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Al-Muminun 1-22 Word Analysis and Tafsir 3


AI: Summary © The speakers stress the importance of focusing on one's task and avoiding activities such as social gatherings, going out of work, watching television, and sitting with people just talking. They emphasize the need to expel love from one's lives and avoid love from their lives. The focus should be on creating a love from one's own lives, and people should keep commenting on comments about children. The conversation is difficult to follow and appears disjointed, but the speakers discuss various topics and their impact on people's lives, including the cost of life and the importance of focusing on achieving goals.
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One levena and those who whom they are only lonely from ill speech more or less alone, one to turn away another very important characteristic, very important quality. And what is it, that the true believers, those who will be successful or who, those who turn away those who avoid a novel,

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what is a love,

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love is every word and every action, it could be a word, it could be an action, that is useless, in and of itself, it is idle, it is nonsensical, it is meaningless,

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useless, nonsensical, meaningless, it does not produce any benefit.

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And it is such that it is not conducive to achieving one's goal or purpose in life.

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Meaning it is not something that will help a person achieve some goal of is in this dunya nor will it bring any benefit to a person in the hereafter.

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So, what is love,

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it is something that is vain, that is idle, that is useless.

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And it does not benefit a person in achieving his goal in the dunya. Nor does it bring any benefit to a person in the hereafter.

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So, love is that which is useless, purposeless a waste of time, it eats away our lives, it brings nowhere for us neither in the dunya nor India.

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Now, the word love has been used in a number of ways this is a primary meaning it has been used in a number of ways. First of all long has been used for a thoughtless utterance something that a person says without even thinking, something that a person says without even thinking.

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For example, we have learned earlier that law you have the common law, who beloved Wi Fi, a manual, that Allah will not see is you will not hold you accountable concerning the love in your oaths. And what is that? that a person and every single statement, he says will lie he will lie, but I will lie he lauhala he. So this is what a thoughtless actions.

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Similarly, people have certain words that they say very often in their day to day speech.

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And those words don't have any relevance. They don't even give any meaning in the context. They don't even give any emphasis. For instance, some people have this habit of saying like, like in almost every statement. This is what a love statement. It's a love word. does it bring any benefit? Does it give any emphasis? Does it does it please other people? It annoys them for sure. Right? So this is what love is. Secondly, love also includes for hash,

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meaning love is also used for such speech that is indecent. That is indecent.

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Because if a person is talking about indecent stuff, does it bring him any benefit in donia? No. Will it bring him benefit in the era Not at all. Rather it will be the other way around. It will bring the person harm. So low also includes for her in decent talk in decent actions. In decent words. This includes swear words. This includes watching harangue, listening to how long this is what love includes

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30 Thirdly, love is also used for talking frivolously talking continuously very noisily so that the speech of the other is drowned.

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So for example, when a person has extremely loud music on so that even when other people are trying to talk, they cannot hear one another. They literally have to yell at one another. That sound is what

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what is it? Love, no matter how beautiful it may be? matter how much people are dancing at its tune? What is it? It is love. So love is used in a number of ways. What does a lot of parents say over here? That the believers are those who turn away they're more alone. They're ones who turn away, they avoid they keep away from love.

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If no Josie he said that love includes ship. So any kind of ship, they stay away from it. It includes mousey sense

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because the same is for her. A same brings a person no benefit neither Indonesia nor India. It includes Kevin, what does that mean? Lies false statements. Other words that would hurt others shutdown swear words cursing. And as the judge he said that love includes co Larry will love every Larry and every laugh.

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You are familiar with these words that ravens play lowers amusement. So it includes every large and loud.

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So the true believers, they stay away from it.

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Insert a hedge at the end, what did we learn? What Jay do filet? How could you hear the now as believers, Allah subhanaw taala has imposed a very important task upon us, isn't it?

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And when a person is given an extremely difficult work to do, or an extremely important task to do,

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then he needs to fully focus on it,

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isn't it?

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Like, for example, if a person is trying to become a doctor, and he just missed classes the way we do, Kenny, can you just skip a day here a day they're not show up for class? Miss one practical miss one presentation? Miss one professor's lecture. Can you do that? Kenny? No, he cannot. Why?

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Because if he misses one thing here there, will he be able to become a doctor? Can you just say Oh, forget about this book, I won't purchase it. Like we do sometimes with the course. This book is not that important. I'm not going to buy it. I'll just shared with somebody else. Can a doctor do that? Can a medical student do that?

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Can he say forget it, I won't go for this week, I'm busy, I'm going on vacation. No, he cannot do that.

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So when a person has a very important task to do, he has to fully focus on it fully, completely.

