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Omar Suleiman
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So now I come around to LA here but it gets

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smoothed out handled a lot with cinema and obviously the last one and he was like a biggie Manuela. So hamdulillah it's hard to believe it has been a year and a half since we had this gathering live in the masjid that hamdulillah and we ask Allah subhana wa tada to allow us to gather frequently, remembering him learning about his religion and getting close to him and getting close to the messenger sallallahu wasallam mean, and of course we are restarting the firsts which was the series that was ongoing up until Ramadan. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept our Ramadan and we ask Allah subhana wa tada Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah sent us the next Ramadan Allah mean. So

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here we are, and we are in the biography of one of the most important people in Islam, who a lot of people don't develop a deep connection to until they go to El Medina. So I'm going to make another draft May Allah grant us a Hajj or Umrah soon that is accepted Allah I mean, if you go to Medina, you visit Shahada, or heard the martyrs of hood. And instantly you connect to Hamza while the Allahu Tada. And every time you go there, and the guide tells you about the way that the events have unfolded, when you are there, you will connect to Hamza while the Allahu taala. And however many times we underestimate who he was and the role that he played because of how early he died and

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Islam. And I'm just going to start off with this. This is a man that some of the rhythm said had he lived, he would have likely been one of the Hooda he would have likely been one of Russia, he would have likely been one of the kailis so that tells you enough that he was considered from the best of the best of the Sahaba of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in his love for Allah and His love for the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his courage and his sincerity in his wisdom and his guidance and his leadership skills. This man could have been one of hola Rushdie had he lived long enough because that was the rank that the Sahaba understood that he had amongst them. So this is

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Hamza bin Abdullah McCollum, the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Asad, Allah, what are Sunni, the Lion of Allah and His Messenger, and see the Shahada, the master of the Shahada. This tells you enough, by the way, when we talk about how people will be ranked on the Day of Judgment, and we know we have the MBR the prophets and the silicone, the people of truth, and we have the Shahada, and we have the martyrs imagine all of the virtues that you read about the Shahada, all of the virtues that you read about the martyrs and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, their master, their leader on the Day of Judgment is this man Hamza about the Allahu taala, I was

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standing, representing the rank of the Shahada, the rank of the martyrs coming beforethe before Allah subhana wa tada to receive His mighty reward, Hamza about the Allahu taala, I'm hope, as we talk about him his nickname, as a doula, of course, the Lion of Allah and say the Shahada, the master of the martyrs, the leader of the martyrs, his Konya was a bar model. So he had a few sons that would all pass away before him. And he would leave behind him only a daughter by the name of mama we have spoken about her when we talked about Jaffa will be a lot of time on him. So if you go back in the series, and you listen to the lecture about Java util, the low tide and then you will

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see the story of his daughter is one descendant that survived him or Mama, or the Allahu Tanana. Now, one of the things that we talk about often as we're going through this series, is the meaning of the names. When you name your children have a reason for the way that you are naming them, right? We live in an era where people just find something that sounds cute and modern, whatever that means. Throw it on your child and say, This is the name of my child. And if you remember, we talked about double bottom, and Subhana Allah the way that he named his children so benu Hashem. In particular, it seems that even in the days of ignorance, when they named their children they had special names,

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special reasons and intentions a Nia for the way that you name your children. So abass are the Allahu taala and Whoa, and Hamza or the allot of time for both of their names mean lion actually mean assets. Thus, the Arabs say is one the lion is roaring before it attacks its prey. And so what is the lion superior at or what is the lion doing? And I know that some of the kids are gonna love this especially I'm the law my son because he loves animals, right? But they talk about the lions ability to scope out its prey and the way that the lion even paces it's

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roars and the noise that it makes superior wisdom it knows how to stake out its prey. And so that speaks to the the calculated way that the lion paces itself before it jumps on its prey. And thus means that the acid the lion, will who will use mg when the when the line is roaring when the line is about to attack when the line is scoping out its prey. Hamza refers to the lion either unseco blackmill Verizon whenever the the lion has attacked its prey and it is starting to tear into the prey whether you call for Hamza what the time when it's eating and feasting on its prey. That means Hamza and by the way, who Salma refers to post, a post prey. So all of these names actually in the

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Arabic language refer to the lion so Hamza refers to the strength, right? The lion when it's showing its superior strength, so Pamela how it matches Hamza about the allot of time Whoa, so he was named Hamza, which also means a lion as it is feasting on its prey. So it speaks to his his build, it speaks to his strength and of course, what was he known for? Before Islam, very strong,

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tall, strong, handsome, popular, loved, a warrior, a hunter and Archer, one of courage. All of the youth looked up to him want everyone wanted to be him. So every time he came into the town, people would come around him they made legends about his strength, and his particular hunting skills hands on all the time and who liked to hunt the animals that no one else could hunt. Amongst them, by the way, lions so hams all the time who knew how to tame and hunt lions themselves, so everything about him so Pamela, represents a lion and he is the Lion of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Hans over the allotted time, who was a skilled wrestler, he was a skilled fighter, a skilled Archer, a skilled

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Hunter. And he had they described him they said he walked with pride there was a pride in the way that he walked and this was something that was especially known to the Arabs before Islam right there was an arrogance to their walk, especially the Royals amongst them so Hamza will be alongside I know how to very proud walk, okay, this is the physical description of Hamza level the a lot of time when this is who he would be in his society. And it matches of course, everything that is known about Hamza little the a lot of time, in our memory in the Muslim memory. From a family perspective, of course, he's from Banu Hashim. He is the paternal uncle of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, two

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of the paternal uncles of the Prophet slice, embraced Islam, two of them did not embrace Islam, who are the two paternal uncles of the Prophet slice, and that embraced us now. It's nice to have a live audience again.

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abass and Hamza who were the two that did not embrace this love

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of Allah, and Allah tala, right, even though they were very different in the role that they played in the Sierra so happens all the time, who is one of the two paternal uncles to embrace Islam. And he's the only one to embrace Islam amongst the first because we know that about so the a lot of time would be much later on in Islam. So hamdulillah the law was the only one who embraces Islam that early and if you remember, there was an aunt of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that was extremely close to Hamza. She loved him so much, and she embraced Islam when he embraced the snap. And we did an episode about her. Does anyone remember her name? Sophia mintop. dimopoulos, the mother of who?

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Come on someone to make me happy who, as is available the love of Thailand who Sophia, the mother of zubayr May Allah be pleased with them. Sophia was the maternal aunt of the Prophet, slice alum, very close to Hamza level, the Allah Hondo. When Hamza embraced Islam she embraced Islam too. So this is Hamza over the Allahu taala. And in that regard, now his closeness and age to the profit slice that makes him unique in another way. He really was not like an uncle to the profit slice on as much as he was like a brother to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and one narration says that Amina and Abdullah the parents of the Prophet slice Allah got married in the same gathering, as Abdullah polyp

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and Hannah went, Whoa, hey, the mother of Hamza. So I'm gonna say that again. Abdullah married Amina, the parents of the Prophet sly son got married in the same gathering as of the Matan it married the mother of Hamza, or the Allahu Tana. And so that's why some of the scholars say that they were the same age. And if not the same age, extremely close in age, the Prophet slicin and Hamza all the time. And on top of that, they were both fed from the same wet nurse, and her name was thwe eva or the Allahu taala. And so the way that fed both Hamza and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, therefore, they were brothers.

