The Effects of Gossip

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But um, the two neighbors that were at each other, but one of them was more better than the other one of them did not spread rumors about the other, but the other one went around the community. And it starts spreading all these bad things about his neighbor

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than this one, the one who wasn't spreading rumors, he went to the court, it's time to cold and he gave his case put his case in front of the judge.

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The judge listened,

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and had both of them in front of him. And he said to the one who spread the rumors, he said, before I pass my judgment tomorrow, I want you to do one thing. He said, what the judge took a piece of paper and gave it to him, he said, grab this piece of paper, he grabbed it. He said, not tearing too small, small pieces. So tear the whole page into small pieces and put them in your hand. And then as you're walking home, he said Small pieces of paper, let it just let this fall out of your hand and let the wind scattered wherever scattered. So he did that on his way home. I said tomorrow, I'll pass the judgment. He scattered all the small, small pieces of paper as he's going home, scattered

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it as he went home from the courthouse the whole next day, they both came back.

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They don't says to the one who spread the rumor, the one who gave the paper yesterday, today. He said, I'm going to ask you now go go and pick up those pieces and come back. Those pieces you said yesterday, that piece of paper gave you can bring them back?

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The man said, Harvey said oh judge, he says I can't do that. I mean, they're everywhere.

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I'll pick some of them up, but I won't get one of them the windows, scattering your light. And then the judge says Do you realize what your words have done? Will you ever be able to fix what you spread? Even if you say sorry, to your neighbor, now, the damage you did by spreading those rumors? You could never fix it again. Because those things you said to people, those people sent it to others and send it send it to others like that when they scattered it far and wide. You can never get to all those people and fix it back again. That's why it is so important that we hold back from spreading information before we find out what the actual truth of it is. And these are from the

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other but the ethical stuff you have. That will save us from a lot of trouble in our societies and our communities.