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Al Waali, Al Muta’ali, Al Barr, At Tawwab, Al Muntaqim & Al ‘Afuww

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Some load off my normal handling let me know so that was I don't want to see going

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on early he

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said I want a

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continuing the names of Laszlo Joel and his 99 Beautiful Names. We're nearing to the end now. And hopefully you have memorized some of the names of Allah azza wa jal from this hola hola de la ilaha illa hora man Rahim Salam Muhammad Rasul

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and we'll have a rollin COVID basketball hockey Rajon Morrison Melinda Samira

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hakam Raja Latif Mahavira Halima de la foto Shakira, lolly

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Cebu jelly.

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Jelly, Kareem Rocky and Mooji will watch hakimullah dude

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Alba doodle Mojito bar to shahidullah hakuba que COVID-19 Vallejo Hamid

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Hamid and Marcy and moody the old Maria Maria mommy to a young Elijah to magic and I had a

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summit and Cardinal maka did an

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article about him and Wiley, Al metalli. These are today's ones, and valley alma mater, Hardy Albert

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tequila in some of the ones that inshallah we will cover today. Now the first name that we've got

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of the smaller stuff of today's world Valley. And unworldly means the one who governs affairs, the one who governs affairs, and Allah azza wa jal as mentioned this name is suited to rod and a level, where he has said

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Lahu mokuba to me mania de

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la casa del has many of his creation, including his angels, that are always looking after the affairs of many of the things that are last created.

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They will govern the affairs of the human beings as well. You know, human amberleigh, they save, they save the human brain being from some of the commandments of God. In Allah, Allah euroma become law will not change that which which is wrong with any nation had to you know, maybe unforeseen until they change themselves, or either or other laws will be open soon. And when Allah wants to strike a nation with something that is evil or some, some calamity Hello, Mr. Abdullah, there is no way out of this one Mariela, hoomin dooney Meanwhile, and they will find no one besides him as one who will become the the one who governs their affairs, or one who can protect them. And while he is

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also one of the names of protecting or providing protection. Now, I'm draggable, as far as for honey has said that this particular name of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah in particular, can be in terms of summons. It's a closeness. It shows closeness, closeness to what closeness to oneself in terms of it can be in terms of one's own place, it can be closeness to one's lineage, but obviously, this does not fit with the name of a larger region, but with a larger hickeys close to someone in terms of the protection of the dean. And another one is in terms of the beliefs he protects, in terms of giving help, he's the one that gives health and while he has that meaning, he takes affairs and looks after

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the affairs of others, which is something I've just mentioned. And all of this is mentioned through the name of Allah Valley, Nile Valley comes from also from wild lamea which is which part of it has been covered in the name of Allah azza wa jal Valley Valley. And when we cover that we mentioned that Allah is the closest one to his servants. And he also will you know, he creates Alia and he creates those who are close to him. Not that he has any shared economy that he has any partners, but he looks after them, because they have done things that things for him for his sake, so a lot of them he looks after their affairs.

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Now, one of the key ads or verses to do with the person getting close to Allah azza wa jal is in Surah. Yunus is number six

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62 to 64 Allah says Allah in Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah has been those who become the close ones to God because of the good actions, they will have no fear and they will no fear on them and they will not grieve alladhina amanu Academy, those who believed in they used to be fearful of a law or they used to have a consciousness of allows origin law Herman Boucher Phil hieratic denier of international law says for those people allow not only give them good good news in this world, but he will give them good news in the next world as well. Now in terms of the good news in this world is that one was a valuable law allows me to show him signs to show his signs. So certain times when

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they will come into the they will come into a dead end, or come towards a dead end, Allah will show them a way out and each time they come to another dead end, Allah will show them away out and I'm these are mobile shirat. These are good news for them. Another form of good news is that they will have like Rasulullah sallallahu recently said that every form every form of nuwa, or every form of prophethood, has come to an end after azula similasan. But the only thing that will remain remain is

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a ruya saleha Roja Asada, which is a right his dream. And that righteous dream Allah azza wa jal will give to a servant of his that is close. And that means it's a true event, something that is true that will happen to them in the future, and many people have this, but especially those who are close to Allah azza wa jal, they get more than than others. And I've met so many people in my life who have told me dreams and things that will come about in the future, and they've seen it already before, or events that they're not supposed to go towards is something they're not supposed to do. And Allah shows them and gives them a warning beforehand. So this is one of the Bushra so this is

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one of the good news that allows, you know gives them in this world class, they will find relief in their heart a lot of relief and a lot of Thomasina which is that in a complete content, they will be completely content inside. And this is another good news a lot give because they will feel generally like other people get stressed out. They will not get stressed out with with events that take place. We're not saying that they're perfectly well, but you know, there might be things that happen around them which are calamities, but they they manage to govern this themselves a lot better. Why because unworldly The one who is most high and who's governing affairs gives them the ability to also govern

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their affairs

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rightly as well. Now one of the things that he does in the Acura he has said lavon Boucher

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aka he will give them good news in the world and He will give them good news in the next one night in terms of the next world laws Odell has said in Surah facilite from number 30, he has said in a Latina, hollow Robin Allah those who say that our Lord is Allah through musta karma. Now here Allah has used a particular word for a person to become close to Allah which is stuck on is the karma is the karma is that a person has got daily practice of all those actions and does not let go. They don't let go of the action that they're doing for Allah sake. So this is the karma when a person does that continuously over time. Then Allah says, Allah says at the time of their death to 10, as

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Allah, Allah, human melodica many angels will come and descend down upon them, Allah to have

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that they will you will have no fear and you have nothing to breathe again. It's very similar to the iron to the universe, where law says law Hoeven Allah, Allah has and so he Allah says law to have done what she Ruby Jana and I give you have good news of a garden and let you continue to add on that you have been you have been promised which is paradise. No Oh Leah

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these are the angels that are saying no Leah can we will you protect us in the world and now in the Africa we are your protectors as well well Walla Walla, Fie harmony Masha he and fusuma la Mata down you have everything that whatever you will you will want whatever you will desire it is there for you and whatever you've been promised it is also here.

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Wherever you will ask for New Zealand Minerva food Rahim. This is a clear this is a clear

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way of honoring one's guests from Allah azza wa jal who is the host? And then Allah goes on to say woman Asana hola manda Allah who can be better than the one who calls towards Allah azza wa jal who does good deeds and who says that he is from the Muslims. Now, this is shows clearly that from the time of death, there is no fear and there is nothing to grieve for this person from death to through the grave on the Day of Judgment all the way till they actually go to jail because they have been people who have been close to Alaska

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from one of the other names that is coming ahead later on.

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It was a while he was the one that we did.

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Done, one of the ones that is coming in Alberta, I will I will show you from a word related to that how we can get close to a larger budget as well. But the next name after this is Al metalli Al matale comes from Hulu Hulu which means highness. And we have we have done a name very similar to this So, there's not much to cover on this. Allah Ali Ali was most high for Allah azza wa jal Allahu Tolly is more of an exaggerated form of Allah azza wa jal being high. So he's very high of utmost high, that's what it means. And Allah azza wa jal has used that in the Holy Quran in surah, surah. Number nine, he said, I'll even leave your Shahada Allah.

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Allah is the Knower of the unseen and the seen, and he's the one who's great and the one who is greatly high is the one who is most most high in his qualities. Now,

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he azzawajal, who is most high in his qualities, there is a clear now one of the things that I covered last week from from a Hadith, which is antiva hero, Felisa folk she went about in Felisa, do not shake our light you are the most apparently is nothing above you and you are the most hidden, there is nothing beyond you. Now, when we say Allah, Mata Ali, and if you concentrate on that Hadith that I've just quoting, when we say there's nothing above him, there's two ways that a person can take this meaning one is that above in terms of literal above, so, like physically, no one is no one is above him. Or, or

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we can take the other meaning which is

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that the human being we know that Allah azza wa jal, he is he is the highest in every order, we know that. But when we when we attribute anything of ourselves to Allah, His Highness and us being low, one of the meanings that we must understand is that Allah is much much higher than our capacity of understanding and thinking which I have covered before as well. In one of these, one of the names that I've covered before. So Allah azza wa jal being almazan being the one who is most high. That's what we know these are one of these names which I use quite commonly when we refer to his name. So either we say Allah azza wa jal or we say Allah subhanho wa Taala last hanno tala tala. Now what