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In Lila, they were brothers through that nursing. So they he is his uncle. He is his brother halibuts willhave the mother of Hamza is actually the cousin of Amina the mother of the Prophet slice. Um, so he's the second cousin of the Prophet slice, um, through the mother's side, extremely close in this regard. And if you go back to the episode we had about Habiba about the Allahu taala. And you'll remember that when it comes over the allotted time and who passed away, there was a discussion about who would take care of his daughter, and one of the suggestions was that the prophets lie, some would marry his daughter and the prophets lie. Some said that He is my brother,

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her father is my brother for the weyba had nursed both of us when we were children. One other interesting tidbit that comes from the Sierra and there's no way to authenticate this as a hadith but it comes in the books of Sierra is that happens all the time and who was a witness to the marriage of the Prophet, slice alum and Khadija are the Allahu taala. And he was one of the one of the witnesses from the Prophet slice on side. So he was there at the wedding of the Prophet slice on them he fed with the Prophet slice and he was around the Prophet slice alum throughout his entire life, extremely close, and extremely beloved to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so the

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question is, why didn't Hamza just embrace Islam right away? Right, you know, you're reading about the, the family of the Prophet slice on him as he called them to Islam first, Why so late? Why did hams all the low ankle not embrace the slump? Right away there is not mentioned a few things the scholars say first and foremost, Hamza all the time, who was rarely in Mecca, he was always out in the desert hunting something doing something, exploring something, he was the man of adventure. Okay, so he was not really in the city, while other people would do t Giada. And they would buy and sell and trade happens all day long and homeless kind of disconnected from city life and Mecca and

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what other people were doing, the Tribal Affairs of Banu Hashim, he was just the guy that would go out, he would learn all of these different things. You know, think about a person who is so into their craft into their sports, it's as if nothing in the world counts. Nothing else in the world matters. That's hams all the time, who would is archery with his hunting, he was never really in Mecca. And, you know, surely when you actually look through the incidence of the Prophet sites, I'm calling Banu Hashim Hamdulillah, the alarm was nowhere to be found. He's never really in those gatherings, his name never even comes up. So that's one thing. The other thing is they're in a Nazi,

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Hamza was just not a person who really cared much about religion as a whole. Right? He's busy with his hunting. We know by the way, that happens all the time. And we used to drink a lot of alcohol. Because before the prohibition of hammer, there are incidents of his drinking, in fact, even after the Battle of better an incident of him drinking alcohol because the prohibition of alcohol came after better. Okay, so he really was not into the like, I love the profit slice of them. I love my my nephew, I love my brother, but this religion stuff I'm not interested, I'm going to keep on hunting, I'm going to keep on working on my archery didn't really care much about dunya. And after

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those concepts, none of that really clicked with him. Right? So the point is, is that what's very clear is he was distant from it all, both physically and mentally, not really into the entire discussion of religion. Now enter the incidence of Islam. How did he become Muslim that Abu gehele

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taunted the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and was increasing in his torture of the Prophet sly seminars, persecution of the Muslims as he saw that he wasn't able to, to root out Islam by the torture of his followers. So when you look at Abuja, Abuja, he goes one by one, and he, you know, he's a tyrant, and he's a coward. But he goes one by one right with the classes. So he starts off with who the weakest followers of the Prophet slice Allah. And of course, the first murder victim of Abuja, who was who sumiya for the Allahu taala and her, and of course, Yasser, will the Allahu taala. And her the first Shahada, and then the torture of public, Abdullah Massoud, the torture of

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those types of people. Then he brings it closer and closer and closer until finally Abuja moves from verbal abuse of the Prophet slice of them to starting to get physical with the Prophet slice on them as well. So this is a point where Abuja is increasing in his tolia he's increasing in the way that he is starting to oppress the prophets, like some of the early Muslims, he's getting more aggressive with them. And in fact, before this incident,

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a Buddha had grabbed a stone.

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And he went to the character and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was praying in front of the camera. And he was walking with a stone imagine you know what he said he wanted to do so I'm going to crush his head while he's in suit. You know?

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When a person is a madman like that he doesn't think properly because of how he's deceived by his own strength. So I'm gonna go and I'm actually gonna kill him. Today I just woke up and I decided, you know what, I'm sick of him I'm going to go kill him and he goes to the Kava. And as he's going to the Kava to crush the Prophet, slice Allah. Suddenly he drops the stone, he looks his eyes get wide and then he screams and he runs.

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People are looking around like what just happened?

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So Buddha, he says, that when I went to kill the Prophet sallallahu Sallam or to step on him to hurt him, the prophet sly Southern he finished his Salah, he said, lo fana. If he would have done so the other algebra algebra would have killed him on the spot. Djibouti Ronnie his Salaam was ready to kill Abel Jehan on the spot, if he would have tried to harm the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and I would have said that I saw a trench of fire

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in front of me, right as I was about to kill the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this is what the or the Matt mentioned some of the mentioned the ions but yet the Runa dia Santa Rosa Vania. Let him call out to his associates, we will call Allah says we will summon the guardians of Hellfire, the angels who guard Hellfire, so Abuja had to solve the angels in front of him, and he saw a trench of fire, and it caused him to panic and he ran away. Did that make him repent? No.

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He went right back to oppressing the Prophet slicin because he convinced himself that even though he had heard the Quran, and this is important, by the way, when you see that Allah really established a hedge against these people, a proof against these people. He heard the Quran he admitted that it was miraculous in private. He admitted that the prophets license character was superior and private. He admitted all of these things about the messengers to lie some in private but at the same time, Oppo Jahan was willing to die for his tribe. This was about benrahma zone versus bento Hashem my tribe versus I cannot acknowledge he's the Messenger of Allah because then his tribe gains the upper hand

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over my tribe. So he continues to harass the Prophet sallallahu and he was some. So one day

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he goes to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in the Kava starts to push them around.

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And Abuja throws a nasty insults at him in front of the people. very nasty insult now realize that, you know, the Arabs had these red lines of sorts when it came to like cursing a person's family. So he said something that had some muscle DNA and some sort of insult to his family that was embedded in the insult to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And none of the tribes men of the prophets lie somewhere around to defend.

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What What used to happen is that Benno Hashim benomyl funded the tribesmen of the prophets lie Some even those that were not Muslim, they would stand up for himself Allah hunting with some if someone tried to harass him because that was their duty. They weren't dutiful to Allah, but they were beautiful to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam as a person of their tribe. So this time, Abuja had really, you know, looked cowardly, he looked bad in front of the people, because he noticed the prophets lie. Some had no one around him from his tribe. So use that as an opportunity to particularly insult him using his family. So he did so. And some of the people saw it and they didn't like it. That was

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a bad look, right? Hamza? Well, the alongside I'm home, happens to be coming back into town. So think about yourself sitting around the Kava. Here's what happens. All the Allahu anhu was known to do hands on with the law and who would hunt all these exotic animals. He would come back the people, the youth in particular with Russia, right? If they could get his autograph, they would everyone would rush hands over the law. And he would he was a very social person. He'd go to the counter, and he'd sit in the various circles around the cabinet, people hanging out at that time around the Canada having their conversations, the tribesmen they would invite hams all the allow people to sit

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with them. He would sit with them for some time, he would distribute some of the meat that he had that he had slaughtered and hunted on the outskirts of Mecca, catch up with people and things of that sort. So hams over the allotted time, comes back from a hunting trip, which is very like Hands up, while the whole time.

