Hajj Faq 06 – Am I Able to Go on Hajj If I Have Debts to Pay

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of debt in Islam, citing the holy grail of Islam as a foundation for one's success. They also discuss the various scenarios where individuals can perform the hedge, including those with financial or physical means, and how it can affect their finances and hedging. The speakers emphasize the importance of not overpaying debts and not overpaying debts to avoid negative consequences.
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Salam aleikum, Cher. I'm planning on going to Hodge and I have some debt. I'm not sure if I can go, can you tell me if I am able to go Smilla 100 l salatu. salam ala Rasulillah. But

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so performing Hajj as we all know is one of the pillars of Islam. It is the wish of many Muslims to perform that most beautiful of pilgrimages to see the house of Allah subhanaw taala. However, for most people going through their lives, they have expenses and there are times when they have debts. Now the debt in at least for them, if we make this very clear from the start, that the debt is something which Islam encourages very, very highly for it to be paid off without delay. Why? Because it is the right or something that belongs to somebody else, or no Muslim should have something in their possession that is owed to other people. In fact, the prophets Allah Allahu Allah, who only

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was selling them at times when performing the janazah would question Does this individual have any debts? And if they had debts, maybe to refrain from praying or praying over that individual until those debts were fulfilled. So this is the importance that we find the interest to them, that debts are paid off.

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The debt itself could affect the performing or the payment of zecca. So it's important for us as Muslims, brother and sisters to know the rulings concerning debts and what that what impact that has concerning our evader concerning our worship. Now the performing of Hajj, as we all know, has certain conditions. The verse in the Quran will Allahu Allah Nursey hedgesville bt Minister TR e li Sevilla, that the very end of this verse where Allah subhanaw taala, after telling us that the performing of Hajj is an obligation, but for the one who is or has the ability to do so what is this ability, we can say that this is of two types, there is the financial ability, and there's the

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physical side of that the physical side, quite simply, meaning that their health permits them to perform the hedge when they learn hand, as for the financial side, meaning that they are able to go to MCC, they can return. And if they have some financial responsibility over others, that them paying for their hedge does not impact them negatively. It doesn't leave them in a state of poverty, for example. So that would all be included from the financial side, in one individual performing hedge also with a debt. Now, there are two ways of looking at this number one is that I want to borrow money, meaning I'm going to put myself in debt and then perform the hajj is this allowed

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we can say from very starting but yes, it is allowed. As long as that loan is a halal loan, meaning is not interest based, it does not involve any haram doings in taking that money or borrowing that money from another person. So it is allowed, from a principal start that you can borrow the money to perform the hedge with the agreement to perform that or rather pay that money back to that individual, then there is the situation where you already have a debt, and you want to perform the hedge. So the first scenario, as we mentioned, is that you it is allowed for you to borrow the money, although not the ideal situation. Because if you to borrow the money means that from a

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starting point that you don't have the financial means therefore it's not an obligation upon you. But it is allowed for you to borrow that money and then perform that hedge in shadow Tara. As for those who already have debts, these debts are either

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those that need to be paid immediately, or those that need to be paid over a period of time. Now those debts which need to be paid right now, and that if you were to go to hedge us money to perform that hedge and delay paying back that debt, we say that you should pay that back first, before you go for the hatch. That is the priority to prefer to pay off the debt first, before you go to hedge because going to hedge would delay you paying that debt back. As for the other situation where you have a debt, which is you have you know, fixed agreement and a known agreement that over a period of time that you pay off, whatever you have, let's say for example, you pay $100 or 100 pounds every

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month, over a period of one year, two years, whatever the agreement is, and that's something you can sustain. At the same time you have the means of performing Hajj as well

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This has allowed for you to, to go and perform the hedge because it does not affect the repayment of that particular debt. Okay, the first scenario is that impacts directly in you paying off that debt. The second scenario is that you go to that individual and you say, Listen, I want to perform my hedge, which means that maybe I have 510 1000 pounds. I know that I owe you four pounds 4000 pounds rather do you mind and we have an agreement that will pay you back you know so much per month you don't have a problem with me going to perform the hedge and it doesn't impact our agreement. And they say no, no problem, then therefore we say it would be allowed for you. It would be allowed for

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you to perform the hajj in this situation, no problem inshallah Allah, although bearing in mind, if you had that debt, let's say for example, $4,000 4000 pounds, paying that off, is better. Getting rid of those debts, as a priority is far better. And then whatever is remaining, if you're still able to make Hajj well alone, how do you make Hajj without any debts? Or if it means that you need to wait another year? There no problem Charlotte earlier you wait another year, until you are financially able to perform the hajj with no debts over your head. This is maybe if you like the best situation.

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So it's very important for us brothers and sisters to know the rulings pertaining to debts. When can I make the hedge? Am I allowed to borrow money to make the hedge? If I owe debts? What is the situation you don't want to fall into a place where you've made your hedge and you have delayed paying back a person which you know money was due to them and they become upset with you. And they demand their right you know, even sooner than maybe possibly agreed? And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us or I mean So brothers sisters, these are some general rulings pertaining to debts and the Hajj and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept everybody's Hajj and allow us to

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perform the hajj debt free and allow us to help one another. And that is also permissible when other paying off debts Allahumma Amin Baraka lofi come was Allah Allahu wa Salam o barik ala Nabina Muhammad, while early he was her big mind was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh