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Are we in the moment a Buddha who would

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certainly hear me up January him? He said I am so Haitian and Earth man I'm a foreigner of the Allahu Anhu called Paul an abuse of Allah Allah You Are you certain the Hadith tonight is a collection of both Imam Abu Dawood and attend a meeting as an authentic generation and it was by Osama bin Laden and one of the few Hadith that he narrated on the law why on Earth man is not the is not one of those Sahaba is known for his Hadith narration for sure, he's known for many other things, but not for that. So we only have a very small number of a hadith that he narrated. And this is one of them. And it's interesting because once you hear the Hadith, you've heard it like a

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million times, but you didn't know probably is mine, you read it. So it's nice for you to know that today. And the theme, which I started a few weeks ago, and I know I was away for a week.

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But the theme was Hadith where he says Allah, His slaughter was somehow Eurocom or hero from the best of you. And he used that term, I use salatu salam, a number of times, around maybe less than a dozen, but something within that vicinity, depending on how you're going to judge the last couple of them in terms of their authenticity. But together I'd maybe put together seven, six or seven. But either way, the prophet Isaiah sauce or Sam would use the word piratical the best of you or the rest of people. And he if you if you take them all together, all the things that he pointed out and put in and list them they're nice stuff that the profiler you saw to some thought would qualify you to

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be amongst the best of Muslims the characteristics and the practices and the behaviors and the beliefs and I've shared with you three already talked about Plato mastery from Kabbalah, and Halo compatible reality and Halo nasty and foul humaneness. I talked about those three already, and I'll put them on or summarize them altogether once we're done the series, inshallah Tada, but today, this hadith. I mean, I'm pretty sure that if I if I asked you outside of of the series, I told you, the brother I saw two of them said they were able to come once you know, can you finish the Hadith? I'm sure the Hadith that comes to mind to you is the one that I'm going to narrate tonight actually in

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the collection of dealing with the Buddha with biathlon, where he would say out of your thoughts on how Eurocom mentaI lemma Purana Allah, the rest of you are the ones who learn the Quran and pursue learning the Quran and pursue teaching it. And

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it's the fact that he said that Ali Salatu Salam is sometimes we use it with kids a lot and we use it with it and it's fine and I remember that the Hadith that it was I was given going up and I give to kids when they're going up and great. But really, it's it's actually much more deep the depth of this. The profoundness of this hadith goes beyond just a child coming to the masjid memorizing the Quran. It's what is the Learn the Quran actually mean? Memorizing is one maybe aspect of and it's a simple aspect, honestly, and it only lasts for a few years, when you're a kid while you're older. And you try to memorize the Quran. I mean, you know what that looks like? And even if you're

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successful memorizing a little bit you it's like, yeah, it's like a hole in the in the bag. Yeah, and you fill it up from here, and it goes out from the other side, and you spend all your life trying to hold on to, which is why I tell people just hold on to one or two, just honestly just hold on them. Well, that's all you need. You don't need to know the whole thing. If you're young, and you have the opportunity and the time, please commit yourself and learn it because you lose that it's a window that closes really quickly, never opens again. But learning the Quran does not require you to actually memorize learning the Quran means learning, learning the values, the principles, the

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ideals, the teachings, the rulings, is what learning the Quran means. And the best of you are the ones who pursue learning it actually go out to learn what the Quran is teaching. This is the piece of guidance that Allah Subhana Allah has bestowed upon us here, here's my divine Word, learn it, and live by what it teaches, we have something extremely valuable, if you think about it, no other group on the face of this earth has anything that is even remotely close to that which we possess. And understand what I'm trying to say here. Like if you if you're looking at value of value in the world, which nation has the most valuable thing, and you say, use the word thing, the most valuable

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thing who has the most valuable thing? It is unequivocally in an undisputed manner omit Muhammad having the Quran. But Allah let us remain by far there is no other time. There's no comparison. What can compare, give me something, compare something to the Divine Word of God, go ahead. And the authentic divine Word of God because you can have other groups also the Word of God, yeah, with 72 versions of it. So you don't know which one is actually correct. So I'm sorry, you don't actually know that every letter in that book that you carry is the word of God, which means that there's for sure something in there that isn't, which leaves us a little bit questioning whether you can follow

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it the whole thing, but you possess you carry in your hand, the absolute, the authentic word of Allah subhanaw taala with no one letter that is out of place.

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Give me anything that is even within the realm of closeness to that there is nothing there is no this is yes, the best of you are the ones who realize that and pursue learning it and then when they learn and they will pursue teaching it that the legacy of it continue, because you will milk pm and when it occurs, and you listen to the Prophet alayhi salam talk about it.

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There will be no one left who knows what the Quran teaches even though the Quran itself exists

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in its form, like it's still there still book is there, just no one's left who understands it. So you can easily lose the legacy of what it teaches by just stop pursuing the knowledge of it and then stop pursuing the knowledge. I think that's worth the journey and contemplating and understanding Oh, there was a benefit to yoga we'll email a man or Buddha who was telling me the we send an

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email we email Yahweh Yanni and earthmate me I find out all the Allahu Anhu and in the VSL Allah Allah Who early he was selling them Akkad Eurocom mentor LML Quran Allah Allah, Allah rasool Allah is Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah.

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So Allah was telling him about Raka and the beginner Muhammad in order to establish ranges like Mala Hallo vertical