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And as he's coming back, he goes straight to the camera to do his thing. Do his usual routine. And this woman comes out to him. And she is from the family of Abdullah Banerjee, Diane. She's a female servants from the from the family of Abdullah snowdin and she lives around suffer and she witnessed the incidence of Abuja humiliating the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So she goes to Hamza adiala Hotel.

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And, in a way starts to say to him like, you know, how are you okay with this? You're coming here and you're demonstrating your bravery. You're showing

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how proud you are. But at the same time, you know, your nephew was treated this way and you did nothing about it. hands over the law. And I said, What do you mean? And she relates to Hamza all the time and who the entire incident happens all the time. And he said, that he really do that. She said, Yes. hamdulillah the Allahu anhu said that the prophets lie. Some did Mohammed slice on my nephew respond to him. She said, No, the Prophet slicin was dignified. He never responded to the insults of the people. And hamdulillah the alarm became even more enraged. He said, Well, I'm out of that he had not a single person had the decency to stand up for my nephew. And responsible Jehan.

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And she said, No. So Hamdulillah, the Allahu anhu goes marching towards the gatherings around the Kava. The way that he's described is that the anger was in his face and he was sweating out of anger. I mean, you saw the redness in his face, he was raging, he was fuming. He's walking past everyone. And they knew something was wrong. He wasn't greeting anybody. He's walking straight to Abuja.

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People are getting in the way and they're trying to say what's going on Hamza, what happens comes over the law and I'll go straight to Abuja, right amongst his clans amongst his Klansmen amongst his tribesmen amongst the bedroom on his own, so he has no fear. I don't care if your whole tribe is around you. I don't care how big you are, how strong you think you are. He takes his coast which is his boat, and he punches him with his bow on his head, right in the middle of his head. Okay, that now when Hamza punches you,

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that's a knockout punch every time. Okay, if that if double Jahan is a man who is the size of honorable kebab or the allowance on annual so you read about the size of alma rhodiola. And john was that size physically huge man, tyrants of their own right, the Pharaoh of this oma, if that was a smaller person, what comes out of the law and who punched him that could have killed him? Right, but because it's Abuja, he survived, but his head split open right away and the blood started to flow from his head, hands all the way out and who doesn't care about the scene that he's making? He stands on top of him and he says, attached to Mohammedan you little, you know, starts to call him

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names. You dare insult Mohamed Salah line something? And then in the midst of him talking down to Abuja, he's literally standing on top when he says at a simple one, Allah de acordo Maya poll. You dare Kherson when I am on his religion? I say what he says, right? He doesn't even know what he says. He doesn't know anything about Islam. He doesn't he doesn't know what to call it, right? But I'm on his religion. And I say what he says just because he knows that would make him mad. And that's part of his war cry at the moment.

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Now when he does that, when a Muslim gets up, and they're about to attack Hamza,

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Abu Jamal was a smart man. Right? He's He's, he's foolish in his rejection of Islam. But what was his nickname before Islam would have become the father of wisdom. He's manipulative. He's controlling. He knows how. I mean, there's a reason why he rose to that position in society. It wasn't all his strength, right? He knew how to play people. He knew how to play these tribal lines. And Mujahid sees what is about to happen here. And he knows that if Hamza turns against us, we're in trouble. Because up until this point, there is no powerful person that embraced the snow, no warrior, no one, no one who held the status of a person like hamazon will be alone when embraced

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this time, which is why I wish I had could pick on the Muslims the way that he would, you had some wealthy people, some people that were considered, you know, somewhat noble by their standards, but he knows that if I let this go, if this breaks loose, I'm in trouble. So Buddha right away, even though he just got popped by hands over the allotted time, while the blood is still coming from his head. He stands up and he says he says, No, no, no. He says, everyone stop. Calm down. He says he's right. I went too far with his nephew.

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And he says, they're in the suburb to suburb, Nami, he said Ben kabhi. Hi. So you know, leave him alone, because I really did insult his nephew with an insult I should not have insulted him with right so I'm just trying to play now. You know, a person who's apologetic I'm sorry, you know, let's, let's calm things down since one does want to de escalate.

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Right? That should tell you everything about how much he feared the Islam of the likes of Hamza, the Allahu taala. And so he knows that Hamza probably just said what he said. And he was right in the moment of anger wasn't really a Muslim. Come on. He didn't care about religion.

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And he wants to stop this before it gets out of hand. So Buddha de escalates hands on all the alongside and he, you know, he leaves in the States. He doesn't say a word after that. He doesn't punch him again. He doesn't fight battle magazine. He goes back home, Hamza

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It'll be a lot of time and who said I got home? And he actually really that night, he said, and I was I was so upset with myself confused, conflicted. I didn't know what to do.

00:25:12 --> 00:25:28

Because he said shape on came them and tried to talk him out of it like Oh, you're playing with religion and this not in your What about your forefathers? So he started to give him he heard the whispers of the rhetoric of shavon. What about your forefathers and under Milan and you've shamed your forefathers and your family? He said at the same time?

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Did I really just accept the religion of my nephew or not? So he said he did not sleep that night now happens all the long term, said he believed in Allah believed in a God

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because he had that fitrah

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so he knew the idols were there. He wasn't a particularly religious person, but he believed in Allah. So he said, I asked Allah subhana wa tada asked Allah, to put guidance in my heart to guide me to what was right, to allow something to happen to settle it if this was what I was supposed to be doing, then Oh Allah, right and again to him. The idols are Gods but there's one supreme god so Oh, Allah, just let it settle in my heart. And somehow this is a great lesson, by the way, in a great lesson in Divine Decree. You know, think about the situation, how Allah used Abuja, who feared Islam growing right, to bring about the religion to bring about Islam and the heart of hemsedal, the

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alone Thailand. Right, think about that Divine Decree. You know, a Buddha had a thought he was getting a leg up on the Prophet slice alum when he insulted the Prophet sallallahu sallam. But what ended up happening was he would be the means by which happens all the time who would embrace Islam? So Allah allowed him to insult the Prophet slice them as a means of guidance for Hamza on the law. I don't want to become the most powerful aide of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And by the way, there was a unique idea to this to tribalism to this, who insulted the Prophet slice on before apologia.

00:27:06 --> 00:27:09

Who was it? Who was the first person?

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I'll give you a hint? His name is in the

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Bulla hub. parabola hubs, hamsters, brother. It's different.

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Right? You know, his own uncle insulted him that way, a much nastier insult than whatever I would have said to him in a very consequential time. But that's different cuz he's his uncle, he's our family. But you have a job from home? Don't you dare stay back and don't depart.

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Even if you believe in some other, you know, way, right? If you believe in God, as having partners, or whatever it is, but ask God alone, say, oh God, if this is the truth, guide me to it. And watch what happens to your heart as a result of that. Right? So the Prophet slice I'm told Hamza, all the lots that I'm have to do just that. And hamdulillah the Allah has had on who prayed on it, he thought about it. And he said to the Prophet, slice alum, a shadow in Nicaragua. I testified that you are telling the truth. And he said, I'm here to Dina, can you

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go ahead and proclaim your religion open the niqab. nahi. Go ahead and show your religion to the people. Oh, my nephew, I will support you. So panela it is it's really amazing. And then he says the profit slice on the whole I wouldn't want the whole world if it meant that I would return to my first theme, meaning the religion of polytheism so now Islam is precious to me. I know you're telling the truth. I believe in your religion. A man settled in my heart, faith and guidance has settled in my heart. So he says to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam go out and proclaim your religion, I will protect you. Now. Now I have your back. Can you imagine how dumb a Buddha had felt

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when he heard this?

