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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah hamdu lillah. Wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. How many times

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has a person assumed to know another individual until that person is tested?

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The person whom you had assumed was generous, brave and wise, turns out to be, you know, really selfish, cowardly miser. On the flip side, how many times have our eyes looked beyond certain people whose voices were not particularly heard, whose deeds were not really spectacular, only then to be awestruck by them during testing times. When they exhibit this unfettered generosity layer like bravery mountain like steadfastness. Broadly speaking, there are four distinct categories of people when it comes to times of ease and hardship.

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And which of the four do you fit in measure yourself against these four headings? The first category of humanity, those who turn to Allah subhanaw taala, during times of ease nor him during times of difficulty.

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And speaking about this category of people, Allah subhanaw taala said Wamena NASCI Miyabi Allah Allah health.

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There are some people who worship Allah Almighty upon an edge for Inasa Whoa, Hi, Ron. Levy, if he is touched by good, he is reassured by it. Were in Elsa that will fit in there in Colaba, Allah, what He calls your dunya and akhira. But if, on the other hand, he is struck by a trial, he turns on his feet, meaning he turns to disbelief, and he loses this world and the Hereafter, and that is the clearest loss. So for this category of people, their commitment to Islam

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only lasts as far as they live a life of well being and prosperity, good reputation, should a challenge interrupt their routine, they are the quickest to drop it all. And they will turn towards anything for relief, whether it's an ex partner, whether it's pornography, drugs, abandonment of Salah anything but Allah. In fact, the very reason for revelation of the verse I just quoted to you is a very telling one.

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A Jewish man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he said to him, odo, Allah, Rebecca,

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and Yasukuni Marilyn where it began, while Highland while I didn't have that woman, Derek, please call upon your load, to give me wealth, camels, horses, children, and I will believe in you.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam did just that. And Allah granted this man his requests,

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and he embraced Islam.

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Afterwards, Allah subhanaw taala wished to test him. So these blessings were taken away from him soon after. And guess what the man left Islam. So Allah revealed the verse that you just heard Wamena Nassima, Yahoo, Allah Allah, there are some people who worship Allah upon an edge.

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And Abdullah him, God bless. He also said that there were some people who would arrive at the city of Medina. If their wives gave birth to children, their camels also produced calves. So they would say this is a righteous religion. Ha the dino finally, if, however, their wives fail to reproduce, and their camels didn't produce calves, they would say hi, the dino Sue. This is an evil religion. So this category of people, those who turn to Allah during times of ease, and they ignore him during times of hardship. It's a common category in humanity. And it includes, for example,

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a spouse who remains faithful so long as their spouse is as well faithful should unfaithfulness however, up here. They take the very first opportunity to show vengeance by doing the same to make them get a feel of what they felt.

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All along. Therefore, it turns out that their chastity was not for Allah it was conditional upon a worldly gain. So when that worldly gain disappeared, they let themselves go. A second example, a sister of ours, whose hijab is pristine who Salah is on time, so long as her marital life is in place. Should her marriage, however end in divorce, her religious life is cast aside. Salah is dismissed, hijab becomes no more. So all of it was conditional on her marriage, it wasn't for Allah. A third example is a Muslim revert or otherwise, whose commitment to Islam is on point. So long as parents friends community don't turn against them. Should that happen however, they show no

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hesitation in shelving Islam, inwardly and outwardly it goes so

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The religion of this category of people is conditional

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steadfastness upon Islam as long as they enjoy a relatively problem free life. Any obstacle, however, along the way, sees them opting out of their religion or parts of it in no time.

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So this is the first category of humanity does it fit us their brother, their sister, those who turn to Allah during times of ease, and they ignore him to turn their backs on him during times of difficulty. Then you have the second category.

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Those who turn to Allah during times of difficulty, and they ignore him during times of ease. It's the opposite of the fast this group of people has arguably received the most attention from the Quran for them, so long as they are fit, well prosperous problem free, Allah does not appear in their conversations and decisions or priorities. It takes a seismic adversity to send them back to Allah in desperation.

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Allah said about these people what either must sell us Dorval there are legion be here aka Eden. Oh god, you know, when adversity touches a human being, he prays to us, reclining on his side

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or sitting or standing, always asking Allah for relief. Fellow America chef Dan Hodor Raho maraca Allah Maria de Roda elaborately Messiah but when we relieve him from his adversity, he goes away, as though he had never called on us for trouble that had afflicted him. Ah, knowing Allah during times of hardship, but not knowing him during times of ease. And Allah said about them. What either an unknown an insanity out of our RV journey we were either master who shall rule for doo doo ha in the field. When we provide comfort for the human being, he withdraws and distances himself when adversity befalls him, he starts lengthy prayers.

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So when the situation is dire, an upcoming exam a plummeting investment, a crumbling relationship, worrying medical diagnosis, fear of being exposed of something, this category of people will rediscover Allah. But guess what, when that dark cloud begins to pass, and safety and relief,

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erase fear and grief. Their previously intense dua their previously punctual Salah their previous distance from sins begins to be the farewell it all changes.