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He will avoid social gatherings, he will avoid going to the mall, he will avoid watching television even he will avoid sitting with people just talking. He will avoid many, many things. Why? Because what he's doing is extremely important and it demands a lot of work from him. And if he gets busy in other things, he will not be able to do his work, he will not be able to study and if he does not study, if he does not do well, he will not be able to become a doctor.

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So for us, in order to give the heart of striving in the way of Allah subhanaw taala we need to become extremely focused and extremely serious about it.

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Because only when a person is focused on his objective, then he can accomplish it. And only then his heart will not be occupied with other things. Remember that when you're focused on your work, then your heart will not be occupied with other things. You will not think about them, you will completely forget about them. Because you're so busy. You're so into it.

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Like for example, sometimes it happens with people that they're talking to somebody. They're talking, talking, talking all of a sudden they look at the time, it's been an hour and a half and they didn't even realize, isn't it? Why? Because we're so busy in that conversation.

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Similarly, person goes to the mall, he goes to one store, the other story has to buy one thing after the other. And all of a sudden when he looks at the time, it's been two hours, he didn't even realize it had been two hours. Why? Because he was so busy into it. Did you think about other things at that time? No. So when you are focused on something, then you don't think about other things.

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And this is something that is required of us. This is something that is required of us that if we want to have horseshoe in Santa, if we want to do what Allah subhana wa tada has asked us to do, then we must, we must leave useless things. Because if we don't leave them, we cannot do our work. We cannot accomplish our tests, we cannot accomplish our goals.

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We learn in sort of for fun, I number 72. That one leadin aleisha don't azula worry, there will be lovely model kiralama and the rebel Rockman. There are those who do not testify to falsehood. And when they pass by ill speech they pass by with dignity.

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Meaning if they're going by somewhere, and somebody is saying love words, somebody is talking about nonsense things, or somebody who's watching something that is completely nonsensical, that is not relevant to them at all. What do they do? modelu kiralama they just passed away from there with dignity. They don't stay over there. thinking okay, what is coming on the television? What is this person talking about? Okay, what are they listening to? Let me concentrate Let me see there might be some good maybe I will learn something. Now. They know that it's love, and they stay away from it. So we see that avoiding love is extremely important. Because if a person does not avoid love, he

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cannot achieve his purpose.

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We learned sotto casa, sign number 55

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What are some of your level are available on who. And when they hear ill speech, they turn away from it. When they hear ill speech, they turn away from it, they don't dance to its tune. They don't take any interest in what's being said what's being discussed so that they can also pitch in that conversation. No, they just turn away from it. Who can do this? Who can turn away from love? Who can do that?

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A person who realizes that his life is precious, that his life is valuable. A person who knows the value of his life, he knows how to use his life. He knows how to use his time, he will not waste an hour here, two hours there three hours watching a movie, do ours is walking around the wall, just window shopping. One hour just talking to a friend chatting about things that just happened today. We just start by saying no a person who realizes the value of his life, he will not waste it on these useless things.

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Many times we confuse the concept of relaxing, the concept of taking a break with what? indulging in love. we confuse between these two things. Relaxing, taking a break is extremely necessary. Because if you do not relax, if you do not take a break, you will not be able to work for too long, isn't it so you need a break.

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However, taking a break does not mean killing those two hours. Taking a break does not mean wasting a chunk of your life. Taking a break means doing something different. That is easier on your mind, easier on your body that will make you happy. Like for example, you go for a walk. That's what taking a break means you go for a walk you look at the lovely trees, you look at the lovely flowers uses a Panama you do think you're not reading a book, your eyes are not straining, you're not staring at the screen, your eyes are not getting strained. This is what it means by taking a break. Whereas if you go watch the TV for two hours, tell me are your eyes going to hurt more? Definitely

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is your head going to hurt more definitely, with all the noise, your head is going to hurt more.

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Whereas if you go outside, take a walk that is definitely much more beneficial for you.

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So we do understand the difference between love and relaxation.

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Love is something that wastes your life.

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waste your life, it does not bring you any worldly benefit. It does not bring you any religious benefit. This is the criteria from

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no worldly benefit, no religious benefit.

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If you think about it, you know sometimes we say that, but I have to watch this comedy show because otherwise I cannot mentally relax. Think about it. How did this help us survive without watching comedy shows? Do they have sessions in which they would just watch comedy shows or have people cracking jokes one after the other so that they could laugh for hours? No, the profit sort of all the sudden discouraged us from laughing excessively.