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And this is one the scholars of Sierra actually mentioned there was a turning point, that before Hamza with the Allahu taala and he accepted Islam.

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There was never any real negotiation with the Prophet slice on them. But after hemsedal the law on who accepted Islam now there was the talk of negotiating with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam trying to compromise with him because they knew if a battle were to break out between the Muslims and then hams over the allotted time, who would surely cause a bloodbath. They didn't want anything to do with this man, in battle, and in war, so things did indeed change. This is also when the scholars mentioned the idea it's that ability here absent for either the bane Akela Bina who I doubt on cannoli on amin, reminding the Prophet slice of them, woman accidental Poland memoranda, Allah

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subhanaw taala in an even and Muslim in the verses right that the best person who is better in speech than the one Who, who, who works, writes his deeds and who believes in Allah and says that I am from the Muslims.

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Fast forward all the way to where a loss of 100 Times says it's been let's see here accent for eternity Bina kobina hideout and cat no William humming persist on your ways of good respond to evil with that which is better. And you will find that even your enemies will become your protective allies there in amount mentioned that this verse came down after the Islam of Hamza and as a glad tidings of the Islam of honorable photography alongside that if you think this is big, someone even greater than this is about to come to you soon. Right. So this is the first of that class of powerful men that are embracing Islam, someone else is around the corner, and that is almost going

00:30:42 --> 00:31:23

to hop up about the Allahu taala. And so in Mecca. We don't know much about his life, it seems he continued his ways for the most part, he continued to hunt he continued to be who he was, but at the same time, he became from the regulars Okay, so he became a student of the profit slice of them, a student of the Quran, he would go to come he would study with the early Muslims, when anyone would come he was the de facto guard of outcome. So if there was a knock on the door, some noise outside hams on on the line who stood up, he pulled out his bow, he pulled out a sword. And that was their protection. It was the expectation that happens all the time, and who was going to be the

00:31:23 --> 00:31:29

guardian of the Muslims in these early days. Now, what we do know is that

00:31:30 --> 00:32:07

you find hams all the time who are playing this role with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam particularly once they make the hits, and they go to Medina and when the actual battles start, when the actual battles start as a panel that's actually narrated that before the hits comes all the a lot of time and you know, people were trying to leave quietly right? Hamza law, the law, I know wanted one final go at the people of Mecca. So he actually went out to the cabin he announced he said if anyone wants to fight I'm here. Anyone want to go for one more duel before I make my way to Medina and make the hits so while others were trying to you know, escape, the persecution happens on all the low tide

00:32:07 --> 00:32:23

animals going out and calling out to see if anyone wanted one final battle one final fight in Mecca before he goes up. Nobody. Nobody accepted the call of hams little the loads out I don't want to fight them. They didn't even try to crowd him at the time. They just said you know what, let them go. They make the heads of

00:32:24 --> 00:32:40

hamazon over the long term was paired off with or he stayed in the house of cusum and then headed rhodiola hotel and we will one day talk about insha Allah tala but one of the nobles of the unsavoury and the Prophet sly Sonam paired him off with

00:32:41 --> 00:33:22

or made him the brother of someone specific and that is they didn't know how to follow the law of town on Noseda of courses from Mecca like him. But they would live together and they were like brothers because remember zayde was at that time, you know, the adopted son of the Prophet slice Allah, the beloved one of the prophets lie some so he was from from the same family. And so Hamza and Zaid rode together, and in fact, we'll find that a few things come out of this one. Remember in the Battle of bed that they didn't have horses, they weren't prepared for a full out battle. So Hamza and Zaid were actually sharing the same Shi camel. On the day of budget, we also see that

00:33:22 --> 00:34:05

Hamza will be allowed to entrusted Zaid with his Messiah with his will, and with his inheritance so he, especially before the battles will tell us a little the lot of time and what he wanted to happen after he passed away and he was always prepared for that moment, when Allah subhana wa tada would take his life. The prophets lie Selim, however, did not just count him in that regard, right? This is his brother, this is Uncle This is the first of the powerful to embrace Islam. He is certainly a warrior, the profit slice I'm also considered him to be one of his closest advisors. Suddenly the profit slice I'm had 14 advisors amongst whom was Hamza or the Allahu anhu in the early period in

00:34:05 --> 00:34:09

Medina. Now what was the first battle of Hamza law, the law of Thailand.

00:34:11 --> 00:34:11


00:34:13 --> 00:34:59

close, but prior to budget, there were two expeditions or potential skirmishes that would take place. And if you were to list the firsts in regards to hams over the allotted time, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in trusted hands all the time, as the first gen of Islam, the first flagbearer of Islam in both expeditions prior to the Battle of Bethel. What is this referring to? Of course, once they were in Medina, the people of Mecca stole all of their belongings rated whatever they left behind and their families and they stole their belongings so the profits license allowed for attacks on some of the caravans to try to take back what was stolen from them in Mecca.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:42

Right. So the first one of those the prophets lie some sent hams all the time and how to lead a group of the Sahaba on the first raid against Quraysh. And so it was 30 of them and they intercepted one of the caravans as it was heading to a sham as it was heading to greater Syria. And Hamza will be allowed to and I know had 30 men with him Abuja * happened to be in that particular caravan going to a shop and they had 300 times over the law didn't care. He said, we're gonna fight all 300 of them. Okay, now what ends up happening is that as handled with the allowance out and welcomes fourth, the first gen of Islam the first one to lead a raid commissioned by the prophet slice on

00:35:42 --> 00:36:23

them, and Abuja him prepares his men to fight back, there was a man who was there by the name of magic ignore on a journey, who intervened between them, and this was in his area, it was in the johannah territory. And he he was someone that was considered an ally to both sides. From a tribal perspective, he had a good relationship with bentyl Hashem he had a good relationship with a Muslim. He was in good standing with the prophets lie some of them good standing with Mecca, good thing with Medina. So he basically separated between them and made peace between them and set them both on their way. So Buddha had in the caravan continued to a sham Hamza with the Allahu taala. And out of

00:36:23 --> 00:37:06

respect for this man, he turned around with those 30 men and they came back to Medina a second time was a blast. And this time and oblah the profit slice some himself went out by the way in this expedition, which is significant because the first one the profit slice on went out in, but guess who the general was and holding the flag comes all the time. And so his position is very clear as the lead in all of these situations, right? So hands on all the time and who leads however, there was no actual battle that would take place in a blog, however the expedition went out to have Well, now comes the Battle of better so What did it look like to see how Amazon with the low tide and when

00:37:06 --> 00:37:48

war hamazon the Allahu taala and how you can imagine he wanted to fight the Meccans way before this. He was ready. And hands on with the Allah Han Han, had this feather from an ostrich. He, you know, he hunted these exotic animals, right? So you know, people that keep their souvenirs, right, the different animals I'm not saying there was a deer head in the in the home of a little yellow, or something like that. I know, in Texas, this is very appealing to some of you, okay. But hams over the law, who had this exotic feather have an ostrich and he put it on his chest dependent sometimes to his helmet, sometimes to his chest. And what it signified was, if anyone wants to battle come

00:37:48 --> 00:37:58

fight me, like, you know, when you're in battle, you're wearing pretty much the same thing you're trying to kind of hide yourself amongst the ranks comes over the alonza. And home to him, it was come at me.