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does it mean? Allah azza wa jal

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means that he is of dignity from Aziz and his mighty Angela means that again, he is one of all inspiring attributes. And the other one is super Hannah who, what Allah He is one who has no defects and with Allah His most high, most high than anyone can, can you know, anyone can have the conception of Allah Most High than anyone can can have any, you know, physical understanding in every way allows origin is high. But when we say this, what we don't want to do is we don't want to fix a place for Allah, we don't say that he is most high in the sense that he is on his throne. He's sitting on his throne and so on. I've said this before that this is completely wrong. For a person

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to imagine Allah in the form of any shape, in any shape is completely wrong. So we don't imagine Allah, Allah has a throne. And though Allah is you know, most high, it doesn't mean that Allah So Jen is sitting on his throne, or that he has legs and you know, he's sitting with something that is leaning against and you know, now now to be legendary, we have no no concept of Allah azza wa jal are no imagination of Allah in any way in the sense. We mean that he is high in whichever way allows us and has made it befitting for himself. So this is the second name we've covered today, which is entirely. Now after Vitaly comes Alberto, now Alabbar, the name Allah

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means that Allah is the one that is excellent towards his servants and he shows kindness, great kindness towards his servants. Now the word bar bar means the one who gives who gives excellence. Now this comes from a word bear, which is, which means virtue, and Allah azzawajal has given Allah azza wa jal has given us opportunity to do better or to carry out virtues in order to get his sad and to get his, the his his excellence towards us, which means that in order for us to get his mercy we must be people of virtue.

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Now this this word

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virtuous has been used for the angels as well in Surah Arbus number 16, Kiran in Bharara, that they are not only noble, but they are, but they have great virtue. And

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Allah azza wa jal has used this bill in many places of the Quran, one of the places that he has used it is

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towards our parents that which we should show you know, we should be virtuous towards them. And one great place in the Holy Quran is in Surah Baqarah. Allah has La Salle Bureau and Tuvalu Hakuna kibaale Machito Muslim, it is not a virtue, not a virtue that you just know which direction to turn to pray,

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whether it's the east or the west. Now what happened here is the famous thing behind this is that they had a great argument with the prophets of Allah hollow cylinder, the some of the Jewish individuals and they said, What is this, you know, he changed his Qibla direction again. And also La Silla Lawson was praying towards Jerusalem when he first came to Medina and then after 17 months in Medina, he turned turns towards the Kaaba. And when he turns to turn towards the Kaaba, the Jewish individuals, some of them started some propaganda. And they said that what kind of know what kind of individual is he what kind of profit is he one, one day he's paying towards the end of the day, he's

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praying towards it. Now, this use of propaganda was was done because they wanted to turn around individuals from Islam. And what I want to say from this is today, the same effects are there. Today, the same things are happening. There's a lot of things happening across the world, a lot of things across the world, where Allah, Allah Azza, wa jal, he has given us the opportunity to understand this from such is, there's a lot of propaganda, there's a lot of propaganda across the world, like, you know, they're attacking a professor Latina, they're making arguments against him, they're attacking their kids, I will allow the book of Allah, they're saying that you Muslims are

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terrorists, they're saying that, you know, look how Muslims, how they had the acting, are they behaving in this part of the world, that part of the world, this is all propaganda, so that Muslims can feel inferior, so that we can feel Oh, my God, you know, I'm a Muslim, you know, I don't want to, I don't want to say I don't want to be proudly, you know, saying to others, and our Muslim,

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they want us to feel bad about ourselves be Muslim, most of the news that is being covered, in the last 10 years, most of the news been covered since in I think, in 19 1998, the last sort of 15 years, since about 1998, I think there was a there was a huge turnaround towards Islam, because you know, the Soviets, the Soviets, and, and, and Russia, and, you know, all that side of the enemies, and so on, we're all finished in 1991 92. Now, after the Soviets became a samurai, you can see the shift, the shift has been around just about five years after the drop of the,

