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This episode makes mention of how the merciful servants of Allah would respond when ignorant people address them harshly through a verse numbered 63 from Surah Furqan. A powerful story about the response of Imam Ahmed Raheemallahu Ta’ala and a man who said foul things to him.

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Salam aleikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh everyone, welcome back to people of Quran, where every night I share with you a story about how one of our pious predecessors interacted with an eye of the poor. And so I want you to picture the scene, you walk into a convention, and you've got no Marathi Condor, and nomadic on the southern mountain surrounded by 1000s of people, and he's giving a lecture. And a really, really rude person stands up and starts, you know, interrupting him. And then when was done or man doesn't listen to him, he starts cursing and screaming and things of that sort. And if it's not normal to think about any, you know, scholar, any diet, just imagine the scene or

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even worse in the masjid, right, where someone just gets up and starts ripping the Imam ripping the person who's preaching and gets really, really personal and really, really nasty. So this didn't happen to start in that well, it did happen in our mind a few times, and sometimes rightfully so by the way, but it happened to email him a whole lot at it

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is sitting in a Masjid and I can relate to this because I have had that happen to me a few times. You might not know sitting in the masjid. But he has 5000 people in front of him and he is who he is talking a whole lot. And it's both dads and rock and he is the Imam of the people. And he's giving you know, a luxury, he's giving a class, and all of a sudden a man walks in, and the man just starts to curse at him. And him I'm talking a whole lot to Allah. Not only did he not respond to him, but as the students were about to get up and respond to him Allah He signaled to them to just stay seated, just keep calling, you know, and he kept he kept teaching basically, he ignored the men. So

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the man got nastier. He got more vulgar, he got more foul. Okay. And the students are just boiling. Right? How dare you talk to him a lot that way. So email him a lot to add again, he ignored him. He didn't he didn't respond. And as the students we're about to get an email from him a lot as he's talking, he does with his hand like this and he smiles and he says just keep on listening. Ignore them and then the man starts to you know, curses family and he starts to say some really, really, really dirty things. And the students will be mom, Allah, they couldn't hold themselves so they really started to you know, they started to grumble and mumble and they started to, you know, to get

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really really really antsy and so one of them stands up and then he sits back down and another one you know is about to say something and then finally his students couldn't take it anymore they said yeah, Abdullah Rhonda and I had this fee they said oh, I want the law. You know speaking team admin, respond to this full just answer this full amount for him Allah tada says, Now ally, no, by Allah, I will not. They said How come and listen to his response he says for a melcor annual event. He said what happened to our understanding of what happened to the place of hold on in our lives? So Pamela, this is you know, this should be like the the video of the series in the sense that we remember this

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for a minute. And even what happened in the corner we recite all the time, how come we're not able to apply it now? They said what do you mean he says, What doesn't a law say and so forth and for part and sorted for upon verse 63? Were a bad run in Medina. I'm sure a lot of the hohner are either hot Baba homolka Haruna palu. Salama? Doesn't Allah say, describing the servants of the Most Merciful that they tread the earth lightly. And when ignorant people confront them, then they simply say Sunnah, they simply respond with peace. So Pamela, say mount Rahim Allah to Allah, he's saying to them, you know what happened to all the times that we've went over those ions, how come does

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those ions don't come into perspective, or they don't come onto our radar in times like that. And so, you know, I heard him a lot. He told the students to get to sit back down. And when the men heard him, I saw him hold on to and I say that, you know, I'm not gonna respond. Instead, I'm gonna say Salaam will just respond with peace, because this person clearly is not interested in having a discussion. He's here to get you to stoop to his level. And I'm talking about him a lot responded with that grace. And that's why a lot calls them the servants of the Most Merciful. Obviously, it's a beautiful description that that spans throughout the surah. But that's the first way that Allah

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describes the servants of the Most Merciful, that they walk the earth lightly. They don't take themselves too seriously. They don't walk with pride. And you're going you know, you're bound to confront people that are going to be ignorant that are going to want to pick a fight with you. And that's really where for an has to come into play. That's really where the iron has to become part of your life and you have to rise to become one of the people have pulled on and say, You know what, Solomonic mafia I'm not interested in fighting. I apologize if I said something that upsets you does Akela head and move on with your life and that's what he meant. To him Allah was able to do despite

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his position despite being who he was, despite being you know, the Imam of Anderson Omar and despite having the biggest holida there, Mr. Mohammed Rahim, Allah to Allah did not take advantage of that moment and act arrogantly instead he acted with humility as one of the servants of a Walkman word, and one of the people have called onward and we ask Allah Subhana

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metallics make us servants of the Most Merciful and make us people of color as well. Lovely I mean Charlottetown and look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night for another episode of people and design Milan Hayden listed I'm already working to live here, but I can't