00:37:59 --> 00:38:20

Right? I want to fight and I'm not hiding from you. And this was a sign they said of his shoe Jana of his courage that he would wear something so distinctive, and and hold himself out. Before battle, Hamza will do a lot of that and who is also one of those who could fight with two swords. Now, if you carry the swords of those people,

00:38:22 --> 00:38:43

you know, for us these days, it's like to carry one of them takes two hands and you fall over the long side. And who could could wield both swords in battle. And this was one of his skills that he could fight with two swords and one battle. And he had, you know, control with both of his arms. So they go on to the Battle of better Hamza law, the law of Toronto, the first gen of Islam,

00:38:44 --> 00:39:32

carrying the flag, clearly the Prophet slice on them is organizing the army in a way that happens all the time, who is the lead? And before the battle started, there was a name by the name of sweat, ignore an asset. And he was from the tribe of Abuja had from the other side of us, what if not the asset, and he swore that he was going to walk right through the Muslims, and he was going to drink from the wealth of better arrogant men, from the tribe of Muslims from Abuja, his tribe as a means of taunting the Muslims, because the Muslims had occupied the wealth of better now realize the Muslims were not expecting the large army that was coming in bed. But it was not looking good for

00:39:32 --> 00:40:00

them. They didn't have the animals of war. They didn't have their proper weapons, they really were not ready, but they knew that this huge army was coming to get them with all of their animals will have their weapons. So they occupied the walls of Bethel strategically, right? And that's what if not less, that said, I'm going to go and drink from the the wealth of the Muslims, or I'll destroy it or I'll die for it. So I'm going to plow right through them. And I'm going to go ahead

00:40:00 --> 00:40:04

And drink from there well to talk them because no one's gonna fight me. He was wrong.

00:40:06 --> 00:40:48

Hands on all the lights out immediately. When he came through, he came out in front of them, he sliced his legs and he killed them. So this is actually the first man to die in the Battle of bet that comes out all the time. It was not scared of him at all right? threw him back like whatever. You know, we are not intimidated. We're not afraid of you. So hands on with Ilan was the first to strike on the date of a better at that point, Richmond obeah he comes out. And he has his brother shaybah, of course, and they call out and they say, you know, send us send us three that are going to fight us. Okay, send us your three best men, three of the unsought came out to fight them to duel

00:40:48 --> 00:40:52

before the battle. And he said, you know, of course referring to himself,

00:40:54 --> 00:41:39

shader and taurima Bernardi, he said, You know what? These three men are not equivalent son to some more noble people over the allotted time and what comes out? it it'll the Allahu taala and VEDA in Hadith. And root verses he calls and he says, Who are you? And this was Hamza himself who responded and he said, I am the uncle of the prophets lie Selim Asad Allah, what are Saudi? I'm the Lion of Allah and His messenger. You know, in battle, these things are permissible, right? People show their strength in battle, and they and before their duels, this is permissible. So Hamza, all the law says, I am the Lion of Allah, and the Lion of His Messenger. And he says,

00:41:40 --> 00:42:18

a noble and worthy opponents, you know, I can fight you. At least they didn't send three other people. So they're sending their best from the very beginning, which shows that they're serious about this battle. Of course, Hamza will be allowed to annual kills him. How do you know the longtown annual kill shaver obey them and how death kills to aima. But at the same time, or they didn't inherit those wounded, and he would die? Later on, as a result of that, that battle? I'm sorry, I really didn't. I was trying to think about who the third person was and what he was fighting. So anyway, the battle is better than ensues, we know that Hamza will the low tide and hope

00:42:18 --> 00:42:43

was extremely brave. And the Battle of bedeutet was, of course, a decisive victory for the Muslims. And of course, they derived a confidence after seeing these three men fight and duel with the other three, prior to the battle, even starting, however, this made Hamza hold the tide and hold a key person, a key target for whatever battle was going to come after weather.

00:42:44 --> 00:43:20

When the people got back to Mecca, and they had lost some of their elders, Abuja had roots, right, Romania, these these huge names amongst the mushrikeen amongst the disbelievers died in the Battle of better the poetry that would come out of Makkah, the environment of Mecca, the widows and the daughters and the sons and the way that people were fuming in Makkah to get revenge from the Muslims for their casualties in the Battle of bedeutet. And if you think about this Subhanallah these people they didn't have

00:43:21 --> 00:43:51

any notion of the hereafter they didn't have any notion of Shahada, or martyrdom or anything like that, right. So this is all that they had was their pride. And this was a huge blow to their ego, everything we persecuted the Muslims for for all 13 years. And then we lost our leaders, our heads in this battle of bunded, where we were supposed to route them. And this of course, is especially with hint, binte ritva ritva, who was killed by Hamza, or the Allahu hynd ventahood, or it was fantasizing

00:43:52 --> 00:44:12

about what she would do to Hamza all the time, the body, the way she would mutilate his body, all of the harm that she would commit, she was talking about it, she was offering lines of poetry, to the point that it became, it became an obsession for her to get revenge on hamazon on the long side, and for what he had done to her father.

00:44:14 --> 00:45:00

And you have to know that with the battle, they didn't just come out with their larger army and they're more prepared Calvary and what they were brewing inside of them of hatred and the desire for vengeance and revenge. They also came with the womenfolk have with the woman folk of Mecca. And so the wives the widows, the daughters came forth. So hint comes out. The wife of economic and evija Fatima have been worried the daughter of muscular dystrophy, the wife of a hammermill as the mother of most habenero made all these enemies, right, the women folk came out to and they had these lines of poetry, they were singing all of these verses about vengeance, right. And they had they even had

00:45:00 --> 00:45:11

Extra animals with the wine because they wanted to celebrate over the corpses of the Muslims. So they're coming back to Medina actually for with a vengeance and particularly, they wanted to.

00:45:12 --> 00:45:23

They wanted to really mutilate the Muslims, they didn't just want to defeat them. They wanted to mutilate them after the defeat. So the battle starts to take place.

00:45:25 --> 00:45:40

In the beginning of the battle, I know that some of you might, you know, we all know the death of hams over the last on and on the battle ahead, right. But what you probably don't know is that before he died, he actually was, you know, he actually killed many of the enemy. Okay, so when the battle first started,

00:45:42 --> 00:46:14

one of the people that he killed was a main man by the name of Sudan bent Abdullah Riza. So that meant Abdullah Reza, who is considered one of the strongest of parades, hams on the line, who killed him with two blows. And the narrations mentioned that up to two thirds of the casualties on the other side on the neighborhoods were from the hands of hands all the time. That's probably what a way to go out right up to 30 or 31 people hams over the allotted time who would kill before he was killed by the Spear of washi.

00:46:15 --> 00:46:22

So Hamza will the law of Thailand who comes out and Hamza or the law and or does what Hamza does. And of course, we know that

00:46:23 --> 00:47:10

the Muslims had the upper hand they had the victory. So how did he die? workshy Manhattan, of course, was a was was a slave of debate even more time. And debate, freed him on the condition that he would kill. Hamza, or the allot of time, one hint offered him a specific compensation for the murder of Hamlet will be allowed to kill him and to cut out his liver so that hens could chew it and spit it out. They wanted to make an example, out of Hamza, or the Allah hotel and why she described the moment and the abyssinians particularly were known for their spear play. Actually, it's probably even when you look at the narrations about AIDS, when when I showed the love on hand, the Prophet

00:47:10 --> 00:47:43

slicin would watch the Abbess Indian Muslims, they had the spirits that they would practice with. And so wax he was a specialist with his spear and he had a particular spear that he would he was known to really use very well, what she described the moment he said that I went out on the neighborhood, and I hid behind this Boulder. And I wasn't involved in the rest of the battle. I literally just kept my eyes on Hamza, and I waited for something to be exposed to him. I waited for the first moment where I could kill him.