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the Soviets, you had Islam as the enemy. And once Islam, and Muslims have become the enemy. From then until now, you've seen that the media has been covered with it. Any incident that happens with the Muslims is always you know, these Muslims ally, these they're terrorists, this is that now this new enemy that made obviously, it's a massive enemy, you know, it's bigger than anyone, anything they've had before. Right? Even if they make China an enemy, they've only made 1 billion of a population as an enemy. But if they make Muslims, you know, they're making huge, huge amount of 1.4 billion or whatever, it is a lot larger. And if they were to make the Russians have is a Russian is

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just one part of the world, China is one part of the world. But this, these Muslims want to say that they want one for 1.5 billion on the earth, what about 1.6 billion on the earth, whatever the stats are, they're scattered all over the world. So once you make the Muslims the enemy, you can go into so many different countries and start to look for resources and whatever and make the to and fro and the teeth for time and so on.

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Now, one of the things I have to say is that Muslims don't need to feel inferior. Now in our Rasulullah sallallahu. His time from the either are quoted, what they did is they again and again started to make the Muslims feel bad, that they're Muslims. How one of the tactics they used was, the Quran talks about it is that they deliberately sent

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non Muslims to come into the Muslims to say, I shall do Allah, Allah, Allah law, and they became Muslims, and all of a sudden, you know, to be the Allahu Akbar. And they sat down for a few days in the lead from the Muslim but they were non Muslims, non Muslims. And the whole plot was that after a little while, they would reject the faith. So imagine that there's, there's Muslims amongst, you know, the new these are new Muslims, and amongst amongst the rest of the Muslims, and all of a sudden, they say, Oh, we don't like this Deen. We don't like this religion. We're going out of here. We don't believe you guys can believe in something like this. How can you be guided

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believe in this, what you call him a prophet as that in front of the Muslims, they did this and they walked away. These were certain Jewish individuals who had an agenda to come and to put propaganda to spread propaganda. And to weaken the heart of the believers. This was one plot. The other one was in the marketplaces, they made them feel inferior. They didn't trade with the Muslims, some of these non Muslim they wouldn't trade with the Muslims. Some of them when they traded with them, they made bargains that were too high, too high for them, they sort of Muslim to put the price up. The other one was this that certain events took place. And they said, what kind of people are you can't be of

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the animal kingdom? You can't be of the People of the Book, how can you be the people of the book? And how can you be like the Jews and the Christians from before when you don't even face out our way of prayer. And they made an onslaught on the Prophet and the Muslims in salatu salam Ala Moana with me, Allah be pleased with all of them. And what we've got to learn from a lesson from this is that it wasn't easy for them to be Muslims, but they, but they were people who felt very strong, the people who strengthen themselves and today we've got to do this more than ever, because after certain incidents across the world, certain people have felt, you know, Muslims have felt that they

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need to either shave the beard or they need to, you know, the woman needs to take her Java for the people feel that they need to change their name to, to a non Muslim name, and there's been, you know, or even at least they feel that you know, going to school or going to college university, they will not display a Muslim identity, or go to work or something because it's going to be, you know, the other is going to laugh at him or her they're going to make jokes or fun or whatever. But we don't need to, we don't need to do any of that we need to remain strong. And Allah azza wa jal said at that moment, he said later, on to Allah Buddha said, virtue, if you want to talk about virtue,

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you individuals have made such a great matter about turning which way to turn towards the tip Allah. Allah says, that's not virtue, virtue bill is an am and a biller, the one who believes in law. Well, Yama actually believes in last next next in our life that the last day, while keytab believes in a book called melodica, believes in angels when IBM believes in the prophets, all the prophets, then Allah says we're out and May Allah Allah be our last love, they spend their wealth that will accrue back to him, the ones who are close to them, while the uttama and the and the orphans, while Masaki and those who are in need of them, wellness savvy, and they spend you on to the on the one who's

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traveling, was selling those who are asking for card to release to free slaves.

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And Allah says, you know, whether they are in a in a point of terminal, and he says specifically about conflict, if there's war going on, if there's battle going on, if there's some rah, rah, whether there is, you know, a good situation or bad situation, they're always doing the virtue.

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They're always doing their virtue.

