, don't approach me. But he said, I am a messenger from your Lord, to announce to you the gift of a pure son.

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And she was startled. She said, How can I have a son when no man has touched me? I have not been unchaste and the angel Gabriel in the form of a man Center. This is what your Lord says, it is easy for me. We shall make him a sign to all people and a blessing for us. Why this verse? Because it was easy for God to give Zachariah, a son an old age, and it's easy for God, to create a human being without a mother and father, and it's just as easy for God to give you a son, pure and a sign to all people in humanity. And so it was ordained, she conceived him. She was due to a distant place. And when the pains of childbirth drove her to cling to the trunk of a palm tree, she's she's cried out,

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and I want you to imagine the kind of pain

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She had that first she's now in childbirth, she secluded herself, she became pregnant. And on top of that she understands the society around her who will attack her for being pregnant. Not understanding that this is a sign from God and want to attack her chastity and wanted to attack her honor, even though she was a woman who was pure. So she cried out, I wish I was dead.

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I wish I was dead and forgotten long before all of this, out of just the sadness, out of just the amount of emotion that she can go through. And she called out, saying,

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and exclaiming her emotion. But God gave her peace and tranquility, a voice cried out to her from below. And this is said to be Jesus Himself, the first miracle that he spoke in the womb of his mother, saying, Do not worry, your Lord has provided a stream at your feet. And if you shake the trunk of the palm tree towards you, it will deliver fresh ripe dates from above, and you can eat from it. And this is powerful. If you ever been to a you seen a date, palm tree trunk, you can't shake that trunk if you tried. So what's the point of God mentioning, the entire point is that in Revelation, God wants us to take the means

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you have to do action. God is not just going to deliver to you His grace and mercy and victory and all of this, you have to still do action. Even though she can't shake the tree. It's about the action that God then brought about brought to her the dates which fell, she simply had to initiate an action, and God brings to her the ease. And this is the message that is delivered here. In this case, this particular verse of the Quran, was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, to also take solace from all of those attacking him, and the emotion of being attacked constantly, for standing for truth. But he found solace in the story of Mary, who knew that she would have to face

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her people. But she said, at the same emotional feeling, I wish I was dead, but she still had a hope and promise, and what God had told her. So this, so Jesus told her, so eat and drink and be glad, and say to anyone you may see that asks you, I have vowed to the Lord have mercy, to abstain from any conversation, and I will not talk to anyone today. So not only are you going to be subjugated to ridicule and and people attacking you, but you also have to fast don't speak to them. This fasting is a fast thing of speech, you're not allowed to speak. So she went back to her people carrying the child, and they screamed at her, Mary, you have done something terrible. Oh, sister of Aaron, your

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father was that an evil man and your mother was not unchaste? How can you come with a with a pregnant child? You were you were our role model. When everybody wanted to look at what women should be like they pointed at Mary.

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And God told her to point at the child if they asked her so she pointed at him. They said, How can we converse with an infant? How can we talk to a child

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but Jesus spoke as a toddler.

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And that is the second miracle of Jesus speaking in the cradle. And he said, I am a servant of God. He has granted me the scripture made me a prophet made me bless it wherever I may be. He commanded me to pray, to give arms charity, as long as I live, to cherish my mother and be good to her. He did not make me domineering or graceless peace on me the day I was born and peace on the day that I that I will die and on the day I'm raised to life again.

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God then says, as you see this picture, this is the area we believe to be the Holy Land. And this as much as the law.

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God says this was Jesus, son of Mary. He was a statement of truth, about which many, many are in doubt. And it will not benefit God to have a child. He is far above that, when he decrees anything, regardless of it's an old man and an old woman having a child, regardless of its

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creation without mother and father like Adam, God created Jesus without a father.

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When he decrees something, he only says to it be and it is, God is my Lord and your Lord. Jesus said, so serve Him. That is the straight path. This is the story of the Virgin Mary in the Quran. This story was told to the first Christian connection that the Muslim had in the time of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. When they were forced to exile from Mecca. They exiled and traveled to Israel.

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neopia Why don't be like, well, there's no other place for them to travel to. Exactly. They were exiled from all over Arabia, and they were forced to migrate the Muslims and the beginning of Islam there. And there was a righteous Christian King by the name of the nagus of Abyssinia, the negative ever senior, and he was Christian. And he had asked the Muslims, what do you believe in. And they read to him these verses of the chapter 19 marry of the Quran, to explain to them what they believe about Jesus, and about God and the final revelation. Muslim narrative says that that man actually accepted Islam. And they found him crying, because this narrative is not found in the Bible. The the