00:47:44 --> 00:48:16

And Subhanallah he says that he you know, I saw him roaring like a lion through the battle and demolishing the enemy. He said until after he killed even Abdullah Riza, we talked about, he said that his armor was raised just a little bit to where some of his lower abdomen was exposed. So I said, there's my opportunity. So what she said, I looked at him and then I pinpointed him. And then I threw my spear at him. And it went right through his body through his lower abdomen. So it actually went through him.

00:48:17 --> 00:49:06

And he says Hamza was so strong, while the allot of time that he got up and he still pursued me, even as the spear was through his body spotlight, he's still able to pick up his sword and come after me, even with the Spirit through his body until eventually, he succumbed to the wound, and he passed away or the Allah hotel and the master of the show had sent you the Shahada. Now, of course, this is a difficult difficult thing for the Prophet slicin as it is to lose someone like Hamza is not easy. He's definitely at the chief of the casualties that would die on the day of or hurt. And of course, they were a little over 70 about 72 or 73 people that died and heard from the Muslims

00:49:06 --> 00:49:11

amongst them Hamza. And of course, I've loved No, of the lot, Abdullah, Abdullah,

00:49:12 --> 00:49:31

and most have been remade and some of the noble some of the most well known Sahaba that passed away in the neighborhood Hamza over the long term and who is the Chief of those martyrs and he's the chief of all martyrs of all time, all of the show had that will line up behind him. On the day of judgment. It's hard enough to lose Hamza on the altar.

00:49:32 --> 00:49:55

But of course, beyond that, after the battle was over, and because of what had taken place where the archers left their position, and the prophets lie, some of them went up into the mountain ahead, so the battlefield itself was relinquished to them to celebrate to claim the battlefield at that point where the Muslims had fled or they had gone up into the mountain.

00:49:56 --> 00:50:00

They then started to make an example they started to mutilate the bodies of the

00:50:00 --> 00:50:00


00:50:01 --> 00:50:24

It wasn't just Hamza, by the way, but it was all of them that they started to cut off their ears, they start to cut their noses, they started to do things to their bodies, nasty things to their bodies, celebrating with their wine, chanting their poetry, all you know these these horrific things that they were doing to the right as their moment of gloating. This is all they have is this dunya they're sick, sick in the heart at this point, right disease people.

00:50:26 --> 00:50:42

And hint, in particular, asks for the liver of Hamza to be cut out where she would chew it and she would spit it out. Since panela, after they had finished doing what they did to the bodies. Then the Muslims come back to the battlefields.

00:50:43 --> 00:50:48

And the prophets lie. Some goes to of course, the body of Hamza, or the Allah hotel.

00:50:49 --> 00:51:29

And the prophets lie some looks at Hamza or the alarm of Thailand. And he sees the mutilation of the body of Hamza and they mutilated him all over, cut off his limbs, you know, did things to him, that really were a disgusting sight. And also last night, some looks at hams on the outside. And they said that the cry of the Prophet slice on them on that day was unlike the cry of the Prophet slice I'm on any other day, the way he wept over the body of hams all the time, was different from any other weeping. Like, that's his uncle. That's his brother. That is someone so near and dear to his heart, but to panela even then the prophets lie some immediately what does he say? He tells us

00:51:29 --> 00:51:32

obeyed. Do not let Sophia see the site.

00:51:34 --> 00:51:37

Go stop your mother from coming to see the site.

00:51:38 --> 00:52:13

It's kind of model. So let's sign some notes. If I can't bear the site, right? If this site is hurting me so much, then Sophia, what's the sister going to do? What's my ongoing to do? So he sends us a battle, the allowance that says go stop Sophia. from seeing that site. Sophia is marching forward. She's yelling at the Sahaba that fled. calling them names. She's saying did you leave the prophets license? Did you leave Hamza, what happened? Why did you leave them and as she is marching and marching as the VEDA is trying to stop his mom, and she's going straight forward and she's looking for Hamza

00:52:14 --> 00:52:20

and Zubair doesn't know what to do. And finally Zubaydah says yeah, Mama Oh, my mother, this was an order from the Prophet's life.

00:52:22 --> 00:52:34

So then she stops, right? And that's when she says, what happened to Hamza and Isabella tells Sophia, or the Allah hotel, and that Hamza, well, the allowance has been killed.

00:52:36 --> 00:53:02

Sophia or the Allahu taala. And he has these two clots. Right? She anticipated something was wrong. So she sends these two clocks back with his a bit to shroud Hamza about the hotel and says the bed makes his way back to the profit slice. I'm with these two cloths to shroud Hamza or the Ola hotel. And also last night, Sam is crying over the body of hamazon or the allow China and he says at his site or salam o Rahim Allah.

00:53:03 --> 00:53:04

Rahim, Allah.

00:53:06 --> 00:53:12

May Allah have mercy on you? Oh, my uncle and the Prophet sly some starts to praise him. And the first thing he says Quinta wa soon and

00:53:13 --> 00:53:55

you were always one who enjoined the ties of kinship, you brought us together, you loved your family. You brought us together for our own and in clay, right. And someone who was always, you know, when you say fair and fair, like he's always doing like, You were always doing good, always at the forefront of good and also less nice and I'm says, had it not been for the grief of Sophia. Like if I wasn't worried about Sophia seeing your body or profits by sunset, I would have preferred to leave you so that the birds would consume you instead. And then Allah brings you back on the Day of Judgment meaning like this site, I'd rather you know that this dignity of the birds taking your

00:53:55 --> 00:54:27

flesh but Allah will gather You certainly on the Day of Judgment, but I don't want to leave you out for too long because I don't want Sophia to see what I'm seeing. It's Pamela Soto. So that's my son was truly worried about the sister, seeing Hamza all the long time, as much as he cried for him. By that time, as a bear came holding the two shrouds for hams over the law of town and when the people were sprouting their debt, just as the Prophet slicin was about to shroud him, there was an unsavoury man next to Hamza or the allot of time, who didn't have anything to cover his body.

00:54:29 --> 00:54:47

So the profit slice of them took one trout and he shrouded Hamza and he could not shroud the entire body of Hamza like Mosab, when we'll talk about him, and he shrouded Hamza with one covered the bottom half and he covered the bottom half of this Ansari man that was next to him about the time

00:54:48 --> 00:54:49

and then the prophet SAW them,

00:54:50 --> 00:54:59

of course, started to lead the janazah. And there's all types of different narrations about the genesis of Hamza and the Shahada.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:25

Good, how would have a janazah taking place? Did it take place? How many tech copyrights? How many, you know, Genesis that he prayed? And one thing about himself well the law of Toronto that scenario is that the prophets by someone he when he preyed upon Hamza, he did multiple tech beyond beyond what is usually done in the janazah. This is something we see narrated authentically by Abu Salah By the way, prophets, I'm denying Technorati and the janazah of Abu Salah. What did he say between them? We don't know.

