I Am Using Antibiotic Gel On Face & Cannot Make Wudu, What Should I do

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Shaykh Abu Eesa answers

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I have to put an antibiotic gel on my face and I can't wash it afterwards. How can I make? Well?

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Obviously, that's a problem. And you've got to, I mean, the simple answer is that you've just got to try and work around that meaning that the gel should not go on until you've made Well, first, with a background in, in medicine, I can tell you though, that this is not actually correct, when you put an antibiotic gel on your face, or actually most creams, Arabs, the whole point didn't go on the face is not to remain on the face, but to be absorbed into the skin. So creams and ointments within an hour, they're done, right? an antibiotic gel, that should be done even quicker. But regardless, the one or two hours or three hours afterwards, you should of course, be washing your face. No jello

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cream has been created so that a person cannot clean themselves or wash themselves within hours. So I think that just needs to be manipulated the times that you use to make sure that you put it on after you've made. But a person might ask, okay, I've just put the jet on my face. And I've just broken my wardrobe by mistake or whatever I now need to make, although again, can I do it?

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I'm really reticent, I'm really not wanting to say and, you know, no, you're allowed to, you know why, or deuterium or whatever. Because normally we make them when there is a real, we make them or we avoid washing the face. And we would wipe over in some other fashion if it's very, very badly injured, where water would cause a great injury or, or there's a real material impact and harm on the development of treatment for a certain condition. And the truth is, is that an antibiotic job would not fall into that category. In my opinion, Allah knows best. And it would not be that which causes harm. And so I would say that person would then make although, and then reapply the gel

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reapply if you had to do immediately. But in normal circumstances, if you use a jet or cream after one or two hours you can make you to make again anyway, regardless, okay, it doesn't matter because the residue has gone in the actual medication has gone in while you wash off will be that which is not so important. What's gone in is gone in, it's not meant to be just left by itself. And if you have just to make this complete answer if you are using some gel, which does not allow you to wash the face for the entire day. And if you don't use this cream and gel for this period of time of 20 days continuous, then it's going to cause a major problem for your condition, then it is

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permissible, you will have the legal right to wash your arms, hands everything else and for the part of the face just to wipe on it with dry hands. That's one approach. Some of these quarters they said that during that period of time, you would make a tm of just for the face I don't prefer that opinion. I will prefer that you would wipe with dry hands on the face itself or with damp hands on the face and not wash it very very lightly damp hands to wipe ganja to effectively cover the washing for that strict period of time but the conditions have to be very, very extreme like I just mentioned, and Allah knows best. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe to the channel and like

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