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Allah, Allah Azza wa Jalla has wrapped this up in various different forms of things. Allah says, Well, I can live in a Sadako. He says, These are the people who are true in what they said about faith, or like, these are the people who have my consciousness. Now in saying this, what Allah has done is that he said, in essence, that once you show good virtuous acts are larger than himself would would show his son, and his excellence towards the servants. This is clear, from a hadith a famous Hadith, when Allah azza wa jal, he loves the seventh, he called the rain, he says, I love song. So I want you to love songs. So then God will come to the angels have the highest highest, you

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know, Heaven, you'll make the announcement, they will say to the lowest, lowest lowest angels until it gets to our world, and they will spread, they will spread in our good, you know,

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they'll spread good, virtual Good, good. I'm sort of a heart towards these people, other people will love them. Other people will be virtuous towards them because they've been doing good. Now you can see straightaway, like, for example, if somebody if there's a drug dealer out there, what does your heart feel towards them? If you're a good person, what is your Hartfield? You think? Batman, you're a bad person, bad deeds, that in the heart is directly from the angels and that is derived from Allah, that when there's a bad person on the earth for them, to feel bad towards them, that is from a loss of them, when a person is doing good, what does your heart feel like feel good towards people

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who are doing charges, charges work, people who are you know, looking after others, you feel good towards refill, you know that there are good people that again, is director of Allah through gibreel through the angels right down on the earth that you feel good towards, and because they've been doing good. Now, that is the name Albert, which is the one who does you know who's excellent, and who is very gentle towards his servant. The next one is at the web, at the web, the one who is oft forgiving, or the one who accepts the forgiveness

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He gives forgiveness to his to his servants, the one who accepts Toba or returning back to him those people who returned back in October means to return back to Allah zone. To return to Him means that you leaving all your sinful life and you're now starting a good life towards Allah. Allah tala is the one who accepts you. In a famous Hadith he says, of Muslim says in the La Jolla

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near to Mercy Mercy and Allah azza wa jal he, he has, he has his hand which whatever the meaning of that is spread out by nighttime so that the one who has the one who wants to repent,

00:25:42--> 00:25:51

the one who wants to repent because he has, he has sinned in the daytime he can make his repentance and the opposite is also said that allows will has his hand spread out.

00:25:52--> 00:26:30

The daytime The one who has the one who has sin by night can make his tober to Allah and repent back to Allah azza wa jal, this is a hadith Muslim, and there are various Aha, these are various Hadith and Allah azza wa jal calls his servants again and again to make Toba to him. And one of the famous again another Hadith is that you have an Adam Oh, son of Adam, in nakoma de outeniqua. Raja Tony, as long as you have called me and as long as you have had hope in me so far to locka Allah makan, I will forgive you for anything, anything that that you you've, you've done. You have an Adam, oh, son of Adam.

00:26:31--> 00:27:13

If you come to me with a whole earth full of sins, then I will come to you with a similar like of forgiveness, as long as you don't associate partners with me, as long as you know, you've come to come to me to actually ask me and so on. So this is again another famous Hadith. And there are various parts of the Quran that talk about Toba. But don't forget, Toba is only open until we haven't seen the Angel of Death come to us, angel of death or the signs on the drive at the moment of death. As long as we haven't seen that all as long as the sun hasn't come up from the west instead of the East. As long as that hasn't happened, then the doors of Toba are opened. And both

00:27:13--> 00:27:57

you know both of the men mentioned the Quran or Hadith so we've got that opportunity to turn to Allah now, Toba. If anyone wants to do Toba if normal to turn to Allah azza wa jal simple either you say a Sufi law how to really start to learn to be like I seek forgiveness from a lot I return back to him. Or you can say I stopped to La la de la ilaha illa Allah uma to be like, I seek forgiveness from Allah, Allah de The one who La la la who the one who is alone he has no he has no partners he has no he's the only one and only where they worship like Hello, Hi, are you the one who is ever living the one who governs the one keeps keeps all things sustained? Where to belay and I am someone