00:55:26 --> 00:56:08

But it was unusual. And they say when the Prophet slicin preyed upon Hamza or the lava, and we did up to 70 tech views, it's probably you imagine that Allah Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, as he was praying on Hamza, while the Allahu taala. And some of the narration suggests that the prophets lie, some prayed 10 by 10, with the bodies of a hood, and Hamza was in each one of the geneticists. Like he left his body up there, some Allah hunting was Allah. And they kept bringing in the bodies and the profit slice on preyed on the bodies of 10 by 10. And then the profit slice and then proceeded to, to bury them. And we know that comes over the long time when Abdullah were buried

00:56:08 --> 00:56:27

separately in a grave, and then the rest of them Messiah brought the alarm on and then the showerhead that were buried in accordance with their hip, and how much water and they memorize the profit slice and buried them in that, in that order, in that fashion by the heft of the formula pans out make us from the people of the Allah I mean.

00:56:28 --> 00:56:31

Now, there are a few things to be mentioned here as well.

00:56:32 --> 00:56:38

The first is that when the Prophet signed some saw what was done to hams over the allotted time on

00:56:39 --> 00:56:51

the mutilation. And when the Sahaba saw the way the police was so shameless, in the way they mutilated the bodies of the Muslims and offered, think about their mindset and where they were at the time.

00:56:52 --> 00:57:36

We let your captives go in bed ish, right, the profit side some let them go in bed that not only did he not kill them, or mutilate them, he freed them, some of them, some of them for the just the ransom of being able to teach Muslims how to read. Like we showed you so much ehsaan so much excellence in bed, and this is how you repay us. You mutilate our deceased. So it was it was a sign of the ethical disparity right between the Muslims and their opponents in this regard. And so some of the unsought at that moment sorry to swear that they will mutilate the bodies of the people of Mecca that not only will we get revenge, but we will do we will make an example of them as they made

00:57:36 --> 00:57:43

an example of our loved ones and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam looking at the body of Hamza about the law of Thailand,

00:57:44 --> 00:57:46

feelin the submarine I mean home.

00:57:47 --> 00:58:00

prophets lie Some said in that moment of hurt and pain. As he was crying over the body of Hamza all the time. I'm hoping that I will make an example of 70 of them the way they made an example of 70 of us I will make an example of 70 of them.

00:58:01 --> 00:58:47

Allah azza wa jal sons Jabri Ronnie Salaam to the Prophet slice them in those difficult moments. So what the * verse 126? Well in our kabataan for our people be mithali mount real Krypton Biggie what in sabato malachite on Lacan was the one on sobriquet illa Billah. Pamela gvi some comes to the prophets lie some of these verses. If you retaliate, then let your retaliation only be equivalent to what you have suffered. But if you patiently endure if you show Saba then that is certainly best for those who show Southern what's the one on several Okay, Allah, Allah tongue, the prophets lie, some be patience. And where are you going to derive that patients from Allah? You'll derive it from a

00:58:47 --> 00:59:00

loss of parents is that a lot don't do to them what they did two years. How long maintain the moral high ground maintain the ethical high ground over these people? And the profit slice I'm responding, he said, I will be patient and shall

00:59:01 --> 00:59:02

panel and that's why I'm fed to him.

00:59:04 --> 00:59:20

The same people who mutilated their own, and they're at the mercy of the profit slice, I'm in Mecca. tala, what could he have done to them? Right, and justifiably remember what you mutilated us in our city in Medina? Well, we're back now and you're at the mercy of the profit slice on them.

00:59:21 --> 00:59:59

And so now it can be done to you in the same way you did it to our loved ones think about the emotions, right? The profit slice, I'm sad now. I'm gonna be patient. So that's the first thing this incident, the death of Hamza or the Allahu taala. And the other thing Subhana Allah, about the death of Hamza, while the alongside and what it did to the city of Medina at the time, when they all went back to Medina after everybody in Medina had a deceased person from right. Everyone had a relative that was killed in a herd in some way. So everyone in Medina was crying. And there was a particular thing called the knee

01:00:00 --> 01:00:11

Which was the Wailing ceremony is the morning that the women would do in particular in Medina, mourning over the deceased and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was walking the streets of Medina

01:00:12 --> 01:00:17

and he sees the crying and the Wailing of the women in Medina

01:00:18 --> 01:00:29

and the men as well and their Nia and their grief over what has happened. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he puts his head down, and he says takuna potluck

01:00:31 --> 01:00:37

you cry over your dead ones. He said, I'm the Hamza. My uncle lavake

01:00:39 --> 01:00:40

is no one to cry over him.

01:00:41 --> 01:01:08

Like somehow his sadness sallallahu wasallam all these families in Medina are gathered and they're all crying over their deceased ones. He said, But my uncle Hamza, who the prophets like some cried more for than anyone that they'd ever seen, right the way he cried over Hamza was the deep crying they said the weeping of the Prophet slice on one hand a little bit lots out Anna was massacred when he was murdered that way, said Hamza has no one to cry over him. So what did they do in Medina?

01:01:09 --> 01:01:14

They went all around the Prophet slice on his house. And they started to loudly wail

01:01:16 --> 01:01:17

out of their love for the profits license.

01:01:19 --> 01:02:01

panela like think about their love for the messenger. So the lie said, I'm like, like, the we ignored him. While we were crying over our own. We forgot that he lost his uncle in this battle. And he doesn't have his family with him. So I said, I'm better. You know, it's different. And so they all went in front of the house of the Prophet slice of them, and they started to cry, and mourn and weep. And this is one the hokum the ruling of a Nia had the prohibition of mourning, wailing out loud came down only after the death of Hamza will the law of town I know wailing is to shout, to cried loudly at the death of a person. So Hamza will the Alon who was the last person that this

01:02:01 --> 01:02:27

would be allowed for? After that, the prohibition came down, that there is no Nia there's no wailing at the time of death over a person and the prophets of Allah honey, who was seldom said, See the Shahada er in de la Yama, Yama, Hamza, Managua, moqtada, as we said, it is an authentic hadith about him a lot, the Allahu taala. And, and also, let's say someone visit the Shahada. And by the way, he would pray janazah on the Shahada, I've heard multiple times.

01:02:28 --> 01:02:52

There's a ruling in this, that if I missed the janazah of a person, and I wanted to attend to janazah and I go there later, can I pray? janazah? Yes, you can. days after, yes, weeks after Yes, the Prophet slicin was still praying janazah on the show, 100 years later, he went out and he prayed, and I was on them against the law, and he was alone. So how many Jenna is that the profit slice on perform on hemsedal, the alone time and the Shahada

01:02:53 --> 01:03:31

and the profit slice and I'm would point to them and he would say no shahidan Allahu Allah. I'm a witness upon these people. I am their witness on the day of judgments of how these amazing human beings and when the profit slice of them was about to die. He went out to visit hams over the allotted time when the show had that one last time and he preyed upon them one last time and then he went to the book here, next to him where the Sahaba were buried, and then the Prophet sites on winter is home where the sickness would would would become severe and he would pass away Salalah honey he was sudden and so this is Hamza Allah hotel and, and the place that he has an Islam and the

01:03:31 --> 01:03:39

person that he was apparently an ongoing for a very long time. But I want to mention a few things here. In conclusion, number one,

01:03:40 --> 01:03:42

one of the amazing things about this

01:03:44 --> 01:03:45

is that why is she

01:03:46 --> 01:03:50

the one who threw the spear to kill hands all the time.

01:03:51 --> 01:03:57

And hint, the one who cut open the chest and chewed his liver both became Muslim.

