Zakir Naik – The Teachings of the Bible Should not be taken Literally but in Parables and Stories

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various parables and stories related to the Bible, including the use of "most" to describe various elements and the importance of modest fulfillment until the Earth arrives. They also touch on the modern society where everyone is supposed to be modest and fulfill until the Earth arrives and the use of "quarantine" in modern societies, citing Jesus Christ's peace be upon him as a way to read a prayer and reinterpret the Bible. The speakers emphasize the importance of being modest and fulfill until the Earth arrives and the use of technology and religion in modern society.
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When you quote the Bible, you take a very literary or literal sense of what the teachings of the Bible are. And

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I, for the past 500 years, we've taken it more as parables and stories that it shouldn't be taken literally, but for the actual meanings behind it. And then my question is, is there anything like a movement in that in Islam, where instead of taking a literal sense, it's just taking the morals behind? What the crane has to say?

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Brother, that was the question that I have quoted the Bible and I take everything literally. But since the past few 100 years, there are parables that haven't parables in the Quran,

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that a parable in the Quran, but if the Quran says something literally, many times you can understand that one word map various meanings. If a word has got five, six meanings, either all the five evenings are correct, or maybe take one meaning only. But that does not mean the Quran says something else. And you take the opposite meaning there are so many parables in the Quran, but that doesn't mean it literally goes against the Quran.

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So what the Quran says And the Bible says, if the original Injeel the revelation, which was given to Jesus case peace be upon him, it was sent as a guidance. So what is mentioned you have to follow it, yes, there may be certain times that there may be other meanings, which may also be right. But that does not mean what is the normal meaning that should not be taken.

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Like for example, you're quoting Leviticus about like the clothing for in Christianity.

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But in the later teachings, Jesus talks about just being modest and be modest for yourself, and so that a Christian would take not the literal meaning of you need to cover up you need to not have the loose clothing but just say that in modern society, it's a different idea that modesty isn't the same rediger fee I like. I really like your question. If you ask me a question, and I will clarify you I'll try my level best. The brothers give an example that when I talk about Liberty because I didn't go to Liberty gays, I quoted Deuteronomy, chapter number 22 was number five, etc, which talks about modesty First Timothy, chapter number two, verse number nine, even First Corinthians chapter

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11, verse five to seven modesty. What now brothers, don't tell me that what Jesus Christ peace be upon him told that you have to be modest. But what he meant was not literally about the clouds, but this modern society. That is your understanding of the Bible. Let's see what Jesus Christ peace be upon him said, Jesus Christ peace be upon him said in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter number five was number 7220. Think not that I have come to destroy the law of the profits. I have come not to destroy, but to fulfill until the heavens and the earth pass away, not one jot or tittle shall pass away from the law until all be fulfilled. And whosoever shall break one of the least commandments,

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and teach men should do so shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven. And whosoever shall keep the commandments, and think the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven, unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and the Pharisees. In no way shall you enter the kingdom heaven. This is a verbatim quotation from King James Version, I'm speaking from my head. It's a verbatim quotation from King James Version Gospel of Matthew, chapter number five was number 17. And 22 Jesus guy says, that even if you break one jot or tittle from the law, from the Old Testament, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven. So when Old Testament says the woman shall not

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buy clothes that fit pertinent to a man and a man shall not wear clothes that fit botnet woman, now tell me brothers arcade, that solitary stands now the society is changing. So Jesus Christ said, peace be upon him. If you break one law, jot or tittle, you shall not enter Jannah

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Do you mean to say that Jesus Christ, please be open came to misguidance? Not at all. He clearly said, that until the heavens and the earth pass away, not one jot or tittle shall pass away until all be fulfilled, did later on the teaching of Paul.

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St. Paul, who's a self appointed apostle of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. He tells us that fee the lawyer nailed to the cross, that is his teaching. It's not the teachings of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, who do you believe in Jesus Christ peace be upon him or send Paul to Jesus Christ peace be upon him said that unless your righteousness exceeds the ratio of the scribes and the Pharisees, unless you're better than the Jews, you shall not enter Jannah

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that means everything what is mentioned the Old Testament not to have Paul, you have to be modest has to be followed that there isn't if you go, the nuns, the nuns, they are dressed up like the Muslim. Have you seen the photograph of Mother Mary. She's completely covered. Her head is covered up to the wrist up to the ankle.

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I'm sure in future you may have. God knows. Mother Mary may be wearing skirts. That is a later development.

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But the true photographs, if you analyze Same thing with nuns, the nuns are properly covered Why? So in Islam, every Muslim,

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every Muslim are in terms of piety, she has to be passed, she has to be modest. So what I'm telling that if Christian means a person who follows the teachings of JFK, peace be upon him, then we Muslim, the more Christian and the Christian themselves,

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the other brother, well, how the question was supposed to be about how modern societies interprets these modern these religions and incorporates them into our, you know, society. So if we're interpreting them not as a literal sense, we're going to listen, like the scripture you quoted, it would just say, it would be how you feel that Jesus meant by that same which would be that we should follow the teachings of the Old Testament, and maybe not literally, and we should think about what he means by the laws of what to wear. So when he says, follow all this, or you can't go to heaven, it modern person after the Reformation would think would be that it's what it he interprets that if

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I agree with you that in every modern age, we try and read a prayer, the more the use of the Bible, what are the you know, the Quran, if you want to reinterpret, keep on reinterpreting into modern age, and what the modern society believes you're going to put the Bible into that shell.

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So what is the use of the Bible? Then? Why do you require the Bible? Why do you require what you can say? That if science and technology advanced you can understand the Bible better understand the foreign but I've got no objection. But if you tell me depending how the modern society behaves, you have to reinterpret the Quran or the Bible, it is totally nonsense. God is our Creator. He knows what is best for us. Do you mean to say that God did not know you are limiting God? That means you are Don't tell me that God did not know that the society will change. If you analyze the Quran, though it was revealed 1400 years ago, you cannot point out a single verse of the Quran, which is

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against modern established science. Do you know that however much the science has established? How am I the Science Advances? It will never be able to prove even a single verse wrong. Yes, it will be able to give a new dimension. When Science Advances, maybe we will be able to understand that aspect of Quran better today with a limited knowledge of science, we may not be able to understand certain verses of the Quran. But that does not mean you're giving a new look, depending upon how the modern society is developing modern society however much it develops, the law will be the same. The woman should be in a job the man should lower his gaze. It's not like Canada. Now a man can marry a man.

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In Islam, we don't believe in majority. We believe in truth. Truth prevails, hearts prevails. And Jesus Christ peace be upon him said seek the truth and the truth shall for you. We don't believe in democracy, that today you say okay, fine, gay marriage is fine. And he says a modesty find a woman can wear less clothes. See, that is the man made law. The person was created as one Mighty God, he knows what is good and what is bad for us. Therefore, religion means a way of life. So we follow the guidance given back rater, then only we will be on the true path of Nancy's question.

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