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the miraculous birth of Jesus in this detail is not found in the Bible. So out of his love for Jesus, he, they found him in tears. And he said that I will give you protection, if you honor if you honor and respect Jesus like we do. And that's exactly what happened. This is the story of the Virgin Mary and the Muslim narrative. Muslims believe that Mary, the mother of Jesus is one of the most noble and sanctified women in the history of humanity. We believe that she submitted herself to the Divine Will of God. Therefore, she accepted the faith called submitting yourself to the Divine Will of God. That in Arabic is called Islam, which means to submit yourself to the will of God. And

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that is why this religion is called Islam in Arabic. That's simply what it means. It's a translation, it has no other meaning except submitting yourself to the Divine Will of God. Therefore, the Muslim narrative is anyone who submits themselves to the Divine Will of God is a Muslim, regardless if it was Adam, regardless if it was Abraham, or Noah, or Jesus, or Moses, or Solomon, or David, or john or Jacob, or any of the prophets and messengers, culminating with the final prophet, messenger, Muhammad, who all submitted themselves to the Divine Will of God, therefore, therefore, Muslims believe anyone who submits themselves to the Divine Will of God

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follows the religion God ordained for humanity. And they follow that revelation, which culminated as the final revelation to humanity, which is the final revelation, meaning the Koran, and that is the Muslim narrative, the Muslim narrative is, is that there is no separation between Islam, Christianity and Judaism. In fact, anyone who believed in Moses, at the time of Moses, all of them were believers, and all of them are granted paradise. Anyone who believes in Jesus at the time of Jesus, all of them are believers, and granted paradise, anyone who came afterward and did not receive the message, they will be forgiven and excused because they thought that this was the

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message. And they're going to be tried and tested on the Day of Judgment, God will judge them. And anyone who receives news now, and understands that the message of Jesus was corrupted, which can be shown. And God sent a another prophet and messenger, which will be the final combination of that. And that message came to them. They're responsible to accept that prophecy of Jesus and Moses and all the prophets that came before them, which is the combination of the final message to all of humanity. And that is, ultimately what God said to the Virgin Mary, through Jesus, and the people at that time. So with that, we have discussed in Charlotte, the Virgin Mary, more or less, there are a

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few other things we need to just touch up on. And that is, with regards to some of the biblical narratives with regards to the Virgin Mary, that she had married to Joseph, for example, another prophet, and in the biblical narrative, we don't know if he's considered a prophet or not. But in Muslim narrative, Joseph was a prophet. But we don't believe that he married Mary at all. And we don't believe in Mary Magdalene, that she married

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Jesus or not, this is nothing confirmed in Islam. If that happened or not, we don't know. We don't know. So anything that is in the Bible, we believe in original in its original state, the Bible was something that was revealed to the Prophet Mohammed to the Prophet Jesus. But what we consider the gospel is not what's considered the gospel now, because even in biblical theology, the earliest source of the Bible comes 30 to 60 years after the death of Jesus.

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So is that the Bible that was given to Jesus or not? We say we don't know. But we sanctify the book, in case there may have been remnants of the original Bible given to Jesus. It remaining parts of it in the current text, but the Muslims believe that it was it was corrupted. It was corrupted, and versus

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were changed, just like the Torah before that, and this was the entire means for it to be revealed. Therefore, Muslims sanctify the book, because they may they believe that there may be remnants of the Bible or the Torah remaining in these texts. So out of sanctity and honor for God's revelation, there's it is it is impermissible and forbidden for there to be any reviling or burning or any kind of disrespect. In fact, in fact, it is disbelief in Islam for somebody to do so. Because you're disbelieving in the fact that the Bible Bible was sent to humanity, but with the condition that you believe that in Islam, those were corrupt, corrupted, and therefore God sent the final revelation.

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Lastly, if there is some information in the Bible, which is not in the Islamic tradition, if it's if it's not mentioned, we don't say it's false. And we don't say it's true. We don't say it's false, or we don't say it's true, we say this is what's narrated in the biblical narrative. And in the Bible, that is that is there today. This is what has been mentioned. So there's now discussions of Mary Magdalene, there's discussions of Joseph, Mary, Mary, none of this is mentioned in Islamic tradition. And none of it is important to us. None of it leads to any kind of guidance and action. So therefore, this extra information is irrelevant. In fact, in the Islamic tradition, whether they

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married or didn't marry, it doesn't doesn't affect our lives. So God sent a revelation in the Quran, which is based on action based, rather than simply information to digest. So with that, we have finished our discussion, we ask God to bless us and to bless the Virgin Mary and Jesus, the Prophet, peace be upon him, as well as all the prophets and messengers to for us to be raised in their company in the highest of paradise for us to be forgiven, and to be given the sincerity and the will to seek the truth, just like the Virgin Mary and Jacob and Jesus and all of the prophets and messengers. We ask God to grant us the ability to see truth wherever we find it and follow it. And

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we ask God to allow us to disavow ourselves from falsehood, and to reject it wherever we find it, and to raise us in the company of the prophets and messengers in all of our families in the highest levels of paradise. May God bless you for allowing me to give you this discussion and talk about

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