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guys, what's to pack right now?

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was to talk about not going to me

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is dead

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is gone?

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Do you think Tupac thought that he was going to be gone at the age that he went? Yes or no?

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I'm sure he did.

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was, I mean, with all due respect to him again, this is not because I'm against Tupac or this or that. But I actually watched the whole documentary on Tupac, a whole documentary on him, Tupac was a man who had, you know, a beautiful body, he had a muscular body.

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He grew up in a normal sort of neighborhood in America.

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Normal for sort of black people. And you know, those black people, they're, they're pressed so so naturally they grow up with with this kind of mentality of being a victim. So he grows up. And he's in his surrounded by these rap artists. So he becomes a rap artist himself. Now, these rap artists, I've done, I've read upon the rap artists, and you got to understand the psychology behind it. How they become famous, is when they are able to put others down. That's when a rap artist will become famous. So you got to become a master in casting people. That's what it's about. Are you cast yourself, you cast your people, you cast others, and you use your tongue with stuff and things that

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are, you know, for us in Sharia, it's hard on, you got to do all of that to make yourself get all eyes on me. Now, Tupac if I mean, if you if you actually look at a lot of his lyrics, or swear words and songs, I'm not asking you to go into all of that. But what I want to say to you is I look at the mentality of this young man, this young man, all of a sudden, he starts to get fade. Because the way he's rapping he's in, he's an intelligent guy. So he's able to use his tongue and he's able to get these lyrics in his head, or write them out. And same in, you know, in rap form, in a way that people say, Wow, yeah, go on, go on, go on. And they and they give him that, you know, push on the

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DJs attempt to go on and he gets into these situations where his crowds are getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

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So he's going from one club to another club to another club until he finds himself like the big shots in the rap world. And two packs one of those ways he's got you know, he's got his gold chains around him. He's got his gold, you know, rings and diamond rings and whatever all on him. And he's what they call the living the life.

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The you look at the body language, the body language of life doing all have that this night. Yeah. It is arrogance and other day. It's arrogance. Because what you're trying to do is you're trying to say no, I'm great. I like the pump the chest up. Yeah, to show that I am bigger, bigger, bigger, like you say, I like you move your hands. In a survey. I tried to say like, no, like you're like, or even like, you know, putting the putting the hand with the gun shape and like going like that show that I'm above you.

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You're below me that that's the whole attitude. I'm greater than you. You're smaller than me. And you admit it. Now, of course, if you're going to be like to pack if you're going to be like that, or any of these rap artists, what you want to do you want to do the same things like yeah, you think you're bigger? You're thinking bigger than me. Okay, I'm coming to you right now. One of them's going to lose. So yeah, there are many people who lost to Tupac. But some you know many times they have the swear words that are said to another bad swear words to try and get one of the done because they've got to remain on top all eyes on me the very, very top and what happens when you got a lot

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of money? What do you do? Well, you got all the girls

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what happens with all girls?

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You start to go you know, you have to get some drugs and other stuff in between. So without that it does there's no fun when you when you in that life and in that world. It's not just a big thing that uses made you have to live the life which means that you carry a gun around with you. You gotta you got a gun, Randy for your protection because a lot of guys when I just put a bullet in your head, you got a bad mouth. You got a bad tongue. And Tupac if you look at him and he used to swear coppers used to swear up police is to swear out, you know, General is to get on stage and start swearing and he's like, Lucy, what are you going to do to me? What are you going to do to me that's that's the

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I'm too big for you. I've got too many followers.

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And the sense of arrogance gets inside with

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You're too high. And of course, like I said to you before, people are after you people want to get you down. Now, I don't know what really happened by the end because there's mixed stories about his life and why he got shot dead, the mixed stories, but what I can say is that he does a whole beef between the East side and the west side in America. If you guys follow me or not, follow me. I know.

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Some of you. Are you with me? Yeah, that's good. So hold there's a whole, you know, beef between the west side and East Side. And this happens live on the streets of Glasgow is gonna happen on the streets of London, it happens. What's that's like, that's my territory, and your territory. You stay there. Don't come here. Otherwise, I'm gonna cut you up. Why do you do this? Because you got this arrogance. Once arrogance gets inside you, you got to prove yourself to be the greatest from from between all of you, all of you learned. Now, in between that Tupac had made so many enemies because of his tongue. Those enemies were also after him. Other and we don't know which enemies and who took

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him out what and so on, but ended the day. He was the one who phrased all eyes on me. And there are generations of young kids who started to say say the phrase and say all eyes are on me. Now where is two pack two packs gone? once once you're dead, you're gone. Have you got all eyes on me now when you're dead when you haven't? And this is the big question to all the young people that are listening to this is that you cannot have all eyes on me for too long. Because even in this world, if you have all eyes on me for a long period of time, by the time you're dead, who wants to look at you? Who wants to be with you? I mean, imagine it imagine a man dies. Imagine those amongst us

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there's one guy who's you know, we will love we will look up to his life. He's got everything on man. He's got the body. He's got the lyrics got the tongue, he's got the intelligence he's got the money. He's got the generosity whatever you want to say is the best guy around right for us to look up to him. And imagine his around us. And what what happens is that we we basically, we admire this person, the moment this person is dead imagine he just dies here.

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Which one of us wants to keep this guy in our house?

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This dead guy which one of us wants to take him home and say you know what, man I feel so I feel sorry for him. And I'm gonna keep him alive as it is dead Yep, I'm gonna keep my house here and just look at him and marry which one of us gets to do that?

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Which one of us will pick them up? Take him to a house here live down here and say you know what? He's gonna stay there. I'm missing man. I'm missing man. Lane just stay there what's gonna happen within a few few hours or a day or two? What's gonna happen?

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Sorry, gone.

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He's gonna rot he's gonna smell

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even if you froze him, and you kept him What are you gonna do with a frozen dead body? Looking at a frozen dead body that body is waiting to decompose my friend. All eyes are on me or not on you anymore when you when you gone. All these people out there who are making you know themselves look big, in front of everybody else. Eventually it's gone. If it's not gone because they lost the wealth for the loss, the beauty or the lost power of the last day intelligence of the last agility or the last some skill, it is not gone because of that is gone because of their deaths. It's gone.

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And Allah says the Holy Quran voila, hockey button omo. Allah has the final say in everything Allah has the final result in everything. What your final what your final stage is is the beginning of how Allah is going to see you in the new world.

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And you got to realize that this is reality. So these two pack and other people who make these you know songs and so on that the top today my friend, tomorrow, they're gone. Tomorrow they're gone. And Alas, told us a reality in the Quran. He said what he said Well, last time she fell out of the model, he said don't walk on this earth as a as one who is displaying arrogance.

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Don't walk on this earth Allah saying this. So the funny thing is, whose Earth is it?

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Whose Earth is it?

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congress who says it?

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Allah says hey,