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Arrogance of this category of people and their utter ingratitude to their node is really beyond measure. The most famous example of this is the pharaoh of Egypt spent a lifetime crushing his people and calling them to the deification of himself. But guess what, during his hour of need as he drowned, he turned to Allah. And in desperation, he said, Unto another hula you know, her inland lady are going to be Hebrew is right one Amina Muslimeen.

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I believe that there is no God except the one that the children of Israel believe in and I am those I am amongst those who submit

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Subhan Allah the angel Jibreel

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heard this late plea of the Pharaoh. Gabriel would descend not as a savior but to truck to thrust the sea sand into his mouth, fearing that Allah's Mercy would descend upon him, and it would not descend upon him. And the pharaohs please were rejected, and he was told an urn. And now, what are the asides a couple of when you've rebelled before this were contaminated with saline and you were from the Mischief Makers.

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For Newman, who did you ge can be better deca, litre cooler, Neiman Khalifa, Allah said, today we will preserve your corpse. We will preserve it so that you become a sign for those who come after you. Were in deca, theobromine and see it in the law field and most people are heedless of our signs. That's the point Allah sends signs but people don't take heed. They don't realize them. They complain that I speak to God, but he doesn't answer me. No, he has been speaking to you. But you're not answering him. He's been sending you signs. You're not seeing that. So Allah does not punish from the very first slip up, chances aren't given reminders are sent. sins are covered. Punishment

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is delayed. But you see this category of people we're speaking about. Nothing will snap them into realization and into tell that retreat of repentance, more than a devastating calamity.

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And that's why when a thief was presented to Omar, who had

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had stolen and the proof was proven beyond doubt and he was about to have his limb amputated the thief scream he said well to me, I swear this is the first time I ever stone Amasa to him character.

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What a Bahama I swear you speak a lie.

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You speak a lie back at that Islam Allah who have done and done what he's done, Allah would never punish a person following his very first sin. Never.

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So shame on us, dear brothers and sisters really for needing devastating events to bring us back to our senses. A major illness that deprives us from sleep that forwards this is back to the prayer mat five times a day, or some sort of crippling anxiety which forces us to accept the wrongs of our alcohol or our drugs or our interest based business.

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Honestly, shame on man for only discovering passionate Doha Viki Quran in the masjid, following threats of being exposed for some sort of illicit behavior. Shame on us for needing this to send this back to shame on man for needing his wife, for example, to walk away from him for being unfaithful, which then forces him to realize the blessing that he had at home, once upon a time. Shame on man for needing calamities, to corner him into thanking Allah and forcing him to appreciate Allah's blessings.

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If you're feeling healthy, safe from harm, veiled from sin and shame at this moment, please take the hint. So remove yourself from this category of people that we're speaking about,

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and glorify Allah in all circumstances, not just when your last four options. So this is the second category we speak of those who turn to Allah during times of difficulty, but during times of ease, they ignore him.

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Then you have the third category of humanity. And this is the worst of them all. Those who ignore Allah during both times of ease and hardship, there is no use.

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For this category of people, nothing brings about the remembrance of Allah. Prosperity yet, that's just luck, adversity, it's misfortune. These people will give it any description. As long as it does not involve Allah good or bad.

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But speaking about them, the worst of the for Allah Almighty said we're either alarmed the halal insanity out of the Havana IV dnab He will either Messiah who shall who cannot yet ALSA.

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When we grant people our favors, they turn away, acting arrogantly, and when they are touched with evil, they lose all hope. So it's a lose lose situation for them. And Allah Almighty said in Al Insana, Holika Hello, mankind were created anxious, either Messiah who shall rule Joshua, when touch with evil, they're impatient, what either must several highroad Naniwa.

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And when they are touched with goodness, they withhold, lose lose, nothing brings them back goodness or hardship.

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Regardless of which way they they are taken in life, their flame of iman remains blown out.

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Their ears, their eyes, their hearts have been sealed. Even if every circumstance around them changes they will not

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consider one of the recent atheist philosophers and thinkers and chief protagonist who lived their lives, arguing a case against God and mocking those who do and real anti theist. And of course towards the latter parts of his life, he was diagnosed with cancer, some people thought that maybe this would cause a shift in his position. But he maintained his position of devout atheism until the very end, and he insisted that no evidence or argument has been presented which would change my mind. But I liked surprises.

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And I think that's quite an accurate depiction of what this third category of people are all about.

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Quite heedless during times of ease, and equally heedless during times of difficulty.

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Then you have the fourth category of humanity. This is the finest of them all. They are those who turn to Allah during both times of difficulty and ease.

