When You Do This, The Loss is Yours!

Mufti Menk


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The transcript describes a group of people reacting to a disturbing image of Subhana Allah. They act like they are being abused and are causing harm to others. The group warns them not to communicate with someone who is trying to impress them with weapons and suggests they try to avoid touching them. They also mention that Subhana Islam is a trap and that everyone needs to get angry.

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Today we have a sickness and an illness. What is it? People talk bad about everybody else that's from shaytan. Now I'm talking about the person engaging in the crime. When you want to talk bad about others, you must remember the loss is yours. It's never there's never this. You want to accuse someone hurt them harm them, abused them, utter vulgar language against them. Someone sways you What should you do first? You know what we do? I don't even need to say it. Come on. You know what we do? Someone's ways you

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Subhana Allah see people nodding their heads. I hope you guys don't have guns in your pockets. Because someone sways you, you know, people in this country, they would actually draw their weapons.

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May Allah protect us? That's wrong. Someone's ways you you smile and walk away Don't even turn towards them. fosse be Rolla coonan our Jo home Haji

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jameelah. Look at how Allah speaks about it. Allah says by patience, and you know what, ignore them in a good way. Leave them in a nice way. Stay away from them. don't communicate with someone whose intention is to rile you up every day they come to you and tell you one bad thing they riling you up. The one who can rile you up is controlling you the one who can anger you has control over you. They want you to be foolish. So what do they do? They know we need this guy to get angry. When he gets angry. He's gonna hit someone when he hit someone will do him in for public violence and we'll get him to sign this admission of guilt to pay the fine and possibly to be in jail. So they've

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planned it before you even understood what has happened. And when they come they just watch

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by remote control what's happening to you. You control but you can break the entire plan this way. You You just smile back. How's it

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sway You again? You're right. Everything could they call you F's and B's a chi everything laka Subhana Allah when that happens, they will get so frustrated so irritated because the plan has failed. That's what the Quran is telling you don't let people's plans pass.