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who who returns back to back to him, you can say that or you can you know, add on more if you want. After that. You can either just say this or you can just raise your hands you can make a door to Allah and say Allah you know, forgive me or you can add a two tickets before you have to do that. So you will, you will actually read two rockets and physical salata Toba, you make two rockets specifically with the Nia and the intention of making Toba to Allah and then you will after that say one of these words or you will ask you know seek forgiveness from Allah azza wa jal Toba is

00:28:28--> 00:29:06

Toba is something that we should all renew you know every day every day we should we should renew our because we don't know when is the time of forgiveness when we don't love forgive us when he will accept us in forgiveness. We don't know whether it's you know, there are certain moments allows Allah's mercy is closer to us than other times and we don't, we don't know those times. So, when those times come then it is you know, it is much easier for us to you know, to get to gain this forgiveness and we will never know about this until we reach the next slide. Now with this toolbar, what we want to also what we want to also realize is there are certain certain sins that are minor

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certain things that are major every single major sin requires a Toba every major sin requires a tool but you can't get a sin forgiven unless you do tober and every major sin that or minus and even that is in connection with another human being you have to go and ask forgiveness from them as well. You can't just do a sin that has involved another person I use stolen something from them. You can't just do tober and say well, I just forgive me You have to return the stolen 19 back or you can't just you know you can't just be backbiting people or you know, hurting people, insulting people and then saying that, you know, my tober to Allah was enough. Now this is not enough. A person needs to

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go and seek forgiveness from from those individuals. It is individuals are not alive or you can't get to them or it's very difficult for you to ask forgiveness from them and the best thing to do is that you you know you

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You pray for them and you do. Some you know, you carry on. If the person has passed away then you can probably do some virtuous acts. And Allah asked Allah azza wa jal to send the verse virtuous acts towards them, and added to their good deeds, but that's that's what you could possibly do the best of what you can do, but we shouldn't be people who hurt other individuals and then have to turn to Allah azza wa jal because Allah azza wa jal will keep that conditional until that person forgives, forgives us, there are certain Hadith Yes, that Allah azza wa jal can forgive us even if you have heard somebody else like that famous Hadith where a person has killed you know, 100

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individuals and a lot still shows his forgiveness towards him. But that is rare thing we shouldn't bank on that and you know, go around hurting people because we think that Allah will just forgive us and he doesn't you know, it doesn't matter.

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Now the next name that we covering is element 13. Mater Kim is the one who takes revenge. And this has been mentioned in few parts of the Quran one is Surah Al Imran number four where Allah says Allah has even though Allah is Most Great, most mighty in in his qualities and then DICOM is the one who takes revenge. Allah azza wa jal has said in

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he has said

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in ayah, number 16 of pseudo Han, Allah said Yamanaka Shabbat Shalom, shalom Cobra, Allah said that I am one who will take revenge The day will come and I will take my revenge. Now, no one can say when Allah azza wa jal should take is when you know some people seem somebody will make dua to Allah and said, Oh ally, you know, why have you done this? Why is it not yet that you have

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you know, dealt with these people or dealt with with those people and so on. It's up to Allah azza wa jal, when he deals with whoever he wants, no one can make an order to him and no one can say that this should have been the time when Allah should have acted. No, we leave it to Allah azza wa jal, we make our grace to allow allow, you know, these are our enemies and we keep them we keep you know, we asked you to deal with them, but it's up to allow when he wants to deal with them. And certainly, you know, with ourselves we have to fear that Allah might take his revenge on on anyone you know, who who violates violates his principles and his laws. One of the places mentioned is in Surah, ma

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either were in a touch time, you know, people who are hunting when they're not supposed to hunt, Allah says, woman added phantom limb and if you return back and if you do it again, Allah says, I will take revenge from you. Now why does an ally take revenge sometimes surah Ebrahim is number 42 Allah azza wa jal has explained that he said, Well, Allah havanna, Yamato volumen, those who are doing something which is an oppression, don't think that Allah doesn't our allies neglectful, don't think that allies neglectful from what they are doing, in nama, a few whom do mentorships Philips or allies, only delaying them, he delaying them to a day, when eyes will actually turn over. So do

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which means that he's going to give them greater punishment in the next world and is only letting them off in this world. So there are people who are vile, I mean, there are people who are presses on this earth, and they're getting away with it, yes, but they're only getting away temporarily. And they if they don't get punished here, then of course, there is a greater punishment that is awaiting them in the next world. So this is the name of Allah as Turkey, which means that he takes revenge on yes with all of his, all of those people who have done wrong, either Allah will forgive them, or he will take revenge. It's up to Allah azzawajal what he does, we are not to become, you know, we are

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not to use our tongues in a way that is not befitting, we are not supposed to say Allah, you know, take revenge on these people. Even if you've got an enemy, even if you've got an enemy, don't ever ask.