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So if they could survive, can we not survive? Of course we can. And if they avoided it, that is why they were able to achieve so much. Because we do not avoid love. This is why we cannot have assurance Allah. This is why we cannot do our work properly. This is why we cannot focus in our work. This is why we get distracted so easily. So we need to expel love from our lives.

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It's amazing that such shows. For example, if a person watches a comedy show or person watches, some kind of a show, even if it's supposed to be related to medicine, it's all about a doctor. There's so many things that are against the

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there's so many things that are set against God, the respect that God deserves the respect that religion deserves. There's no doubt at all. There's disrespect, there's insult constantly, there derogatory comments concerning the religion, and not just AI but there's so much for Hush, there's so much indecency. Now how is it possible that we read in the Quran, that when people say that Allah has a son, the goddess of our creative autonomy, that the heavens would split asunder, the Earth would split asunder, and we listen to those things and we have a good laugh.

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we tell ourselves Oh, we shouldn't be laughing. When we have a good laugh.

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Those same words, they come into our speech, the same way of thinking becomes a part of our lives. And sin does not seem like a big deal to us anymore.

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So many times love it includes for Hush, remember that? This is why when Latina whom Annie lovely morigaon they have no interest in it. They don't like it. They cannot bear it. They cannot

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tolerate it, even if it comes before them, even if somebody gives them the opportunity to listen to watch or something like that. They say no, I'm not interested, I'd rather do something else.

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If you have to watch something, watch something that will bring you benefit. That is not love. That is not a waste of your life that is not killing your time. You could watch a documentary on food. You could watch a documentary on some animals, on geography, on discoveries. There's so many things out there, what something that will be beneficial, not something that will eat away your time that will kill your time, that will take a big chunk of your life away from you that we will regret over on the Day of Judgment.

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We learn the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I mean personal Islam in Mali, Darko malaria, and he that out of a person being a good Muslim is his leaving What does not concern

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that we must leave all those things that do not concern us. We must leave all those things that do not concern us that do not bring this benefit, neither in this dunya nor India.

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And sometimes you see that, in our conversations, there's so much love, so much love that. We're just talking, talking about what what I saw what the other person said. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that in the law called curry Allah coontail will call Allah dislikes for UPL. And call this was said and that was that. He said this and she said that, and that was that. This is dislike, this should not be a part of our conversations. If we do have to talk to one another, we should talk about things that are beneficial, that will benefit one another. Why do we have to talk about other people? Why do we have to keep commenting on children? Why do we have to keep commenting on the way

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that a particular person had dressed up on the way that a person had cooked a particular food? Can we not get above that? Can we not have a higher purpose in our lives? Is that all we see? Is that all we see? And is that all that we can talk about? Remember that a person who has a higher goal than his life, he doesn't have time for useless things. He doesn't have time for useless conversations. He does not like such conversations, he will not find any interest in them. So when Latina whom, and a lovely model. Now give me some examples of law.

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Going on Facebook, and just looking at other people's pictures. Tell me, what do those pictures have to do with you?

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Or the pictures of your husband? Or the pictures of your children? Are there pictures of your sister's wedding that you missed? So you must see them? Are they have any relevance to you? Not at all? Are they have pictures of nature, something that Allah created of beautiful mountains and beautiful trees so that when you see them? You were happy to see them and you pray the loss of penalty, you increasing your hesa net? Are they no? What are those pictures about? Weird things that people have written on pieces of paper. And they have taken a picture of that weird things that people are doing weird poses that they have made weird clothes that they're wearing. And this is

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what they're displaying in front of the whole world.

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That's the time that we have that we can go on each and every single person's album and we can see one picture after the other. Really, that's the time that you have. If you have that much time come to me. We'll give you lots of work.

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There's so much work to be done. And there you are sitting clicking on one picture after the other. There's so much work to be done. How can you sit idle and waste your time like that?

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This is not fair. This is not right. Neither to yourself nor with other people. Go help your mother in the kitchen instead, who's standing there since morning, washing one thing after the other cooking one thing after the other fulfilling your desires. This is not fair.

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What else is included in the

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window shopping?

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window shopping.

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Let me just go and see what's new. Maybe I'll find something that I can buy. I don't have money for it. But I'll just go see. I don't intend to buy but I'll just go see. Let me see what's in. Oh, that's so beautiful. That looks so nice. I wish I could have that. Somebody was actually telling me that the social media, like Facebook and Twitter when people see the kind of pictures that other people have put up or the kinds of things that people are saying, like I'm so happy I went to the mall I bought this. I went to that store, I went in this mall. I went here I went there, it actually causes depression in people's lives. It actually makes other people depressed because they think

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that their lives are so miserable and everybody else is so happy.