01:03:59 --> 01:04:08

Both became Muslim, and Islam was described as being outstanding. So they didn't just become Muslim. They actually became pious people.

01:04:10 --> 01:04:39

Think about that. All right, hint, the prophets lie. Some forgave her right away when he went back to Mecca, Mecca she was afraid. How am I going to approach the Prophet sly someone I caused him that much pain. How am I going to seek His forgiveness? She sought the forgiveness from the Prophet slice. I'm almost lost. My son forgave her. And Hynde went on and she became a pious Muslim woman washy and in fact, from her narration about hinze coming to the prophets lie some and complaining that I was the man was cheap with her.

01:04:40 --> 01:04:58

And the profit slice I'm set to take from his wealth but do not exceed what you need. Right when you take from his wealth. So the profit slice I'm even showing her lenience and the profit slice I'm speaking to her with their son with excellence and helping her in her situation. She became a pious Muslim woman. Why she became a pious Muslim man

01:05:00 --> 01:05:21

There's a narration about washy, which is very interesting because sometimes the way the stories were told so Pamela in and of itself is a lesson for us. It's an authentic narration. It's a long narration from Jaffa, Mamma mia said I went out with the love and ID and we reached a town of attempts. waxy

01:05:22 --> 01:06:04

probably Allah one settled in attempts in Syria may last pantai free it became a great Mujahid in Islam, a great warrior and in Islam. And he said we went out to hemps and we were asking about the Sahaba their tambourine. So we asked Where is waxy? So they pointed to where waxy lives. And they said we want to go ask him about the killing of Hamza aldila. Tada, no, I mean, he is marked forever in Islam as that person, right. So they went to washi. And they they went up to him and they said he was in the shade of his home, as if it was a full water skin like he was Pamela staying in his shade. He was, you know, really away from the people but he was residing in his own element, his own

01:06:04 --> 01:06:23

system, right. This was a man of the law I know that had moved on from taking the life of someone very precious to the Prophet sly summoned the Muslims. So he said, we went up to him and we were short distance from him. And Obaidullah was wearing a turban and what she could not see except for his eyes. And then our Obaidullah. He said to me,

01:06:24 --> 01:06:55

do you know who I am? Oh, actually, and actually, he looked at him. And he said, No, but I know that Id married a woman named Makita, the daughter of Laos, and she delivered a boy from them in Mecca. And he started to go through it. But the point is, is that your feets resemble he said SubhanAllah. He said, I know. It's actually fascinating. I know that it married a woman called anchieta, the daughter of Laos, and she delivered a boy from him for him in Mecca. And I was the one that looked for a nurse for that boy in Mecca. And your feet look like his feet.

01:06:57 --> 01:06:59

That's how short walk she was.

01:07:00 --> 01:07:05

I remember the feet of a baby that I carried in Mecca long time ago and your feet looked like that baby's feet.

01:07:06 --> 01:07:09

So obey the law. He covered his he uncovered a space and he said that's me.

01:07:10 --> 01:07:52

So he said, Can you tell me the story of how little the Alon was killed? And why she starts to recount to them. The moment that he killed Hamza about the Ola hotel and and particularly how the profits Alliance and I'm had asked him to describe how Hamza died and the Prophet slicin was so hurt that the Prophet slicin could not even look at the face of actually he forgave him he accepted his Islam, but he couldn't even look at his face. So why she says I live with that pain. I lived knowing that I caused that hurt to the profit slice I'm somehow I imagined like how am I going to recover from this I caused him so much pain, the profit slice I'm couldn't look at my face because he

01:07:52 --> 01:07:58

remembered the murder of comes over the law. And when he looked at me, he forgave me but it was hard for the profit slice to look at.

01:07:59 --> 01:08:01

So he said until the feed off of Abubakar

01:08:03 --> 01:08:44

he said I went out and Herbert ryda I took that same spirit that I killed Hamza with. And I marked maceda and kidnap the False Prophet, the man who killed so many her father of this wicked man. And he said, I went in the battle. And I marked him and I threw the spear at him the same spear I killed it. I threw Hamza Hamza on the line. And I went right through Mozilla, look at that. And I said, one for one, attempt to hire a nurse. I killed the best of people. And then I killed the worst of people. It's kind of some of the Sahaba some of their alumni they said earlier about the readiness software and foresee him. We thought about that verse. They Oh my servants who have transgressed

01:08:44 --> 01:08:52

against themselves don't despair from the mercy of Allah. When he saw why she you thought about that verse. How do you recover from murdering Hamza will be allowed to

01:08:53 --> 01:09:03

look at why she did. He took it as motivation to kill the man who was an enemy to the Muslims that caused so much harm to the Muslims the False Prophet mozila

01:09:04 --> 01:09:13

and this Hadith, where the prophets lie some I mentioned this had the some time ago that Allah laughs to people who meet in Geneva, one of them killed the other

01:09:14 --> 01:09:24

hand, Allah you imagine a person meets his murder in Geneva? Imagine comes up with the law in Germany, say the Shahada scene watching and hint in gender.

01:09:25 --> 01:09:26

How did this happen?

01:09:27 --> 01:09:43

Subhana Allah How did this happen? But that shows you the redemption of an Islam, that Allah subhana wa gave in the mercy of the Prophet slicin to these people, the mercy Allah showed them through the prophets lie some so if you're thinking, will Allah ever forgive me? Did you commit that deed?

01:09:44 --> 01:09:52

Subhan Allah, Who do you think is has a harder sin, the one who killed 99 and then 100 people from Venezuela The one who took one Hamza

01:09:53 --> 01:09:59

Well, the allot of time, and somehow he redeemed himself and guess who led the janazah of both Hindus and washing

01:10:00 --> 01:10:01

Honorable katapola han

01:10:03 --> 01:10:17

han Allah, both of them passed away and Amaro the law and lead their Genesis Subhana Allah I mean an incredible story of hemsedal the law, but there's something about this that Hamza died so that Islam could live

01:10:18 --> 01:10:55

cared about Islam. He cared about Islam living after him. And going forward a little the law was not in this for the arrogance of the pride of it. No, it was because he not had settled firmly in his heart. Look what Allah subhanaw taala gave to Hamza, about the Allahu taala and look at the mercy of Allah that there is redemption even for Hynde, Ventura, and why she even had the last thing I'll say, by the way, is that there's a narration even though there's some weakness in the narration, that Jabba did not have the love of the Allahu taala and he mentions that a person came in the presence of the Prophet slice Allah and he had a son and he asked the profit slice on what he should

01:10:55 --> 01:10:58

name his son, and the profit slice I'm said you should name him Hamza.

01:10:59 --> 01:11:36

So, all the hamsters in here, be proud that your parents did you right? And for those of you that are expecting, may Allah subhanaw taala give you a Hamza that also resembles Hamza Amir Allah subhanaw taala allow us to love the Sahaba and to be joined with the Sahaba the Shahada, the Sadek loan these loans, Pamela is a first a companion, the leader of the martyrs, the master of the martyrs, may Allah subhanho wa Taala join us with our beloved messenger sallallahu sallam, and these beloved people a llama. I mean, does that mean Oh, hold on. We won't be able to take questions this week because of that. But in Charlottetown next week, we will conical Mohammed

01:11:38 --> 01:11:42

lake was started down last summer Vina Mohammed one Ernie he also ibH Marian was Santa Monica morrinsville advocate

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