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You know, Allah, you know, you know, even if you're saying Oh, Allah, guide these people, and so on. At that moment, if you're if your drive is accepted, what's more appropriate is that you ask for guidance for yourself and for them. So you say Allah guide us is better to say Allah guide us than to say, guide, just these people. And this is not appropriate for any Muslim to send his Lana or send His Son his curse upon you know, any person and to say specifically that Allah azzawajal should have his revenge or anything like that in any way. And the last name that we come for today is our foo. foo. foo is a name that allows origin. One of his one of his great qualities and his name's,

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which is similar to the 404 means that he forgives his He forgives a lot, but Afu means our alpha alpha n, who means to remove the traces to remove the traces that have been left behind. So for example, if a person was to if a person was to come to crime,

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let's say in this world, someone's committed a crime. And they said to the you know, they got caught, right and they

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said to the judge, you know, please, I am begging you just let me off.

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Now, if the judge was okay, I'll let you off. However, your you've got a bad criminal record, you've got a bad criminal record. And what does that mean? That means that it's not going to be easy for you to get a job, or it's not going to be easy for you to maneuver. And Sonia, you've got this thing on your record is going to be on your name, wherever it pops up, is going to be difficult for you. So that is now you've been forgiven. But you've got a track record behind you that is still having some effect on your your maneuvering and what you do. But if if the judge was to say, No, I'll forgive you. I'll let you go. And I'm also going to wipe away and clear away the damage that has

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been caused. So you're not going to have the unabashed criminal record or if the person had actually committed some some crime. And if they were to say, okay, we're going to wipe all the history of this, so no one's gonna know that it actually even happened. yet. This is a much, much better way for a person to be laid off. Now Allah azza wa jal, if he's a fool, it means that he's forgiving you sin is forgiving you sin, but perhaps, that he might have forgiven you, but perhaps you're still not, you're still not, you know, in the best of the records with him. Maybe you've still got a, you know, bad record and so on. But if he's awful if he then you know, after and who if Allah forgives

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you through his article, that means he wipes away all the traces of whatever your sin was. And that's what we want from Allah azza wa jal, our Fukunaga food. Allah is not only removes traces but it also forgives. And that's one of the qualities what are the lohana she was told on the daily a little harder to ask from Allah llama Naka aku wouldn't to hate Black Swan Yeah, Karim Allah you are the one who who completely effaces the sin completely gets rid of it with all these traces of whatever was behind it. I want to hit black for you love this this type of forgiveness, you love to be awful. So you love to actually completely wipe any remnants is anything that has got in the track

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of the sin of that history, and whatever it might entail. For So, we are asking you to forgive if our family asking you to forgive and completely face the sin. Yeah, Corinne and you are one who are one who is noble. So, this is this is awful. Now, it has been used in many places for an awful lot of food. So for example, in salt Lodge and number 60. You will find it there so de mujer de la Anima to Surah Nisa, and number 43 Surah Nisa, and number 99. You will find in all of these you will find a large user ARPU and Whole Foods together he has used the fact that he not only forgives, but he also faces the sin and he will completely get rid of anything that is in his truck. So this is the

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name that we've we've covered. For today. These are six things that we've covered today, and inshallah inshallah we'll continue next week with our oath, our oath and medical milk and so on, we'll continue from there we've got about approximate another sort of

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about 15 sort of names left shala, which will

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be the end of this session. So May Allah azzawajal make it beneficial for us to do the best virtues we can and to get his his forgiveness and to be close to Him and for Him to forgive our sins and to also remove any traces of those sins. I'm just gonna head back to Donna

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and have you

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