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Daddy come in for the law here, Elena, while a nurse, we're lacking that calmness, you lower your score. The fact you're in this class, the fact I'm here teaching you the fact that Allah chose us. It's not because you and me. Patil, Allah. That's the Grace of Allah. That's what he said. And he said, This is the grace of Allah upon me, my family and our many people and then he puts again, a subtle message axon Nasiriyah school, majority of people are ungrateful. Are we?

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Are we

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ungrateful, are grateful. We are grateful. Nahi Bucha. I would love to say yes, it's not my word, while Illuminae Bharatiya Shaku, Allah said it, very few of my servants are grateful. Grateful is not that hamdulillah hamdulillah is the tip of the ice to the outside. Three levels of sugar, you know, then Yemen number one, the name of the food, the food that we are having, we're still complaining about the food and we see it in front of our eyes, the people of Huzur when they were literally from the the stagnant rainwater you all have, I'm sure you all have seen this right? The man was was putting it in a bucket and drinking, right? And if it is ourselves like Oh, who drank

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from this bottle

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and we leave that to third

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and we are grateful