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What else is included in law

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discussing lives of celebrities or people who have nothing to do with you. They're not sure

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uncles and archery relatives. They're not your aunts. They're not your in laws, nothing. They're not related to you. They're not professors. They're not researchers, they're not scientists. It's not that they are teaching something beneficial to people, discussing their lives, discussing their affairs, discussing their dresses, discussing their words, discussing their new hairstyles, this is love. And not just discussing, but spending hours watching that, oh, this person bought this lovely dress for their wedding. And this is how much time they spent in choosing the perfect dress. Are you going to go to that wedding? Are they going to give that dress to you?

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Are you going to sell it and make profit from it? No. It doesn't bring you any worldly benefit. It doesn't bring you any religious benefit. And when you watch other people, what will you be thinking I can't afford that dress. Even if I want to work, my parents will never let me wear a white gown in my wedding. Because unfortunately, we're so traditional. It will make you unhappy. It will make you depressed, you will compare your skin with theirs, you will compare your finger with theirs, and you will become depressed.

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No benefit only loss, no happiness, only misery. What else is included?

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Talking about politics. Very true. You're not a member, nobody's representing your community anyway. You don't vote, you discourage other people to vote. And there you are discussing politics. As if you can really make a huge difference. You don't even have much knowledge about it. But just discussing what else is included in

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taking too long to cook something taking too long to dresser taking too long to fix things in the house. This is what a waste of time. This is killing your time wasting your life. What else is included?

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Going to or being interested in contests in beauty contests, commenting on the new designs or commenting on what people are wearing? What else is included in the

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very true I agree with it 100% watching games matches and discussing them and watching their reviews and watching their where they have panel discussions over them.

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Honestly, what relevance does it have in your life?

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Okay, if you're reading about it, perhaps you will improve in your, you know, your English, perhaps you will improve in your writing style, if you read about it, if you do, but if you're just sitting and watching for four hours, two or three hours, if the when you're not going to get a single penny, you know that

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you're not going to get a single penny, if they win, if they win, they're going to make money, you're not going to make a cent. So it's a total waste of life. And if you are really interested, you can always check the scores, you can get the updates on your phone even, it's not difficult, is your life really that cheap? Is your life really that cheap that you can just give for hours like that? Watching looking at the cheerleaders, the way they're dressed or the way they're cheering other people, or watching other people playing and the way they're moving and analyzing their movements and their throws and their kicks and the run. It doesn't have any relevance. no relevance,

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no worldly benefit nor religious benefit.

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If you're involved in it, if that is the source of your income, okay, it may have some relevance to you. But other people, no relevance. I wish we could spend that much time in improving our recitation, in improving our knowledge of the team.

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And we recently somebody was telling me about they were supposed to go somewhere, but they said that no, this person is going to be studying. This person has to study and it was a weekend. I was amazed that on the weekend, even this person studies, this is why they're exciting. This is why they're moving ahead. While people of the same age, people have the same ability. People who have the same time are not accomplishing even a third of what they're accomplishing.

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Each person has been given the same amount of time. Each and every person, it's up to us how we use it. It's up to us how we value our lives, what we invest in retirement. Typically Muslims don't do that. I'm talking about things that happen in our houses in our lives so that we can see them and we can avoid them. What else is included in love?

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For example, what is that called? surfing the net, surfing the net, as if you're surfing on the scene, clicking on one thing after the other and ending up from reading about some war in history to the celebrity that's very popular today. Taking on one thing after the other.

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If you ask people let's go to the park. Let's go to that beautiful place where there's a beautiful fall or they're beautiful mountains or a beautiful lake. They don't have time for it but they are

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have the time to watch something for hours on television, they have the time to chat with somebody for two hours. What else is included in the

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sleeping tomorrow?

00:25:12--> 00:25:37

That is also a waste of life. It doesn't bring worldly benefit. It doesn't bring religious benefit. But remember that sleep deprivation on the other hand is also not that good. But if a person sleeps excessively, then what happens? It has a negative effect on one's body. You will notice that if you sleep excessively, you wake up, your head is hurting, isn't it

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Your eyes are swollen, and you cannot do anything it takes you so long to get out of that sleepy state.

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So, what ladina whom I love way more you don't Why? What's the reason? Because they have a higher goal in life.

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When a person has a goal to achieve, then all of these useless things, he will get rid of them. They will not be a part of his life anymore. backbiting that is also low.

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Because it's only adding to a person's sense. It's consuming his good deeds away.

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So what Ludhiana home anila little one can that be when a person has a focus in life?

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That's the sort of the recitation of these verses

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which we learn