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They are the finest of human beings. They are the saints of Islam. They are the truest allies of Allah subhanho wa Taala and they are clearly identifiable

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and they share the same characteristics. measure yourself against them to see insha Allah whether you do fit them or God for

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but you don't. The first sign is that they interpret every experience of life, both the happy ones and the miserable ones as tests. To test they recognize that the entire spectrum from extreme hardship to extreme ease, and everything that's in between is a test and examination from Allah. And they make sure to announce this at every particular experience of theirs in life. Take the example of Prophet Suleiman seeing the power that Allah Almighty had endowed him with,

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where Jean competed to serve Him and deliver the thrones of kings to him and queens from continent to continent. Prophet saw a man when realizing this, he proclaimed had been fugly rugby, Lea beluga, the ash Kuru UK for this is from the favor of my Lord, to test me underline that to test me

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whether I will be grateful or ungrateful. So that's sign number one, they interpret every experience of life, both the happy ones and the miserable ones as tests.

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Number two, they are fully aware that the greatest guarantor of blessings is so called gratitude. They are grateful people. As far as they are concerned, the equation is so simple. The greater the gratitude, the greater their preservation of the blessing. And the more of it will be reaped, wherever they look, and whatever they experience. They see show called gratitude.

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And in the dawn of every blessing that renews itself in their lives, this blessed category of people,

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they thank Allah when they see their children running around playfully, unhealthy or when their wives call them in saying hurry, the food is getting cold, or when he or she cleans himself herself after using the bathroom in an independent, dignified fashion without needing help from anyone. When he puts food into his mouth without the need of pipes and needles. Their hearts are quick to submit in sincere gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala and they repeat the words of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam every juncture of their life they say hola hola in the elder becoming Giovanni analytic or to how will the eye for yedek? What would you call it the kinetic word yummy if

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psychotic, Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from the decline of your blessings, the removal of your safety, and the sudden onset of your punishment. And from all of that, which displeases you. That's sign number two of this blesses category, everything brings about shock or gratitude in their lives. Sign number three, they recognize that their good deeds today are stored for them for the rainy days to come. The Quran has given us two examples of people who experienced the calamity by way of the sea. The first of them is the pharaoh of Egypt. And the second one is the Prophet Yunus. alayhi salam, both summer suffered in similar ways. Both begged from the same God for help. But their

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outcomes were polar opposite. One of them was drought to his death, the other one was saved. And the reason for this is simple. During times of ease, they were two very different people.

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The Pharaoh appealed to Allah for help when he was drowning, his appeal was rejected. And Allah said to him now, when you had disobeyed before and you were of the corrupters,

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on the other hand, Prophet Yunus when he made his dua, his dua was answered and he was told what Catholic theologian meaning thus we save the believers.

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So the key word here is before before, before his ordeal, the pharaoh was a corrupt man and so he was forsaken during his hour of need. As for a Prophet Yunus at sotto salaam, he was before his ordeal, a righteous man, so he was saved during his hour of need.

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And that is what Allah said about Prophet Yunus. Fellow Leah Anna, who can Amina Musa behind

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the levees a fee but only in a yo yo bathroom, had it not been? Had he not been of those who glorified Allah, He would have remained inside of the belly of the whale until the Day of Resurrection. The key word is before those one of those who glorified Allah before

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commenting on this Qatada, he said Kanda cathedral celerity for Raha villager, hula hoop idiotic Prophet Yunus would pray abundantly during times of ease. And so Allah saved him through that. Allah seemed him through that.

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And he said, that kinda your pile will fill Hekmati in the land of slightly YAHWAH Sahiba who either

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I thought the email Soria Wadjet, Mo tech. It used to be said good deeds carry a person when he sleeps, but should he fall he will find something to lean on. Ya Allah. So in summary, putting this all together, this fourth category of people never make calamities the beginning of their relationship with Allah. punctual Salah and repentance, now, they lead lives of hardwork.

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Patience, gratitude, steadfastness, repentance around the clock across borders, and they were inspired by the guidance of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who said to her wrath ila Allah he feel Raha er if Gaffey should know Allah during times of ease,

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and Allah will know you during your times of hardship.

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Let us take a quick summary of everything we've covered in this brief recording.

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We said that, broadly speaking, there are four distinct categories of people when it comes to ease and hardship and how people react. Which of the four do you fit in? We said, the first category were those who turn to Allah during times of ease, then they ignore him during times of difficulty. We said category number two, those who turn to Allah during times of difficulty, but during times of ease, they ignored a lot, the opposite of the fast.

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Then we said category number three, those who ignore Allah, both during times of ease and hardship, and we said this is the worst of all humanity, worst of the three categories.

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And then the fourth category who are the finest of the for those who turned to Allah subhanaw taala during both times of ease, and difficulty, and then we said that this category of people have three distinct characteristics. From the many of course, number one, we said they interpret the experience of life, both happy and miserable ones as tests.

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Number two, they are aware that the best guarantor of blessings is gratitude. They are grateful people. And number three, they recognize that their good deeds today are stored for them for the rainy days to come